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Review #1, by painted_blackMagic Works: Magic Works

19th November 2006:
A beautiful piece of work :D Truly a wonderful read - I was smiling the whole time at how cute Cho and Cedric are together. And the song couldn't be more perfect for this. Your descriptions are very detailed and I could see the entire story happening in my mind's eye. 9/10 - amazingly written.

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Review #2, by painted_blackAfterglow: Afterglow

19th November 2006:
You have managed to capture my attention and keep me itching to find out what happens at the very end. I was sitting at the very edge of my chair, wanting to read on and on to see what would happen in the end. You have a very unique writing style. You make your words turn into images; you don't just clump words together to make paragraphs. This is a beautiful piece of writing, and I must say, I was very happy to discover just who Hermione's savor was. I'm not a big fan of Snape/Hermione ships because a lot of authors don't stay in character and I am mildly turned off by that ship. But you have managed to get me interested again! 10/10 for you and your excellent fanfiction. It is a rarity to find something this good to read! I am definitely looking forward to more of your work :]

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much! I agree that the ship usually isn't written very well in terms of keeping in character, and after writing this one-shot, I can see why because it is really hard to keep Snape in character yet make a romantic story out of it. I'm glad that you liked the descriptions - as for the images thing, you probably saw it that way because I imagine the story in pictures, like a movie, then write down everything about the the image in my head (if that makes any sense at all). There will be more Snape/Hermione from me soon, I hope. =)

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