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Review #1, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneWhere Are You, Ronald Weasley?: Mourning

16th October 2008:

Alright, so first off-- Did I not review this here on HPFF yet? It's seriously just sitting here review-less? Or did the server delete it? I'm shocked and horrified if I never reviewed it... because you KNOW how much I adored it!

Well, since it's your birthday today, I shall re-review... or just, review, depending...

Okay, so, let me take a deep breath, first of all, because every time I read this, I burst into tears, which is, as you well know, just how I like it. So, thank you, dear, for writing my OTP, and making it as heart wrenching and angst-filled as I love. We know how it is, don't we? The loss of my D-bot would leave me just as Hermione is left, bereft in an endless sea of grief as the insurmountable waves of depression, loneliness and emptiness crash down upon her over and over again. It's horrifying, but nice to know you can relate, and in such a way as to give you the ability to write this beautiful (albeit SAD) piece.

There are so many truly perfect lines here, each showing more perfectly than the last what desperation the loss of such complete love leaves you with. I started to copy and paste a few of my favorite sections here for you, but ended up basically pasting your one-shot into this comment box so... lol, I stopped. I cannot describe to you, though, how piercing Hermiones inability to breathe was. I could FEEL her grief, so palpable was it, and Jessi, it has left me aching... again!


Okay, we'll I'm sitting here crying... again. I love you, and I love this fic more than I can describe. It is absolutely perfect in every possible way. There's nothing more I can say, really, except to thank you, for a truly amazing dedication on what is and will be one of my reigning favorite OTP stories.



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Review #2, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneThe Time Has Come: Into The Dark Abyss

14th May 2008:

The last update before May? BUT. But... but... omg, it was the most awesome update ever! Holy MOLY. I was so impressed with this I had to review right away. Your dialogue is something that forever impresses me. I can actually see the characters speaking in my mind's eye, and nothing sounds forced or unnatural... you write Voldemort frighteningly well, dude.

This last scene, I was like, Oh man... we're meeting Marty, and I bet Marty has some unpleasantness headed his way... but WOW! That scene was so intense... SO INTENSE. And then you say no updates? pshaw! Shame on you! *shames Lia*

Not that I have any room to talk. I mean, I’m the Queen of “lack-of-time-so-no-updates” but… Well, please? We’ve got Draco back, just as I’d requested, although not in the capacity I’d mentioned… better! Amazing chapter from start to finish, and I literally cannot WAIT to see what you have in store for us next. Thanks for writing this… I’m so excited!



Author's Response: My grin got wider and wider as I read this review. And yes, it is my last update until after May 28th when my exams are officially over! I'm really sorry, *bows head shamefully*

I'm REALLY glad that you think it's awesome, this scene was in my head for months and I was rather excited to get it down on paper, but I don't think that it's my favourite one.

When you say I write Voldemort frighteningly well, I really don't know what to say but thanks, I think :) I kinda felt for Marty at the end of this chapter, I know if I was in his position, I would've fainted but, who knows how things will turn out ;)

For now, you won't see the 2 of them in the same chapter with each other for a while but...soon. I'm almost done with chapter 9 as well, so look out for that one.

Thank you so much for your review hun! I'm excited that you're so excited!!


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Review #3, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneThe Time Has Come: Of Memories and Old Photographs

14th May 2008:

Hm. I looked into my favorites the other day, saw that this had been updated (I know, long time, but I've been a bit MIA, lol) and have been trying to find a minute to catch up on my R&Ring ever since. This chapter was back to Anna again, and since I love Anna, that's a wonderful thing. In fact, you've actually made me prefer her to Harry, Hermione and Ron... a lot. Don't know if that's what you were intending, but... I do.

I'd like to see more about her and Draco, though... that would be really interesting. I know their relationship is rocky, but with Blaise playing both of their best friends, I think it's an exciting aspect of her personality. *kicks Pansy* Oh wait... oooh, I wonder who the girl is that Blaise is with... could it be Pansy? I don't think you left any identifying clues... I'll have to read again!

Seeing her parent's photos at the Slug Club meeting was awesome. I adore Anna... is that bad? I can't figure out if she's supposed to be a bad guy or not, lol, but... well I like her!

Anyway, I'm hoping to get a chance to read this next chapter soon (maybe today?) and leave you a review ASAP. Great job, I'm so glad we're back to more Anna!


Author's Response: Courtney! *hugs*

YAY! You prefer her to the Trio!!! To be honest, that is not what I was intending but it's good that you do, however, I don't know how long that'll last. It isn't a bad thing for you to adore her, unless it's getting to the point of addiction...then we'll have a problem ;)

I will try to include more about Anna and Draco as the story continues, in fact, I do have some upcoming chapters with the two of them. Could the girl Blaise is with be Pansy? I dunno you know, she could be or she couldn't. It'd be a nasty twist if she was, huh? *cackles evilly*

Nice hearing from you dear, and thanks for the review!


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Review #4, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneEvading Lightning: Chapter Four: To Not Resist

14th May 2008:


Good heavens, I know I should've reviewed each of these chapters as I was reading but... I couldn't! I had to read on faster and see what marvelousness you'd woven for us this time. Seriously, SAYSers kick behind! =P

I've really gotten into Scorose recently, because, well, let's face it, I'm always up for a good sappy cliché fic... and I was getting sick of Dramione, so BAM, Scorose it is! This though, is unlike any of the others I've read. Your writing style (always magnificent) brings a little extra something to it... Something in the innocence and yearning on both Rose and Scorpius's parts... it has me absolutely enthralled... in love!

