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Review #1, by fredfanlolDoomsday: Doomsday

2nd May 2010:
That was brilliant. Truly brilliant.

Author's Response: That's a big compliment. Thank you very much. :)

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Review #2, by fredfanlolThe Ravenclaw Journals: Of Advantages and Disadvantages

2nd May 2010:
I'm enjoying it so far! Can't wait to here more.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll update soon!

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Review #3, by fredfanlolDying to Live: Prologue ~ You

1st May 2010:
I don't think you read your reviews anymore, but I'd thought I'd point out a couple of mistakes in case you were going to edit your story. You put "read-head" in the description of Scarlet. Also, it's more coincidental than ironic that her name is Scarlet. Pardon me, but that's just one of my peeves.

I really love this story, and I hope I haven't pissed you off.

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you for your review that you wrote several months ago. I do log onto this site and read my reviews now and then, but I didn't think that anyone read my stories anymore.

Anyway, you did not piss me off at all. I wrote Dying to Live when I was, like, 15 or 16, and I'm almost 21 now. And English is not my native language, so I there are errors both here and there, but I appreciate that you liked my story!

Sam M

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Review #4, by fredfanlolA Love to Remember : Are you New?

29th April 2010:
"...Lily and Dominique sat in silence, too caught up in their own little worlds..."

I misread that as "their own little words". You should seriously consider changing it to that. I'm not correcting you or nothin', I just liked the way it sounded.

Author's Response: That does sound kind of interesting. And don't worry I do that all the time misread sentences and thing "hmmm I like it that way!". Thank you for your review!

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Review #5, by fredfanlolDeath To James Potter: A Series of Fortunate Events

25th September 2007:

u updated!

Author's Response: I did, I did :)

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Review #6, by fredfanlolZap: Not All That Bad

28th August 2007:

i love this. its so funny. u must continue it!!

Author's Response: Thanks, and I promise I'm trying. I've just been very busy with school starting up, and things of the like. But I am trying! :) And I'm very glad you like it.


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Review #7, by fredfanlolLove Works in Mysterious Ways... Especially When Involving Marauders: He Kissed Me

23rd August 2007:
LOL!!! omg poor sextus... that would suck!

well anyway great chapter!

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Review #8, by fredfanlol:

19th July 2007:
i really liked it.

i love stories when they begin at the end and go back to the beginning.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :)

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Review #9, by fredfanlolEternally Fraternal: Gossipping in the Gryffindor Tower

19th July 2007:
hahaha, shes so catty. i love her lol.

u are going to make her fall out of a balcony right? lol jk jk jk.

great job! i loved loved loved loved it!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, right after you kill off Avena.

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Review #10, by fredfanlolEternally Fraternal: The One with the Big Boobs

19th July 2007:
lol, it was kind of funny!

haha, emilies got jokes! i crack myself up...

but really, it was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very v very very very very very very very entertaining and well written. keep it up sweetums! lol



Author's Response: lol, Thanks.


Okey dokey.



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Review #11, by fredfanlolKeep Your Face: Keep Your Face

18th July 2007:
lol, it was really cute! i enjoyed it :]

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Review #12, by fredfanlolGirlfriend.: I Could Be Your Girlfriend.

18th July 2007:

good job, haha, really

Author's Response: lol...thanks :D

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Review #13, by fredfanlolWelcome to my Life: Welcome to my Life as an: Introduction

18th July 2007:
Annalenni Fedachinni... haha.

i really liked it, actually. i think it has a lot of potential :]

keep it up!!! 10/10

Author's Response: haha, thanks! i will!

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Review #14, by fredfanlolWho?: alone

18th July 2007:
woah! emo sirius! lol.

sorry that was inappropriate.

sirius is going through a rough time. i feel really bad for him. well, great chapter! i think it couldve done without the centaur part in the beginning of the chapter though. it was kinda random.

Author's Response: hay there has to be randomness in it lol n yh emo bit was a bit uncalled for lol thanks for ur review

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Review #15, by fredfanlolSweet Escape: Tension Rises

12th July 2007:
aw, poor remus. i feel so bad for him.

but i am so so so so so so happy u updated! when i saw this i squealed and read it immediately.

it was really really good btw. i like how the dream kind of continued between naps. that was a really good idea.

hopefully, ill get to read much much more of this story!!!



Author's Response: thank you! most of the time, my writing just kind of happens... like.. i don't plan what i'm going to write, so i'm glad you like how certain things turned out! xD

i thought i was done with chapter four... but i decided i'm going to add more into it... there'll be lots to read!

