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Review #1, by weasley7Prisoner of Hope: Constant Vigilance

25th September 2009:
It's cool to see how Moody wound up getting ambushed. I always wondered how that went down. Next chapter :)

Author's Response: Yes, that always bothered me. lol.

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Review #2, by weasley7Taunting: Bloody Mary

15th August 2009:
This is really interesting. I love that it isn't boring like a lot of vampire stories can get, and that there is actually a valid plot line that doesn't involve vampire exchange students who fall in love with Sirius under the moon and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: I'm glad you find it interesting! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by weasley7Still Waiting : Still Waiting For You

27th July 2009:
That was really good. I think it flowed well and it made me tear up a just a little bit. Very nice. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I edited it on Word so many times to get things in the right chronilogical order. At first it was a muddle of events. It took of a couple, to be honest, and left the better ones in.

:-) Thanks!

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Review #4, by weasley7Taunting: Memories

6th July 2009:
This is pretty neat. I like that she's the kind of vampire in peoples nighmares and not the sparkly ones from Twilight, though I like Twilight. I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: I was trying to go for a more menacing vampire as opposed to the safer ones being featured today, ex: Twilight. So thanks for noticing that.

More to come soon.

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Review #5, by weasley7Still Delicate: Weekend At Jenny's: Part I

5th July 2009:
Love this story. Despite that Rose is being a little harsh I still hate Daisy. The end.

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Review #6, by weasley7Thanks For the Clarity, Verity: How Lucky You Have It

23rd June 2009:
I'm really liking this story. It makes me feel pretty bad for George and Verity, and that last scene was pretty intense. I can't wait for more!

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Review #7, by weasley7Still Delicate: Compromise

8th June 2009:
Awesome, as usual. I'm a little p.o.'d at Jenny, but what can you do? You are the author actually, so please uninvite Daisy and then, well...set flames to her.
Happy writing!

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Review #8, by weasley7Still Delicate: Disclosure

25th May 2009:
ACK I hate the Daisy Cow. I thought I liked her, but she goes and meddles her way onto my hit list. Damn cow.

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Review #9, by weasley7HPFF United Collaboration: Operation Won-Won

24th May 2009:
You genius! This is the most entertained I've been by a story for quite a while. Thanks for writing this!


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Review #10, by weasley7Still Delicate: Unwelcomed Changes

20th May 2009:
ACK! Daisy must die. Well, I still sort of like her a little teeny bit, but that was uncalled for. She thinks she's better than Rose, or so the vibe I get tells me. Hm. I'll have to wait and see.

Awesome, as is the usual.

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Review #11, by weasley7Still Delicate: Disaster

24th April 2009:
haha love it.

I bet Daisy's pregnant

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Review #12, by weasley7Still Delicate: Where Have All The Fishies Gone?

1st March 2009:
Hahahahahahaahhaahahahaha! and another HA for good measure. Oh that's so perfectly awful I could just pee myself. POOR ROSE! Her and Richard/Brian are going to have quite an awkward moment, I can just feel it. Can't wait!!

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Review #13, by weasley7Still Delicate: New Years, Old Years, They're All The Same

18th February 2009:
Oh lord.

That's a good oh lord.

But still...oh lord.

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Review #14, by weasley7This Dies Over Distance: Discovery

28th January 2009:
That was really good. You're an excellent author.

Love the note at the end, hahaha.


Author's Response: Thanks, weasley7, for a lovely review!

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Review #15, by weasley7Harry Potter and The Books About Himself: Death is...Scared

28th January 2009:
Aw that's really cool. I love little Harry!

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Review #16, by weasley7I Never Knew You: Remus time

26th January 2009:
holy pants I adore this story. I am SO Shaymus. Please more...honey bunches. 10/10

Author's Response: Omggg, Shaymus!
I love it!
Haha this whole review is awesome.
Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #17, by weasley7The Bird, the Bee and the Tabby Cat: Life as a Potter

23rd January 2009:
very cool. I enjoy the direction this is headed. Bridget is pretty neat, and I like the twin connection idea. Im gonna go read the next one now :)

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Review #18, by weasley7Duplicity: Burnt

23rd January 2009:
really good start. i cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #19, by weasley7Stumble Till You Cry: Mercy's Story

19th January 2009:
I am desperately awaiting more chapters, ma'am!!

Author's Response: I'll try to write more for the next chapter, but my high school finals are coming up, so I can only promise I'll do my best!

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Review #20, by weasley7Still Delicate: Welcome To My World

6th January 2009:
brilliant. I cannot WAIT to see how this turns out. Well, I'm off to Daisy and Scorp's house to bash some teeth in. Now where is my bat...

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Review #21, by weasley7I Never Knew You: Munchkins

6th January 2009:
Yay! Munchkins is an all-too-approriate name for those dastardly first years, and I absolutely adore Shaylee. She's like me but...NO SHE'S ACTUALLY JUST LIKE ME. Please more! ( By the way you only get 9 out of 10 because you took too long to update. Mwahaha...)

Author's Response: LOL. I like to think there is a little bit of crazy Shayley in every teenage girl. :P I'm really glad you can connect with her. xDD
Hahaha, 9/10 is perfectly fine! I wouldn't have blamed you if you had given me 1/10 for taking so long! So your 9 is very generous.
Thanks so much for you funny rewview. (:

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Review #22, by weasley7Still Delicate: A Beginning Of Sorts

5th January 2009:
OH NO. HOLY *##@#(*$(*#%(*!__(@#&%)#(&%! NO!

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Review #23, by weasley7Delicate: Call Me Mum

15th December 2008:
Aah! Tears of joy and confetti! A sequel it is then. Oh I could just sing! LA! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #24, by weasley7Confessions Of A Cool Girl: Empty Threats Of Diarrheoa Problems

13th December 2008:
Oooh I feel drama approaching.

Author's Response: and it's coming FAST

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Review #25, by weasley7Confessions Of A Cool Girl: Hogwarts Here We Come!

13th December 2008:
hahahaha Natalie is awesome. I really like this story!

Author's Response: I know I really wanted a character that people would deem as their favorite rather than the main character. Ooh look at me, using the word deem.

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