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Review #1, by wizrdgrlParamour: Paramour

29th December 2007:
wait is hermione engaged to ginny or something what?

Author's Response: Engaged to Ginny? No ^_^ The triangle is from Pansy to Draco and Hermione to Draco ^_^

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Review #2, by wizrdgrl:

15th December 2007:
why are harry and hermione at skool if ginny is a seventh year?
there a year older then her.

Author's Response: rotfl, i was reversing the roles of the story and i must have missed some details.

thanks for pointing that out. :]

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Review #3, by wizrdgrlMisery's Company: Prolouge

15th December 2007:
um it was interesting...ginny was so out of character. obviously your doin fine wit 69 reviews but wow that was an immediate turn off.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you feel that way.

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Review #4, by wizrdgrlYou're Beautiful: You're Beautiful

12th December 2007:
im am so jellen on all these authors that like acutally have a story and not just the lyrics. like my story its all about the lyrics with some story. it works about for meh but i cant write no lie. love the song, krum was acting a little too american but its all good.
holla at meh and check out my story

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing out that Krum was little too American. Can't believe I didn't notice that before...oops. >.

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Review #5, by wizrdgrlNow you're gone: Now you're gone

11th December 2007:
lol yo chill lmao are you for real? dude the grammer in this story is so off i was laughin thru it. fix every1 yo dont play. man yikes!

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Review #6, by wizrdgrlBed-Time Story: the Golden Trio: The Story-Teller, the Child and the Trio

11th December 2007:
i read this a while ago but i never got the time to review cause my fone wanted to act retarded and it wouldnt send my repsonse. (deep breath) anyways i liked it. i seriously liked it but there were some problems. i liked that u said her middle name cuz every1 else is always like hermione jane granger wtf? and i liked that it was realistic and the ending was predicitable but still good. the whole thing with harry and hermione was i dont want to say disturbing but a little. also the gurls not 11 cuz she doesnt got to hogwarts yet she knows about sex? that was like uh but apart from those things i was like yo no lie thumbs up.
dont get too mad at meh and yo add me to yor favorites.

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Review #7, by wizrdgrlSeize the Day: Seize the Day

9th December 2007:
wow that was intense. good job my first slash. no comment there but yeah definitly write another chappie.

Author's Response: Thank you. Since it was your first slash, I'm especially glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this was meant to be a one-shot so I doubt I will ever add another chapter to it.

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Review #8, by wizrdgrlArabesque: Of the Eulogy for a Black and The End of a Rope

24th November 2007:
The ending is amazing. “Narcissa,” Lucius snarled as his eyes fell on the body of his wife. She was beautiful in a way no one had ever noticed as she created her own peaceful rhythm. But Narcissa did not hear him; she had escaped. Oh, so good!

Author's Response: Thanks hun ^_^

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Review #9, by wizrdgrlChange My World: A Blissful Event

27th October 2007:

Author's Response: aaw thanks hun! xD


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Review #10, by wizrdgrlA Summer Job: Escape

27th October 2007:
nice chapter.'
i hope it stays hermione and fred tho, ive read enuf hermione and draco stories to last a lifetime.

Author's Response: *giggles* Don't worry my love, it will! Tee hee but that doesn't mean there won't be some one way feelings!

Thanks for the R/R!

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Review #11, by wizrdgrlA Summer Job: Treachery

20th October 2007:
Before James Potter had been sent into hiding with his wife he had been just drafted to the Falmouth Falcons as their lead chaser.
he Snitch Lily had caught in their forth year to win the Hogwarts Quidditch cup
Tom Marvolo Riddle A.K.A. Lord Voldemort was a very handsome man, his face didn’t seem to fit the description of a crazed murderer. With his lofty, slightly graying hair and his large brown eyes he looked more like a father then a killer.
um what James played seeker.
lily was never on the quiddich team and neither could i imagine being on it.
voldemort didnt look like a father he looked like a demented crazy wizard.
But the end was good and i'm glad draco stepped in.

Author's Response: You should focus on the books. In the books it says James was a Chaser in the movies it says he was a seeker. Also it never says Lily wasn't on the Quidditch team, and it was a good reason I could think of from him always playing with a snitch.

And It said in the books that Voldemort looked like a monster after he was killed by lil Harry

Thanks for the R/R!

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Review #12, by wizrdgrlArabesque: Of the Death of a Loved One and Isabella the Unfortunate

19th October 2007:
ok would draco have really called Ginny, Ginny. I mean its her nickname and he usually resorts to Weasley.
Draco took a step towards the red head. “Please, Ginny. Keep your overly perceptive mind turned away from the ideas you’ve just stated. Keep them to yourself.”
“Are you alright?” he asked, concern lacing his tone.
“But why was she so disorientated? That’s not characteristic of just a bout of the flu,” Harry’s deep voice was laced with concern.
Lots of concerns also Harry doesn't seem to be in character i mean that just seems so over the top.
“Oh please, Draco,” Ginny waved a hand at him. “Its positively scrawled across both of your faces and the way you are looking at each other now. I’m no idiot.” Ginny would not have called Malfoy draco either

Author's Response: Ah yes, I knew someone would decide to bring this up. Here's how it is; I've given numerous occasions for justifaction for the use of the nicknames within the group. If you backtrack a bit you will notice that it is greatly significant when the characters start calling Draco by his first name. It happens after a very important event and happens for every character. Hermione went through it, and then Ginny, and then Harry. So, after taking into consideration their past experiences and inner motivations, I feel it entirely appropriate for them to be conversing as they are in this point of the plot.