The kiss was freaking awesome… just thought I'd put that out there. Oh, and her falling from the broom- gawd I loved that scene!

Can't wait for updates. Keep up the great work, dear!


Author's Response: Aw, C! *blushes* I have no idea what to reply... I suppose I can start with a big thank you and a huggle! No worries on not reviewing every chapter - this one makes up for it all ^_^ I'm glad that you think this is unlike everything else you've read so far and that my writing brings something extra to it *another blush* Thanks again for this amazing review!

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Review #5, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneNever All Together: There is a War

9th May 2008:

So, you don't even have to say it. I know I suck... like a mosquito in the swamp. (Of course, I've never technically been to a swamp, but I'd imagine they suck pretty bad there... or anywhere really... where was I going with this? Oh, right. I suck.) There are not enough words to convey how truly sorry I am for having taken this long to both read and review. I read the past few chapters, and quite honestly, as I got time to read this one today, I thought I'd already reviewed them. I do hope you haven't felt abandoned!

Instead of trying to find the time to go through and re-read and review each one right now before this one, I thought it best to get you a review of this fabulous chapter written up, and then tackle the others one at a time. Trust me; it's nothing to do with your writing, but rather my lack of time. Excuses aside though- this chapter was too amazing not to jump on!

Alright, so this is my favorite chapter in a bit. I enjoyed the others, but this one really leapt off the page to me. The excitement and adrenaline rush is back. The romance was fun, but what kept me gripped to this fic was the energy that leapt off the page/screen at me as I read, and boy is it back right now!

I enjoy how cynical Sirius is, especially concerning Regina/Hermione. I know some people think he should just get over it because James love her, but he is James's best friend- it's his job to make certain James is alright, and this Regina chick was something he needed to check out. They're studying together before the boy tumbled through the portrait was awesome, because I felt as if it really captured their relationship. Sirius, I think, won't ever be her biggest fan, but he's grown to accept her, and I think he skin has become a bit thicker around him. It's nice to see that development. I don't have time to read back through the first few chapters, but I am trying desperately to remember what their relationship was like in the future time period/past chapters for some sort of indication of what's to come, lol.

WOW! Frightening! I didn't mind the chapter being shorter, because I thought it was a great place to leave off- what a cliffhanger! I know that since Hermione has gone back in time, she's screwing with things, and so I don't know whose fate, if anyone’s, is secure. I'm worried about all of them! James ending with Bellatrix, Hermione and Sirius in the tower, and Lily is… gone? That’s seriously frightening. There are so many possibilities running through my mind (not the least of which is that Sirius and Hermione are going to end up fighting for their lives, and I’m worried that not both will be alright… Dashing Black saves best friend’s fiancé to be… *is worried*)

As this fic is so AU, it’s kind of impossible to know where you’re going to take it and end. I have my ideas, but really it’s all speculation at this point. Basically, I’m going to do my darndest to get you some more of these reviews that I owe you posted, and I’m hoping you’ll update soon… because this chapter left me drooling for more. Great job, as always, dear!


Author's Response: Courtney,

You don't have to worry, for I suck as well for the long overdue reply (and the update to the story). I am thrilled you loved this chapter; I was worried about it not containing enough romance, but it was really needed for the story, and well... I'm glad you liked it!

As for Sirius, you're right, he won't become her biggest fan, but he's going to grow to like and even respect her, in fact. You'll see in two chapters, I guess. :) To refresh your memory, Sirius is found of Hermione in the first few chapters, though of course that's because she's his godson's girlfriend. And for what will happen to James, well, it's in the next chapter. Haha. Nobody's fate is secure, true, and Hermione will realise just how crucial that is in the next chapter.

Thank you for all the compliments. :) Happy new year!

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Review #6, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneMemoirs of Petunia: Photographs

18th April 2008:

I've been checking my favorites for an update of something, anything, for ages now it seems, and finally, here it is- the update I've been hoping for most of all. The thing I've discovered about fan fiction, is that generally (not always) there are three types: The first of which starts out… well, horrendously, and manages to maintain a level of writing so startlingly abysmal I wonder how anyone can manage to dredge through it (harsh? Perhaps, but undeniably true as well). The second starts off in an exciting rush that gets the reader so excited to read more, and then slowly but surely, if not all at once, drops the disappointed reader on their behind, leaving them wondering what happened to the story they’d fallen so in love with, and are now bored to tears by. The last of these general categories seems to happen more when a writer begins a story and takes a great deal of time to write it. As such, their talent as a writer tends to develop and the story which took off so slowly is suddenly enthralling. This is, unfortunately, a bit rarer.

MoP, on the other hand, is a truly uncommon breed of fan fiction. This fic has started off by drawing me in, and has become increasingly more loveable (I didn’t think it possible!) as each chapter is posted. Without a doubt, you have a taken an unlovable character I believe was truly in need of a story, and made her into someone I feel true compassion for. I find myself cheering for Petunia- the woman she could have been!

After one chapter, I am already in love with Nathan. I know this is canon, but please, oh please, couldn’t she end up with our dear Nathan? Why must she go back to that bull-headed pig of a man Vernon? I can’t stand him- the boar.

Quite honestly, I cannot remember if MoP is the first of your stories I came across, or if something else led me here. I do know though, that with every chapter you post, I am not only immensely impressed, but proud of you. This chapter once again affirmed my love of your writing- it’s beautiful, like watching a masterpiece created from blank canvas- the words streaming, and blending until you’ve created a picture so vividly in my mind I want to spend hours exploring it for detail.

I guess, what I’m trying to say with this rather long-winded review, is that I adored this chapter, and can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us next. Brilliant as always, dear.


