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Review #26, by sweeterthanhunnyA Red-Headed Reunion: Preparation

18th July 2007:
he's gonna propose!!!

Author's Response: You'll have to keep reading to find out!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #27, by sweeterthanhunnyRavenclaw Racketeers: Stalkers and Revenge

16th July 2007:

Author's Response: lol, yey!

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Review #28, by sweeterthanhunnySaving Ana: Smells Like Reciprocation

11th June 2007:
aw! my eyes are all misty!! what is wrong with me?? thats happeing more and more larely...'snot fair! like seriously!! anyway!! well done write more now!! (mustn't cry, mustn't...cry, must...not...cry) ;(

Author's Response: lol... funny you!

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Review #29, by sweeterthanhunnyLines With Lily: Lines With Lily

31st May 2007:
thats so cute!!!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you!

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Review #30, by sweeterthanhunnyBad Medicine: Eighteen

3rd May 2007:
ok this last bit made me laugh. esp. malfoys baiting of harry and harry saying that the most attractive of the slytherins was blaise and he most certainly was not his type. i was like...yeah hope not i really do. and yay he likes ginny!b and draco and hermioone are together ever after yayzles!!!

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Review #31, by sweeterthanhunnyHaunt My Dreams: All That Remains

19th April 2007:
.*silence..*.WAH!*sniff*WAHHH! *huge shuddery breath* Ok i found that sad ok dont laugh!! it was!!

Author's Response: It was sad. It will get happier for quite a while. Well, up and down I suppose but … I really cant say, it’d give too much away.

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Review #32, by sweeterthanhunnyFriends in a Blink of an Eye: I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! WHY DO I LOVE YOU?

28th March 2007:
ok..wait . they hate eahother, and yet...did they just shag? what is thre history cos im just a little comfused. anyway write more, this is going on my favourites list!!

Author's Response: yeah they do hate each other yet there is a strong attraction. I'm trying to write a better story and a longer one to improve my writing skills! u'll just have to wait to find out wat happens next! (anyone notice that I have improved on my spelling?) THE INFAMOUS EMLOVER!!!

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Review #33, by sweeterthanhunnyBitter Sweet: Cold Beauty

12th March 2007:
aw! more!!

Author's Response: more coming at you sweeterthanhunny! thanks for reviewing and i'm glad you enjoyed it so far =]

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Review #34, by sweeterthanhunnyThe Other Side: Dizzying Day

8th March 2007:
ok its getting really funny now. Its distracting me from my science project. Which is due for tomorrow. help. (good stort,btw, pls update)

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Review #35, by sweeterthanhunnyFalling for Sirius: Is it Jealousy? Or plain...

7th March 2007:
its ok..gradual is good.

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #36, by sweeterthanhunnyBad Medicine: Chapter 10

6th March 2007:
ja wicked motives malfoy, whatever. You dig her. jeez, its not that hard to realise!! nd shes falling for you too, so wah to hermione too.

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Review #37, by sweeterthanhunnyA Chocolate Covered Malfoy: Evil Luna

5th March 2007:
God luna is sooo funny!! im literally crying with laughter!!! and y r snape nd mcgonagall ALWAYS walking in in ginny and dracO??

Author's Response: I love Luna in this fic. Poor Draco and Ginny. Such frustration.

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Review #38, by sweeterthanhunnyThe Dangers of Mistletoe: Chapter 24 Epilogue

5th March 2007:
aw thats so cwute!! the whole chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #39, by sweeterthanhunnyMy Fallen Angel: Chapter one:She Fell

13th February 2007:
so... my guess is he's got/had the hots for hermione.

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Review #40, by sweeterthanhunnyHow To Save A Life: Chapter 6: The Blessings of Parenthood

6th February 2007:
is he gonna tell evry1? is he? more to the he gonna tell sirius? CLIFFIE! MEAN!

Author's Response: haha maybe. I'm sorry, I like cliffies =) thank you =)

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Review #41, by sweeterthanhunnySnogging Sirius: Chapter 3: Enter Samantha Reggin

5th February 2007:
I was wondering why they were calling her whiskey. oded nickname. like I should talk, with nicknames dont need to know. good good pls update.

Author's Response: Heheh, it'll be talked about later, and I know what its like having a weird nickname, lol. And I would have written you the next chapter, but I put half of the last chapter like twice because I'm smart like that. But once its fixed I'll update.

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Review #42, by sweeterthanhunnyFalling for Sirius: He's In Love...

30th January 2007:
aw!!! no matter how hard they try to deny it, juliet and sirius are falling in love. definitely. *smacks myself on the forehead* no duh hey thats the whole point of the story, stupid!! sorry just talking to myself. I do that occasionally. quite often actually. anyway loving it and its probably passed by now but happy birthday for whenever it was. write more, please???

Author's Response: I know i know!!!! I talk to myself too! quite a bit! and thats how i got to writing this story actually cos i dared me to do 2 WIP fics!!!!
Thanks a lot!

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Review #43, by sweeterthanhunnyHate Is A Powerful Word: Epilogue

23rd January 2007:
Hahahahaah!! i take it hermione wasn't enjoying labour much, then? liked it very muchly, congrats!!!

Author's Response: lol... no, not with twins on her first go of it :D

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Review #44, by sweeterthanhunnyWere We...Meant to Be: Pranks and Fun

19th January 2007:
vmomdfvomfv. please igmore the previous part it makes no sense. MORE!!

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Review #45, by sweeterthanhunnySnogging Sirius: Chapter 1: Enter Lily Evens

19th January 2007:
My dear, please update? as in like NOW?!!!

Author's Response: You're lucky I was in a good mood and updated, that was a little mean ya know. Thanks for the review anyway, at least I know someone's reading it.

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Review #46, by sweeterthanhunnyThe Dangers of Mistletoe: Chapter 14

19th January 2007:
this better not be finished.

Author's Response: There is much more to come. Thanks for the review.

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Review #47, by sweeterthanhunnyThe Marauders' Journal: A Secret Meeting

17th January 2007:
read more!! um...add in 'i need to' before that. really like it, read...ugh dammit...WRITE more!!! who the hell was that really weird dude? da vampire dude?

Author's Response: patience, dear, patience. thanks for the review

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Review #48, by sweeterthanhunnyHate Is A Powerful Word: Chapter 14

17th January 2007:
um epilogue? please? now? god i love this story!! im all emotional and thats not normal unless i have pms i most certainly do noT!!!

Author's Response: lmao... It should be up soon... and then it'll be time to move on to my next story.

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Review #49, by sweeterthanhunnyThe Lost Girls: Aftermath

17th January 2007:
As they turned to leave Kiera called after them, "Sirius's butt is nice. Good for grabbing."

his ego probably swelled about 5 points thern.
im enjoying it, dont stop now!!

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Review #50, by sweeterthanhunnySaving Ana: I Squid You Not

17th January 2007:
um. umumu mumumumumumumumu UPDATE!!! please? soon? now? i reckon i know why she said she'd try out. i think. i might havwe done the same. m,aybe. anyway, love it write more

Author's Response: yeah i will try to update as soon as possible... not today sorry but soon...

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