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Review #1, by fredthefrog252Maggie: Have You Ever Had Two Hugs From The Same Person At The Same Time?

16th October 2008:
brilliant as ever my dear one.

i'm thinking i might use dear severus for this image, i'm sure i could find a picture of a snape-like little boy singing, possibly in drag.

love you you great mushroom (i mean that in a good way.)

Author's Response: that would be lovely thankyou

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Review #2, by fredthefrog252Maggie: And Just Where is Jean?

13th April 2008:
piccie of jean? yay, nay? screw it as artistic director of this little popsicle stand i shall do what i want! YEAH!

tee hee hee.

seventh year boys are damn sexy. boo ya!


i invented a new word

well its sort of a word sort of an anagram (is that right? laught out loud = lol? whatevs)

ahah! its a word/anagram lovechild!

well i loveth it.

very mucheth.



i shall stop now...eth!




Author's Response: of course. you very much make me lol. perhaps we could do a Remus picture? maybe with a werewolf as well? (well obviously, a wolf. please don't use the werewolf they had in POA because frankly, that was retarded. It looked like a bald monkey with fangs. So yes.) Whatever you do, it will be smashing, because you are a creative genius, and I love you. xx

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Review #3, by fredthefrog252When Saints Die, The World Stops Spinning: When Saints Die, The World Stops Spinning

27th January 2008:
i really love this story. i've read it before, a few times actually. it sits in my favourites for when i get into a mood. i just can't read happy fluffy fics when i read somethign sad and depressing. this is something i can turn to to not transfer me from sad to happy but to make me cry yet still feel ok.

i probably sound like a lunatic.

it's just... you write them as imperfect and special and lily as something binding and whole that comforts as well as seeking comfort. its the world and the people in it explained in four different people. the broken the beaten the bruised. all of those who help yet find it hard to seek help. the destructive and the mending, the hurt and the whole. people who remain faceless and in shadows when compared to those that seem naturally attractive to us. the mothers, the fathers, the broken childeren. all of it.

i cry at the start at how sad it all is, i keep crying. i cry at the end because of the injustice and lies. yet i'm not depressed because i know that the truth helps. that the people so broken found what they needed - even if it was evil and cruel - because its how it is supposed to be.

i don't hate peter in this because the choice to kill his friends made him. he may have found regret, remorse and pain in losing them, but he found himself in the fact that he could show the loyalty that lily spoke of.

i probably should stop now, you have over a hundres reviews telling you how great it is so i don't need to say it.

what i will say is short (especially after the mess i've just written for you).

it moved me.

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Review #4, by fredthefrog252Tongue Tied: The Process of Loss

25th January 2008:
i like how she reapeats her self. it makes sense that she's thinking but it just keeps flashing through her mind.

in and out.

in and out.

the theoretical cookies are probably all gone but the thought of irony remains.

"anna's in a box."

and there is nothing left but the promise of something.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Thanks for the trippy little review!

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Review #5, by fredthefrog252Be Careful What You Wish For: Lucille!

22nd January 2008:
i never thought in all of my years of being that i could hate james.

but i do now.


the pranks are great, the sleep talking ingenious because there isn't anyway it could be linked back to the pranker (is that even a word?) bt i really love it.

the banner is on it's way, i emailed it to you a little while ago so should be there now. like BAM! that is how fast the net is. so very cool.

well keep going with this story and your writing is just as good as pheonix lullaby's.


freddy >.

Author's Response: Aww. Thank you so much, Freddy. I really like the banner. I know it's not what I asked for, but it looks really cool. I can't thank you enough. I've been trying to get a banner for awhile.

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Review #6, by fredthefrog252Dangerous Desire: A Shape In the Night

17th January 2008:

sweet. i'll make an image on wednesday after tasmazia. k?

i'm thinking of animatin your banner. you know how i said i had the one with harry and lis on each side of the eyes, well i though of keeping it the same just having them flicker in and out like a dodgy tv. yay? nay?

loved it.

see you son.


Author's Response: nah i like the way it is at the moment, if that's alright with you

hey you get back today eh!


did you get my email with the chapter images i should enjoy?

not meaning to be pushy (almost wrote pishy lol)

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Review #7, by fredthefrog252The Blonde, The Brunette and the Red Head: A Marauder Tale: Going Home

16th January 2008:

poor sirius. sniffle. i mean i knew it happened and all but it's still upsetting.


please update soon.

freddy >.

