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Review #1, by KailasaPerfection: Finding Perfection

25th November 2005:
Hey, guess who?!? Happy Thanksgiving from your bounce castle friend, haha! Good story, Lauren... I like the symbolism a lot! Are you going to help run winter day camp or do the staff reunion? Please please please do it!! Jill, Sarah, and Austin are definitely all coming already, and my guess would be that Hannah would be too (psch, would Hannah EVER miss a chance to be up there?). So yeah, let me know if you're able to come; I wanna see you so bad! Love, Em

Author's Response: i miss you! Do you ever go on this site anymore?


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Review #2, by KailasaHarry Potter and the Unfulfilled Prophecy: 28: Backstreets and Alleyways

25th November 2005:
Good! And my gosh, I was under the impression you had DIED or something!! Welcome back! In all honesty, I haven't been to HPFF for nearly half a year, not even to check up on stories. I'm at a loss as to what to do with my story, and life just keeps getting in the way, like you said. Time is a most tricky presence... But anyway, really good job! I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with the remainder of this story. Remind me again, I have a very short memory span: how long are you planning on making this? If you have no idea, that's fine. Just keep letting me know when you update! I missed talking to you; I'm so glad you're back, Ash! Love always, Kailasa

Author's Response: :) Love you too! I've missed everyone on here. About that whole concept of "time"... so mysterious how it just slips away... but anyway, I am not dead, though that probably would have been the only REAL excuse for not writing so long. Glad you liked the chapter hun! The fic should be over within five chapters or so... hopefully it won't take me that long to get them out of my head. I'll keep you updated hun! -ash

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Review #3, by KailasaMy Reflection: Transformation

5th June 2005:
*gasp* WOW. That was a marvelously played chapter, I must say. TOTALLY not how I expected you to reveal all of that, and it was absolutely amazing! You really have a gift with describing emotions and characterizing, especially with Bryn and Lily I've noticed. I can picture exactly how evil Bryn is, and it's brilliant. He's SO sinister in this haunted, creepy, mysterious way. Amazing, wow. Those are about the only two words I have to describe it right now, haha. It took me a minute to understand why she was asking him questions like that and why she was freaking out about the full moon... and then it all clicked and sent this shiver down my spine. In my opinion, this is right up there with the chapter where Lily first sees James as a stag... one of my favorite chapters of all fanfiction time, to be sure! This is spectacular, my dear Astrid Elisabeth, and I am SO excited to see how this wraps itself up (am I right in guessing it'll be fairly soon?)!! I'll be gone ALL summer starting on the 9th *sniffle* because I'm going to be a day camp counselor, but hopefully I'll have internet access eventually and will be able to read your final updates. So yeah, if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm living up at camp, haha. Consider this one of my final reviews for quite some time, but I PROMISE to read all of the final chapters and review them all when I return home (August 12th or so). Lots of love! Hopefully you'll update before I leave!! ~K

Author's Response: I almost start crying here! Gosh... I have to hit myself trying to understand this is my fan-fiction you're talking about... the lousy fan fiction I started writing because I was bored to death. I hope you have a brilliant time camping, I'm going to a music festival myself :D Campling for over a week... I bet it's going to be lots of rain... (with my good luck) so I'll probably live in a puddle of mudd that week. *lol* I'm so glad you liked the twist about the full moon, I was so proud when I found such a smart solution! I'll send you a mail later, Ok? Have some stuff for you. And it's only seven chapters left, it's going to be totally 55 chaps. All my love!

