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Review #1, by LovehpforeverMary Sue: The Girl With Two Names

15th September 2007:
Haha, love it! Thanks for letting me know it was up, I had totally forgotten about it.
Can't wait for the next chapter, this is gonna get really interesting :D

Author's Response: hehe glad you like it! the next chapter is written but I need to edit it so soon :)

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Review #2, by LovehpforeverThe Body Swap: Bickering and Discovery.

18th July 2007:
Hahaha! I love it! One of the best body-switch stories I've read this far. Good job! :D Hope you update soon. 10/10

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Review #3, by LovehpforeverKiss Me: Kiss Me

17th July 2007:
Aww, that last line :'( How sad!
Normally I read Ron/OC because.. well, he belongs to Hermione... but I made an exeption since this one was so short. And I really liked it :D 10/10

Author's Response: I ususally ship Ron/Hermione, but Ron fit here..I'm glad you read it anyway and liked it.

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Review #4, by LovehpforeverNot Just a Sidekick: Bachelors Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, and Other Lovely, Torturous Things

13th July 2007:
Aaaah!! More!
*cough* anyway, very good story! Love it. Very nice to read Harmony from Ron and Ginny's POV... I agree, there's not many of them and there should be more. I hope it ends out like Ron's TV show, haha. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Heehee, I updated since then...I think! So your wish is my command. ;-) I'm glad you feel the same way I do! Well, you'll just have to wait and see... :D

Thanks for the r&r!

-Anony_Mouse, :-)

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Review #5, by LovehpforeverAll I Could Do Was Beg: All I Could Do Was Beg

19th June 2007:
Aaaw. I loved it. This line broke my heart: "Saw goodbye for me" :(
You could have used a little more detail at the ending... but it's still good :D 10-10

Author's Response: Glad you like it and thanks for saying so.

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Review #6, by LovehpforeverMumblings and Realizations: Coming Home

16th June 2007:
:D Sooo cute! ^^ Loved how Ron was really awake the whole time, he just thought she would be Lavender. And I really loved how Hermione said she couldn't kiss him, that was so In Character cause I belive that's something she would say.

P.S You should make another chapter or something where Ron dumps Lavender and gets together with Hermione :) 10-10 + faves.

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Review #7, by LovehpforeverMumblings and Realizations: Moving Forward

16th June 2007:
Aaaw, the endig was so cute. Again; awesome chapter! 10-10

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Review #8, by LovehpforeverMumblings and Realizations: Mumblings

16th June 2007:
I don't get why haven't got more reviwes o_O. This story is awesome! Haha, and almost everybody except Hermione knew that she loved him, so true ^^. 10-10

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Review #9, by LovehpforeverMumblings and Realizations: Realizations

16th June 2007:
Hahaha. I loved Hermione rambling about how Harry doesn't listen to her. I really enjoy reading this, it's fun and dramatic at the same time, and you've portraied Hermione so good ^^

-She can't love him when I love him. - *giggle* Hermione, Hermione.

Great chapter! 10-10 again.

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Review #10, by LovehpforeverMumblings and Realizations: A Panicked Rush

16th June 2007:
-and gave him a look that clearly said "touch me again and you'll see exactly how scary I am with a wand.” - Haha. So funny ^^

I read this yesterday but was to lazy to review. So now I'm doing it. Great beginning. Absolutely love it :D I like these missing moments fics.. so cute to think about ^^ 10-10

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Review #11, by LovehpforeverDaddy: St Mungo's

15th June 2007:
Aaaw. The last line... *sigh* Loved that. Brilliant chapter as usual. I'm glad Hannah's ok :)

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Review #12, by LovehpforeverAnother Normal Day in the Weasley Household: Normal day or not?!