Author's Response: Thanks for the fantabulous review Fred!

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Review #8, by fredthefrog252The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Potters, Dresses, Budgies And Me

16th January 2008:
as always, as brilliant as an aubergine.

they are quite cool.

and purple.

Author's Response: I think they are very cool too.

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Review #9, by fredthefrog252Maggie: Oh. Oh My.

16th January 2008:
she is lavlav's mama?


didn't see that coming.

cherry red doc's. sigh.

Author's Response: ah i know i want some

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Review #10, by fredthefrog252The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Attacks, Relationships, Sleepovers And Me

23rd December 2007:
nellie wellie bellie, is really quite oblivious sometimes. but i love her dearly.

and izzie.

and sirius.

and james.

and remus.

and lily.

and i guess peter too.

traitorous little rat.

i also like the idea of nellie the super hero. and nellie spending christmas at james' house.

but the bit about her parentals mad me sad. at least they're ok.

sorry, i couldn't find any typos but well my spelling isn't exactly very good, and i do have a bir of an oblivious streak.

plus i couldn't type to save my life.



Author's Response: i'm glad you love the characters.
i love peter :D
he's on of my favs.
yeah, at least they're okay and it does serve plot purpose.

haha, i'm sure you could.

thank youu.

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Review #11, by fredthefrog252Girlfriend: Fighting Over the Furry Lightning Bug

7th December 2007:
hey there!

i absolutely love the story.

so i made you a banner! ta da!

ok so here's my email

email me and i'll sned it to you.

then if you need other banners or chapter images, don't hesitate to ask.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the banner Fred, it ROCKS!!!!

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Review #12, by fredthefrog252Maggie: Little Black Book

5th December 2007:
"Boys are so wierd."

too true.

so my gibberty-anne, waddup Dawggg?


i do love stalkeres being stalked by someone who disaproves stalking.

'tis a good chapter, image will be up soonish.

Author's Response: ha ha yes

thanku for images

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Review #13, by fredthefrog252Maggie: A Naughty, Naughty Boy

5th December 2007:


Author's Response: for you

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Review #14, by fredthefrog252The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Brothers, Duels, Arguments And Me

1st December 2007:

you can't do that. it's mean. you can't just leave it RIGHT when he discovers them. though i thought he sort of already knew? probably my brain doing things but it's just some of the things that sirius said that hinted he knew is all.

ah well.

hope you did well on your politics test and please update soon.


Author's Response: haha, i did ;) You'll find out more in that situation next chapter.

thank you so much.
updates soon.

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Review #15, by fredthefrog252Cursed: Transitions

1st December 2007:
hey it's me.

just talking bout the banner thing, that i mentioned in a previous review (chapter 5 or 6)

it shows up on my computer as the blank box with the little red X in the corner.

but maybe it's just my computer.

i can aske LATOABS if you want (she's my sister) coz maybe it's something to do with the URL.

but don't fret too much, these things are usually easily fixed.

Author's Response: Yeah actually it did it on my computer last night but then it showeed up again and it did it again this morning I've emailed your sister about it so hopefully it'll be fixed soon!

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Review #16, by fredthefrog252The Willow Tree: All Eyes On Her

28th November 2007:
hey. good chapter, and don't worry about the secret compartment thing, i got it so hopefully everyone else will also.

plz update this one soon.

Author's Response: Thanks fredthefrog252! Good 'cause I was afraid y'all readers would be a bit confused on that part. I'll try to update soon! Thanks a million for reading and reviewing fredthefrog252!

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Review #17, by fredthefrog252Cursed: Sleeping with Sirius

28th November 2007:

i was expecting smut.

though i supose that would have been really blatantly obvious.

whatever. where's the smut?


good chapter though.

ps. thought i should mention your banner's not working, you should get LATOABS on it.

Author's Response: hah! Lol
I love the title of this chap.
Mainly 'cuz I knew what you sick minded readers would think!!
Thanks for the review, though if you could explain more 'bout the banner I'd appreciate it, cuz on my PC it looks ok, but that might just be me.

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Review #18, by fredthefrog252Maggie: Noosh! Shtoop! Daunt!

25th November 2007:
was there a dog in here just now?

Author's Response: what?

was there a dog?

what the hell are you on about?

