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Review #1, by crmccarthIf Wishes Were Fishes: Cupid's Chokehold

21st February 2012:
great chapter! love the slap! can't wait for the next one :)

Author's Response: haha thank you! glad you liked it! More up soon :)

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Review #2, by crmccarthBecause I Love You: Us Tonight

2nd February 2012:
this is so adorable! im smiling the whole time reading this :) one of the best ron/hermione stories i've read! cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! WOW! ~writergirl8

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Review #3, by crmccarthIf Wishes Were Fishes: My Five Stages

15th January 2012:
ah i just read this whole story in just today, and i was so pulled in that when i got to the end of this chapter i automatically went to click the next one, and was very sad when i realized that there isnt one yet! haha i really really enjoy this story! please update soon! oh and i read the hogwarts confessional one, and i loved that too! keep up the good work :D

Author's Response: haha thank you!! I'm glad you like my story! I'll have the next chapter up as soon as I can so you won't have to wait too long :)

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Review #4, by crmccarthFor Six Long Years: Pigwidgeon

15th January 2008:
aww that was cute! please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll try!

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Review #5, by crmccarthFeelings: Feelings--Loathing

29th November 2007:
oh my goshhh!!!
i absolutely LOVE wicked!!
I loveee this story too!
its so cute!

Author's Response: lol...fluff galore, I agree! Wicked is absolutely fabulous!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by crmccarthLost at Sea: The Market

29th November 2007:

i loveeddd this chapterr!!

you should totally update soon!


Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! My plan is to update by Christmas...unless I get a day off before then! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by crmccarthFinding Ava: Mr. Spontaneous

18th November 2007:
I lovve this story!
Sirius and Ava make suchh a cute couple.
Now all I can hope for is that he will forget about Kate and him and Ava can live happily ever after!


Author's Response: They are rather cute together aren't they? Thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #8, by crmccarthEnd on a Musical Note: First Day of Class

15th November 2007:
i like this aloott.
the plot is cool and you write it very well.
please update!

Author's Response: thanks, i'm happy you like it!
yeah i just updated after practically a five month break so i'm getting back into the swing with this one.

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Review #9, by crmccarthAnomaly;: Intensity;

9th November 2007:

finally they kiss!!

haha are you from jersey?
cuz i have a long weekend also!
thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and monday is our weekend!
you too?
i loveee this storry!

Author's Response: me toooo. jerrrseeyyy! born and raiiiised =D thank you so muchh !

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Review #10, by crmccarthHomicidal with a Twinge of Passion: Empty

2nd November 2007:
Aww poor Lily!
I hope she is finally realizing that she loves James.
'Cuz then there would be a happy ending.
I'm sooo glad you unabandoned this story.
I kept it in my favorites, just in case.
Please update!

Author's Response: i know. she needs to. thank you soo much for reading! i'm glad that you liked the new chapter. ;)

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Review #11, by crmccarthThe Deluded Ramblings Of A Slytherin Mudblood: The one with Studying with George Weasley

26th October 2007:
Oh no. Montague is a beast.
And I don't mean that in the cool way.
Actually, I think Stacey is pretty beastly.
(In the cool way)
With all that kissing George and catching the Snitch business.
I'm impressed.
And I lovved this stoy.
I also cannnottt wait until the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #12, by crmccarthMake Out Kids: Broken Hearts That Failed to Mend

24th October 2007:
I really like this! It's a great idea and the way you presented it was great. Please update soon!

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Review #13, by crmccarthWind Up Doll: Act Two Scene Two: Hatred

14th October 2007:
ohh i like this alooottt.

please update!

Author's Response: Hee Hee thanks hun!

Thanks for the R/R

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Review #14, by crmccarthAnomaly;: Surrender;

27th September 2007:
As usual, this chapter was amazzingg.

You play football?

But, if your name is Kaitlin, you are a girl right?

Sorry if that was rude or wierd, but I didn't know if teams let girls play football.

Enlighten me please.

BTW, 10/10

Author's Response: i dont playyy football. i hand the players water :) lmao. no, your completely right, they dont let girls play. loll.


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Review #15, by crmccarthGoodbye, My Sweet: I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

22nd September 2007:
Oh my god.
I actually cried.
This was amazing.
I think I love you.

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Review #16, by crmccarthLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: The End.

19th September 2007:
Aw! Im so sad that its over!!! was amazing!!! Oh my gosh. This was definitely one of my FAVORITE stories EVER!
I love you UnderRugSwept13.

Author's Response: Tehe, Why thank you! I know, its really depressing how its all over now, but hey, I get to start a new fic now! I’m glad you liked it so much, I really had a blast writing it. Oh, how I’m going to miss it.
Aww, I love you too crmccarth! Lol.

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Review #17, by crmccarthA Summer Job: Treachery

18th September 2007:
how dare you!
im going insane!

Author's Response: AS soon as I can love ;) Ah oh I dare!

Thanks for the R/R!

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Review #18, by crmccarthHide and Seek: Down to the Dungeons.

18th September 2007:

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Review #19, by crmccarthPrincess: Socks

14th September 2007:
I loovveee this story! I think that you should most definitely update son. =D

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Review #20, by crmccarthAnomaly;: Derisive;

14th September 2007:
Ohhh I like this alot. I have to go to school now, but as soon as I get home from my hockey game I am going to finish reading the rest of this story! 10/10!

Author's Response: ooh hockeeeyy. i cant iceskate to save my soul. nooo i cant. thank you so much thoughhh !!

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Review #21, by crmccarthTo Dream A Nightmare: To Dream A Nightmare

9th September 2007:
Oh my gosh I loved this one too!

Poor Sirius.


Author's Response: Lol. I'm glad you liked this one too! It was my first shot at a really dark kind of fic...I have to say, its one of my favorite ones too lol.

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Review #22, by crmccarthLines With Lily: Lines With Lily

9th September 2007:

That was sooo cute!

I loved it a lot.

Author's Response: Tehe. Why thank you! This is probably my best one-shot...ever. Its definitely my cutest one lol. I'm glad you liked it!!

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Review #23, by crmccarthWaiting For The Rain To Fall: Waiting For The Rain To Fall

9th September 2007:
Oh wow I thought this was really good.

This is probably exactly what was running through Ginny's mind.

I loved it.


Author's Response: Aww, why thank you! Lol, I HOPE that's what Ginny least that's what I thought! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for R and R!!!

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Review #24, by crmccarthDrowning Lessons: Drowning Lessons

9th September 2007:
aw! That was soo good!!

Very well written and yes, a bit deppressing but I still loved it!

Poor Ginny.


Author's Response: Awww, why thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Tehe. Depressing is kind of my forte, just to let you know. Lol. I love writing sad stuff. Its fun. And...sad.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by crmccarthLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Maybe Memories

8th September 2007:

you have to update.

or i will go insane.

Author's Response: Lol. I'm waaaay ahead of you.

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