12th June 2007:
Omg! I loved it! I was grinning so much I had too hide so my mom wouldn't see me and think I'm mad, haha. LOVED Harry's reaction! LMAO. This is SO going to my faves! *laughs her head of*

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Review #13, by LovehpforeverWoes of a Midget Owl: Woes of a Midget Owl

30th May 2007:
Haha! How cute! Poor Pig.. *cough* I mean Pigwidgeon ^^ My new ship is fom now on Hedwig/Pig... Pigwic? :S Hedgeon?
Anyway, very good and original fic. I loved it :D 10-10

Author's Response: Lol, thanks! Pig is such a cute character, but if I had to choose a favorite animal, it'd be Hedwig. In fact, my real-life favorite animal is the snowy owl. I remember looking through my 9th-grade biology book and seeing a snowy owl and squeeing, "Hey, it's Hedwig!!" Lol!

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Review #14, by LovehpforeverDear God, Do You Know My Name?: Dear God, Do You Know My Name?

29th May 2007:
Wow. It's so good! Now I'm all teary eyed. It's going to my faves, no doubt.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I cried while I was writing it. Lol

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Review #15, by LovehpforeverHogwarts Express: Hogwarts Express

29th May 2007:
Aaaw! This was just what I needed right now :D Some wonderful fluffy story ^^
I always love it when Harry observes them... 10/10 + faves.

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Review #16, by LovehpforeverSix Lives, Six Lovers, Three Relationships: You'll be in my heart

29th May 2007:
Aaaw, cute! Loved the James/Lily and Ron/Hermione moments the most.

Author's Response: Same actually lol, although Ron and Hermione more:)
Thanks for reviewing!:)

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Review #17, by LovehpforeverThe Truth is Found in the Eyes: Tension and Staircases

24th May 2007:
It was worth the wait :D I loved this chapter! So, so sad with the memory Hermione showed Ginny :( I liked the Dramoine stuff, wich is a big compliment from me 'cause I normally hate that ship. But in this story I just love it ^^
Do you love me forever now? Heehee, ;)

Author's Response: Ohh I'm so glad you liked it!
That's such a HUGE compliment, because I know how much I hate certain ships too =]
I do love you forever now, actually!
Thanks so much
Keep reading!!

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Review #18, by LovehpforeverComplicated Hexagon: Reunion

22nd May 2007:
This was an amazing story. I've never been really into Marauder fics... but wow, this was truly amazing. I'll start on the sequel right now :D

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Review #19, by LovehpforeverComplicated Hexagon: Leaving the Past Behind

22nd May 2007:
*bawl* Too sad for words! Poor Sirius.. Poor Hermione... *sigh*

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Review #20, by LovehpforeverComplicated Hexagon: Where I Belong

22nd May 2007:
What a sad chapter. I loved this line: “I’ll remember for the both of us,”
It's just so sad... Btw, LOVE the song! :D

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Review #21, by LovehpforeverComplicated Hexagon: Slytherins and Decisions

22nd May 2007:
Aaaah! You're evil!! Good thing this is completed.. or I would be very angry with you :P *reads on*

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Review #22, by LovehpforeverTrust Me: Us

21st May 2007:
Aaaw! I'm glad little Jakie will be fine. And the making-up part was great! Gotta love those two.
Now, hurry with the next chappy... please? :D

Author's Response: I'm trying too, but I'm running short of ideas. :S and exams are coming up and everything.

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Review #23, by LovehpforeverTrust Me: Unexpected Events

21st May 2007:
oh! I really liked this chapter. What's wrong with Jake? *moves quickly over to the next chapter*

Author's Response: You'll see soon enough

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Review #24, by LovehpforeverTrust Me: This Is Us

21st May 2007:
Pfft, who cares if it's short? It was so sweet and *sigh*
I love it. Your writing skills is very good, and I adore the kids :D 10-10

Author's Response: Thanks, maybe short is good...

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Review #25, by LovehpforeverLetters to Mum: A Yule Brawl POV: Harry Potters Secret Heartache by Rita Skeeter

19th May 2007:
I like this. Very interesting and different. Haha, Molly is funny, I haven't read a story in her's POV before... it was really good. 10/10 (btw, Ginny's letters made me laugh a few times)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review... Molly is an interesting person to work with and Ginny's letters made me laugh as well... thanks for the review!

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