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Review #19, by fredthefrog252Beyond the clouds: What a misguided life they do lead

25th November 2007:
hello. it's me.

i really like it. doesn't matter that it isn't like usual, sad bit s make the funny bits funnier, breaks up the monotony.

well i've decided that i don't like the banner that i made for you so i shall make another.

because exams are over and i'm bored out of my bananas.

crapola, now i'm hungry.

Author's Response: thanks heaps for the review and the offer,
it's a very lovely banner but if you're bored than knock yourself out

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Review #20, by fredthefrog252Maggie: Shades of Mauve

24th November 2007:
i'm confuzzled. how long has magmatron been attending hogwarts? and if longer than say this year why is it that she doesn't know remus and mouse-man? huh? huh?huh? yeah, that's what i thought.

Author's Response: only a year that's why she doesn't know them lol

you are a freak x

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Review #21, by fredthefrog252We Couldn't Bring the Columns Down: Of Balls and Parties

23rd November 2007:
ah! tonksies. yay. great chapter as always. please update soon.

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Review #22, by fredthefrog252The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Matches, Letters, Reunions and Me

21st November 2007:
oooh. fights up next. excitement.

does that mean that sirius finds out about regulus? coz that would be cool.

please update soonish.

Author's Response: Haha, you'll have to find out ;) xx

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Review #23, by fredthefrog252Wanton Confessions of a Teenage Witch: Vladimir Nabokov & Dreamy Detentions

19th November 2007:
sorry to hear bout the hand. i had a friend who was making spaghetti and when putting the pasta in the pot got distracted and dunked her whole hand, scolding it. she couldn't move it at all for ages. but she was highly medicated for the pain so probably not as bad as you.

why do you need to hear about some random reviewers friend with hand pains? beats me.

i ramble. i've been told i ramble.

so sorry.

but the story is as awesome as usual. yup definately up to it's high standards of awesomeness. it's all awesomes-a-go-go here.

damnit i'm rambling again.

i probably should shutup now but well i want to ramble about oliver a bit.


i love how you've written him. he's sort of quidditch obsessed but with layers.

he's like one of those chocolate easter eggs with the creamy caramel filling. you sort of see the egg and expect chocolate, which is yum, but then you are suprised by the incredibly yummy gooey caramel centre.

you see oliver and expect hunk-of-spunk who is obsessed with quiditch, but then he's also funny, charming and eyebrow cocker extraodinaire.

voila: caramel filling.

unless of course you don't like caramel. it could be some sor of strawberry or peppermint cream i guess. whatever floats your boat.

well i think i've rambled enough about chocolate eggs.

i'm actuall really hungry now. damnit.

well 10/10 as always.

please update soon.

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Review #24, by fredthefrog252Maggie: Staking Out the Hottie's Dormitory

8th November 2007:
bu bu baaahhhm.

ok so there was my dramatic sound.

what's jean look like? i'll make an image with her in it.


yes i'm awesome.

Author's Response: thankyou my darling! we rocked at softball lol.

jean is short and her hair is a different colour every week (think magenta, purple, yellow, green, red etc)

but go crazy with her i don't care. she doesn't have to be too pretty just quite charismatic

thanks luv xox

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Review #25, by fredthefrog252Dangerous Desire: An Aggravated Sense of Normalcy

6th November 2007:
oooh! cliff hanger!

i do rather enjoy cliff hangers. they are rather awesome. in a sense i guess.

though they can be annoying. at times.

i'm listening to a really awesome song by prodigy it is called "smack my bitch up!" it doesn't sound like a very nice title i know but the music is awesome.

10/10 love.

and i will make an image a soon as i can there's just a lot of stuff going on you should know. Exams :(

but the image for chapter one of maggie is up now! woot.

love you babe. see you at school tomorrow (and the bike centre for caitlin's bash wootness)

im hungry.

oh ho ho! i know what you want mr. man! you want a sausage roll!

actually i want a curried chicken pie. and that's everyday.

i'll shut up now.

Author's Response: it's actually only ho ho. it's been annoying me for a while. sorry. i'm a bit finicky about things like that as you know.

(It's YOhannesburg!)

though mother has informed me that that may not be entirely correct. oops.

thankyou for the 10/10

it makes me happy, like i'm actually good at this fanfiction business.

once again, thankyou for all your chapter images and banners! you are an ANGEl

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