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Review #13, by wizrdgrlBaby of Mine: Surprises

14th October 2007:
lol hey this is er..interestin

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Review #14, by wizrdgrlArabesque: Of The Long Anticipated Ball and Long Anticipated Battle

9th October 2007:
lol this was like really good some people build up the ball chapter (becuz theres always a ball chapter in Hr/D) and then they just completely let the reader down. But it was perfect. I was expected the cliche thing where Hermione was gonna randomly be very good at dancing (make me like mike but when it didnt happen i could just picture the whole thing. I love how you described Ron and how it was so realistic i mean yes he would be where Draco is if Draco wasn't there and I like how you showed Ron's side and how unfair it is to him. You kept all three people in character never once making Hermione a slut or Draco a softie. you even kept pansy dumb. =0
It was a long anticipated chapter and you didn't let us down at all.

Author's Response: Of course there is always a ball in Hr/D its a necessity for the cliche ^_- I am so glad to hear all of that, thank you ^_^

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Review #15, by wizrdgrl:

17th September 2007:
seriously i really love this story its so well written. so much detail ad feeling and i can picture it perfectly.
you keep hermione ron harry and draco all into character you show the tiem changes without dragging, you have th perfect times to keep it pg 13 rated. jesus so effing good.

Author's Response: honestly what fuels me is reviews like this, people who read my story and offer such delightful responses. my writing is dedicated to my readers and especially to you, thank you for willing me to write and i hope you continue to read!

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Review #16, by wizrdgrlthe present: The Present

13th September 2007:
fav story better then two to tango, secret thought, vindicated, even arabesque.
fav fav story.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #17, by wizrdgrlThe List: Initially, it Was a Brilliant Plan

13th September 2007:
its was good.

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)

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Review #18, by wizrdgrlThe List: National Headline

13th September 2007:
Hermione's middle name is JEAN! i swear every story it has it down as jane.
u want proof anyone who's reading this and is not obsessed with harry potter, in the seventh hermione gets a part of dumbledores will and scimgemour reads her full name out.

Author's Response: First off, I wrote this chapter before DH ever came out. Second, it's called "AU" for a reason. Third, Rowling actually said a few years ago that Hermione's middle name was "Jane," not "Jean." Why she changed it, I have no clue, but until Deathly Hallows, Hermione's canon full name was "Hermione Jane Granger."

Anyway, "Jean" has rather negative connotations for me, so I'll stick to "Jane". It just sounds better with Hermione anyway, in my opinion.

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Review #19, by wizrdgrl:

7th September 2007:
wtf omfg ok...
wow yea definityl darker ron what the hell?
go draco er.. unles sthta guy in the cloak is bad and yea wen u update im definityl reading.
jesus christ.

Author's Response: He, he.. Yeah, guess you need to wait next chapter to decide whatever Draco is good or bad.. :) And yeah, Ron's dark, but come on it's not his fault, is it? 0.o
By the way, thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #20, by wizrdgrlArabesque: Of Harry's Overreaction and An Unconventional Tango

4th September 2007:
cant wait for the ball =)

Author's Response: Me neither ^_-

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Review #21, by wizrdgrlHer Secret: You Tortured Me Into Admitting The Truth - And I Think It Makes Me Love You More

29th July 2007:
he loves her she loves him yay
now lets just kill cho and itll all be good.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing

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Review #22, by wizrdgrlHer Secret: When You Kiss Her Do You Feel Fireworks? Or Is That Just With Me?

29th July 2007:
yay yay

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #23, by wizrdgrlHer Secret: There Is A Package At The Door For You - That Surprise Daughter You Ordered

29th July 2007:
if they lived in britain it was be mum mot mom but otehrwise ah
cliffe hanger like crazy.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing

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Review #24, by wizrdgrlHer Secret: Satan's Knocking On The Door And I Can't Get My Pants Zipped

29th July 2007:
why are they all married its only been a year since harry graudated! why are they all married and then wut remis just randomly proposes to her??? but really seriously why are they all married.

Author's Response: Well, hmmm.... let me try to explain this to you tactfully, as this is a website partially geared to children and young adults, a category in which you clearly fall. When a man and a woman love each other, they like to express this love. If they truly love each other and don't want anyone else, the man and woman get married. They express their love in some other ways. Man and woman become Mommy and Daddy We're good? Okay.

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Review #25, by wizrdgrlHer Secret: Last Time I Checked, Your Lips Were Attached To A Hussy

29th July 2007:
o snaps
one question why do these ppl get married or engaged so young.
take ron and hermione each has had one bf or gf, or harry and ginny wut they do it one time and suddenly he wants to marry her.
or even talk lily and james in the deathly hallows they die at the age of 21.
so wut these ppl date one person and then the second person they date they marry?
i just dont understand lol.

Author's Response: Wut I don't understand is y u can't b bothered 2 write me a real review in English. Is it cliche? Sure. It's fan fic based on young adult literature. You'd rather Hermione had affairs with all of Hufflepuff House before she and Ron finally wind up together?

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