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Review #1, by SarenMad World: Mad World

6th January 2006:
okay the irony of this story is that as soon as i came to the 'one-shot - draco/hermione' page, 'mad world' started playing on itunes. cuz you know, you know i have it on shuffle cuz that`s how i roll. SHIET. i liked this story, it almost made me cry. :( and i love this song. and i love you!! ehehe - i`mweirdk.

Author's Response: aww thank you. that is quite ironic. i love your work, by the way, i read a few of your stories a while ago.

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Review #2, by SarenFire and Air: Fire and Air

4th January 2006:
aw. omfg. liekwhattttt. i love this story. you def. caught my attention and wtf not many people can do that. i`ve said that to like TWO other authors out of the million stories that i`ve read. so congratulations, darling. also. i stayed up till 7 something AM reading this. i tend to do that. it`s like a good book that you can`t put down or a movie that you can`t stop watching. and every chapter had something good in it. and that is what kept me reading. that is why i am reviewing now. because you honestly got me hooked. and here i am, laughing my face off writing this ridiculous review and meaning every single word of it. you`ve inspired me, and by the looks of it you`ve inspired 800someodd [and rising] other people. you are a terrific author. and i felt like in this story, you really had a plot line [believe me, i can NEVER follow mine.] and you followed it. you see, i`ve always hated the stories where they fall in love in the first two chapters [yet here i am, being completely and utterly contradictive when i think that`s what happens in my story. but i look back on mine and i hate it. anyway -] and your story, it wasn`t like that at all. i almost stopped reading because i`m the most impatient person in the world. but there was something that just kept me reading. and i don`t even know what it was. anyway. sorry for the terribly long annoying review. you`ll probably look at this and be like; wtf. or better you could be like; AWW. and that would be so cool. anyway. i`m outro i need sleep. i have school on thursday. err that would be tomorrow, eh? and i should probably not sleep all day so i can sleep at night. congratulations, if i haven`t already said that, on holding my attention for like.. seven hours. [don`t ask why it honestly took that long to read this. i get easily distracted by AIM and my banner making and my obsession with not being able to pick a song on iTunes. ehehe.]

Author's Response: Wow, this is one of the longest reviews I've ever recieved! And I'm totally flattered! There's no way I would ever look at a review and be put off. Unless, of course, the review is bad. This one isn't, it was sweet. I am so glad this story caught your attention and that you read it and stuck with it! I know what you mean. I can be really impatient too. But I just couldn't write a story where Draco and Mione fall in love at first sight. That doesn't really happen. It just isn't realistic. I try to make everything I write as realistic as possible. And the plot. I never start writing unless I have the whole plot worked out already. Otherwise, I would start writing and just forget what I wanted to write about. All I can say for your story is don't give up. Go back and read what you have. Try to put yourself in the situations you write about. If you can't do it, your story probably isn't very realistic, and that's probably your problem. Wow, that was sappy of me. Okay, thank you for the marvelous review and for taking the time to read my story. I'm glad you did! :-)

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Review #3, by SarenLamppost's Lament: Le Premier et Fin

4th January 2006:
IIII love it. it`s utterly amazing. and i love your style of writing. i liked the 'random lines' you put to help the story. it added a reallyyyyy good touch. :)

Author's Response: oh my first review for the one shot! oh. memorable. why thank you. you're so kind. i'm so glad you liked it!! thank you so much for the review, it means so much!

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Review #4, by SarenAnd Why Is He So.. Perfect.: Chapter 3

24th December 2005:
i love it.

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Review #5, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Introduction

17th December 2005:
have i honestly not reviewed? okay if i havent then here i go: WTF. I LOVED IT. I LOVE YOU. CAN I MARRY YOU. just kidding - god i am WEIRD. so anyway i think your banner is sweet. someday i will have talent - just like that. MAYBESOMEDAYYOUWILLTOO. lmao that was totally mean wasnt it. omg im sorry. i will make it up to you ...somehow. you iz never online. and sometimes i think of you and im like man i havent talked to her in forev. i didnt really expect to talk to you every minute of everyday though. AHHAHAHA. okay well im uber tired. its officially 2:15 AM. going on 16 in a few seconds. happy holidays to you.

Author's Response: LOL. HI! :D Hahahah. Thanks. I'm starting to get into graphics too. :P Thanks! Hope your new year was 'magical.' ;)

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Review #6, by SarenEuphoria: Hogwarts

18th October 2005:
well i must say, you have certainly caught my attention. and that's really hard to do, so you should be happy. i have this thing with writing really long reviews so you're lucky that i'm awesome. you get the most awesome review ever. i like this story because it's so.. different. idk it's weird. like, the introduction had me hooked and i was like SWEET. and you know, it's really weird, cause there arent many stories i can say that i actually love. but this one, wow it's amazing. you're probably reading this and smiling cause im so sweet. lol. well im gonna go. sorry if this is really short or whatever. but get ready for really long ones later. ohhh boy.

