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Review #1, by FoxStarEAgainst All Odds: Morris Dancing, Moody and Mundungus

24th August 2014:
Really enjoying this look at OotP from Tonks perspective. Glad I chanced upon it.

Author's Response: Thank you, I hope you enjoy the rest of it too! :D

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Review #2, by FoxStarEAll In Your Head: All In Your Head

28th January 2012:

I'd been going through withdrawals of your writing, but hadn't realized until I saw you had something new (two new thing shorts actually and I'm going straight to the other one next).

It doesn't even really matter what you're writing about, it always draws me and makes me completely lose track time and place. Your characters are all so vibrant and real.
I've never watched Stargate Atlantis so the plot was quite unfamiliar to me (though it doesn't seem like a scifri channel thing lol) and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Of course after Runaway I'm bound to enjoy anything with Draco and Hermione that you write. You made me look at both characters in a totally different light when I read fan fics about them (separate or together).

As always, you're writing is a joy to read.

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Review #3, by FoxStarEStill Delicate: The Contenders

22nd October 2011:
Ahh! I'm torn! So so so torn! I mean it's SCORPIUS! They have so much history and there's always been so much spark between them but has it ever really been a good spark? I mean yes, they've had their good times for sure, but there always seems to be more strife than joy.
And Tom... well what we know of Tom I really like, but there's not a whole lot to go on so he could end up being even more annoying than Scorpius. BUT he also could be a lot better and either way for now he's at least something new and fresh so that's good because Rose really needs something new (like good new not bad new) in her life.
Ah so much addicting drama! Curse you for being such an memorizing author!!


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Review #4, by FoxStarEStill Delicate: Awkward.

22nd October 2011:
AH! I LOVE this chapter!

There are a lot of Tom haters? I guess I can see why, as in what you said about loyalty to Scorpius. And yeah, I love Scorpius, but frankly he's being a prick and whether it's actually true or not, he's sure made it clear that he doesn't want to want Rose so therefore she's free to the world and any other man who does want to want her.

GREAT chapter!


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Review #5, by FoxStarEStill Delicate: A New Direction

22nd October 2011:
That's SOOO awesome that you got a recommendation in Time! And congrats on graduating!
I may hate the waits, but honestly I understand the reasons and can't begrudge you a life lol So as long as you don't stop updating completely, we're all good =D

And I actually like quite a bit where the story is going. I liked Tom from the beginning but I think I'm liking him even more now. I know things still suck for Rose and just about everyone else and stuff is super confusing but I like the change in Rose in the last few chapters: she seems to be finally maturing and changing her view from just selfishness. Don't get me wrong, I've loved Rose from the start, but it's nice to see some growth in her.
I'm really excited to see where this story goes!

(faithful reader to the end, even if I don't get every chapter read as soon as it comes out)

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Review #6, by FoxStarEWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentyone – Mates.

22nd October 2011:

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Review #7, by FoxStarENo Pain, No Gain: Back Massages and Mischief

1st June 2011:
*sigh* and this is why I try oh so hard not to read unfinished stories. They're unfinished and I have to wait! But this has been sitting in my favorites for like months just taunting me and I finally gave in. And though I have greatly enjoyed it, I am now stuck at the end, having to wait (something I'm not very good at) for more chapters.

There are 2 main reasons I have really enjoyed this, 1) you are a very good writer and everything flows very well. If there is good flow, even an over used, cliche' plot lines can be very enjoyable. 2) This is not an over used, cliche' plot lines. Sure they're best friends who fall in love in the end (or so I'm guessing), but it's done so differently than most. It's not overly expected, but it's not taking forever either. And maybe it's just the ones I've come across, but most Oliver/OC stories I've seen are mostly the same: stubborn, obsessed quidditch captain and just as stubborn female player and the two just can't seem to get along at all but then somehow they are suddenly in love. I've read some good one's along those lines, but it's really nice to find something else. And I have never, never read a hp fanfic of any sort where the main character doesn't want to stay in the wizarding world. At first I kind of thought it was weird, but as I read on I realized how it just fits so well with Mercy's character that it's great.
And there's all the other, slightly smaller reasons I like the story: it's funny, it's clever, there's a secret that I can't figure out, there's romance but it's not icky, there's drama but not enough to make me want to hurl. It's a very well balanced story and I have really, really enjoyed it so far and I have every expatiation of enjoying the rest of it.

