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Review #1, by Death Eater11:

28th September 2007:

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Review #2, by Death Eater11Remorse Of Riddle: The Remorse

23rd September 2007:

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Review #3, by Death Eater11The Marauders - Episode 1: Idiots through Time: The Head Master from Hell

6th August 2007:
Um... quick statement: Albus Dumbledore was born to Kendra and Percival Dumbledore in 1855, if this story were accurate, he would be seven. 1872 would be a 17 year old Albus. AND WHERE IN THE NAME OF MERLIN'S MOST SAGGY Y-FRONTS IS ABERFORTH!

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Review #4, by Death Eater11My Maraudering grandad: Certain Similarity

6th August 2007:
For a newbie, that is by far one of the best fanfictions I have read. Usually it takes 1 or 2 stories with low reads to boost morale and change styles. But this, perfect from the go! Bravo!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review, You have really made my day.
If you want to read the next 2 chapters of my story go on to my website and see what you think of the rest.
And again thank you and really love writing and hearing good reviews about my work really cheers me up.
And again because you have really cheered me up thank you.
Luv JAZ (Messr_Professor_Prongs)

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Review #5, by Death Eater11Godfather: Godfather

2nd August 2007:

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Review #6, by Death Eater11The Day Voldamort Went Insane, Then Got Therapy Because I Said He Needed It, Oh And My Friend Said So Too So Yea, Im Bored. Please Read And Reveiw!: Voldy’s finds out he has issues so he goes in search of a tissue!

1st August 2007:
Odd, very odd.

Author's Response: thanx? lol :)

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Review #7, by Death Eater11The highs and Lows of Being T.R.Lupin: The Begining After The End

24th July 2007:
Bravo! Such a marvelous begining! All wh heard of Teddy after his parent's death was Our Teddy is Snogging our Victorie.
Please, do go on!

Author's Response: Oh I will. Teddy and Victoire fans, here I come. lol

Thank you for your review.

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Review #8, by Death Eater11The Brotherhood of the Chosen Ones: Chapter 3: Execution

20th July 2007:

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Review #9, by Death Eater11The Power of the Music of the Night...: Another day... Another Curse

20th July 2007:
Happy Deathly Hallows Everybody!

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Review #10, by Death Eater11"Harry's Paper Heart": "Harry's Paper Heart"

31st May 2007:
Muy Excelanto! This is the first time I've ever heard of an Argentine Fan Fic Writer. I wonder, what do you know about Eva and Juan Peron, La Peronistas?

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Review #11, by Death Eater11Eight White Roses: Eight White Roses

11th May 2007:
Bravo! Bravissimo! It would tie in well with my new one-shot: The Funeral of Harry James Potter!

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Review #12, by Death Eater11Harry Potter and the Return of the Marauders: October 31, 1981 to Sept.1, 1991

11th May 2007:
THis is to clarify my Authors Purpouse,
ChocoFrogo was correct, James is supposed to have Hazel eyes and glasses, but that will be broached in a future chapter. The Marauders will rise again, more great and headache-full than ever before.

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Review #13, by Death Eater11Where do I fit?: Prologue

8th May 2007:
Okay, to Clarify, Harry James Potter was born in 1980! It was October 31, 1981! The HP series takes place in the 90's (And Possibly early 2000+ in DH) YOUR STORY IS FULL OF INACCURACIES

Author's Response: I've said it before, I'll say it again. I KNOW. I DID IT ON PURPOSE.

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Review #14, by Death Eater11Harry Potter meets the fellowship of the ring and Captain Jack Sparrow: The Begining

6th May 2007:
Something good. Keep it up, and you may win the Voldie/Harry/Jack award I invented, a Triumvitae of crazies! Yay

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Review #15, by Death Eater11The Next Generation of Marauders: Lily and her family

23rd April 2007:
This is so wierd, I have never read this before, but my main characters, 'Chronicles of the
Children' has the same children names and the fact that James and Sirius are Twins. IRONY!

Author's Response: Wow! That is weird!!! That is really Ironic. Thanks for the reivew!

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Review #16, by Death Eater11A Titanic Romance: The Magic of The Titanic

22nd April 2007:
The cabin A67 was reserved for J.J. Astor, Plus, it was FIRST CLASS. No moron would bet first class tickets! Now, Thiurd class, i.e. the movbie, would have been E67F E-Deck, Room 67, Forward. Secondly, B23 was Thomas Andrew's Suite, and Remus affording First Class? Your story is riddled with errors! Now, if you had examined the crew roster on R.M.S. Titanic, you would see that Lily's fiancee was really the cheif stoker of Boiler room One. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!

Author's Response: well in my story I was going as A was on the lowest and C was on the highest floor i know it may not make much since but that's how i made it :) and second this is loosely based of the movie titanic it's not that actual movie put into litarature so it's still a fanfic

thanx for review :)

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Review #17, by Death Eater11Ding-Dong Voldemort's Dead: Fights Classes and Evil Teachers

24th January 2007:
Other than that, very good, Bon Chance Mes Amis

Author's Response: that's in spanish in french mother=mere, mais, merci beaucoup!


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Review #18, by Death Eater11Harry's Life (Without Voldemort): flirting and kissing sessions

18th January 2007:
Disgustingly Evil, Sirius was unmarried, EVIiL! This is the worst story I have ever read! :) Ha!

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Review #19, by Death Eater11Return of the Parents: Quidditch

16th January 2007:
ha! Brilliant!

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Review #20, by Death Eater11Return of the Parents: Prank

16th January 2007:
James was the Seeker, Not a chaser, James Potter, Seeker, Gryffindor house team, and he and Sirius were the Weasley twins of their time.

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Review #21, by Death Eater11Alone Facing Darkness: Sisterly Bonds

30th December 2006:
where is the Rest of it? that is your million
Dollar question, and Bravo so far

Author's Response: Where's the rest of it? Right here. *taps head* I just need to find the time to actually write it all out and get it edited.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review.

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Review #22, by Death Eater11The Phantom of Hogwarts: Part one: A New year and a Musical-Chapter one

29th December 2006:
Quite interesting, but still, a bit of a drag. A bit more DRAMA! Add drama and let the world see the true glory of Le Phantomme de le Opera.
But other than that Bravissima!

Author's Response: Heh, wow. Before I deleted this, people were telling me this story was WAY too fast paced! Lol, that was a change :P. Don't worry, there will be more drama later on, I haven't really gotten into the true plot yet! Thanks for your review, I appreciate you not being harsh when adding criticism, and I'm not being sarcastic! Merci! :D

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