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Review #4, by KailasaMy Reflection: Not Dancing

29th May 2005:
*gasps and passes out from such a sharp intake of breath* OH MY GOSH!! Hooray for Lily, she's not being a prat anymore! She admitted it!! *squeals with glee* But ok, now we've got the whole issue of James on our hands. I personally believe that he's getting "revenge" on Lily, whether he admits to that or know. This is going in one messed up circle, that's what. And I can, again, totally relate to Lily's feelings in a lot of cases. The whole part about Lily thinking, 'Aren’t you coming over? To comfort me? Play the hero as always? Make me love you again?’... yeah, I've done that before, haha. Or at least something to that effect. I hold random conversations inside my head... but I'm not crazy *looks around shiftily* Anyway, when I saw all your reviews I figured that you'd updated so I just HAD to come and check this out as always! Thanks for all the amazingly uplifting reviews... I answered them all if you want to check that out! Lots o' love! ~K

Author's Response: Thanks love :) I just HAD to read your story again, I remembered putting it into my favourites because it was so good! And you're not mad - I think many people have little monologues in their heads, me included =) The issue of James.. yeah. They sure know how to mess up, don't they? *smiles*

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Review #5, by KailasaMy Reflection: Confrontation

24th May 2005:
No, it wasn't depressing... it was good! Kudos to Lily for actually allowing some of her true feelings to surface for once! One thing I definitely wanted to mention: I just love the way you described the scene between Lily and Bryn. I've felt that way before, where I've said something to someone very automatically and not really meant it at all, and your writing perfectly conveyed that. I really liked the whole kissing thing too... Lily's comment of, "Just like that... As easy as that," was really good. And in the beginning of the chapter... oh gosh, that made me laugh. Lily was being all bitter (though she wouldn't admit it was bitterness, of course) about James hanging out with those girls, and she was just like, "So he has moved on? Good for him, I've moved on too." It's sort of a "So there" comment, haha. I've definitely thought stuff like that before. :-P Excellent job overall, really good insight into Lily's mind! Can't wait to hear more soon! ~K

Author's Response: Oh, long happy nice review! *jumps up and down* Thank you for pointing those things out to me. The automatic-thing.. Totally been there too! And the observation about the moving on thing was so cool. =) Thx for reading and reviewing my story Kailasa! Really means a lot :)

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Review #6, by KailasaMy Reflection: Making a Decision

16th May 2005:
Really, I'm trying not to hit you. I really am. *chains hands forcefully to the computer chair* Must... fight... urge... to... scream... Lily is such a moron! Yeah, she's right about one thing: love has totally blinded her. Now that she thinks she's lost it, she's gone absolutely mad! Please fix this mess soon (aka update!)!! ~K

Author's Response: Yep.. fixing mess is about to start. Beginning process started! :D

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Review #7, by KailasaMy Reflection: The Pointe Shoes

11th May 2005:
NOOOOOOO! Is she INSANE?!? She CANNOT be falling for Bryn, ahhhh! I find it really sad that she's just dismissed James so easily... understandable, but really sad. And gosh darn it, I wish Lily would start listening to people like Lindsay and stop trying to deal with this completely on her own. Ah well, my guess is that she'll learn by the end, haha. Update soon! ~K

Author's Response: You're so smart! You leave me so cool and reflecting reviews. And the whole situation's sad. Thx for reviewing :)

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Review #8, by KailasaQueen of His Heart: Queen of His Heart

7th May 2005:
Love the last line! Awesomeness! Great story, and I love the way you kept it short and sweet; quite the good one-shot! ~K

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Review #9, by KailasaMy Reflection: In the Library

6th May 2005:
Wow, that's a good point that Hillary made: Lily's not even reacting. That hadn't even hit me until she mentioned that! I love the whole twist; keep it going and update soon!! ~K

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Nice that you didn't realise it until Hillary mentioned it, brilliant! haha!

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Review #10, by KailasaMy Reflection: Looking Through

3rd May 2005:
Good chapter, I love how this is heating up, actually. It makes it much more interesting... the story was starting to become a little fluffy. I'm really looking forward to what comes next!!! ~K

Author's Response: EXACTLY! Gosh, finally somebody spells it out loud! THANK YOU! That is why I didn that twist.. it was getting so fluffy it didn't make the screen fly anymore!

