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Review #1, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: Niffler Time

25th September 2007:
haha such a cute chappie :D i liked it alot and i gotta say greta is one of my fave characters. shes so much like my grandma :P n e way nicely done :D

p.s beyond bones chapter 22 is up.

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked it! Everyone seems to like Greta, and I'm glad because she's one of my favorites too.

Thank you so much for reviewing, and I'll be sure to check out 'Beyond Bones'!

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Review #2, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: Preparation

29th June 2007:
i love that you brought harry and ginny back into the mix but itd be good if we could have an explanation of why they werent there until now... or did i miss something? lol knowing me i probly did. good chappie overall though :D

Author's Response: Oops! I forgot about that. *facepalm* Thanks for pointing that out. I'll be sure to include it in the next chapter.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: Thumps and Crashes

29th June 2007:
cute cute cute-elevators ahaha... had to throw that in there eh? very good, im excited for the next chapter. I definetely took your cliff hanger bait :P

Author's Response: Yes, I loved the elevator part where Jason interupts them. ; )

I'm glad you liked it and that my cliff hanger accomplished its goal!

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: Skrewt Time

26th May 2007:
haha yeah i luv neville hes awesome in his own deranged way... so yeah good chapter.

Author's Response: I ♥ Neville! ; ) I just love his character!

I'm glad you liked the chapter! I'm working on chapter eight. Hopefully, I'll finish within the next week before final exams. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: They're Utterly Terrifying!

26th May 2007:
hahahahahahhahahaha i LOVE tobey mcguire. you seem to like the strong save the world types... have you ever watched the O.C? other than harry potter The O.C is my absesion *sigh* i dont have Benjamin McKenzie... o and if you havent seen it-GET IT!!!

o and great chappie :P

Author's Response: Tobey Maguire... gorgeous! I guess I do... ; )

No, I don't watch the O.C. even though one of my friends is obsessed with it. She keeps trying to get me to watch one of the seasons with her. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing! I always love your reviews!

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Review #6, by krookshanksFalling Hard: Falling Hard

20th May 2007:
aw that was so adorable and so neville!!! aw this was great aw im sorry repetativeness but you wrote it brilliantly and i love the irony in the beginning! aw w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Aw's are always great to get!

I can't believe you thought it was brilliant! That means a lot! And I like the bit at the beginning, too. That's what got me started with this story.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #7, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: Spoons... Sort of

17th May 2007:
haha silent giggles... ive had my share of those. one time though, it was during my most strict teacher's class, so i bit on my pencil and my friend asked me why i was eating wood... it didn't end well. great story, very entertaining! you've got knife absessed cousins, ive got piros :P then again, i do kinda like fire... :o lol but not creepishly i promise.

good chapter!

Author's Response: They don't usually come at convienent times, do they? ; ) The worst was when I had to do a scene from Romeo and Juliet and I could barely breathe. It also happened when I had to do something from Macbeth. I guess for some reason I find Shakespeare extremely funny. Maybe it's the thou's and hath's.

I also have a few piros, but they're on the other side. They love to throw fieworks into bonfires. I think your cousins might be rubbing off on you a bit. ; )


I'm really glad you liked it! Thanks for all of your wonderful reviews! The next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #8, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: And Some More Family

1st May 2007:
i know i love reviews! my math... way more simple, but i know what you mean. almost all my time's being taken up with skating and projects (art, more art, persuasive essay and a geo. assignment) these days. but im not as busy as i was when i made the volleyball team. (fun but oh my god...) i had school, skating, volleyball, soccer, enrichment, more enrichment and grrr... i didn't see my friend forever!

anywhoo i ramble quite a bit too... but great chapter! 9/10

Author's Response: I know what you mean! School and activities take your life hostage! Papers, homework, research projects, and let's throw in some literary analysis for fun!

But as I'm prone to rambling, I think I should stop before I really get going. Thanks for another great review! I hope you keep reading!

