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Review #1, by ozma333Stolen Moments: Stolen Moments

16th July 2007:
awww that was sweet.especially the last bit.

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Review #2, by ozma333Overshadowed Heart: Confusion

18th June 2007:
ohhh...i loved it! more from molly!

Author's Response: There will be more from Molly in the last chapter. ;) I would never have thought I'd like writing her, but I do.

Thanks for reading and leaving a review. :)

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Review #3, by ozma333Overshadowed Heart: Silent Love

7th June 2007:
i love this story...more chapters please...don't you dare think you can get away with only one!

Author's Response: I thought I could, if need be... but after writing part of chapter 9, I must admit I wouldn't be able to end this story with only one chapter. I want it to be as good as possible after all, and it would just ruin it if I did that. *sighs* Not that I don't want to write this story anymore - I like my Charlie and I'll miss him when I have to say goodbye. lol. So there is at least two chapters left.
I'm glad you love this story. Thanks for R/R! :)

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Review #4, by ozma333The Eye of the Storm: Chapter One: A Step Back

24th March 2007:
it's a good start...but don't think you have to explain all the magical stuff as if this were your first harry potter story.anyone on the site already knows this stuff anyway, right? liked the writing style though.see you on the next chapter!

Author's Response: ozma333: I realize it's pathetic to pretend that anyone actually reading the fic doesnt realize who Ron Weasly is, but if you look at all the Rowling book beginnings she actually does do that to an extent, tho probably not to the extent that I ended up doing it... well, that's why she's J.K. Rowling and I'm not, eh? < ; ) thanx 4 the review!

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Review #5, by ozma333His Real Father: Remember

22nd March 2007:
Another amazing chapter...i really liked this's nice to see you progressing slowly, I can see that Hermione might actually be like that...she is so stubborn! ah, poor Fred! what a great man! well done and hope everything is alright with your health!

Author's Response: I liked this one too. i just love Fred. :D

I know... she's stubborn, but she reminds me greatly of myself.

Thankyou, I am on trial for many more pills as of today. Thank you for your review. :)

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Review #6, by ozma333This I Swear...: This I Swear...

21st March 2007:
very sweet.well done!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #7, by ozma333He Knew: He Knew

19th March 2007:
aw.very sweet...exactly what i was looking for! thanks!

Author's Response: You are most welcome, and thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #8, by ozma333I Missed You.: Bad Idea.

16th March 2007:

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Review #9, by ozma333At the Burrow: At The Burrow

12th March 2007:
no no! it was very good...well done and very on character.but i wish it would resolve! chapter 2? or a sequel maybe?

Author's Response: Thx so much =]


Maybe someday...


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Review #10, by ozma333My Daughter's Hand: My Daughter's Hand

26th February 2007:
this was great.does it continue??

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Review #11, by ozma333A Tender Touch Before the Dawn: It Was Always Meant To Be

21st February 2007:
nicely done, well written!

Author's Response: Thnak you! :)

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Review #12, by ozma333Overshadowed Heart: New Life

17th February 2007:
i did enjoy it.this is a very heart-warming story!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you, and some others, think it's a heart-warming story! It's such a compliment, for an author. :D
Thank you for R&R.

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Review #13, by ozma333Will of the Sexes: Underground Wager

7th February 2007:
oh...definately Hermione and Ginny! Go girls!

Author's Response: Lol, girl power :D

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Review #14, by ozma333Overshadowed Heart: Family Ties

6th February 2007:
i usually hate non R/Hr fics...but this one hits the sweet and charming, i'm really enjoying it!

Author's Response: Well, I couldn't write Hermione without Ron if Ron was still alive. It's so obvious those two belong together!
I'm glad you're enjoying that fic so far. And I hope you'll enjoy the rest of it.
Thanks for r&r!


