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Review #1, by icydreamerThe Male Species and Their Natural Habits: A Lewd Production: Does he like me?

6th June 2008:
Oh you already love me forever lol.

I loveee this chapter. I thought he was gonna like dump or something?

I'll have to refer back to that part at the beginning when I do find a cute guy who actually knows who I am. That's not working out too well.. lol.

I sent you a pm like on Saturday I think. And I've decided that my summer projects is t-shirtss. And I still don't know what I'm doing for my photo series this year.

But anyway awesomee chapter and tenssyss. And reply to my message. I wanna hear back from you.

Author's Response: Well, of course I love you. I always play favorites :D

I NEED TO REVIEW YOUR STORY!! Every time I'm about to something gets in the way. But I will!!!

You'll find a boy. A hot guy with shaggy black hair, green eyes, and a lip ring. Who skate boards. If you're still into that kind of thing XD

Thank you, I will :]

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Review #2, by icydreamerThe Male Species and Their Natural Habits: A Lewd Production: When There's Nothing to do on the Weekend

28th May 2008:
Okay I go with number 5: get stoned. but I'm not sure I want to do the macarana. Omg today I was sniffing rubber cemment and grinded coffee all day... But I don't think I got high off of it. But by 6th period I couldn't really smell anything and I have allergies too so I guess that has something to do with it. Number 11 sounds good too but I don't have a stalker.. Maybe desperate guys'll hang out with me? lol

I hateee poetry. *sigh* Sirius. I still love him. I think I love Edward Cullen more... Are you a twilight freak like me?

lol I love Lily being dorky at the end. It's cutee. Awesomee chappieee. Tenssyss.

oh and you are talking to an official crowd surfer !

Author's Response: Hahaha :D
Getting stoned will get you through anything.

As much as I hate to admit it... I am. Edward Cullen is the only guy I'd ever date. Too bad he's fiction :'[
And of course Sirius will always have a special place in my heart.

WOO! Ah. I could never do that. People touching my butt repeatedly? Way awkward. But I admire your bravery :P

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Review #3, by icydreamerThe Male Species and Their Natural Habits: A Lewd Production: What To Do When You're on a Date With a Guy You Don't Like

28th May 2008:

I loveee youuu! lmaoo.

Awww Wren and Remus. Hmm I wish a guy would ask me out.. lol. There's like over 1500 in my school and maybe like 3 of them are cute?

DON'T SLEEP WITH HIM. lol they really should post that up in my school... or least use condoms? Too many pregnant girls.

Okay I love the entry at the top as usual. Awesome chapter. You can get a sense of how annoying Peter is. Tenssyss.

Dissection update: frogs... are grosss! It was all juicy and stuff and it smelled SO bad. Today was fetal pigs but I opted out so I did a virtual one in the library but it was still disguisting. The only difference was it didnt smell bad. The whole first floor of the south wing smells like dissection.. eww... I have sooo much to tell youuu! including my latest obsession: lip ringss (on guys).

OoOo make like a bitchy japenese girl... There's one I hate in a bunch of my classes lol. Love youuu. tenssys.

Author's Response: Bijal...

I love you too!!! lol

A guy will ask you out. They just have to prove themself worthy of you to me first.

Dissection response: LOL! Oooh, that's so gross.... Virtual dissection?? You lucky girl, you. XD

Then tell me! I'm listening. I guess I'll set up that Meet the Author thing again, eh?
[lip rings... *faints* very hot.]

Ah. Damn those bitchy Japanese girls. Speaking of bitches... How's Kaitlin? Kidding! Kidding. But seriously, how is she? Haven't heard from her in a while either.

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Review #4, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Paramount;

15th May 2008:
oOoo vocab word. Awesomee chapter as usual.

Are you staying?

And I fixed the text on your banner. Do you want it?

Author's Response: i dont think im staying. idk.
thank you (=
sure. send it.

