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Review #1, by Jade DanielleChanged By Staff: The Plan

1st September 2004:
Verrrrry good! But...why didn't James notice Harry's Patronus was a stag? :\ Still, very good. Update soon :)

Author's Response: he did. What would you think 'oh his patronus is a stag so he must be my son who has come back in time for some reason'. It does add to something tho. Beisides that the second time he's seen it the first he does comment on it.

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Review #2, by Jade DanielleFrom My Eyes: Dumbledore's Invitation

20th August 2004:
Wonderful! Post more soon, eh? :D

Author's Response: I will try... keyword: try.

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Review #3, by Jade DanielleChanged By Staff: Close Call

16th August 2004:
Wonderful new chapter! Oh pleeease let them finally kiss next chapter! *Hopes* Update again soon!

Author's Response: maybe they will maybe they wont... guess we'll find out!

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Review #4, by Jade DanielleFrom My Eyes: The Faith That I Have

8th August 2004:
Omigod! You have made my night by adding a new chapter, finally! I had almost given up checking to see if you'd updated :x but you didn't let me down!! I love it!! response to your author note...NO! NO! NO! NO! This story must NEVER end. You must keep writing it until either I die, or YOU die. Whichever comes first! Okay, okay. Maybe not.'s ending so soon...PLEASE tell me you plan on writing a sequel! PLEASE! :( Take pity on your most faithful reviewer...even if you weren't planning on one, WRITE ONE! *Sobs at your feet*

Author's Response: Oh, I'm sorry for the (what was it?) month long lapse... I'm so glad you didn't give up, though, I told you guys not to! And yes, the story must and will end, or else it'll be a monstrosity, thousands of chapters long, each one of them saying nothing at all. Who'd want to read that?? And a sequel... I really don't know... but I'll never say never. We'll see. ;)

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Review #5, by Jade DanielleAren't I good enough for you, Harry?: The new girl

31st July 2004:
Pretty good, but make your next chapters longer! ;)

Author's Response: i didnt realise that it would be so short!!! But yeah...ill try and make it longer...

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Review #6, by Jade DanielleChanged By Staff: Discoveries

24th July 2004:
Very good! Write more soon! I'm actually hoping the Marauders DO find out who they that bad? :x

Author's Response: no! of course not! im not saying it will happen, but it's not bad! thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Jade DanielleChanged By Staff: The Prophecy

19th July 2004:
Brilliant! I love it! Please write more soon ;)

Author's Response: thanks a lot!

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Review #8, by Jade DanielleChanged By Staff: Stuck

11th July 2004:
Wonderful new chapter! Please, please, please post more soon. :D

Author's Response: lol! okay i will! dont hold your breath!

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Review #9, by Jade DanielleSociety for Nutters Obsessed with Ronald: The Society

5th July 2004:
Love it! I'll have to check out your other fics (if there are any). Too bad it *wasn't* Society for Nutters Obsessed With Seekers. :( *H/H Forever!*

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Review #10, by Jade DanielleChanged By Staff: Questions

5th July 2004:
Ooooo! I like! Post more soon. Bah, I should really go back to only reading *completed* fics. :P *Waits impatiently for next chapter to be posted*

Author's Response: ; ) i'll update soon i promise!

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Review #11, by Jade DanielleFrom My Eyes: The Star Globe

27th June 2004:
Omg! Wonderful! I lurve this fic soooo much. Thanks for updating again so soon!!!! Ahhhh! Harry's so sweet. :D

Author's Response: Hehehe.... You're welcome! And yeah, Harry's a sweetie. Does such a boy actually exist in the real world? I hope so, but they're few and far between. Thank you, as always, for being my most faithful reviewer! ;)

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Review #12, by Jade DanielleFrom My Eyes: He's up to No Good...

26th June 2004:
Omg omg omg omg omg omg!!! I've been waiting for a new chapter for like a trillion years (well, maybe a little less) and now it's here! I love it! So cute! They're the best couple, and you write it so well :D Please, please, PLEASE bring more soon...I want to see what Harry's up to ;)

Author's Response: I was afraid you guys would try to kill me over the internet because I hadn't updated in so long! I'm SO glad I'm still alive... I'll try to get another chapter up as soon as I can (and I think you'll love what Harry's got in store for Hermione).

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Review #13, by Jade DanielleFrom My Eyes: A Solitary Tear

3rd June 2004:
I love it! Woot! Post more as soon as you can...good luck on your exams! ^_^

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I'm taking the SATs on Saturday (which I forgot to mention), but afterwards I'm going to see Prisoner of Azkaban, so it won't be that bad (I hope!). Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Jade DanielleFrom My Eyes: The Struggle for Life and Love

30th May 2004:
Woohoo! FINALLY!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! *Dances* Wooooo :) Write more soon :D Even if some people are too dang lazy to leave a li'l review, I'm sure people like it...I do. You write really well (although, yes, you did misspell a couple of incantations, but no matter) and I just love the whole thing. Wheeee!

Author's Response: Tehehe... Thanks! But I hope to correct those misspellings soon enough! I'll TRY to update again tomorrow, but don't take my word for it... I've been known to slack off on weekends (and holidays!) :D

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