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Review #1, by wicKeDwitch1316Still Delicate: Dirt

20th March 2010:
I actually screamed "Don't end there!" at the end of this chapter, haha. Good thing my roommate wasn't in the room. Anywho, I know how life gets so thank you for updating when you did (I'm still a loyal reader!) and here's to hoping that the next chapter has LOTS of Rose/Scorpius action :)

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Review #2, by wicKeDwitch1316When Angels Try on Horns: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.

20th August 2009:
Hi mariachi!

I'm sorry to have to contact you this way, but I can't seem to find another way...anywho, the banner is by Kate, formerly hushabye_mountain at TDA, who now goes by pumpernickel. I think she'd prefer it if you credited her as Bobby Dazzler at TDM, though.

The best place to contact her, if you're interested, is TDM, which stands for The Dark Mark...I think you can find via Google. Anyways, that's where's she most active if you need to get into contact with her.

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Review #3, by wicKeDwitch1316Far From Flawless: Chapter One

2nd January 2009:
I'm sorry that you lost all of your reviews! :(

This is quite well-written, though occasionally I think you flitted into present tense despite the majority of the story being written in the past. However, I'm really tired so I might've misread. :)

I'm really looking forward to reading more because your narration is excellent as is your characterization of Lily, James, and what little we see of Sirius.

Author's Response: Losing reviews was sad :( but you get over that stuff.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, I'm glad you liked it! I used to write in present tense all the time, and now I've gone back to past, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if I accidentally slipped into it again. I'll read it over and double check :)

Thanks for the characterization compliments :D

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Review #4, by wicKeDwitch1316Susie, That's a Bad Crowd: Poor Little Pureblood

29th December 2008:
Omg, I absolutely LOVE this story and Susie (even though I don't think I'm supposed to). Your style of writing is absolutely perfect for her voice. It sounds "old" like it should be in the 60's, but it's not difficult to read.

Great job! :)

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Review #5, by wicKeDwitch1316A Cautionary Tale: The Only Chapter

19th December 2008:
Hahahahaha, omg, you have definitely outdone yourself! Here are the Shakespeare references I've spotted:

1) Albus is called Horatio, who is Hamlet's friend and one of the few who does not die at the end of that depressing play.

2) Detroit "Otto" OTHELLO

3) Of course, the whole fated to die stuff from Romeo & Juliet

4) The slut Rosalind, who Romeo is in love with seconds before seeing Juliet

5) Guildenstern and Rosencrantz (sp?), one of which is the name of the new headmaster, were spies of Hamlet's stepfather who Hamlet sends to their death

6) Gaius Cassiusmort shares a name with the evil guy, Cassius, from "Julius Caesar." I also believe there's an important character named Cassius in "Othello," but I think it's his first name, not Gaius.

Did I catch them all? :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Well done, I think you caught them all, and bonus points for knowing two plays with a character named Cassius! (I picked Gaius it was the best Roman synonym for Lord I could think of in five seconds. =P)

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Review #6, by wicKeDwitch1316Last Kiss: Last Kiss

14th December 2008:
Wow, this was like my hundredth time reading it and it still made me cry! Absolutely beautiful :)

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Review #7, by wicKeDwitch1316Delicate: Blood, Sweat and Tears

7th December 2008:
Wow, haha. I think this chapter turned me off from ever wanting kids. Ever.

I think I'm a little disappointed that it's not a girl because I can just see a cute little daddy's girl Malfoy. But I guess James wins all this money now, yay!

The stand-off between Teddy and Scorpius must've been really awkward...if Rose ever finds out, she'll probably wring Scorpius's neck out of embarrassment. I always thought she and Teddy were cute though XD

Can't wait to read the last two chapters! :)

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Review #8, by wicKeDwitch1316Delicate: Red Rose

7th December 2008:
"I could have a nine year old child and Dad wouldn’t notice" - Hahahahaha, that is Ron personified in a line. Beautiful. :)

Again, I'm really enjoying Rose's kinda nonchalant voice. Normally, I would be annoyed by the fact that she's kinda taking everything in stride, but it makes this story so much more enjoyable so whatev.

And, I've decided I definitely want Scorpius and Rose to get together...the hopeless romantic in me demands it. :)

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Review #9, by wicKeDwitch1316Delicate: Prologue: The Test

7th December 2008:
I really enjoyed this, haha! I'm usually turned off by any teenage pregnancy fanfics because they just end up turning very melodramatic, etc., but this first chapter made me laugh out loud at least three times. I'm really enjoying the voice you've created for Rose and I can't wait to keep reading! :)

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Review #10, by wicKeDwitch1316This Longing: The Purloined Letter

13th October 2008:
Ooh, this was lovely! I adore the way you're writing the romance between Minerva and Tiberius because it's not in the usual omgfangirl! type of way. The relationship between the two of them is very...solemn? and deep and there's so much more between them than simple lust or love, which I think is amazing.