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Review #5, by icydreamerThe Male Species and Their Natural Habits: A Lewd Production: How to Shake Off that Annoying Stalker

15th May 2008:
Lmaoo commit homocide. Nicee lol. Love the guide part at the beginning again. Ahhh acting like a 10 year old is one of my hobbies. I really like how James suddenly comes out of no where. awesome chappie again. I really do like this story. Tensysss.

Author's Response: Hahahahaa :D
I'm glad you do!

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Review #6, by icydreamerThe Male Species and Their Natural Habits: A Lewd Production: How to Spot the Emotionally Crippled [and any other type of jerk]

15th May 2008:
Okay. I'm just going to come out and say this. I miss you. a lot. And I want to apologize for my not so nice behavior and I was a bitch, I know. I don't wanna say I freaked but I freaked out. Well there it is. Accept or don't. Hope you do though.

Okay review:
I love the part of the guide at the beginning. And I'm interested to see what happens with Peter. And shebang! That's an awesome word lol. And I agree, smelling like cheese is incredibly weird. And I sympathize with Effie about touching a spider. I had to cut open a worm on Wednesday... Not fun... trust me. So awesome chappiee. Tensyss.

Author's Response: Of COURSE I forgive you!!! Yes, you were a bitch. But I was immature and probably shouldn't have made up all that stuff. In your defense, you were probably pissed at what I did and you had every right to be. In mine, I didn't think I'd get so close to you.

Thank you, thank you :]
Dissecting :D

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Review #7, by icydreamerA Step-child's Tale: Prologue

22nd January 2008:
Update soon because I'm interested in finding out about Samantha. I liked it.

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Review #8, by icydreamerThe Male Species and Their Natural Habits: A Lewd Production: How to Converse: A Growing Issue

31st December 2007:
Hello missy it's been a while. What can I say.. hmm.. I liked your chapter but I think you should add some length and maybe instead of introducing the main characters in chucks you should reveal things about them as the story goes on so something in their lives could relate to the situation. But other than that I liked it.

Author's Response: well well well!!!
it HAS been a while.
god, i was a little concerned when i saw you had left a review but... it was nice.
thank you!

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Review #9, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Anxiety;

25th November 2007:
I come with a banner. Anyway awesomee chapter. I'm totally anti-thanksgiving. You shopped on Friday right? I need to write a 5-page essay on the ethical treatment of animals... God that'll be fun.. Hmm I have to say I still love Cara more than Ashlyn. I mean they're both cool and stuff but yea whatever. Love the chapter as alwayss and tenssyss.

Author's Response: thanks. and no. i didnt go shopping on friday .. ?

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Review #10, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Intensity;

9th November 2007:
Ughh the Illiad. I have to read from chapters 4-12. I didn't read like any of them. Heebie-jeebies? lol. So what you guys do in Barnes and Nobles is uh pretty interesting... So I had to go to the temple yesterday and do Godly things so hopefully I'll get some good presents this year for doing that. My computer is finally back. It's been like three horrible days. Anyway awesomee chapter and god she's making out with Sirius now. Tensysss and what do you want for your birthday?

Author's Response: i want a pony.

or anything. idc. you dont have to get me anything. no bigggiee.

lmaooo isnt it amazing? this started in like 8th grade. i think weve read every single book on the subject. (haha hahaha. were psychos =P )

thank youu. im off to sparknotes.


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Review #11, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Conquest;

9th October 2007:
Ughhh she's making me write an essay!! to get a sample of my writing... On those two stupid myths... She needs to die. And bad grades! I got a bad grade on my math test. 88. It's really like annoyinggg...