Author's Response: Im so pleased to hear that you liked it! I love getting reviews, so i am pleased much with yours! Yes i have to admit my story is on the different side! Im just trying to make my readers happy! I will see how soon i can get chapter 3 out, thank you once again for reviewing!

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Review #7, by SarenI Well Never Leave You: I Well Never Leave You

30th July 2005:
you know what? write a sequel. CAUSE I'M THAT GUY THAT PEOPLE DON'T GET. AND THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT I WOULD NEVER LET ANYBODY TRY TO TELL ME HOW TO LIVE. i'm actually a girl. anyway. i loved this story, and you're awesome. =)

Author's Response: GASP! I'm awesome! Wowerz! First time someone said I was.. LMAO! Thanks for the review! I'm thinking of a sequel!

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Review #8, by SarenOur Not So Perfect World: No Letters

11th July 2005:
WWOAHH i made this banner. if you want me to remake it lemme know. hehehe. i really miss you. i keep updating my story and you never review *tear* loving this story. keep it up.

Author's Response: yeah you did make this banner and i appriciate it soo much!! I really miss u too im sry i havent been in touch and i will restart reviewing ur story its just i have been trying to write my stories and i have been having a lot of trouble lately becuase my parents are being weird! Anyways on a lighter note it is great to hear from you again and i hope to hear from you again soon! Im happy u enjoy the story and thx for the review! :) :) :)

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Review #9, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Introduction

11th July 2005:
i love you, is that okay? lol yeah so. you need to update like a biiiiaaa. i really liked those chapters. they were like OMMMG AMAZIING. lol wowowwow. queso, i think you need to get online. that would be cool. hey loser. have you ever read my stories? cause i think they are so stupid but hey, i have 410 REVIEWS. dang homie right? thats a lot. that really is a lot. dang. so i have to go. i will talk to you someday in the future or something. have a nice dayyyy loser. loveee for you! ~caitlin

Author's Response: Haha, I'm starting to update faster now. Thanks! I'll try reading your stories, though I have barely any time these days. That's great, you have a lot of reviews. Bye, bye. :)

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Review #10, by SarenDraco: Draco

26th June 2005:
holy... things HAVE changed? and wow. i didnt even realize it till now. it just hit me that we arent friends anymore. that i have to give up. holy crap. save the drama for your momma. LMAO. TELL ME THAT YOU DO REMEMBER THAT. I KNOW YOU DO. omg... okay. bye..

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Review #11, by SarenHidden, Forbidden, and Unknown: Hidden, Forbidden, and Unknown

26th June 2005:
so. i definitely noticed that you took me out of your profile. thats cool. idk. ana. hazelle. shampa. whatev your name is. its times like these i dont know what to say. i love this story. i love you. should i say the next thing? have a nice life without me... you seem to be well off without me. and well....i guess i can pretend like im well off without you. look at me. im insane. gah. i hate myself. but hey, thanks for all the times we've had. thanks for everything. kayo.. why do i bother anymore shampa... why?

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Review #12, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Introduction

26th June 2005:
hi i miss you.

Author's Response: Hi! Are you updating your stories? I need to update this one soon. :D

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Review #13, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Introduction

9th June 2005:
I think you and I just kinda GAVE UP on our stories. I just updated for the first time in like three months, I just haven't felt up to it, do you know what I mean? I really miss your story. AND wow I'm about to go into a full-fledged life story thingy. School just ended and the year went by AMAZINGLY fast. I was so excited to just get out. Then when we were driving home I almost cried. So on Monday, the last day of school, during finals we do like two classes a day, but we still do full days. Anyway, during my second final we weren't doing anything so I got out of class and hung out with my friends Joe and Kevin and we ran into my drama teacher. And we asked if we could go watch his class perform and he said yes. So we were watching them perform, his class did pretty good. Some of the performances were kinda bad though. Anyway moving on. After the last performance Joe, Kevin and I were leaving and I was hugging everyone, I almost cried. Then I went and got one of my best friends Amanda out of gym and there was like 10 minutes of school left so we were just walking around going to the classes and waving at the people inside. and then we were going through the hallways acting out all our inside jokes. It was really cool to just remember all the good times. And to think, two and a half months from now I'm gonna be complaining about the first day of school. hahah, so I'll see you around. Have a nice summer if you're off yet. Love for you, Caitlin