And when are you updating your story? Soon? ; )

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Review #9, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: Meeting The Family

30th April 2007:
wow your reunions sound much more interesting than mine. i do however have an uncle who challenges everything you say... even if you say he's right :S one of my second cousins swallows things and another owns about eights baby sharks =O but yeah i like the chappie yet again.

good job-update soon

Author's Response: They're pretty out of the ordinary! But we all love them if we come back in one piece!

Sharks? *shudders* I can't stand sharks! But I do have some animals that Hagrid would like coming your way!

Thanks for all of your reviews. They mean a lot!

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Review #10, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: Project: Intimidation

30th April 2007:
haha i guesse its dinner. well done, you kept me interested the whole way through. i really enjoy this greta character, lol she's fun. i only noticed one obvious mistake but it was hardly one. you simply forgot the 'n' on the end of 'Ron' but other than that it was good.

Author's Response: Woops! Thanks for catching that! I'll fix that when I can. Right now I'm just trying to get it validated as fast as it will let me because I wrote about three more chapters today.

I love Aunt Greta, and I'm glad other people do too! She's brutually honest yet at the same time, she's kind of out of it.

Dinner? Well, I guess you'll just have to see! ; ) Thanks for the great review!

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Review #11, by krookshanks:

29th April 2007:
awe how sweet =] i really liked it. i didn't know university students made flying paper golf balls :P not exactly there yet, our class simply throws pencils, erasers, elastics (anything small and annoying really)

this was really well done, 9/10

Author's Response: I actually wrote this last year, but a guy of any age can enjoy flying paper golf balls! Or throwing pencils point up so they stick in to ceiling. Whatever floats guys' boats. ; )

Thanks for the great review and fantastic rating! I hope you keep reading!

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Review #12, by krookshanksA Red-Headed Reunion: Arrival

29th April 2007:
lmso! that was so believable i loved it! so cute too. i was just wondering how old Ron and Hermione are though... but yeah great job, i'll keep reading :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it!

Ron and Hermione are about twenty or so. I wanted them to still be young, and in Ron's case, still a bit of a goofball! ; ) Yet it wouldn't work if they were still at Hogwarts.

Do keep reading, please! Chapter four should be validating any day now! Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by krookshanksRemembering Lily: Waking up

29th April 2007:
i think you had some very good description in here. my favorite my far though was,
"The warm toffee like sun." tee hee it makes me hungry for light. well, i'd obviously suggest my own stories because... well i obviously like them. lol but i hope you do too if you read them :) it'd be great to hear what you think.

this was fairly short but it was well done with i think only one or two (grammar/spelling) mistakes so i give you 8/10 =]

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Review #14, by krookshanksRemembering Lily: He's Truly Dead

9th April 2007:
personally i wouldn't have reacted the way lily had. secondly, you changed lewis's name from louis to lewis. lol i found that a bit amusing. i do however think its quite realistic that lily thinks it's all her own fault... thats usually how it goes. anyway i like it but what are some physical attributes of people. you're doing a great job with their personalities but i have no idea what the people look like.

don't take this as a bad review because your plot line is amazing. i'll keep reading but im only going to keep reviewing if you respond.

well done

Author's Response: thanks alot for your support. Ive been a bit lazy lately but the next chapter will be up soon. Im going to try and give you more acurate descriptions and stuff in the next one. hope you enjoy the next section
~Magpie Q.