You're a very talented writer, Susan. :)

Author's Response: Solemn, yes, that would be a good word for them. Grimm sometimes gets near to fanboy! at times, but Minerva shoots him down before he actually gets there. :P

Thank you very much for this! It's wonderful that you're enjoying the story and how the characters are turning out. ^_^

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Review #11, by wicKeDwitch1316Chai: The Stiletto

10th October 2008:
Haha, poor Parvati!

For some reason, I got a total Bend it Like Beckham vibe from this chapter. I think it was the line "Mum's making samosas" that just made me think of Parminder Nigra's (sorry if I messed up the spelling) accent and her distraught look that she bore for most of the movie. That, and the sister freaking out about the wedding bit.

To be quite honest with you, on a completely different topic, I actually enjoy (Northern) Indian food. I really like the spices, etc., but I cannot stand Southern Indian food, which is what my family cooks. Boo, right? Although, lately, I've been moving away from the Indian food-fetish and towards Mexican has more of the spicy-but-good flavors I love without the heavy smell of masalas and curries. Seriously, what do they put in there that is so pungent? Did the ancient people have serious nasal issues or something?

I can't wait for the next chapter when you get a chance! :)

Author's Response: I don't remember much about Bend it Like Beckham (I was quite young when I saw it) and only remember the samosas line and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. So if you got that vibe, I think that's what I was aiming for :D

Indian food (of any region) and I do not exactly mix. Northern Indian food isn't so bad, and I don't know much about Southern. But yeah. I have issues with the smell of masala. And haleem, which I still think is disgusting.

Now - two months late - there IS a new chapter. Nonetheless, thank you so much for these reviews!

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Review #12, by wicKeDwitch1316Chai: The Plus One

10th October 2008:
"Choosing that shallow * over this one? Hah. He’ll live to regret it."

Best line I have ever read. Ever. Oh my gosh, I was laughing my butt off for a solid five minutes. I want to remember that forever because it is precious. Amazing.

And I love Parvati's musings towards the end. I really adore that girl, which I don't think is healthy. But your narration of this story is amazing because I feel completely connected to Parvati. You're writing the terrible thoughts we all have and somehow making the thinker lovable and real. That takes such talent and I bow down to you.


Excellent job!

Author's Response: Ever? You jest! (But I don't think I can blame you, exactly. I like that line too.)

Oh, good, you understood! I was scared no one would, since usually my brain operates on a COMPLETELY different wavelength than everyone else's :P I can't say that I aim to make Parvati lovable, since she's actually quite reprehensible, but real? Definitely. Thank you so much!

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Review #13, by wicKeDwitch1316Chai: The Ultimatum

10th October 2008:
Ugh. I officially hate Roger for being stupid and not falling in love with Parvati, lol. And don't worry, the "racist" part wasn't in bad taste or anything like that...although, I'm Indian and make jokes about race all the time, so I don't know if I'm the best judge.

But OOH! Parvati's taking Harry?!? How strange! I can't wait to see what she concocts. A part of me wants to believe that she'll help Harry get back together with Ginny and that she'll fall for someone else and leave the stupid Roger and Padma for each other, but us girls aren't that smart and reasonable, so she'll probably pine over Roger and shamelessly use Harry.

I can't wait!

This chapter has made up for the last one, although I would LOVE longer chapters. They're wonderfully broken up as they are now, but I've always been a fan of longer-ish ones, so that's just a personal thing.

Great job! :)

Author's Response: For the reason why Padma and Roger got together, might I suggest you read the prequel, Mithai? That should explain how and why it isn't Parvati being the dulhan-to-be. ;) *loves self promotion*

Oh, thank God the "racist" bit wasn't in bad taste. Hopefully this tone will keep on through the story - I don't want to offend anyone.

Haha, yes, she is! And it's not strange at all. The entire point of the story is for it to be a Harry/Parvati/Roger Bollywood parody/satire. As for your hopes: no comment. :P

Ah, sadly, chapters will be between 1000-2000 chapters without fail. I'm incapable of stretching out this insanity, or I'll burn myself out even faster. I love longer chapters generally, too, but the heavy drama/sarcasm/whatnot would be too, well, heavy. I think, anyway. Besides, I'm neurotic and physically incapable of changing the scheme of things in the middle of it all. So. :P Thanks for the positive feedback!

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Review #14, by wicKeDwitch1316Chai: The Boss

10th October 2008:
Poor Harry! No offense, but this chapter was kind of like a filler chapter? It was fun and all to see/read Parvati, but nothing exciting happened. I guess you set the bar too high in those first two awesome chapters, haha.

I also really enjoyed the repeat of the tea/chai comment(s) that going to become a running joke because I think it's really funny and it's nice to read familiar lines. They add fun to House's constant "everybody lies."

