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Review #1, by FallingApartTrial by Fire: Epilogue: The Brahms Courier

14th August 2009:
so i rented Silent Hill the other day after reading this
and i have to say, i liked your version better.
i mean i thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but this story was absolutely amazing. (:

Author's Response: Hi FallingApart!
Wow! What a compliment! Thank you so very much. ^_^ I actually felt the same way about the movie when I first saw it, but after a while, it grew on me.

Take care!


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Review #2, by FallingApartRose Weasley's Guide to Life: On: Begging and Choosing

4th August 2009:
ahh update soon
this story is really good (:

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you're liking it. I just submitted the fourth chapter into the queue so hopefully it'll be up in a couple weeks! :)

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Review #3, by FallingApart10 Things I Hate About James Potter: The Comprimise

4th August 2009:
Okay it's a really nice idea, but it's so short :(
i would try making it a little longer and fixing up your grammar and spelling mistakes up a bit
but other than that lovely (:

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Review #4, by FallingApartLily Potterís Pocket Guide to Famousness : Rule Number One

4th August 2009:
this is a nice start
can't wait to

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the read and reveiw :)

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Review #5, by FallingApartMissing Mummy: Mummy Has Wings

21st July 2009:
this is already a huge tear jerker for me
and it was well written too.
gahh i have to go find a box of tissues now before i continue reading this (:

Author's Response: lol, I'll take this review as a compliment. =] I tried my best to get the emotions across to whoever reads it.
So I have to say that I am really happy that I made you have to go and get a box a of tissues.

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Review #6, by FallingApartBroken Strings: Broken Strings

7th July 2009:
this was a really good idea for a story, i just wish it was a little longer and the grammar and spelling mistakes kinda stuck out to me but other than that i thought it was really good.

Author's Response: Hey thanks, yea I suck at grammar and spelling, but I am trying to improve. I should look over this again.

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #7, by FallingApart:

2nd July 2009:
that was your first song fic?
wow i couldn't tell at all.
you definitely don't suck at all.
this was rather good (:

Author's Response: Haha thanks! I am happy I did not suck.

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Review #8, by FallingApartRemotely Conscious : I'll hold my breath.

25th May 2009:
excellent story. I honestly think it couldn't have got any better than that. It was well worded and descriptive. Nice job. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D


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Review #9, by FallingApartWhen I Became a Cullen......: The War Begins

24th May 2009:
this is a fantastic story, perfect cross over between Harry Potter and Twilight (:

Author's Response: Thnk you very much. I'm really glad you like it!

Clair :D

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Review #10, by FallingApartShould've Said No...: Forgive and Forget....Never

11th June 2008:
wow great job on the story
I usually don't like stories like this because everyone makes Ron cheat on Hermione
But this was one of the very few I liked.
Great Job

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing:) I am soo glad that you enjoyed this:)

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Review #11, by FallingApartA Tale of Two Loves: The beginning

20th May 2008:
Keep going. Im interested to see where this story is going. I love how it's not in Hogwarts and everything. I'm only a little confused by Sirius Black because of his name is he the same Sirius Black in 'Harry Potter' or somebody else?

Author's Response: oh that.
hes just kinda someone named sirius black. but...i would say he's the one from HP...but younger. and different. :D am i making sense?

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Review #12, by FallingApartSpeak: Chapter Sixteen

30th April 2008:
Yea! Im so happy this story's back!
Nicely written chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #13, by FallingApartThe Roads We Choose: Epilogue

20th March 2008:
Aww it was such a good story with a sweet ending.
Good job!


Author's Response: Thanks so much!!!

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Review #14, by FallingApartThe Hardest Part Of This Is Leaving You: The Hardest Part Of This Is Leaving You

17th February 2008:
I really really enjoyed this song fic. Very sad and I even cried a little which is hard to get me to do. Great job on the story! 1o/1o

Author's Response: Thanks :D

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Review #15, by FallingApartThe Wrong Weasley: The confession

11th November 2007:
Hey hun,
Please remeber to capitalize and use these marks "" to show when someone is talking it is less confusing that way. I love this story idea but I probaly won't come back to read it because I had a hard time reading it. I'm sorry to be so harsh it's just that if you fix it more people will probaly want to read it and like it alot more. And if you need anymore help just leave a review to one of my stories and I'll help!


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Review #16, by FallingApartDon't Make Me: Don't Make Me

26th October 2007:
Good story! Just one thing your banner doesn't work : P

Author's Response: thanks, lol, it's now fixed. I've been working on it, haha. Thank you for the review and please read my other stories!

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Review #17, by FallingApartGrey Clouds: For What I Once Was

21st October 2007:
What? Ginny's not with Draco?

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Review #18, by FallingApartGreen-Eyed Goddess: A Miniature Problem

18th October 2007:
ohh update soon. good chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #19, by FallingApartDisrupting Hogwarts: Thinking Underage

10th October 2007:
lovely job! cannot wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: So glad you liked it... We have had a few problems with Submtting the new chapter but I think I hvae fixed them all up and it should be up soon.

Sarah and Miranda

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Review #20, by FallingApartGrey Clouds: The Meeting.

10th October 2007:
Oh my GOD!!! I'm so sad now!! Draco and Ginny are ment for each other not Ginny and Harry! (Im not a huge fan of G/H shippings) Good job absalouty can't wait for more!

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Review #21, by FallingApartSeize the Day: Seize the Day

3rd October 2007:
Wow you have some great stuff in here, great job 100/10

Author's Response: 100/10? Wow, thanks so much. :)

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Review #22, by FallingApartConfusion Vs. Confession: Preparing the Blackmail

26th September 2007:
I want to know what happens lol! Good chapter

Author's Response: OK, sure. Thank you. ^_^

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Review #23, by FallingApartThe New Fred.: The last resort.

22nd September 2007:
Wow usually Ron is like my favorite character but now I hate him. Only a good author can do that 10/10

Author's Response: haha thank you! That means alot to me.
I am sorry about making you hate Ron tho.
Haha keep reading and reviewing.

*hugs* ashley

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Review #24, by FallingApartMerlin, I Love You: Merlin, I love you

16th September 2007:
good job i like it

Author's Response: Thanks. :]

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Review #25, by FallingApartGrey Clouds: Midnight and Festivals

16th September 2007:
good job!

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