Author's Response: Courtney,

*blushes* I'm always truly flattered to read your reviews. I'd like to thank you so much for all the support you've given me for the past...year I've taken writing this story. It was the second fanfic I ever started, and while I've written seven other one-shots since then, continues to be a marking point in how I've changed as a writer. I am absolutely flattered that you stuck by me even after I put this story on hold, and after I waited so long to update. Thank you, so very, very much.

As far as this chapter is concerned, I'm going to try to stick to as much pre-DH canon as I can. Once DH came out, I was so far into this that I couldn't possibly turn back, so I'm going to continue on the path I had originally, planned, even though a few new twists have come into play now.

Once again, I can't even begin to express my gratitude at having such a kind and loyal reader. It's always been a pleasure reading your reivews and I shall look forward to them when I next update (which hopefully should be soon).

Thank you. :)

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Review #7, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneI'll Kill You in Mourning: I.

17th April 2008:
I think you're a trollop for not mentioning this before you posted it.

I'm at work and have like .20 seconds to leave this review. SO: I love it (no surprise there) and can't WAIT for updates.

Your work is as impressive as ever, Count Prudley.


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Review #8, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneFaded Constellation: The Bitter End

26th January 2008:

I saw that you had posted what I knew to be the last chapter, a few days ago. Time was, of course, an issue, in that I wanted to make certain I had more than ten minutes to read this and give you a review worthy of what I knew would be an incredible chapter. To be one-hundred percent truthful with you, though, I was dreading reading this chapter. I put it off if there was something else to do, because I was truly dreading what was to come. Andromeda is one of the few, the strong, the brave who know what is right, and stand steadfast no matter what the consequences. It has not, as you showed, hardened her, though. She rode gracefully through it... all her life.

Now though, on what appears to be a final day for a lot of things in my life, I decided that it was time. Oh goodness, was this heart wrenching through and through! From the first sentence, I was absolutely enthralled. Following Andromeda along through her journey over the years of heartbreak; I knew what was coming, and oh, to spare this poor woman. Your writing throughout the past chapters, has given us a woman to fall in love with. And now, we see her suffering. Certainly, there were bright spots in her life, but even those made me so sad. Beautiful writing, dear; I love it when author's make me feel.

Seeing that Narcissa, no matter how coldly, still kept in touch, Sirius’ graduation, Alice pregnant with Neville, Andromeda’s remembrance of their torture, Sirius’ death… Oh it was all so heartbreaking. You see, until this story, I’d not realized how greatly Andromeda suffered. Her life was one big sequence of losses. And then when she lost Ted, oh how my heart broke for her. She couldn’t have even begun to heal before losing her one and only daughter, the only thing left to her from the war- her grandson.

You brought me to tears (at work! Lol) with that final segment, dear. After all that has happened, if there is a promise that Andromeda needs to keep, it is that one. Without her strength, Teddy would be lost. Certainly, he has a godfather who will cherish him completely, but without the love of his grandmother, he would be a very different little boy indeed.

Steph, I’m sorry this review took me so long to write. I’ve been writing it for three weeks now, adding to it when I was able to find 5 minutes here and there. I hope you in no way believe that my delay reflected on this chapter, let alone your story as a whole. I’ve loved it from beginning to end, as I’ve been telling you all along. I’m really rather upset to see it coming to an end now, but rest assured it will remain on my favorites list, and go down as my recommendation for everyone looking for an Andromeda fic. Genius from start to finish, you’ve impressed me beyond all measure, dear. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors- you rocked my socks. :P


Author's Response: I didn't, and still don't, know what to say, but yet, I feel I cannot keep postponing this reply. With this chapter, I really wanted to show that Andromeda has led no 'easy' life and as you said, that it's a sequence of losses. As the final book came, inspiration struck. Until then, I hadn't had one single idea on how this chapter would turn out to be - how I wanted it to turn out -, and that troubled me, since I had written almost the entire story before posting it. So it was quite late that I began writing this, but there was so much, so many events and feelings... I felt like I got to know her even more with the final book and with the writing of this chapter. Aww, sorry for that *blush*! I must say that I might have shed a tear or two as I wrote this too... =p But wow - this review means very, very much to me and no worries that it's late - life does come in the way sometimes and besides, it was definitely worth the wait. This story -- well, I put a lot of effort and time into it and I just love that it managed to... reach out. In lack of another saying. But thank you Court. Truly. Darn - still kind of speechless =p

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Review #9, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneThe Time Has Come: It's Only Just Begun

26th January 2008:

Yay! I've found two seconds to read your update and review! Sorry about the delay, with the holidays, classes beginning again, and starting with a new company, I've not even been on! :)

This chapter was very different. Yes, it wasn't focused entirely on Anna, but we did at least get a glimpse of her. That's enough to sate my appetite at the moment. :P I'v got to admit that even when we don't spend an entire chapter following her around, she intruges me. I'm so torn about her character- she's so... layered! (Thinks about Shrek and giggles) I'm always so torn about how I feel in regards to her- she's dangerous, we know that. But, despite her capabilities, I find myself pitying her at times. She's come to this new shool where not even the members of her own house support her entirely. Draco broke her heart, and yet she stays strong through it... She's quite the character!

The room of confiscated artifacts, eh? Hmmm... Now I'm incredibly interested to see what this has to do wth everything.

And Ron and Hermione. *sigh* Please don't let him remain dense forever. I rather adore Ron, and would hate to see Hermione murder him in his sleep. :P

Great job again!


Author's Response: Courtney!

