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Review #1, by The Laughing RabbitHogwarts and The Exchange Student Program: Chapter 3 The Weasleys

30th December 2006:
I must say, the plot is better than; 'hi! I'm from america, and I'm coming to Hogwarts!' you know, the random for no apparent reason of going to Hogwarts.
Some constructive advice, make the chapters longer and more clear. Your chapters are accurate, but they are incredibly short. Make them longer, try not to spend all your time on separatin them into segments.
On a less important note, your chapters are not too chatty, thats good. But they are close to being too chatty. Unless you have a specific reason for long conversations, try to stay away from that.
Best wishes.

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Review #2, by The Laughing RabbitEclipse of the Sky: The Power of Anger

16th December 2006:
Although I am a new member, I am not a new guest. I have been watching you and your stories for about a year now. (Wow, I just realized how creepy that sounds. 'I've been watching you for a year now!')
But seriously, you should write articles and editorials for your local hospital's newsletter. Your ideas are ingenious! which is better? 1 or 10? I'm assuming 10.

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