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Review #1, by kialianaPureblood: Prolouge

13th January 2008:
oh wow. i like this story!! greate plot so far. write moe soon

Author's Response: thankyou, and i will certainly try to write more! XD

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Review #2, by kialianaLiar Game: Prologue: The Invite

21st September 2007:
cool start. keep on going

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Review #3, by kialianaUnknown Son: 1. Jacob

31st July 2007:
yey i like. keep updating please

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, I'll update soon :)

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Review #4, by kialianaThe Clock's Ticking: Chapter One

12th June 2007:
i'm liking this vesion slightly bette. can't wait fo the next chapter

Author's Response: :]

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Review #5, by kialianaWhy Not?: What now....?

23rd May 2007:
i'm loving this story so far. i've not finished eading yet obviously but i thought i would mantion that before in this chap you said it was early spring yat they are buying xmas gifts? slightly confusing

Author's Response: ooooh sorry I was hoping I wouldn't do that and then I went to go back and check and I didn't see anything like that....sorry

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Review #6, by kialianaSecret Loves: Chapter Four

23rd May 2007:
hey that's so meen you can't stop there

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Review #7, by kialianaJealousy: Awkward Dinner

21st May 2007:
lol what will they do? lol

Author's Response: You'll just have to wait and see ;) Thank for the review!

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Review #8, by kialianaSecret Loves: Chapter Three

18th May 2007:

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Review #9, by kialianaThe Draco Malfoy Project: Witches Don't Feel

22nd April 2007:
yey. harry finaly involved it's going to get so much more fun.

Author's Response: Harry...yes, about that...um...keep reading.

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Review #10, by kialiana:

22nd April 2007:
i'm likeing this story please post more really soon

Author's Response: thanks! i'll do my best to update asap but honestly, it might take a few weeks. i try my best to hurry with it, but i just need time to sort out my thoughts and to really think about where i want this story to go. i've written before, but nothing like this. i always try to avoid the inevitable war, because it seems like a challenge, but i needed it for this story. thanks so much for reading though.. please come back for more! =)

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Review #11, by kialianaSo Far Away: Memories

17th April 2007:
yey i new it. is this how andy new his sername? did hemione tell him about draco. i cant wate for more

Author's Response: lol, can't give away the secrets just yet =P
let me just clarify that Hermione didn't know that Draco was Andy's "friend"
thanks alot for the review^_^

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Review #12, by kialianaNever be the Same: Never be the Same

17th April 2007:
wow. i dont think there is much more to say than that. i would love to know what happens to the letter.

you are a truly fantastic writer

Author's Response: Thank you so much. As for the letter... who knows. Thank you so much, I love hearing things like that.

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Review #13, by kialianaA Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion: Oh dear, another one.

16th April 2007:
this story is absolutely fantastic. i like the feret bit

Author's Response: Hehe thanks =]

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Review #14, by kialianaA Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion: Leaving and Allison Daniella Granger

16th April 2007:
oh my god that is so sad. i almost cryed

Author's Response: Awww thanks =]

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Review #15, by kialianaThe Dragon, the Curse, and the Princess: Preparations

16th April 2007:
i'm liking this stoy lodes.

did ypu mean to use an anagram with the 1'st pigme puff

Arnold and Ronald
then snuffers being very close to snuffles as if a mark of respect for sirius

ah well keep writing

post more real soon

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Review #16, by kialianaBlack is Only a Color: Wasting your time

12th April 2007:
omg what happened with snape, aaahhh

Author's Response: hehe uull findd out soon

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Review #17, by kialianaA Whole New Me: The Surprise

9th April 2007:
i'm really enjoying this story i hope you write more soon

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Review #18, by kialianaHeiress: Compartment 3-09

8th April 2007:
that's a fantastic start. i hope you update soon

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Review #19, by kialianaIts not that easy: Why do I get the idiots?

8th April 2007:
wow i really like this fiction, i was thinking what if this hermione had an accident in potions or something and went to an alternitive reality, like if her mum never died and she it's just like the normal story for a day or something like that. ah well it's just my imagination runing wild.

please post more really really soon

Author's Response: Thats awsome that your imagination can run wild its a perfect gift for writing. thanks for the review

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Review #20, by kialianaThe Draco Malfoy Project: What You Can't Have

1st April 2007:
wow i'm loving this stoy so much. more please

Author's Response: *giggle* You sound like an addict being denied your daily dose of your drug of choice...I shall oblige as soon as I can.

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Review #21, by kialianaIf Fate Permitted...: Friends?!?

1st April 2007:
wow i'm loving this story would be less confusing if the names would go back to norm but hey it's april fools.

i also was woundering if you could help me with a banner for my story

Author's Response: whats up w/ the name thing, i never did that....

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Review #22, by kialianaTutoring in a very special way: Missing Class

30th March 2007:
wow i really like this story fantastic plot. please post moe really soon. is english really your second language?

Author's Response: yeah it is ^^... i am in 9th right now (yeah, i know, reall young) and i am having english since 6th...
thank you for liking it! means alot to me
lov Shari

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Review #23, by kialianaTime For Love: The Accident

29th March 2007:
great start keep going

Author's Response: THANK YOU!

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Review #24, by kialianaThe Chemicals Between Us: Aspirin?

29th March 2007:
i'm loving the story so far please post more really soon

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Review #25, by kialianaEntranced by the Dance: The Last Dance

28th March 2007:
that was such a lovely story i wish i could write like that. you managad to captue so much emotion in such a short time. it's fantastic

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