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Review #1, by deniiwilliamsGod Loves Fat Girls Too: God Loves Fat Girls Too

23rd April 2007:
Its great to have a not so typical heroine of the story.

Author's Response: I think so too.

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Review #2, by deniiwilliamsAll In A Matter Of 10 Months.: Bruise and Blow.

28th February 2007:
Karma's going to come back .. with vengeance lol
Ron/Hermione = match made in heaven. This story rocks!!!

Author's Response: thanks so much !! thanks for reviewing !!

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Review #3, by deniiwilliamsThe Scientist: Chapter 2

14th February 2007:
I like the way Oliver showed no emotion yet it was obvious he was feeling it. It made the story more realistic in my point of view.Thats exactly how I felt when someone quite close to me died and in those two chapters you managed to portray it perfectly. Keep it up this story is one of my favirotes

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I actually editing the last two chapters and I'm working on the next one. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get the next one out. :D --JC

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Review #4, by deniiwilliamsAcceptance: Finding Wings High and Low

14th February 2007:
OMG I luv this story

Author's Response: I'm in the process of doing chapter 8.

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Review #5, by deniiwilliamsMy Love, My Secret: Train Ride Of Memories

14th February 2007:

I like that story. What exatly did she do to them?

Author's Response: Well..once I finish revising the second chapter it'll become much clearer..right now it' to choppy so i'm thinking I'll work on it before my trip..

But she,being friends with lee, talked over the summer and played an amazing prank on the twins...i think you'll like it..and thanks for the review..i'll have the next chapter up asap..

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Review #6, by deniiwilliamsAnd Still Closer: And Still Closer

11th February 2007:
I luv it its so cuteX

Author's Response: Thanks for reading at reviewing!

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Review #7, by deniiwilliamsKiss Me: Kiss Me

6th February 2007:
i like it good start

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #8, by deniiwilliamsBeneath the Sketch: Facing the Fear

21st January 2007:
GR what happens?

Author's Response: I am still writing the next one. Will update soon!

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Review #9, by deniiwilliamsOver My Head: Pain And Tears Alive

2nd January 2007:
I luv the story keep it up

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm working on chapter seventeen right now :]

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Review #10, by deniiwilliamsHopeless Dreams: Sunrise

2nd January 2007:
luv the story have u dun the 3rd chappie yet?

Author's Response: I'm still working on it. Writing these takes alot of time and effort.

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