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Review #16, by fredfanlolCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: The Transition;

11th July 2007:
i think i was the first to review!!! woo!!

i loved it so so so so so much!!!

ur so talented, kaitlin. u really are.



Author's Response: ah.
thankssss =]

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Review #17, by fredfanlolDear Diary...: Ella (Prologue)

10th July 2007:
great story! maybe im imagining things, but wasnt there two chapters?

look at my meet the author thingy!!! its cool :]

Author's Response: Yes there was, but I edited the second chapter which was incredibly stupid before. Sign on!!! I'm so bored. And I was the 100th review!! But some idiot took my place.. so I was 101..

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Review #18, by fredfanlolCara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: Coffee Shop Soundtrack;

9th July 2007:
u know what?

ur welcome.

Author's Response: lmao.
what did i dooo ?!

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Review #19, by fredfanlolPretty Girl: Returning

23rd June 2007:
well, it was a nice filler chapter, but there was some grammatical errors and such.

melody is going to need to get over herself. i love her to pieces but im getting really tired of this sucky girl phase. i hate when ppl complain.

overall this chapter was really good, and it was nice that marissa got punched in the face. well, theres been a million reviews for this chapter so ill just leave it there.

Author's Response: sucky girl phase? melody isn't exactly complaining. she's going through a hard time and pushing her feelings....back.....


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Review #20, by fredfanlolEternally Fraternal: Sirius Black: The Perfect Gentleman

23rd June 2007:
hey emi-lou! i loved ur story! it was really cute. i think i liked asten best. sorry i dont have more time to write anything else!! bye bye!



Author's Response: Thanks, Jackie! See you tommorrow! lol

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Review #21, by fredfanlolCara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: Demolition Lovers;

21st June 2007:
excuse me, i LOVE *queue hand over heart* your review responses.

can cara get any more like harry? i think not. seriously. having a dream from the future/current time? very harry. well, harrys not that quirky. well he is but he isnt. id say hes more awkward. w/e. id write more but i gtg!



Author's Response: yes. it is veryyy harry.
maybe shes SO harry because she is going to have an affair with james and the babys really hers!!

yeah. NO.

thankss. byeee=]

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Review #22, by fredfanlolCara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: Modern Swinger;

21st June 2007:


okey dokey, you promised me a death. did i get a death? no. cara, cara, cara. wat did i tell u about hanging out with ryan? its the same thing with houses like the grudge. you stick around them and bad things happen. how come nobody realizes these things until somebody important and well loved dies, their brother goes into a coma, and the girlfriend ends up in the psycho ward? geez. ppl are SO clueless these days!! not much emmeline action. in fact, how many lines did she have? um... ONE! im disappointed. i truly am. i loved the lacy underwear part. HILARIOUS! peter, haha. poor him. wait, no. hes a traitor. he doesnt deserve to see any lacy underwear. or dorcas for that matter. he deserves a long and painful death. like sirius had to go through. *sniff* except for the long and painful. he kind of died quickly, ending with a perfect pirouette into the arch of deathnessiousity.

btw, im puking my guts. and i sort of cut off short with bijal on aim. tell her im really really sorry. and that i love her. and you.



Author's Response: the spice girls?
i was never into them.
idk why. i was too obsessed with lance bass. lmfao; now i know i never really had a chance =/

anyway. death coming! i got chapters confused! sorry missyyy ! hold your hormones !

thanks a ton. no time to write a long, fulfilling response, i have an update to do.

unless of course youd rather hear my review response, which i doubt=]

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Review #23, by fredfanlolCara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: Your Guardian Angel;

17th June 2007:
woot woot im first to review!!!

this has been a really good start. thank you thank you thank you for sirius and cara! when you said 'my first love' i was like oh my god its ryan!! no!! but then you said sirius and i actually screamed yay!

cant wait for the next chapter! look at my new banner! its ah-dorable.



Author's Response: off to look at it.
back, i see.
dont spamm=]

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Review #24, by fredfanlolLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: The Train Ride

17th June 2007:
peters... hot. thats a little odd, lol.

loved the chapter! you made me actually laugh out loud at the buddah-frank thing. be proud, lol, i dont laugh easily. keep it up!

Author's Response: you've mae my day. i made you laugh huh? i take it as a compliment that you don't laugh easily but i sum how made you giggle. its my job sweetie ;]

thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by fredfanlolDeath To James Potter: Oh, So Many Revelations

17th June 2007:
i love you. your so funny! lol

Author's Response: Haha, thanks =]

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