Peace, love and happy writing,

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Review #8, by FoxStarEDéjà Vu: More Pranks, Christmas Dinners and The Almost-Full Truth

31st May 2011:
Gosh darn it why does he have to be a jerk? I know he's hurt and all but that's not a reason to hurt her too! Uggghhh!!!

(but the chapter was written very well. It took me like 5 minutes to read because it flowed so well. Kudos.)

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Review #9, by FoxStarEDéjà Vu: Agent Names, Target Barbie and War

12th March 2011:
Fun chapter! I can't wait to see the effects of all that they did to her!

And I love nutella and strawberries both, but I've never had them together. . . I will have to try this now!

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Review #10, by FoxStarEDéjà Vu: Flabbergasted, Ninjas and Sarah-The-Evil-Barbie-Cow-of-Evilness

11th February 2011:
I'm still enjoying the story, but the last couple chapters have been mostly fillers. Yes, funny fillers, but fillers non-the-less. Nothing has really happened. . . So when's the good stuff gonna come? Like them all going Weasley's Wizard Whezzes on Barbie-Cow's butt and officially kicking her out of James' life and therefore out of their and most importantly out of Artemis' life so that she and James can figure stuff out and stop being annoying and just get that they are meant to be together and get on with it!
. . .
Sorry 'bout that. Needed to vent a little I guess.
I really to like this story a lot though, even if I am a but frustrated with it right now. I get really really excited when I see it's been updated (actually I get quite excited when any of your stories are updated. . .)
Anyway! Keep the new chapters coming!!

Peace, love and happy writing,

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Review #11, by FoxStarE( imaginaire ): happily-ever-after

1st February 2011:
Awww!! This was so cute! The dialog was differently done and it confused me for a bit, but I got used to it pretty quick. I really liked the

( he was five, and she was a princess. )
( he was eight, and she was the only exception to the cootie rule. )
( he was eleven, and she was losing her best friend. )

That was a really cute way to make it very clear what age they were and what was going on. Very good scene setters.
I'm reading like 4 of your other stories, so yeah, not having an update for them is sad, but this was really good, so I don't mind too much lol


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Review #12, by FoxStarEWelcome to the Chase: chapter.fifteen – Crescents.

1st February 2011:
I liked this chapter too! Most of the beginning was kinda filler, but it was really funny filler. Then they part at the end with Scorpius and Ariadne was so cute! And now, maybe finally!, Scorpius and Rose and get together for real!!

Anyway, these were my favorite quotes.

Boom. Snap. Crackle. Fizz.
(That was the destruction of my brain neurons)
(That was the main thought - I use that term very loosely - running through my head)
(I'm not sure what that was, but it's a fun noise to make)"

"I wonder how people manage to get sleep to come to them.

Should I like, call it or something?

No. I should beckon it. Because beckoning is like, fifty times cooler than calling. And since I'm a cool cat, I beckon. Word.

That's right. Be jealous. Don't you wish you were cool enough to beckon? I know you wish you were cool enough to beckon. But, alas, you're not. That right is reserved for me.

And that brings me to. . .beckoning.

Come on, sleep! I beckon you. I'm cool. Come to me!

Nothing's happening."


p.s. and I also really liked the late night conversation with Al. And her pjs lol
Oh, and I liked the chapter title.

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Review #13, by FoxStarEDeja Vu: Apologies and a Lack of Excuses

31st January 2011:
Oooh I met the company is forcing Henry/Hayden do the interview! This will be interesting. . .

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Review #14, by FoxStarEDeja Vu: Honesty and Owners

31st January 2011:
I don't like her.

(Bethany that is. Duh.)

And Aidan really just should have broke up with Henry a long time ago. Like when she was still at school.
But alas, although she may be fictional, she is human (a witch still counts as human) and therefore there's no way she'll do everything perfect.
But anyway. Though I did like Henry, I didn't like him with Aidan, so I'm glad he's out of the picture.
But then there just had to be a another wrench in the picture. (As an author I understand and appreciate the art of keeping things tense and interesting , but as a reader. . . I don't like it quite so much.)

