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Review #1, by HermionePotter101The Dark Diary: The Lilly

16th March 2008:
Hey ali! I'll b ur beta if u want...there's plenty of gramatical errors...Cedric alive...

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Review #2, by HermionePotter101Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Introducing the Founders...

12th March 2008:
*incoherent babbling*

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Review #3, by HermionePotter101Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Hermione and Draco Lupin?

12th March 2008:
brain's good, but now my brain hurts...don't take offense, it happens alot...why did i say anything...oops. I was rembling again wasn't I? SHUT UP ME! sorry...

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Review #4, by HermionePotter101Harry Potter and the Man With a Shattered Soul: Leaving Home

4th March 2008:
chinese telephone book! hehehe!!

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Review #5, by HermionePotter101Voldie is out...: Christmas things Voldie and Deathie Dudes should do

18th January 2008:
This is one of the most random-est stories I've ever read! I was falling off of my chair laughing the entire time!

Author's Response: I am very happy to know that :D
Thank you for your review!

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Review #6, by HermionePotter101When the Sun sets: Prologue

10th January 2008:
poor 'Mione...i feel sorry for her...

Author's Response: I feel srry 4 her 2... thanx 4 reviewing


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Review #7, by HermionePotter101There's A Reason Opposites Attract: Living With A Ferret

25th August 2007:
OMG! is mione pregnant?

Author's Response: Maybe thanks

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Review #8, by HermionePotter101changes...for the better.: Meeting Draco.

10th July 2007:
Hermione should:
-tell Draco off
-stay mad at Ron
-break it off with Ginny and Lav

I loved it!

Author's Response: Why thank you. Sorry for the delay.

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Review #9, by HermionePotter101Truths: Fourteen

5th June 2007:
to many ?s for my taste...feels like a 2 part tv special or something...excellent...

Author's Response: It'll stop being a tv special and start being drama quite soon...

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Review #10, by HermionePotter101Cursed: Proposal

30th May 2007:
to many proposals...wait...the chappie's called Proposal...

Author's Response: Sorry :). I had nothhing else to write about. At least I diddn't propose right?

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Review #11, by HermionePotter101Is It Normal For a Werewolf?: Is It Normal For a Werewolf?

22nd May 2007:
hahahahahahahahehehehehehahahahaha!green...normal...kissed it on the nose...ahahahahahahahahahahahahaehehehehehehe!i like. a lot. dduh. i woodnt b laffin 4 notin!

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Review #12, by HermionePotter101When Worlds Collide: It was only a dream...

17th May 2007:
draco/hermione all da way!

Author's Response: Hahaha ok :D~Jaymee

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Review #13, by HermionePotter101After we've said goodbye: Chapter 4

15th May 2007:
im cryin over here, so much that u woodnt understand it. so sad, and i dont usually cry when ron dies...but its really well written.

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you so much! Sorry. :P

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Review #14, by HermionePotter101The Polyjuice Potion Baby: Harry's Fight

9th May 2007:
love it!thank goodness its done! i was getting anxious! make a sequel!

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Review #15, by HermionePotter101The List: The Granger Home Part II

8th May 2007:
woa. woa. my gosh, i love it. LOVE IT! i like the part about Mione's dad attacking Harry with his dentist tools. that was funny. i am a HUGE Harry/Hermione person, so i agree that they are being really stubborn! keep writing!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed that part. One of my zanier moments, but fun to write all the same. *Laughs* And judging from your user name, I do not doubt the validity of your shipping statement. LOL. Thanks for the review! :-)

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Review #16, by HermionePotter101Weasley Family Reunion: Coming home to surprises

18th April 2007:
oh boy... to much sex! not really, just kidding!

Author's Response: Ah you sound like my friend. LOL I have to say sex jokes are my best ones. Thanks fer reading!

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Review #17, by HermionePotter101Smuggle the Muggle: Disney World?

15th April 2007:
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! cant-breathe-laffin-2-hard! random, yet stupid (no offense ment, i think the stupider it is, the funnier), yet totally halarious!

Author's Response: lol none taken. thaks!!!

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Review #18, by HermionePotter101Smuggle the Muggle: Visiting

15th April 2007:
what is it with u and giddy ppl? just wondering...

Author's Response: i really have no idea lol

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Review #19, by HermionePotter101Smuggle the Muggle: The Wacky Name Game

15th April 2007:
hahahaha! cant breathe- laffin too hard! voldie is acting like a giddy little schoolgirl! how funny!

Author's Response: well you know he is at heart lol thanks

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Review #20, by HermionePotter101Smuggle the Muggle: The Rules of the Game

15th April 2007:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!~!!@ I knew it- harry bein paired w/ voldie. i have witnesses to prove it. funny

Author's Response: lol id like to hear from those whitnesses. then you get cookies lol. thanks for the comment

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Review #21, by HermionePotter101Hogwarts Five Year Reunion: Regardo Spoketh

15th April 2007:
NO! this was one of the best D/Hr stories ive ever read! really! update !!!

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Review #22, by HermionePotter101Harmless?: The Perfect Gift

15th April 2007:
im crying...i mean REALLY bawling my eyes out over here. hermione cant die- its just too sad!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm sorry. -hands more tissues- I'm sorry you're crying. I'll update soon, and you'll find out her fate.

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Review #23, by HermionePotter101Harmless?: Hopeless Goodbye

15th April 2007:

Author's Response: Aww, that's horrible. I am so sorry. That's horrible. I'm very sorry to hear that. -hands tissues-

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Review #24, by HermionePotter101Detention is for Lovers: The Invisibility Cloak

11th April 2007:
o...what happens next?! update PLEEZ!

Author's Response: new chapter in the queue so don't worry...

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Review #25, by HermionePotter101Weasley Family Reunion: St. Mungos revelations

9th April 2007:
pleez rite some more! i reely liked it! talkin bout whole story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!!! I'll try my best to update soon

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