You should know by now that as long as I get a review from you (doesn't matter when) I'd be entirely satisfied :) Good luck with your classes, by the way.

Yes, I know the chapter was very different. I'm trying to alternate points of view, but not very often. Some chapters will be all Anna, others would be the Trio and maybe even some characters you haven't heard from in a while. In later chapters I'd try to introduce some dramatic irony as well.

Lol, I laughed too when you said layered (heehee like an onion...or an ogre). I'm glad you're intrigued by her, that's how I wanted people to feel. I don't think she's really strong when it comes to her and Draco though. Her mask will bound to shatter eventually.

Ahh, the room of confiscated artifacts...the pieces should soon start fitting together about that.

And don't worry about Ron and Hermione. Things have a way of sorting themselves out ;)

Prepare for more Anna in chapter 7!

Thanks for your review hun!

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Review #10, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneFaded Constellation: As Lovers Go

4th January 2008:

Hmmm, this chapter, after the last, was a refreshing change of pace. I'd been so wrapped up in the darkness of her life, that to see it as it changed, as she grew, into the strong and lovely woman we know her to become, was a true wonder!

The wedding was sweet, some bittersweet, but mostly just sweet. Friends are the family we choose- and Andromeda might have been given a lousy start with family, but her friends more than made up for it. I was glad to see that Alice had made it to the wedding, and giggled to hear that she had enlarged the yard- how adorable!

A bride who overslept on her wedding day? LOL, she's lucky for being able to sleep! :D

Awww, and then finally we get to meet baby Dora- a dream child! I love your descriptions of them as the happy family- so beautiful.

I'm sad to see this chapter come and go, because it means this fic is coming to a close quickly. That will be a sad day indeed, as I've loved this story so much from beginning to end.

Great job as always, especially with such a lighthearted chapter. Thank you!


Author's Response: I didn't think about the sudden constrast between the chapters - perhaps I ought to give readers a heads up. I understand that you were wrapped up in the darkness. Ouch =p Anyway, it makes me happy to hear that you liked it. Now thinking about it... It'd probably be quite impossible for a bride to oversleep on her wedding day. But I'm seventeen and I haven't quite thought about it that much - about the night... I bet she'd be more estatic and because of that, not sleeping well, yet waking up at the exakt right time. That's me before waking up to go to school, each time I started a new grade. Yep, good point. Should've given it much more thought =p Overall - I'm happy you liked this chapter. I've felt I haven't written that many Ted&Andromeda moments, and I think it was needed. To show their happiness for a change. Eager to here what your thoughts are going to be for the next chapter. So far - thank you for each review. They've all made my days =)

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Review #11, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneFaded Constellation: Black Eyed

4th January 2008:
Romina Stephanie,

In case you haven't noticed, I'm officially in possession of this year's "Worst Consistent Reviewer" award. It is with much shame and guilt that I have collected this award, but I suppose it's better than the "Author Most Likely to Eat Dirt" award or something like that.

My New Year's Resolution for this year though, is to read chapters as they are updated and then (instead of sitting in my chair and staring at the monitor in awe of the wonderful chapter that I've just read, vowing to write an incredible review) actually write the review!

As such, you will be my first victim:

*insert scary music here*

Let's start from the end:

There are only two chapters to go, and one is already posted after this? NO! But… but... I love this story! It's the most realistic, enchanting and wholly fabulous Andromeda/Ted fic I've come across. And to think, I've only two chapters after this to prove my skills as an awesome reviewer? I'd better do a swell job, then!

Your opening paragraphs were, for lack of a better word, gripping. Her nightmare induced fits of slumber- so chilling! I could feel her discontent and terror of the dream. Darkness is on its way YAY! Well, not necessarily “yay” as in “I’m glad she will be more afflicted with strife in this lifetime, but “yay” as in “that was an excellently written line.” :P

She was a ghost beneath the roof of the manor. I don’t know what you were going for with this line, but if you were aiming for brilliance, you made it. I seriously loved this sentence. Odd, I know- bear with me.

The distance (which we now know proved to be insurmountable) between Andromeda and her family over this “Ted issue” is heartbreaking. She knows that her family is wrong, and she doesn’t support their beliefs or actions, but she loved them regardless. To be so thoroughly disowned- oh, poor Andromeda.

Her note to Ted may have been slightly melodramatic, but it was heartfelt and truthful- she needs him! Such compassion you evoke from you readers in this final portion- Andromeda is alone, and it’s really unbearably oppressive. I was so worried when I read her packing everything up, thinking that Ted had abandoner her along with everyone else. But then, there he was!

I think that the final goodbye between Andromeda and Narcissa was very telling of Cissy’s true nature, and perfectly poignant.

Wonderful job! Can’t wait to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: I honestly do not know how to give this review justice, but I'll try my best. As for the award - your reviews make up for it by far, so no worries. I've gained some nominations for that award myself lately =p First, it warms my heart to hear that you like this story so much. I've tried to do my best with creating realism in both the characters and plot and frankly, I'm very sad that it'll soon reach its end (the final chapter is being beta'ed.) I'm glad to see that the fact that Andromeda will always love her family - despite everything - was noticed by you. I was worried at some point if that would be questioned or if it'd be noticable at all. Her love for Ted is stronger though - because he loves her the way she is and her family does not. As for the note being melodramatic - heh, I agree. But I'm a very melodramatic person and I couldn't resist the urge =p I wanted this night, when she ran away and Ted appearing there, to take the readers back to the second chapter in this story. Like a repitition of sorts, only, now she's leaving for good. Thank you for this amazing review.