I fixed the banner and hopefully it's the proper size. the staff is stupid. Mrs. Salvato should die. Add her as another evil teacher in your stories. Is there a game on Friday or something? Haha Solana loses. Good because I hate her. I'm a nail bitter too. And I'm always hoping my braces won't break. Showers are absolutely amazinggg. And I think I need some food right now too. Soo hungry. Awesome chapter and I want to hang out with you guys Friday because not having a life really isn't fun. Awesome chapter. And tens. And apparently Melissa knows something. She said she knows to me at lunch and I really don't know what she means, but I think it's because I was so giggly at lunch today. But anyway amazing chapter and your amazinggg banner is fixed. Tensys.

Author's Response: uhh. game friday. yes. SPEAK WOMAN. yes. get in there, tiger. and flap them gums.

ah, its time for another defense against the dark arts teacher named after my least favoriteee. [=

thank youuu. !!

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Review #12, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Surrender;

1st October 2007:
God I hate that girl. Haha but that's kinda funny. So I know that you miss me like so much, so I'm coming back to school tomorrow. And I love your banner by the way, lol. So anyway update soon and if art is full then I think I'm gonna take creative writing or something. Tenssysss.

Author's Response: uh. i looked all over for you today. i was asking everyone. HAVE YOU SEEN BIJAL?? and no one had >=[ i love my banner toooo. some amazing girl made it for me. thanksss [=

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Review #13, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Immoral;

23rd September 2007:
Are you seriously the watergirl for the football team? how'd you land that job? How much work do they give you exactly? I've only got two academic class per semester and then two electives. So it's not that much work. So you take pieces from everyone. So is there like a character partially based on me??? Anyway awesomeee chapter. And the one-shots you sent me were aweomeee. Tenssysss.

Author's Response: uhmm. im not the watergirl just yet. they call you the football manager. basically. you go the practices. and run the boys water when they need it. i need to hand in my form and then ive got the job.

thank youu.

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Review #14, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Aberration;

21st September 2007:
Good point. Since when was I a boyfriend stealing stupid girl? Well if you don't wanna post it on the internet you could always tell me on AIM. And since I don't happen to be a big mouth, there's nothing for to worry about. Who is itt?? Tel meee!! Another awesomeee chapter. What's CCD? Anyway tensys.

Author's Response: ccd is ... oh my god i dont know what it stands for...! uhm. like sunday school. you know? im not going to tell you, everyone i write about has pieces of people i know in them. your just not getting to know. sorry.

[= thanks.

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Review #15, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Reluctant;

21st September 2007:
Why won't you tell me who Solana is partly based on? Unless it's me. But its not right?? Tel meee!!! I need to know. I want that potion book, it's like amazinggg. Awesomee chapter and I have no school today! For parent/teacher conferences. Tenssyss.

Author's Response: im not posting it on the internet. since when are you a boyfriend stealing stupid girl? no no no.

thank you [=

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Review #16, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Uneasy;

21st September 2007:
KAITLIN! I'm back, but just for a little. Awesome chapter. So I need to like clear of the history of this computer before my cousins get on it. Tensssysss. Oh my god, I missed Anomaly soo much. What's it been? Three weeks? Anyway off to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: ahh. thank youu. im so happy you like ittt =DD

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Review #17, by icydreamerThe Boy of Summer: Dirty Little Secret

3rd September 2007:
Awesome chapter. Ahhh the wonders of

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Review #18, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Deceitful;

30th August 2007:
That was like a quick update. I was 'me' the reviewer. I am moving. And it's more than 600 miles away. And I guess that only way to stop this is if I don't know something happened. Who's Solana partly based on?? Awesome chapter. I'm bored and probably leaving on Sunday. Few days left of Jersey. Tensys.

Author's Response: but i mean, people dont just randomly decide they are moving six states away this weekend. you have to have known before this. whatever. see you in social studies.

im not telling you who shes based on.

thank youu. [=

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Review #19, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Secretive;

30th August 2007:
Awesome chapter. Tensysss. And you probably won't see me in school. Just thought I'd say that...