Author's Response: I think you think this was a filler chapter because - it was. Kind of. But don't all filler chapters set up something cataclysmic? This one does, jsyk. ;) But I must tell you now, exciting stuff does not happen all the time. There ARE going to be seemingly uneventful times in the story, but trust me, there's always (read: usually) a reason. But yes, tea v chai is a pivotal argument throughout. I'm so happy you like the story despite the filler-ness! :D

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Review #15, by wicKeDwitch1316Chai: The Davies

10th October 2008:
Mmm, my love for Parvati has not diminished in the slightest. You know, she rather reminds me of how Scarlet O'Hara would be if she were put into the HP world and she lost that whole "trying to be a proper lady" silliness. Dastardly characters are so delightful because they express your inner thoughts beautifully and you almost want them to win out over the "good" people.

Right now, though, I do not understand how my lovely Parvati could be in love with Roger. He's kind of a jerk; he didn't even get her a chair! She's probably in lust with him, isn't she? Ooh, is she going to have a love interest? I wonder who it's going to be...I should check the story pairings, but that would ruin the fun.

Excellent chapter! :)

Author's Response: Yay! Parvati's an interesting character, at the least. Lovable? By no means, but I'm not questioning you. ;) I must agree with you about dastardly characters, though. They're great fun, especially for the writer!

Is it love or lust? Or both? Or neither? *enigmatic ^_^* The fact of the matter is that you, the readers, haven't seen much of Roger, but you will soon-ish. Parvati knows a lot that you don't, but remember that she IS an unreliable narrator, so... ;) Parvati loves Roger. Period. But another love interest? OF COURSE! But I'll let you figure that out in due time. ^_^

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Review #16, by wicKeDwitch1316Chai: The Preface

10th October 2008:
Haha, I LOVE PARVATI! My parents are both from India, so I can totally relate to that, and I adore her angry, bitter, real voice. I love how much she hates everyone because, honestly, we all have those days...or lifetimes, whichever you prefer. A great first chapter...I look forward to reading the rest! I hope Parvati doesn't lose her fabulous narration...

Author's Response: Oh, really? I'm not Indian, but... well, let's leave it at this: this is a pseudo-way-exaggerated-autobiography. So. :D Haha, that's quite true. I'm glad you liked this, and I hope the other chapters don't disappoint!

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Review #17, by wicKeDwitch1316We Gryffies: Her Story

6th October 2008:
Omg, I've forgotten how amazing this story is and I apologize a hundred times over for not keeping up with it. As soon as I get a chance, I'm gonna go back to where I left off and read it over again and leave you fabulous reviews telling you what an amazing author you are.

I LOVE the Twilight satirization! It was so totally Albus! :)

Author's Response: No probs, I'm just glad that you like it! ^_^ I couldn't resist the idea of parodying Twilight, lol.

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Review #18, by wicKeDwitch1316Inevitable: Inevitable

19th May 2008:
Oh my gosh, Ky, you actually made me cry!

It was beautifully written...almost flawless. The description, the words you used just wove this gorgeous web of words. I love the way you described Astoria's feelings and her world; it reminded my of "Gone with the Wind," by Margaret Mitchell--one of my favorite books. There was so much power behind every word.

Astoria seemed to be wonderfully characterized. To me, she seemed to be a child on the verge of womanhood. Some things she said still sounded naive, but they she had the most profound epiphanies. She had to make the hardest decision, and it wasn't necessarily right, but it felt so right.

Poor Draco, though. Somehow, I can see him being more warm/loving with his family. I always thought that the Malfoys tried to look tough/cold on the outside, but were really softies on the inside. However, your Draco was perfect for this story, even if he kinda gave Astoria an excuse for cheating.

Blaise--ooh, he was just dreamy! He reminded me so much of Rhett. He was the perfect lover for a romance story: silent, tall, strong. He just made me want to melt, although he didn't seem too much like the Blaise from canon. But yours was so much better. He was "evil" for trying to convince Astoria to commit adultery, but he was just so entrancing.

Ok, enough rambling on my part. This was fabulous, hun, and I'm adding it to my favorites.

Author's Response: Thanks for the gorgeous review, Kavya! As for Blaise, he was definitely a fanon Blaise... I can't see J.K's version as the Byronic hero to be completely honest, so some adjustments were made :P

I can't believe it made you cry! Thanks hun xox

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Review #19, by wicKeDwitch1316The Reason Why I Thank The Heavens Above, Everyday, For Mistletoe: The Reason Why I Thank The Heavens Above, Everyday, For Mistletoe

19th May 2008:
Ooh, *steamy*

Haha, I really loved it. I've actually never really liked Hermione/anyone but Ron, but you totally made it work!

I totally got what you meant when you talked about their passion just dying out. It made me terribly sad, but I coud relate/understand it, which is so important in a story. I hate when authors have their characters do something or have something happen that just doesn't make sense.