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Review #12, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneThe Garden of Good & Evil: Blinded Temptation

19th December 2007:

WOW! I didn't even know you had this posted! I fell in love with the Blaise/Hermione ship thanks to Maji, and when I stumbled across this one and saw who had written it- boy was I excited!

This is a terrific opening chapter- so dark and intense. And, oh man, when you switch perspectives to show what Hermione was thinking, I was wide-eyed looking at the screen. Our great temptress here is not so self assured as he might suppose, is she?

Wonderful! I cannot wait to read on. Great start, dear!


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Review #13, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneNever All Together: Where Life is a Dream

14th December 2007:
Oh my. What an apology I owe you for taking ever so long to review this. Mind you, I read it the day it was posted, but I had wanted to take the time to tell you how truly magnificent I thought it to be. This was the chapter where hope for them flooded anew. He said he loved her! She loves him! *swoons*

Truly though, from beginning to end, I could not stop reading. Not when you first posted it, nor now, when I reread to ensure an accurately praise-filled review.

The first couple of chapters, Hermione meeting James, their (gosh, I don't want to use the word sordid, but pooor Harry and Lily!) relationship developing, their broom ride, followed by what was one of the most intense, passion filled and stirring kisses I've ever had the pleasure of reading- all of it drew me in so quickly and completely, that I found myself recommending this to everyone I spoke to.

Hermione finally pulled it off then, and I knew it would take awhile to develop their relationship. They had to get to know each other, you know? :) Of course you know, you wrote it. :P

And now though, it all comes back. Another broom ride: she trusts him! Oh dear, this is just so magnificently written, I get chills thinking about it.

I promise that (now finals are over and work has slowed down a bit) I will get your other chapters reviewed before the first of the year. I'm so terribly sorry for making you wait! It's brilliant, truly, and I hope you know that!

Wonderful job as always, dearest!


Author's Response: Courtney (haha it's your name, isn't it?),

You don't have anything to apologise for! I know how school is like. And really, your reviews are so long, they make me break into huge smile the entire time I'm reading them and long after. So you reread it? Wow, thank you! :)

You know, your use of 'sordid' was correct. And I reread that kiss myself to find out exactly what you meant, did you know? As for the broom ride, the reason why I put one earlier (in Hermione's present time) was so I can put another in the past. Haha. I like the parallelisms, but hopefully I won't over do it.

Again, thanks for reviewing, and I'm sorry for the late response. I didn't want to reply to reviews without having the next chapter up. LOL. :) Happy holidays!

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Review #14, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneRunaway: Hero

14th December 2007:
Dear Scrib,

I suck.

No, truly, I do. For you see, I was under the impression that when I tackled you on MSN with praise and adoration for not only this amazing chapter, but the fact that you updated, I had reviewed as well. Apparently, I did not. Hence, the suckiness.

Ron, it seemed, was even more dangerous to be around with a sword than he was with a wand. In a completely unintentional way, of course.

Is it just me, or did anyone else have a "I cannot believe Mara sent Courtney nunchucks for Christmas," moment brought on by this sentence. :P

It made me giggle!

Hermione and Harry making up, on the other hand, made me sappy. *sniffs*

And with that, she hurried onward with a steely determination, thinking she’d be damned to get her best friend back only to lose him again in one night.

*jumps up and down in seat* I remember thinking "Run! Quit talking, just RUN!" the first time I read this, and I'll tell you what- the feeling was still the same!

OMG, okay, as you can tell, I'm writing this as I read. Now, I distinctly recall thinking "OMG, SHE IS A GENIUS!" when Harry used the Trick Tumbler to find out where Evie is. I mean... how long ago in the sequence you brought that into play... and here, now, it finally pays off! I could kiss the twins! That, my dear, was sheer brilliance on your part!

Have I told you lately how much I love your Sirius? He is SO like the Sirius that JKR gave us, it's impressive! I'd like to kiss him too... but... that has nothing to do with the reason I'd kiss the twins. :P

Oh, this scene with Evie and her parents was so painful to read. It was intense and I so felt for that little girl. What wicked, awful, hateful, terrible people her parents are! HORRIBLE!

And when she cried out in Harry's defense. Oh, how you summed that up perfectly. Her heart was in that cry.


I love it!

The whole scene where Harry arrives- you portray that beautifully! I can see it as in a movie. His stance, the fear for her life, not his own, their eyes meet communicating thoughts unspoken, and he remains. He loves her. He's not going anywhere! *cheers and cries all at once*

*sobs harder*

Oh lord, Scrib. This scene is so beautifully painful, it brings tears to my eyes as I think about it. Harry's pain and suffering, his love for Evie-holding her in his arms- it's AMAZING.

The look told a tale…one that every individual in the clearing could have easily spoken aloud. And as Harry’s red, bloodshot eyes stared down at the girl who’d stolen his heart and saved him from loneliness, only one thought plagued his mind, digging into it like a disease that spreads and sucks away life as it goes.

And that paragraph is one of the most marvelous pieces of writing I've seen. Oh, it just TORE at my heart! You, dearest, are a genius of a wordsmith, because I'm sitting here now, in tears.

For heavens sake, update already, because I have CHILLS!

I've loved this fic from the start, something I told you in reviews before I even "met" you. It's brilliant. You're brilliant. I'm obviously brilliant for finding and loving and pimping it. :P

I know you're busy, but please don't ever give up on this little gem. It's amazing!