Author's Response: uhh. why?
are you not going?
or something?
im confused.

thankss [=

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Review #20, by icydreamerPotentially Problematic: Trouble always comes in multiples

29th August 2007:
Awesome chapter. Tens. Update soon please.

Author's Response: Thank You, will try soon

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Review #21, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Melancholy;

16th August 2007:
Dudeee melancholy! I love that word, ever since the fourth grade. It's cool!!! Omg bite-sized! I'm bite-sized too! but you're not. You're tall and I wish I was tall but no, I'm bite-sized. My tour is scheduled for Monday so now I won't be miserably lost when school starts. You're on vacation... Lucky. But I'm kind of happy that I'm not because then I'd never get any of my summer homework done, but sitting on the beach all day is pretty awesomeee. Just don't get sunburned. Remember what I told you about skin cancer and melanoma. I refuse to read about the Hispaniola and Long John Silver and Dr. Livsey or whatever his name is. I just won't do it. I'm not gonna do any of my summer homework and I'll fail but who cares? It's just failing! Actually, I think failing builds character, just like excruciating amounts of pain, carrying heavy books, and digging holes in the middle of the desert.

So I don't think any of those charter school losers are in any of my classes. Thank god. Because I hate them and there's this girl who's a total bitch and I hate her and I never wanna see her again until the high school reunion when we all brag about the things we've done. Awesomeee chapter and poor Sev!!! Severus Snape is a hero and his life is really sad and the end... it's just a tear jerker thing. like the end of his life, not the end of your chapter. And then there were like two times in DH when I cryed a little but I couldn't help it, it was just sad. I love how Narcissa gets really into Quidditch because you'd never imagine her acting like that so that's cool. But poor Sev! And Evan with his I like short girls thing. So awesome chapter and tensys and when you read this, it'll be September 1 or 2 and you'll be sunburned. So I might be the first review but I don't think so. Tensys!

Author's Response: ahaha. i found a computer! i just cant write, but yayyy.

you have all genius classes and so do those charter school freaks, but bijal darling, try not to spammm okay? haha.

thank youuuu. im glad you like it. yayyy.

dont spam. [=

i still love you. haha.

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Review #22, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Derisive;

15th August 2007:
Okay it's official, my favorite story by so right now because before I used to be like really obsessed with Slytherin stories and then I read a bunch of Marauder ones and now this awesomeee Slytherin one. Molasses. omg Mr. O'Connor's class in seventh gradeee! Funny joke with that word. Man that class was pretty awesomee. We didn't do any work and I didn't do the homework most of the time. It was really awesomeee.

I went to Myrtle Beach once, like ten years ago... well I don't know if it was ten, maybe seven. But anyway really awesome chapterr and tensys as usual.

Author's Response: mr. o'connorrr! boy, he's in for it when he sees us in the hallwayy. lmaoo did you ever hear the story about how i ended up in his car with about .. ten other girls? hahaha.

thank youuuu. XD

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Review #23, by icydreamerAnomaly;: Innovation;

14th August 2007:
OoOoOo I think I'm going to really love this story. You wanna know what I did yesterday? I read all of the reviews I ever left for Cara. I still miss her... I like stories with Slytherin point of views so this should be pretty awesome. Loved the chapter but that's obvious since I do love everything you write. Tensys.

The orientation! I NEEDDD information!

Author's Response: DUDE. call the school. but its at eleven in the auditorium tomorrow, i think. i have swimming; plus i walked around the school and dont have too many questions. so i dont think im going.

thank you so muchhh. i hope you like itt.

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Review #24, by icydreamerCruel Summer: Piper Alone

13th August 2007:
Another awesome chapter and I really love this story. Tensss.

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Review #25, by icydreamerEternally Fraternal: Just Wait

12th August 2007:
It was better than the last chapter. And you're pretty nice too. No reviews from you I see. At least I'm nice enough to review. And who are you? J or K? And I guess I shouldn't review since you do say review if someone still loves you.

Author's Response: great then stop reviewing.

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