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Review #1, by spartan09An Ill Fated Gamble: Back to the Norm

6th February 2007:
Another good chapter! Iago the Intelligent? I like it.

The only thing that I found confusing is all these friends are introduced, and it gets hard to keep track of them with all the different nicknames. I really didn't get all the characters figured out until the very end of the chapter.

Besides that, I really didn't see any mistakes. You better hurry up with the next chapter!! lol

Author's Response: Haha, I couldn't come up with I I googled them. Iago was the most eye-catching :P. Haha, oh well. I don't know how to introduce them you'll just have to focus, boy! :P. Anyway, yeah I'll TRY to write the next chapter. You may have to poke and prod me. Heh heh, bye :D.

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Review #2, by spartan09An Ill Fated Gamble: Thick Purple Potion

20th January 2007:
Another amazing chapter. I love how it's so descriptive and you can really see what's happening. This one was particularly funny, especially at the end. I can't wait for the next chapter :D
-The Male

Author's Response: Haha, glad you liked it...even if you think it seems pointless right now. And you never did tell me how it's funny :(. Thanks, "the male" :D.

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Review #3, by spartan09Shimmering Star: Her Best Friend

15th January 2007:
Great story line so far. Well written, too.

Author's Response: Thanks Spartan!

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Review #4, by spartan09Daddy's Old, Tattered Cloak: Daddy's Old, Tattered Cloak

14th January 2007:
Lets see.. I really enjoyed it. I seemed highly realistic and I think you figured out Mr. Weasley's and Ron's personalities to a tee. I was well written and descriptive, and it was a good plot. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you, mr. spartan :D. (I made you review, I know.) Thanks for revvviewing. (It's weird to respond to reviews while I'm talking to you...) ...bye.

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Review #5, by spartan09The Music Won't Last: The Music Won't Last

11th January 2007:
Amazing!! It would have been cliché, but you marvelously fixed that! Same reviews as the rest of them.. I love it ;)

Author's Response: Yes, yes. I found it heading down that "cliché" path, so I changed it...glad I went with my instincts. Ha, glad you loved it. You're certainly nicer to me in reviews than in conversations :P. "interesting, psh." Thanks for the review :):)!

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Review #6, by spartan09I Mourn the Loss of a Beautiful Thing: I Mourn the Loss of a Beautiful Thing

11th January 2007:
Again, an amazing story, Well written, great plot, easy to follow.. I love your stories.. Great job!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks :). I never liked this one much...almost didn't post it! But I'm glad I did. Thanks for the reviews :].

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Review #7, by spartan09Her Love: Her Love

11th January 2007:
Um.. you're English is correct, at least. Keep working on it!

Author's Response: aww thanks
yes i might do a re write

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Review #8, by spartan09The Girl Behind the Dragon: A Pansy Parkinson Story: The Girl Behind the Dragon: A Pansy Parkinson Story

11th January 2007:
Great story- Very descriptive, and I love your writing style. Keep up the amazing work- and I can't wait to read the rest of them...

Author's Response: Thanks :). (dork) And yes, you shall read the rest of them. Hahaha, thanks for the review!

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