Author's Response: Oh my god, you're freaking insane. *blushes like crazy* Seriously, I'm all red right now. But I heart you, Courtney. *hugs* And for the record, you do NOT suck. At all. You know you don't have to review. The fact that you read it at all is more than enough for me. I value your opinion so much cause you're such an incredible writer. I'M the one who sucks for not getting to your story yet. *blushes again* I will though. I'm so excited to read it! EEEK! *bounces*

*DIES* Actually no, I didn't think about your nunchucks at that part, but now that you pointed it out, it's eerily similar. Please don't kill yourself with those things. I kinda like you and it would be nice if you stuck around for a while. :P

I TOLD you you hadn't seen the last of the Trick Tumbler! MUAHAHAHA. Glad you liked that part. :D And omg you cracked me up with what you wrote about Sirius. *dies* Tiff said the same thing. I don't intentionally write him to be all sexy I swear!!! He just is!! ROFL. I need to write just an entire story with sexy, manly Siriusness. *drools at the thought*

Awww, and then you go making me cry. :( Thank you so much for all the kind words Court. I'm serious, they mean so much to me. You're one of the coolest people I've ever met and I'm SO glad I did. You rock. And I won't give up, don't worry. :) Thanks again hun! *HUGS*


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Review #15, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneHer Secret: There Are Some Things My Mother Never Needs To Know - Including Any And All of My Bedroom Techniques

29th November 2007:
T I F F Y! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



T I F F Y! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


You had me absolutely dying with laughter in the beginning there. (After I had taken a moment to forgive you for leaving us with a cliffie like CHO hitting ELOISE and then not following it up now.) Poor Ginny, wishing for an obliviation of monumental proportions. OH MY WORD. Naturally, none of us would mind being married to a rabbit-esque Weasley man (well, maybe not Percy?) but I don't think I'd want to think about my brothers or sisters like that either!

And then, you brought it all crashing down upon me- POOR HARRY! Oh, how I wanted to cry. (Then I wanted to beat you up again for not showing us how Eloise is handling that TART who, I feel the need to once again remind you, HIT HER!) It was so heart wrenching to read Ginny's letters alone... but then Eloise's letter? *sobs* Oh Tiff, you are evil and I love you all the more for it!

Harry came back! He came back! I'm so stinkin' excited I'm bouncing up and down at my desk. HE CAME BACK!!! He kissed her on the forehead in front of Molly and didn't run away! He's coming to family dinner! *dares Tiffy to screw with that* and everything is going to work out! Knocked up Ginny, Happy Harry, Reunited Eloise and Choking Cho! (It doesn't have to be choking. I can think of several other suitable punishments if you prefer. Ya know, since she HIT ELOISE).

Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for us next time. This is almost as good as signing onto MSN and being glomped by the whole crew!



Author's Response: SQUEEEE! I am just so happy that you enjoyed this chapter little missy! I don't know if amazing is the right word, but I am pleased that you liked the chapter all the same :D I must have been in an odd mood when I started this chapter, because humor isn't usually present in this story, but for some reason, it was in this chapter. I am so sorry that I didn't cover Eloise and Cho, but in the end it didn't feel right to leave you all with another Eloise and Cho cliffhanger. Molly is so much fun too write, and it was even more fun to make Ginny so uncomfortable. *signs up for a rabbit-esque Weasley man*

Aw! Poor Harry, but not really, I mean at least he is getting this chance to be with them both. Perhaps the letters were a bit rough, especially the one from Eloise, but things could be much worse. I really love writing those letters though, they are so fun, albeit sad.

Of course the sodding fool came back! He has always loved Ginny - because come on, that is how it is supposed to be. I really thought that him kissing her in front of Molly would really show where his head was at - that was not something to be taken lightly. I haven't quite decided yet whether or not Ginny will get pregnant, but half the fun is trying to figure out if she is. :D

Thank you so much, as always, for your beautiful reviews! It always pleases me so much when you all enjoy the chapters that I write!

*huggle glomperoo*

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Review #16, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneMemoirs of Petunia: Wind Chimes

20th November 2007:

So last night I was heading to bed and decided to quickly check HPFF. I saw that MoP had been updated, and sat there for a moment debating with myself: "Read now, or go to sleep and read in the morning?" The exhaustion won out.

And so, last night I went to sleep dreaming about getting to read this in the morning. This morning, I woke up, and all through my morning routine thought about getting to read it, how much I'd missed the story, and how excited I was to see what you'd written for us now.

Ignoring my blinking message light, the E-mails waiting to be checked, and even the coffee brewing in the other room, I set about to read, and have only one thing I need to say before I go any further:


I'm 100% serious. This was an amazing chapter to come back to. I am absolutely in love with how you worked the wind chimes in, dearest! Petunia's life, her loyalty and trying to be a good, hardworking, supportive and loving young woman- it's all coming back to bite her, and she's slowly falling apart; she's wilting under the weight.

I know I've told you before, but I searched so long and hard for a Petunia story before finding this, and it is truly my favorite. You have written us such a captivating, beautiful character. We've been shown Petunia from Harry's PoV... and it's none too flattering! But slowly, we see through your words, how all of this came to be, and it just absolutely tears at the heart.

You deserve every ounce of praise you've gotten for this fic, and more. Thank you for not abandoning what is one of my favorite fics on HPFF. You answer every review, and while your updates may be far between sometimes, they always occur. Not all authors have that loyalty to their readers- so thank you!

I can't wait for more; you never cease to amaze me.


Author's Response: Courtney,

Every time I read one of your reviews, I absolutely squee with pleasure. And keep in mind that I don't really squee all that often too... *looks away*

Anyways, thank you so much for your review! It meant a lot to me that even after all this time, you came back the very next day and reviewed this story as though I hadn't taken months to update. Thank you so much!