On I go to the next chapter where hopefully James gets punched in the face or kissed by a much preferred female lead!


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Review #15, by FoxStarEDeja Vu: Reasons and Dares

31st January 2011:
AHHH!!! Finally!!!

MOVE TO FREAKING RUSSIA HENRY. Get out of the way. Now.

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Review #16, by FoxStarEDeja Vu: The Weasley Gene Pool and Sharp Tools

31st January 2011:
You are really good at writing speeches! Did you write all that on your own or did you have help? (Not that I think less of the speeches or you if you did have help, I'm just curious.)

I repeat.
Henry needs to move to Russia.

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Review #17, by FoxStarEDeja Vu: Gryffindors Forever

30th January 2011:
Henry needs to move to China.
Or Russia.
Russia would work too.

Author's Response: Hahahha, that just cracked me up, honestly!! You're very funny, you know that? :D

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #18, by FoxStarEDeja Vu: Eggs and Deals

30th January 2011:
I can definitely see your growth as an author in this story. Each chapter is more cohesive and flowing than the last, and the plot has more depth and it feels more and more like a true novel, not just a fanfic.

I was started to panic at the end of the last chapter because for some reason I couldn't see all the chapters and thought that this would be the last one. Once I realized, that no, I'm only like half way through, I was much happier and my hope for Aidan and James is renewed. I like Henry. . . but. . . well, he's just not James.
Keep up the good writing, you a seem like a quick learning author with a lot of talent.


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Review #19, by FoxStarEDeja Vu: Sleepless Nights and the Whims of a Radio Show Host

28th January 2011:
James would be so jealous.

I do indeed think this was the best written chapter so far (not that the other's were bad, but this one just flowed a lot better.)

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Review #20, by FoxStarEDuck and Cover: The New Heavy

11th December 2010:
Ahhh!!! Stupid Sirius! He should have freaking blocked the door! He should have known she would run!

Aww but that was awesome.

Author's Response: Haha well I doubt if the handsome Sirius Black kissed you he would expect the girl to run away, then again she IS Avery :) Thanks for the reviews :)


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Review #21, by FoxStarEDuck and Cover: Halloween

11th December 2010:
Yay! I likey. As much I as want Sirius and Avery to get together. . . she would technically be cheating if she kissed Sirius because she's technically dating James. . . even if it isn't real. . .
I do have one question though. . . why couldn't they just go back to Hogwarts through the Shrieking Shack passage?

Author's Response: Eh-is it cheating, really? And oh yeah...I guess they could've done that. but then there wouldn't be the sexual tension :P


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Review #22, by FoxStarEDuck and Cover: These Things Move in Threes

11th December 2010:
um. . . You said earlier that Peter was a beater. . . and yet he wasn't playing in this game. . . and you said Sirius was keeper. . . yet he was playing Beater in this game. . . just wanted to point that out. . .

Other wise good chapter! I've really enjoyed the story so far. Very good!


Author's Response: Gah I know! I've really got to set aside the time to go back and change some things that I've changed along the way with my story. But I'm glad you like the story aside from those mistakes!


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Review #23, by FoxStarEThe Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw: The Only Interesting Game Plans are the Insane Ones

3rd December 2010:
I'm confused... what just happened? I'm guessing/hoping you'll explain in the next chapter? Because I just reread that last part (since they sat down with the food) numerous times and I still don't get what just happened...

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Review #24, by FoxStarEWelcome to the Chase: chapter.thirteen - Trust.

29th November 2010:
Yesh! Al/Ariadne action! And pictures to prove it too!

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Review #25, by FoxStarEThe Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw: Minor Obstacles Affect the Game, Major Ones Altar It Entirely

20th November 2010:
Now this chapter was good. Even though she's rather confused, we're seeing more of Emma's actual thoughts, not just the descriptions. I figured if I just kept going it would get there. Good job. I'm looking forward to the 3 chapters I have left to be caught up.


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