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Review #11, by KailasaMy Reflection: Heart Ripped

29th April 2005:
Wow, good chapter! You needed a twist in the plot... and this was a good one, though depressing. Gosh, that stupid Bryn. And I was actually starting to semi-trust him! Gahhhhh! Good job of fooling me in any case, lol. Keep writing, this is getting really good! How long do you think the whole thing's gonna be? Let me know! ~K

Author's Response: Hello Kailasa! I know... that turning point was very necessary. (probably spelled wrong, I'm tired.) It was looking a little bit too good for James and Lily, despise the jealous-thing. So ... well, I fooled you? Yay... hehe. The next chapters are very "quick" if you get me, there's a lot happening. Which makes Lily even more confused than she is... I think I'll settle on 53 or 54 chapters. Then my story is told :)

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Review #12, by KailasaVindicated: Guarded Heart

20th April 2005:
Wow... this is incredible so far! I'm up to chapter 4, and I'm really enjoying it! It's been quite a while since I found a fanfic worth reading, and I love how Lily and her mom are close in this story instead of all snappish with each other... those stories get so old. You also do a wonderful job of portraying James; I always pictured him to be more compassionate than everyone else always writes him as. He's a stubborn, arrogant fool sometimes, sure, but he can also be really sweet, and I love that you've done that with your fic. One thing though: when you describe Lily's friends at the beginning, it gets a little confusing when you basically just list off what they're like in a little paragraph for each. Characterization could be so much more and make it so much more effective! I love how you really get us into Erin's character by showing her personality through her actions and letters... more of that would really bring out the personalities of the other girls too!! Awesome job overall, can't wait to continue! ~K

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Review #13, by KailasaMy Reflection: Back to Ballet

28th March 2005:
Aww, yay for Bryn! :-D If he's completely serious, then he really is sweet. A scary, sickening kind of stalker sweet... but it was a really nice gesture nonetheless. I really love it when you write chapters with the Marauders in their Animagi forms... I remember loving the first one you ever wrote about Lily seeing James as a stag and recognizing his eyes... so cool! Keep writing, and I hope you update soon!! ~K

Author's Response: Thanks! And you remember that chapter? Awwww! Bryn can be nice, really! Sweet too... but oh so possessive! ;D

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Review #14, by KailasaMy Reflection: Awkward

19th March 2005:
Good chapter... and I guess I MIGHT be starting to trust Bryn a little... that wasn't so bad, what he did. But I'm not sure yet... write soon! ~K

Author's Response: Yeah... hehe. =) Finally someone who doesn't think Bryn is the devil himself. I didn't see this coming... hehe :)

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Review #15, by KailasaMy Reflection: Jealous

1st March 2005:
Haha, that's so great. They are adorable together! But geez... Bryn is starting to really, really, really creep me out. He sounds like a total stalker! I'm almost worried about Lily's and James's safety! *bites nails* Update quick... ahhh, the suspense! ~K

Author's Response: *laughs* Yeah... Bryn is creepy! :P Every story needs some kind of psycho! hehe :)

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Review #16, by KailasaMy Reflection: The Letter From Nobody

21st February 2005:
Oh gosh, I love them together like this! They're so completely adorable! And my guess is that the letter is most definitely from Bryn, but I don't want you to give anything away if it's a huge part of the plot! Can't wait for the next chapter, update soon! ~K

Author's Response: I know.. I'm so happy about them being finally together too... :) The next chapter coming soon!