I'm incredibly glad that you liked this chapter, as it took me forever to write it, and it's a bit more...angry than the rest.

And despite DH showing that my portrayal of Petunia is very off, I'm glad that you like this version, as I still haven't given up hope that Petunia really is good inside.

Thank you so, so much Courtney! I honestly don't know how many more times I can say thank you to get across how grateful I am for your support.

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Review #17, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneDissolved Girl: Dissolved Girl

2nd November 2007:

This was... I don't know that there are even words. Throughout all of your pieces I've read (which is almost everything) Bad World had consistently been my favorite. Not that everything else was not fantastic, but something about it kept me coming back, falling in love with it over and over again. This, however, is joining the ranks of Bad World, now.
It left me breathless, absolutely enthralled. I literally had goosebumps, and tears in my eyes- it was so powerful. It's funny; I used to be an anti-song-fic kinda gal. Anything I'd stumbled across had been... well, awful. But then, slowly but surely, I found a few which didn't leave me rolling my eyes, and this is definitely one of them.
The relationship developing between them, Hermione's inner turmoil, her guilt, her desires, and her desperation for him literally leapt off the page. Throughout it all, we are left to wonder what Draco is thinking. What is he feeling? How does this affect him? Hermione is so strong, you never ever weaken her, turning her into this sopping mess for Draco to rescue, but rather keep her as the woman we love, and develop things from there. I think my heart literally skipped a beat when he asked her to stay. If I hadn't been sitting here in the office, I might have squealed out loud. He made the first move. Of course, it had to be that way.


Wonderful job, dearest. I'm going to go kick Jessi until she gets over here and reads this... rather like she does to me when you update TDYK. *rubs sore shins*



Author's Response: woah. what an incredible review!! thank you so much hunny *hugs* i'm so pleased you liked this and wow, up there with Bad world huh? cool ^_^

i actually wrote this ages ago and then went off it, but came back to it, worked on it (cause it was really bad before) and yeah, thought it was time to post it. i'm so pleased you liked hermione - i didn't want to weaken her at all and i wanted draco to be the one to come to her in the end. you're right - it had to be that way!

i didn't think it was necessary to explore draco's feeling in depth - i just wanted to show how he feels in a simple way - by asking her to stay. the implications of that action explained it all, for me anyway.

thank you so much darling!! *massive hugs*

Maji xx

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Review #18, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneThe End: Genetic Sins

26th October 2007:



Alright, so here I am, the Queen of 'I don't read slash', madly in love with what is quickly becoming one of my favorite pairings. I blinked twice and then *squee'd* out loud, seeing that this was updated. I read the entire chapter with a huge smile on my face, my heart all a flutter- completely excited about where you're taking this. I know I've said it before, but you, dearest, are a plotting genius!

I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us, because I'm madly, madly, madly in love with this fic.


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Review #19, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneThe End: Prologue

12th October 2007:
*insert MSN shocked face smiley*


Alright Jessi, first of all dearest, as I've laughed far too many times recently, the fact that you now call me PH1 as if it were my new name (PH1: The author formally known as Courtney *giggles*) amuses me to no end. I'm dismayed to hear that you wouldn't have pursued this little miracle without my prodding, because it is truly my new 'almost' OTP! (Ronmione refuses to budge)

Tom Welling is Albus. There's nothing more to say, there's no fighting it. I'm sure everyone will agree, and if not, well then what do we care? =P The banner is perfect, and your chapter graphic made me smile. That's some talent you've got there Miss Jessi_Rose!

This is not a chapter I've read yet, and I read the first few sentence with furrowed brows, thinking "Why haven't I read this? Albius is my thing!” I'll tell you what though, that thought was quickly replaced with a huge smile as I read on.

You have done a magnificent job of introducing us to the characters. Albus and Harry's relationship as well as Scorpius and Albus’, their friendship with James, Hugo and Rose, their standing at Hogwarts- awesome! I especially enjoyed seeing Albus' concerns about the upcoming year, though. Here it is, the beginning of the year, and he's already worried about losing Rose, Scorpius and James. That alone speaks volumes of his friendship with them, and leads me to wonder about his relationship with the rest of the Hogwarts student body. "What happened to all his mates in Gryffindor?"

What happened to them indeed...

Brilliant job as usual, dearest. I am oh, so VERY excited to see what you have in store for us. Yay!!!

~C/PH1 *giggles*

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Review #20, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneLumos: Part Three: A Better Man

10th October 2007:
*takes a deep breath*

I've been staring at this empty review box for a few moments now, wondering what to say, how to say it, and if it would even matter. This was beyond beautiful, there are truly no words. A spectacular fic from beginning to end, you had me reading as quickly as I could, dying to find out what happened next. The transformation of Draco's character was superb; and truthfully, something I could really see only someone like Luna brining about.
I actually gasped out loud when I read that she had passed, my heart breaking for her, for him, for her "real" friends, for their friendship and all that could have been. She was his angel, and now he'll spend the rest of his life making up for what he could have done. It's inspiring to me- characters like Luna, Neville- the ones we didn't learn a whole lot about, but who impacted the war, the people, the entire world more than they'll probably ever know.

I don't know how this plot bunny ever hopped through your brain, but I'm certainly glad it did. Spectacular, from beginning to end. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'll be recommending it.


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Review #21, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneLumos: Part two: Everything

10th October 2007:

I love that you've managed to keep this so canon, and yet so original at the same time. Everything works perfectly, and the style- so cold, yet so emotional (if you can imagine the mix!) is so amazingly suiting. Another fantastic chapter that leaves me disgusted with, yet cheering for Draco all at once. You've definitely cornered the market on Draco/Luna!


