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Review #1, by ltlissThe Rain Keeps Pouring: Chapter Twenty Four - Epilogue

3rd February 2008:
awww i absolutely loved your story it took mi forever to read it but it was def. worth it!!!. i love the ending it was very fitt. i love it i love it. there is nothing else to say =]

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm so glad you loved it that much! x

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Review #2, by ltlissPlaying Cat and Mouse: [16] Winning

3rd January 2008:
Okay i almost cried. I love your story. It was awesome.
Yeah i was kinda of sad on how Hermione ended but
at the end "Let's play a game." that was absolutely
genious. Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!!

Author's Response: genious?
-blush- :)

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Review #3, by ltlissBlinded: Without Him

1st January 2008:
OMG who is it!!???
I love your story. The plot. Everything is awesome
please update son!!! =]

Author's Response: update is on its way friend!

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Review #4, by ltlissShooting Star: When You Wish Upon A Star

20th December 2007:
aw tthat is so cute!
i love it!!! short but it was very good!!!

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Review #5, by ltlissPenny for your thoughts: One step forwards two steps back

15th December 2007:
ok that was pretty much the most confusing thing i ever read.
but i still love your story.

Author's Response: LOL! Sorry it's confusing!

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Review #6, by ltlissMeet Me by the Lake: Meet Me by the Lake

30th November 2007:
pretty short but it was good and cute!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much^^ I know it's short, but don't worry I'm working on a longer story that I'll poste as soon as it's done^^

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Review #7, by ltlissFidelity: Fidelity

29th November 2007:
I love it.
It is so cute, and i love how they kiss and then just held each other it really is so cute!!!

Author's Response: :] Thank you! I'm glad that it was okay. I was a bit awkward writing that scene..!! I'm glad it turned out all right!

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Review #8, by ltlissArabesque: Of Changed Paths and Sudden Discoveries

26th November 2007:
aaaww i love it. how it ended in the end that almost had me in tears!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much ^_^

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Review #9, by ltlissDraco: Phoenix Rising: Chapter Fifty One - Epilogue

24th November 2007:
Your whole story it was great!!!
There really was no other way i think that anyone could have made it work other than you. I was very surprise with Regulus/Snape that was great and i love how Dranco ended being good and how him and Hermione ened. Love it! Love it! Can't wait till what you come up with next! Good Luck!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I had too much fun with that whole story.

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Review #10, by ltlissDraco: Phoenix Rising: Chapter Forty Nine - Snape's Revelation

24th November 2007:
now that was the most unexpected thing ever
it was great i love it!!!

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Review #11, by ltlissNo One Fathomed: Wars of the Elite

18th November 2007:
wow that was long but it was awesome
nice scenes about the fighting and i don't have a
clue how this is going to end...update sooon!!!

Author's Response: lol well im glad ur clueless...i have surprises and twists and more dramarama! lol hope to update soon. thanks and i hope u keep reading!

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Review #12, by ltlissNo One Fathomed: The Lions of Gryffindor

18th November 2007:
that did kinda of had me tearing at the end of it
it's great

Author's Response: aww, im so glad u were that touched by it. Thank you!

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Review #13, by ltlissNo One Fathomed: Dove's Wreathe

18th November 2007:
aaww wow i applaud you for keeping your readers so captivated on all of your chapter i love it

Author's Response: aww thanks so much! much appreciated!

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Review #14, by ltlissNo One Fathomed: The Medusas

18th November 2007:
wow it's funny and it's awesome i love it

Author's Response: hehe thanks!

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Review #15, by ltlissNo One Fathomed: Malfoy Manor

18th November 2007:
aawww wow you had me in tears at the end wow it's great

Author's Response: aww im sorry but thanks so much!

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Review #16, by ltlissTeardrops: Choices

13th November 2007:
aaaww poor Ron

Author's Response: I know, but I promise that everyone will be okay. haha.

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Review #17, by ltlissTeardrops: Changes

13th November 2007:
Been there...and well i'm still stuck there i don't know what to do!?!

Author's Response: I'm not really sure how to respond to that. But thanks for reviewing anyway. haha.

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Review #18, by ltlissTeardrops: Confessions

13th November 2007:
aawww poor hermione.and wow go Malfoy way to take the initiative =]

Author's Response: haha, thanks for reviewing. :)

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Review #19, by ltlissA Halloween Tale-A Baron's Secret: A Baron's Secret

18th October 2007:
wow this creep me out i'm not gonna be alone on Halloween for sure.

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Review #20, by ltlissDraco: Phoenix Rising: Chapter Nineteen - Trains and Dust

9th October 2007:
i love it!!
damned gryffindor luck ha ha

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Review #21, by ltlissBlinded: Betraying the Elements

6th September 2007:
ok you got to update soon like reallly really soon i want to know what happens??? But it is defenetly great!

Author's Response: oh wow, im really glad you like the story. i will do my best to update as soon as i can. i am half way through finishing chapter 18 so hopefully soon.

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Review #22, by ltlissBlinded: The Interruption

6th September 2007:
aaww this is great i love it!!!
and i hate geometry, theorems and stuff i almost fail last year and i'm pretty good when it comes to mathematics ok =] Great J0b!!!

Author's Response: thanks im really glad to hear that you are liking the story. and don't worry too much about the geometry/proofs and what not... i think the math is pretty simple here. :)

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Review #23, by ltlissThe Sharpest Lives: The Sharpest Lives

2nd September 2007:
wow awesome!!!

Author's Response: thankyou sooo much!

xoxox Reebah aka immature_atmosphere

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Review #24, by ltlissThe Secret letter: i think I am in love with daco malfoy.. someone shoot me

2nd September 2007:
ok i def. love your story but i'm getting somewhat confused a lot lately but it's still good!!!

Author's Response: thank you I will try to put some order to my mess

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Review #25, by ltlissCool: Meeting Again

16th August 2007:
ok i can defenently say that i know how d/h feel b/c i have been there and well kinda of still stuck there...i'm well popular i know gay excuse but the guy whom i truly like is sorta of a loner/loser kinda of person but after all he is really cool, yet sometimes he tries to be someone he is not that is what really get's on my nerves but i'm really happy that you wrote this story it's great and yeah it did want to make me cry =] so you get a BIG FAT 10 FROM ME!

Author's Response: awww that is in no where near a gay answer...but i cant say i relate because i wouldnt say im popular but i am loved and known by many in my school..and i kno that when a girl likes a guy who is not in their circle of friends are ridiculed (i kno i was at times) so they never come out with wat they feel but they absolutely should because who knows this might be their only chance to tell me coming from someone who has her gaurd up almost every time you should go for it with this guy! and dont give up on ur friends becus if they are really true friends then they wont care who you date as long as your happy! go for it! You never know you could miss out on finding your true love...that would suck even more! plus at least you kno you will always find a friend in a fellow writer!!

thanks for reading

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