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Review #17, by KailasaMy Reflection: My Turn

17th February 2005:
YAY! :-D Awww... they finally kissed!! That was amazing! It may have been a short chapter, like you said, but it was absolutely awesome! That's so sweet... I think what Lily did is really good. It's so cool that you made her realize that this kiss was so much different than the one she'd shared with "James" before. And I love, love, LOVE the way Sirius found out, haha. He deserved to be the one who caught them; after all, he's been the middle man for months! Awesome job, can't wait for the next chapter!!! ~K

Author's Response: Mhm... I agree. It couldn't have been anyone but Sirius. I liked colouring this chapter with the way lily kissed him and felt the difference. hehe... :)

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Review #18, by KailasaRemember...: The Memories

17th February 2005:
Oh my gosh... that was so adorable! I wish a guy would say that sort of thing to me... that was absolutely precious! You wrote it so beautifully, and the romance is working itself out perfectly. I can't wait for your next installment! ~K

Author's Response: hey... isn't writing just a dream written down? yeah... i think the whole romance think is working itself out just right... OR IS IT??? next one up soon...

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Review #19, by KailasaRemember...: Remember...

14th February 2005:
Wow, this is amazing! I always love it when someone knows how to write a romance fic. You do it perfectly; it drives me CRAZY when people just rush the characters right into a relationship... but this is amazing! You have a beautiful writing style, and you're extremely good at keeping them in character. I hope you update soon, this is awesome! ~K

Author's Response: wow... that's one of the nicest ones i've gotten... thank you for that. i'm going to update faster now that i've got that... thanks.

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Review #20, by KailasaTrue Beauty: 1

9th February 2005:
That was so awesome! Wow... you described her anger perfectly! I've felt like that so many times before: not entirely sure what I'm mad at or why, but I'm mad anyway. That's really neat... you totally made me relate to Hermione! This is going in my faves; nicely, nicely done!! ~K

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Review #21, by KailasaMy Reflection: The Broomstick Ride

9th February 2005:
Hehe, that's really adorable. However, I'm finding it hard to believe that they're so intensely in love with each other, positively head over heels, and they have YET TO KISS!!!! AHHH! I'm anticipating that part like you wouldn't believe!! Update soon... I have loved this from the beginning, as you well know now! ~K

Author's Response: *hahaha* Isn't it precious? I re-read the chapter I'm posting next, and found out it was very cheesy... so I've decided to do some changes. I think you'll like them :) Thanks for All your wonderful reviews!

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Review #22, by KailasaMy Reflection: Christmas Eve

3rd February 2005:
Yay! We're getting somewhere with this relationship now, haha! Gosh, I hope they get together soon!! And in response to your response on my review from last chapter: haha, yes I do have a boyfriend. In fact, he's coming to visit me in 2 days (it's a long distance thing, but it's really sweet and awesome) for my school's dance!! Hehe, I'm very excited. Hope you update soon; I'm loving this more than ever! ~K

Author's Response: Weee! Oh, it's very sweet that your chap is coming to see you dance! *I would love that if it happened to me* Thx for an awesome review!

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Review #23, by KailasaMy Reflection: 24th December

1st February 2005:
Awww... hehe, that's really cute. It's funny: Lily's daydreams sound an awful lot like what happens to me in my algebra class when I'm staring out the window and start thinking about my boyfriend. *wink wink* I can relate very well to this spacey ballerina you have created, haha! Very well done... can't wait to see what the other half of Christmas Eve turns out like! ~K

Author's Response: Heheh.. the other half of Xmas Eve is coming soon! And I totally undestand what you mean! You have boyfriend? *lucky one* heheh :)

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Review #24, by KailasaNever Been Kissed: Never Been Kissed

27th January 2005:
This looks as though it could be really good! I'd update if I were you! I think lots of people would be interested in seeing where this is going... and at the very least, I am! :-) ~K

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Review #25, by KailasaMy Reflection: Just Do It...

25th January 2005:
Way to go, Sirius! Gosh, I thought he'd NEVER say something, lol! But I'm nervous... Bryn has screwed this up considerably, and I'm hoping it's not going to blow up in everyone's faces. *Looks at Astrid Elisabeth hopefully* PLEEEEASE make them get together soon! I'll start bouncing off the walls, ahhh! Hope you update soon! Big hugs! ~K

Author's Response: Well... not many chapters left before they're an item now! heheh... be a LITTLE bit more patient! =)

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