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Review #22, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneLumos: Part One: The Blowers Daughter

10th October 2007:

Lumos (Gwen, if I may),

This was recommended to me by a dear friend whose opinions when it comes to fan fiction I hold in the highest of regards. Once again, she has led me to something wonderfully original, creative, and so very marvelously written.

I don't generally leave reviews for authors unless they historically respond to them. I suppose that you could have just been too busy the past month to respond to your review though, and so I will make an exception this time. After all, you specifically requested reviews in your author's note, so I can't foresee you would then ignore them intentionally.

This is a pairing that, until today, I had never before even considered. For honestly, aside from this, when would Draco and Luna have had much of an opportunity to spend together? I was intrigued from the beginning- how would someone manage to weave such a pairing, and especially in such a setting! But you have done so splendidly! I cannot wait to read on and explore these characters and this ship further.

Great job, and I look forward to reading more.


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Review #23, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneFaded Constellation: Until the End of the World

10th October 2007:
Yay for updates! I was really excited to see that this had leapt to the top of my favorites. I've finally now had a moment to sit down and read!

Alright, content first: I really liked how you started off this chapter, moving us through her exams, watching everything build up as she struggled to hold it all together. It was really, really, well done. Truly! It was exquisitely written, your descriptions really carrying the reader along. A few typos and grammatical errors here and there that can be fixed easily with a beta's help, but other than that, it was great.
The graduation was difficult, watching Andromeda torn- knowing she had to leave the safety of Hogwarts and the love and friendship she counted on, and return to her family. We don't know what the graduation would have been like, so it's always interesting to see what people come up with! I enjoyed this. Nothing over the top and ridiculously magical. As JKR proved with Bill and Fleur's wedding, just because they're magical doesn't mean that everything ceremonial is taken to ridiculous proportions. Good job!
The last scene was heartbreaking, watching as Andromeda left Ted, went home, and encountered Druella's wrath- so sad! And... frightening. I'm almost afraid to wonder what is going to happen! Truly though, Andromeda is of age now, and if she and Ted so chose, they could run away right now. Out of curiosity, why didn't they decide some of these things before they parted? I was a bit confused, hearing their internal thoughts: When would they see each other again? When would they marry? What awaited them in the future? Both pondered the questions silently, not having discussed this earlier. I can't imagine leaving my betrothed to return to a family that I knew would never approve without having made a plan... But then again, at seventeen perhaps I wouldn't have thought things through as thoroughly either... Perhaps.

Well done, dear! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future!


Author's Response: First off; thanks for such a lengthy and encouraging review! I thought this chapter was very difficult to write; mainly because I've never got the hand on how the exams work and not sure how they - as in the students - feel, and I struggled a bit with the feelings. So it's always nice to hear I've done a good job. As for the grammatical errors and typos; well, I do have a beta already, but I'll get back to the chapter and see if I can find them myself. My eye isn't particularly trained to catch those, but I'll do my best.
Same with gradutation; I bit unsure on how to write it, but I must say I was content on how it turned out to be. I really wanted to share the emotions of leaving someplace that is dear to you, and I had I been in her shoes, I'd feel sad and worried of what is to come. Soon, I'll experience the feeling myself.
Yep they could do just that. Now when you mention it, I must admit I never really thought of that myself. Surely they would have spoken about it. Nah, you're right, they would have spoken of it earlier... On the other hand, they are young, but not irresponsible. Anyway, a bit late to change that; you will see in time how things'll unfold. Again, thanks you very much for this heartwarming review. I love it when readers put their thoughts into the reviews and ask me things =) *huggles*

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Review #24, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneNow Comes the Night: The Night Always Starts at Dusk

9th October 2007:
Dude... I have reviewed any of these chapters yet? Why didn't you kick me and tell me so! I was going to leave a review for 3, and decided to make sure I didn't repeat myself fan-girling since 1 and 2, but then, lo and behold, was unable to find any other reviews!

Alright, so as usual (*re read chapter to review correctly*) you've left my brain in a dizzying whirlwind. I suppose I think Hermione's being a bit stupid- everything has changed already. For goodness sake, at least tell them about Peter so that he can't kill James and Lily! Or, rather, have them killed.

And boy, oh boy, did Sirius show a lot of restraint when Severus grabbed Hermione's arm after she hit him. I'm impressed. I was sure he was going to knock him senseless. :)

LOL, James leaving Lily is basically just perfect. I swear though, I'm ALWAYS a Lily/James shipper, but for some reason, I've got your Hermione out to be everyone's perfect catch, and to hell with the rest of them. *giggles*

Wonderful chapter, dearest!


Author's Response: Aww, Court, don't worry about it! Busy schedules and all that - I know why you haven't reviewed. Though I have cried... sobbed my heart out into my pillow wondering where you've been. *tears up*

Thank you SO much for the great comments on this story. I was strangely excited to post this third bit of Complicated and to know that it's being well received makes me smile, especially when it's received by my Nun ^_^

*hugs PH1* =P

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Review #25, by Pronunciation_Hermy_OneCircle of Love: Breakthroughs

3rd October 2007:
Ooooh, “It's time, isn't it Miss Granger?” Severus Snape looked at Hermione, and she smiled softly. He's right! It IS about stinkin' time! I can't wait to see what happens when Draco and Mariah find out the truth. I'm also really glad that Harry was able to see reason and gave in to allowing Draco to join them. He may not like Draco, but Draco loves Hermione, and I can't see him allowing anything to happen to her.

Great chapter!

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