Um, my only complaint would be that the ending was a little too quick, but it still had a marvelous effect.

Great job!

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Review #20, by wicKeDwitch1316The Things worth Fighting For: The Things worth Fighting For

12th March 2008:
That was the most depressing thing I have ever the most amazing way! :)

That was really really wonderful...I have no criticism for you.


Author's Response: lol, that's some oxymoron there... i like it

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Review #21, by wicKeDwitch1316Deadly Sins: Anguish and Antagonism

11th March 2008:
Oh my gosh, Maji, this was beautiful! Absolutely amazing and heartwrenching. I was seriously enthralled for every moment of it, although there were a few typo's in the beginning. For example, the use of "loose" instead of "lose"...but I honestly forgot about any of that a few paragraphs in. Lovely, lovely job, hun!

Author's Response: hey hun ^_^ thank you. im glad you enjoyed it! meh...typos -scowls at page- some always slip through!!

thanks love

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Review #22, by wicKeDwitch1316Airplane II: After the Trip: The House

17th February 2008:
AHHH! I'm so glad you're writing a sequel! The original is one of my favorite James/Lily stories of all time and I'm so excited about this one. Great beginning, although I'm slightly disappointed at the 12+ to make it a bit raunchier? :)

Please update soon! 9/10

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Review #23, by wicKeDwitch1316Children of the Revolution: Aoife's Booky

10th January 2008:
Aww, that was nice. It definitely answered some questions about the kids, etc. To me, AU-Harry seems to be a lot like James when he was at school, but without the meanstreak. However, the thing with Hermione makes me think that they're going to get together. They're not, right? I just find that so icky...but I have no doubt that if you choose that path you'd probably convert me anyways.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing James' perspective on the cheating thing. That line you used last chapter: "Say hi to your pretty assistant for me" has been echoing through my head all day. The whole thing really struck a chord with me...I love the way you wrote it. I would really love it if you could include some James/Lily interaction in his chapter because I'm interested to see how they view each other now as opposed to the endless love they used to share.

Author's Response: It's like you read my mind lol.

No I hate H/Hr ... he doesnt hate her he just really gets annoyed by her. I think it's icky too.

There will be a cataclysmic stand off with Lily and James in the next chapter viewed by practicallt everyone it's effing brilliant I'm still writing it xx oh it's bril xx So just hold on xx you might also meeet who James has been cheating on Lily with xx

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Review #24, by wicKeDwitch1316Children of the Revolution: Distorted Minds

9th January 2008:
Ooh, poor Lily and James! :(

I really love all the kids...they're adorable and instantly likeable, even Aurora. They all have their issues, but it works, you know? You're very talented at writing ensemble stories because you make each one of your character distinct, but so uncliched and very human. There are no "bookish" ones or "athletes." They're all a mix of everything, which is spectacular. Great job!

Author's Response: There are no cliches in my work ... that is the biggest compliment I have recieved. I love Vivien she's a little bit mental but thats what I love about her. Aurora is scathing and she's a bitch but she comes into her own once she is resorted ... hmmm I wonder where she could be going. Francis remains my favourite creation since I made Genevieve for absolute certain.

Real people are a mix of everything I have never in my life met someone completely down the line, the closest I got was someone I went to uni with who was in the christian union but even her ... I have never seen someone tank a bottle of wine like she could so ... everyone is colourful in their own way xx

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Review #25, by wicKeDwitch1316Children of the Revolution: Scire quod sciendum

9th January 2008:
No! No No No No No! James and Lily? But they were always my favorite! Ok, I loved them all, but no! Now, when you say "it doesn't mean there isn't any hope for them" do you mean that they are going to be happy? Because for me James and Lily are that perfect couple that were going to be happy forever and ever and ever and ever...and now I'm really depressed. I can't believe James would cheat on her! It irritates me that she's living a life she doesn't enjoy. And 7 kids! Good lord, she's not a human incubator! Ok...great chapter! lol, I really love that you can get such a rise out of me. It's cathartic.

Author's Response: Aaaaah ... yes it is cathartic isnt it. Listen you have just put it brilliantly, Lily is not a human incubator and it would be a bit annoying if you were used as one dont you think? Lily and James are kind of the perfect couple I suppose but not in so many other ways. Just because James made a mistake doesnt mean that there isnt a way through this for both of them so please just take a deep breath okay? Good xx

If you cant believe James would cheat on her then you dont know James. I know that sounds really wierd but I have my own version of him in my head and I know how ... shall we say taken he can become when confronted with something he wants.

I always planned on giving Lily and James loads of children, they were making up for the fact they lost their first and very nearly lost their second and their third. Their children are the centre of their universe and it is probably the reason why they have stuck it through this little rough patch. But dont worry, all things must pass as my hero once sung xx

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