Author's Response: Yeah, I need to update all my stories really soon. Oh, I understand just how stupid it can be. I mean, we're going to miss school now, but then we're going to complain, haha. My school's out next week. : / I hope you have an awesome summer as well! =D

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Review #14, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Introduction

8th April 2005:
i bet you're like. mann where is caiiittlin i misss her. haha im kidding. i kinda forgot about fanfiction in the midst of my drama. so yeah i came to the site and i was like yay she updated and you updated like 700 new chapters and thats pretty cool. so yeah im just telling you that i love your story. sorry that my review is short and boring like the rest of your reviews (just kidding) but i have to go so update and i shall review. MWHHAHA! byeee

Author's Response: Oh yeah, I was. I see. I need to update more though, but I'm having less and less time recently. Thank you for reviewing! (^_^)

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Review #15, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: The Way It Happened

28th February 2005:
jiaweqwhjdajdh WGIIA\FASHJ wgasdhsajcnnsjdsajdoie8ui8jskjdsI <<< SPEECHLESS. ME. SPEECHLESS. WOW. THATS LIKE...IMPOSSIBLE. hehe i freaking loved it. it was amazing just like always. i dont know what else to expect with you. you are just ABSOLUTELY amazing. good job.

Author's Response: Haha, great that you liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing like always. You're the greatest! =)

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Review #16, by SarenDraco: Draco

27th February 2005:
YEAH WELL YOU KNOW WHATTT i love this chapter/story. yeah i think ive already reviewed like seven times. yeah.. you really should start updating and not start writing new stories. even thought i do love your stories. you need to come home okay? oookay.

Author's Response: i am home stupid! lol JK. IM GONNA UPDATE

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Review #17, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Dissolving Below

22nd February 2005:
well, well, well what have we got here? hmm well looks like we've got a cliffhanger. and that upsets me. =( noo im just kiddding! you know i love your story right? and you know that i'll never forget you right? well. yeah. you'll never believe this but i wrote myself a letter on my science notes. i hope my teacher reads cause it would be hilarious. i can just see it "Caitlin, what is this? Why are you writing yourself letters on your notes?" blah blah whatevvUH yeah i really miss the postal service but they're all the way across the room and im too lazy to freaking get up so whatfreakingever. haha yeah i love myself sometimes. no wow could i just not? im kidding, but you. wow. you're the best i've ever known. actually. the third best im sorry =( thats better than the fourth best eh? but kinda worse than the second best. you know what, im gonna stop with my negativity now. and you know what? its like.. 1:33 A.M. yeah great. i spend two hours doing science notes (which i havent even finished) and the test is in like six hours and here i am writing you this horribly long comment and im just rambling on about my boring life and my letters on my science notes. but you know what? i freaking love your stories and you're my third best. yay!!! THIRD BEST IS BETTER THAN FOURTH BEST, REMEMBER THAT OKAYYYY? =) well. good night. good morning. good afternoon. whatever time it is when you read this. hey i just have to say one thing though. good night is like a departing phrase, but good morning and good afternoon are like welcoming phrases. never really put that much thought into have you. HM. well okay bye now --caitypoo

Author's Response: Haha, thanks for your long review. Yay, I'm third best, which is better than fourth best. I'm glad you like my stories. I'll update really soon.=)

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Review #18, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Face To Face

16th February 2005:
i am rather amazing arent i? no im kidding my dearest! haha yeah today was actually okay. =) yeah this chapter was amazing!! JUST LIKE YOU. OMG AND YOUR NAME WHOOA EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS JUST.. AMAZING?!! *gasp!!* teehee. oh man you are never online anymore. that kinda sucks. YEAH VALENTINESDAY CAN JUST. DIE. dieiddididiidideidie. i hated it and i cried but thats okay because i always cry wHEAHTEVR wheaties... idk. dude. hahaaa i said wheaties. what the .. idk why i said wheaties YESSS. hahahh yayayayy "I feel I must interject here, you're getting carried away feeling sorry for yourself." YAY i love them yaya (PS:: thats from a song.. by the postal service yay.) UHOH I HAVE TO GO NOW. i 'heart' you AND your name yyayaya. --cait

Author's Response: Hahaha. Thanks for reviewing back. I never get a chance to get on aim anymore, but I'll try to. Valentine's Day isn't too much fun, but what can you do? The Postal Service is a great band, and I'll talk to you later. I'd give you my name if I could. ;P

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Review #19, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Introduction

14th February 2005:
wow i bet you thought i forgot about you didnt you? WELL I COULD NEEVERRR forget :). i really hate today. P.S. AIM sn: dontlemmediehere. im on like... all the time. and anyway. i loved the chapter. for some reason.. i dont feel like writing a long annoying hyper review.. prolly because im sorta upset. so whatever. IM me if you'd like. thanks agian for another amazing chapter -maddepressedkindastupidandugly caitlin.