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Review #15, by krookshanksRemembering Lily: The Bookstore

8th April 2007:
a few extra errors here, like 'owl' instead of 'old' but all in all well done. i can see the plot coming together and your stories flow very nicely (i sometimes rush things in my own stories i've found) i like that you can see the resemblance in Harry and in Lily, but i'd like to see some more of Rosie's physical attributes-though you did present her well and showed her personality.

great job i'll keep reading

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Review #16, by krookshanksRemembering Lily: things fall apart

8th April 2007:
nicely done. Lily's reactions are very realistic but i doubt that her friends would just abandon her. still a few (less) grammar issues but your explanations of the setting is incredible.

i still like it :D

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Review #17, by krookshanksRemembering Lily: A book and a letter

8th April 2007:
i really like it. this Rosie character seems very enjoyable, especially "if you feel sad, eat a cookie" ahah i love it. it sounds like something i would say. brutal honesty is kind of half my personality, thus being brutally honest i must say this was very well done. watch some of those nasty contractions but i'm one to talk right? with no capitals or grammar. oh well i like it and that's what matters.

good job

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Review #18, by krookshanksLiving Down the Truth: Next To Impossible

5th April 2007:
a bit choppy but great start! okay so now i've reviewed so you HAVE TO REVIEW MINE! anywho i really like it... you must've had a good beta. lol great job.

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Review #19, by krookshanksMemories of Magic: The Hogwarts Express

27th March 2007:
amazing banners! i love every single one of them. unfortunately i dont actually have enough time to read fanfic much but i do write :D i really like this story its very well written and i love how you did your characters.


Author's Response: Thankyou so much, I really appreciate that!

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Review #20, by krookshanksMy Immortal Essence: Your Mother and I Talk Often, Actually

27th March 2007:
i really love your style of writing. it's extremely origional, with every sentence short and sweet that gets straight to the point.

great job :D

Author's Response: Haha, thanks a lot! :-D It's always nice to see a review. :-) And the next chapter is in limbo if you want to know! :-D *dances because she's so happy*

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Review #21, by krookshanksHarry Potter and the dark post: Potter returns

26th March 2007:
wow i really like this. your writing and formatting is much better in this story and its really quite good. this is very origional with Harry wanting to become professor. GOOD IDEA. it's very unexpected, but in a good way. great work :)

Author's Response: oohh Thank you so much.actually it was my sister's idea but the writing work was done by me without anyone's help. thanks i really like positive reviews though i don't hate the nagative ones. thanks for the review and for taking the pains to read my stories. it would have been better if you would have left a rating

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Review #22, by krookshanksMe- in the wizarding world!: Birthday Surprises

26th March 2007:
you have to start a new paragraph when someone's speaking. there were a few spelling errors but other than that it's a very good story. i like that Hagrid showed up and that this story doesn't drag on at all. you could perhaps make your chapters longer but it was good :)

Author's Response: first of all THANKS for the review. i'll look for spellings and grammar errors. i know i should have made it longer and in fact my other chapters which i've already written are more longer. thanks for the advise.

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Review #23, by krookshanksVindicated: Breaking Boundaries

22nd March 2007:
BREAKING BOUNDARIES, was exactly the same title as i was going to make a story... it's now called "beyond bones" but thats beside the point. great story, it was really well written... and awesome title :D

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Review #24, by krookshanksSempiternity: The beginning...

18th March 2007:
wow... very intense chapter, but very well-written. One thing though: people don't leave this earth because their work is done or they have fulfilled life's potential because, when is life's potential REALLY filled? There's always more to do and one's work can never truly be finished. However, you touched on some very hard topics and you did this extremely well. You got me to think...

Really well done. 9/10

Author's Response: got me thinking too... I see what you mean when you say one's potential isn't ever really fulfilled. I guess i agree with that too, but the message or thing i was trying to do was to show that for Charlotte to reach her full potential, her mother needed to die. Oh. Thats sounds gruesome. Well, yeah, hopefully you get what i mean. A 9/10? Oh, i'm touched! -glomps- Thanks for this great review and keep reading...

Love skinny

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Review #25, by krookshanksRun: Oh, Bugger.

23rd February 2007:
no, the description was fine, and I really like the "Oh, Bugger" part. it's something i would say :P anyway i really like where this story's going so far.

Author's Response: oh good... thanks!
I thought the "oh bugger" was amusing =)
ch4 will be up asap!

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