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Review #15, by ozma333It started in the Locker room: Chapter fourteen

6th February 2007:
wow such an improvement in grammer...and writing in general. I really liked this chapter! well, I've liked all your chapters.but i seriously noticed such style for names...well.emma and emily are very alike, aren't they? there may be something to that name! congrats! and keep the updates coming!

Author's Response: I’m glad you liked it, every one that has reviewed have liked it too but I don’t lol oh well so long as you do hee hee, thanks so much for the review and I hope you enjoy the last chapter too. And its true Emma and Emily are alike but I went to school with an Emily and she was a real stuck up cow she didn’t like me cause I was a teenager had a kid and was married but she had a thing for my husband. I only told him recently and he turned around and went 'I didn’t know you had an Emily in your year' I had to laugh, she thought she was sexy and he can't remember her, at least that’s what he tells me, maybe its to make me feel better seeing as I’m fat with his baby hahaha. I’m going to go now because you probably don’t care about my life story lol sorry! Thanks again for the review!
Lots of love

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Review #16, by ozma333Overshadowed Heart: Live To Remember

29th January 2007:
i like where you're going with this story.keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're liking that story so far. I would never have thought I would write Charlie Weasley... and yet it's great, because we don't know that much about him. And I'm trying to write Hermione in character.
Thanks for R&R... and saying I'm doing a good job!


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Review #17, by ozma333Hate Is A Powerful Word: Epilogue

18th January 2007:
I don't want it to end.but it was beautiful while it lasted.two words: Thank You!

Author's Response: lol... no, thank you :-)

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Review #18, by ozma333Hate Is A Powerful Word: Chapter 13

16th January 2007:
I know you update fast.but I still hate you for leaving me like this.bloody awful! the way, i loved it of course! Ah! so frustrating I jsut can't wait!

Author's Response: lol... your frustration will be alleviated soon.

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Review #19, by ozma333Hate Is A Powerful Word: Chapter 12

15th January 2007:
I love that I can look forward to this every night after work! Fantastic as always, just when I think there couldn't possibly be any more twists.BANG! There you go again! Loving every word of it! Thank you!

Author's Response: oh, there are more twists to come ;-)

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Review #20, by ozma333Hate Is A Powerful Word: Chapter 11

14th January 2007:! So cute! Very well always...and such a quick update! That was so sweet, Ron watching her sleep, those two!

Author's Response: Thank you :-)

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Review #21, by ozma333Hate Is A Powerful Word: Chapter 10

13th January 2007:
ohhh! I always hate it when it ends.:( Can't wait for the next one! I'll tune in tommorrow!

Author's Response: lol... thank you. The next chapter will be up by then :-)

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Review #22, by ozma333Realising What Was Always There.: One-Shot

12th January 2007:
some of the grammer...but only in "when the funeral seemed to of ended he spotted Harry." It should be "seemed to HAVE ended." But, overall, very cute story and well put. Keep up the good work!

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Review #23, by ozma333Hate Is A Powerful Word: Chapter 9

12th January 2007:
HA! I knew it was Percy! HAHA!!! Oh, very good as usual...of course...You don't need to hear it from me...I'd say write more, but I know you will...and judging from yoru progress so far...I'm gonna bet it's not too far off. Well, looking forward to it as always! Thanks!

Author's Response: Oh, it'll be soon ;-)

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Review #24, by ozma333Hate Is A Powerful Word: Chapter 8

11th January 2007:
Aw! Fantastic, as always! But, he still doesn't know!!! Argh! Still at elast one more fight to come.yeah!

Author's Response: Yeah, and I'll give you this. It's a doozy.

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Review #25, by ozma333Hate Is A Powerful Word: Chapter 7

10th January 2007:
Oh Ron! Don't do anything stupid please!!! No Ross/Rachel!!! Or maybe.then the story would be longer wouldn't it. But, overall very cute chapter! Really liked it..and you update so fast! Thanks for that!

Author's Response: No worries. Ron won't do anything that stupid... lol.

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