Author's Response: Thanks for not forgetting about me ;). Yeah, I'll IM you most probably. And thank you for being a faithful reader and reviewer!!!

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Review #20, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Salvation

11th February 2005:
WOAH. okay. wowOW. ysyayayda THAT was AESOMErjjasd ..uhmm.. AWESOME* yeah i loved it, and i love switchfoot. and i love you! haha jk... i really dont know you.. and yeah ANYWAY. guess what? today my english teacher assitant guy asked me if i was okay? i was like... uhm. yeah? and he was like 'that poem you wrote about suicide' blah blah. and it was weird as weird. yeah. and guess what else... im in grade... doesnt matter? well ill just have to tell you that later. okay? hey. do you have AIM or MSN? *gasp* that would be cool. yeah. i have both. yeah. oh MAN guess what? this week kinda sucked.. no not kinda. it really sucked. it sucked beandip. haaha sorry you probably dont get that... kinda an inside joke. you had to be there. hey did you know i spelled story wrong last time? yeah cause thats the way i ROLL. hahahah ... okay YOU JUST HAD TO BE THERE. :) okay well. thanks for another amazing terrific crazyyysexycool. haha idk okay? but this story? flat out amazing. perfection and i love it =) --cait

Author's Response: You're hyper, aren't you? Haha, well, thanks for reviewing again! You're the greatest. Oh, and I have aim, but what's your screen name? Your english teacher assistant is pretty nosy, if you ask me. Please stay tuned!

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Review #21, by SarenBelle Danse: Belle Danse

10th February 2005:
AMAZING. positively absolutely amazing. I MEAN COME ON. where did you get sucha talent? i'll never know. =) hey guess what? my eye kinda itches. today i was on the phone for a really long time just talking about really random things with my best friend. then she stopped paying attention and i was like RAWR fine. so i felt kinda alone after that... yeah... today in english, me and my friend made fun of my english teacher assistant guy. and im not really sure he knew we were making fun of him, but we kept sneezing like him and it was funny. yeah i had a pretty good day, how about you? well. i think you've had enough of me now. once again, lemme just say this story was completely and fully AMAZING. perfect. =) --cait

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. Well, you sure had an eventful day. What grade are you in anyway? Well, stay in touch, and thanks for your nice comments. =D

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Review #22, by SarenBehind These Hazel Eyes: Behind These Hazel Eyes

9th February 2005:
you and me should team up and become this big superhero kid. ...uh i dont know what i just said, anyway. HEY. this story, i love it, your stories? i love them. YES! you're going to my favourites and so is this story. thanks for writing this story because it made me think. and i dont think much. good job and congratulations on that. =) --cait

Author's Response: Lol, thank you sooo much! I *love your stories as well!!! glad I made you, er, think... lol!

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Review #23, by SarenShooting Star: Shooting Star

9th February 2005:
ohmygah! that was amazing. wow. thats awesome. WHOA. YOU'RE AWESOME. WHOOOAA WHHHATT?! im sorry im just kinda hyper and your story made me hyper. =) good job!! omg! guess what? i sneezed. and this one time in english my teacher assitant guy sneezed and it was a really funny sneeze and me and my friend still make fun of him, whenever we see him we pretend to sneeze like he did. today was so boring and i almost fell asleep. whoa, why am i like telling you my life story? haha idk, but hey, GREAT STORY. YYYAAT... uhmm yat? i think thats supposed to be YAY? hmm i'll never know. congratulations i think this is the longest review i've ever written. and there's more to come because i just like to review and tell people how amazing their stories are, like yours. wow your stories are so amazing... okay im leaving now! jeez dont need to rush me, hehe im just kidding!! hahaha bye. --cait

Author's Response: Haha, you're just making me laugh now. I don't mind listening to your life story. Thanks a lot for liking my story. You're sweet, and come back and talk to me anytime! ;)

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Review #24, by SarenWhen No One Was Looking: Introduction

9th February 2005:
oh boy. do you know what i did? i spelled my password wrong, but then i got it right. =) MAN OH MAN i love this stoy, its like... really detailed and stuff. it's very amazing and im going to keep on reading it. okay? ooookay! teehee. -cait

Author's Response: Haha, well, that sure sucks. Thanks for liking my story. You're just great. Be sure to come back and read my updates!

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Review #25, by SarenDraco: Draco

8th February 2005:
achoooo i sneezed yay/ HEY im kinda mad at you but hey whens your other story gonna come up?!! HEY HEY HEY wow im bored. okay guess what i think i should go now i really didnt do my math homework uhoh. -CAIT --- PS. GO READ TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD SO YOU CAN COME BACK

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