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Review #1, by Chris ArinThe Favor: Chapter One

5th September 2010:
I loved the awkwardness Hermione felt, I could really feel it myself. All the turmoil going through her head. Cant wait to see where this leads = )

Author's Response: Lol! Thanks

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Review #2, by Chris ArinForbidden Love: Prolouge

9th March 2009:
nice start, some good writing, not the best as ive seen some AMAZING writing buts its good nonetheless.

off to the next chapter to see where this goes = )

Peace and God Bless,
Chris Arin

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Review #3, by Chris ArinA Serpent's Sacrifice: Let Them Come

17th January 2008:
well here i am, back again reading ur amazing story.

its a new year, and so much has happened since the last time i left a review.

one particularly good thing is ive found a girlfriend who i love : ) i wont go into details as to what we have done together but. : P

ive read many stories within this time and though i have found a few that have slightly better plot lines, i have yet to find one that is written better than your stories

onward and forward through chapters, time, life, and love!!!

p.s. my birthday is in 9 days : ) i shall be 16

Author's Response: Hey, it's good to hear from you again! I'm glad things are looking up for you, and tell your girlfriend to read and review my stories too. LOL. Thank you for your nice compliment, and I hope you enjoy the story as much this time around. G.

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Review #4, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: Is It Too Late to Save You?

18th July 2007:
well that was an abrupt ending to the chapter. did you originally mean for it to end there? it seems almost like u cut off a part for the next chapter or sumthin

Draco now knows his mother is dead, so hows he gonna take it?

the ministry have the right idea about Harrington, but will they accept it as fact?

i cant say i liked this chapter very much. it just felt empty ya kno? maybe it was just the placement of it with everything going on the last couple chapters. hopefully you'll redeem urself next chapter. 7/10

God Bless,
Chris Arin

3 days, 2 hours, 38 mins and counting.
and i mite be going to the midnite party, not sure

Author's Response: Stories need pacing, in my view, and after the excitement of the last couple of chapters, I felt we needed to pause before plowing ahead. So it was not meant to be the showcase chapter, but I think it fits in well in the overall scope of the story. Maybe other readers will agree with you. Things start to heat up again soon. G.

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Review #5, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: Ron Saw Us

17th July 2007:
its startin to get a conclusiony (lol is that a word?) feel to it. we still need to find out about peter tho and voldemorts not gone yet. im assuming theres gonna be an on land battle too?

i will ahve to read the entire story friday night : )

4 days, 1 hour, 45 mins and 6 secs and counting.

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: You are right on all accounts, though the final chapter may be out Saturday. I'm tapping away as fast as I can to finish it up. G.

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Review #6, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: This May Be It for Me

15th July 2007:
here we go, no more than, what, 1-2 chapters left? and 5 days till DH im hyper as heck over this!!! its extremely exciting that your story and Jo's are coming to an end at the same time, its making me antsy with extreme anticipation. GAH! i dont wanna wait!

so what are you gonna do about Cho? and Scrimgeour and Michelle? so many plotlines undone, so little time lol

im gonna save my reviewing madness for ur final chapters, however many that may be (im assuming 2, 1 for the final battle and 1 for the story conclusion, espcially with so little time before DH)

God Bless,
Chris Arin

P.S. i still think you should write that book i was nagging you about before

Author's Response: No, we still have a few more chapters, so I'll have to post every day. I have most of it written already, but am working now on the final two chapters. G.

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Review #7, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: Be Prepared, Harry Potter

10th July 2007:
three days eh? hehe how many more chapters?

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: Eight or nine more. I have most of it written, but I have to revise quite a lot of it. G.

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Review #8, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: You Two Are Evil

8th July 2007:
things dont look good for narcissa, tho im sure she expected something of the sort.

haha again, poor cho. are u gonna be nice to her and let her in on the fact that he cant see through her clothes? or should she suffer for a chapter or two more?

scrimgeour is finally going through with his plan huh? took him long enough lol. didnt really think about that, aurors in Hogwarts while both Harry and Voldemort are there too. three way battle i assume? but only two kno of the real importance of it.

didnt Harry use spells easily enough undeerwater in the fourth book? i may just have the movie stuck in my head as i watched it a few days ago, but didnt he use verbal spells during the second task? i guess ill look at that wen i get to my dads.

what WERE ron and hermioen talking about while he was in the lake, adn where was ginny?

another good chapter, jsut to set us up, cant wait for the next! gonna give us sum fun next chapter or will it be another set up chapter?

God Bless,
Chris Arin

13 days, 9 hours, and 29 mins.

Author's Response: I'm not sure if I'll ultimately let Cho in on the secret or not? We'll see.

I think Harry did use spells, but I decided to vary from canon in that respect. It seems to me that if you no longer have lungs but only gills, how can you speak a spell?

You'll hear Ron and Hermione's conversation in the next chapter. Things are starting to heat up. Lots of fun in the next few chapters. Check back Monday evening. G.

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Review #9, by Chris ArinLetter To Hermione: Hermione Haunted

6th July 2007:
wow.amazing story, the best ever emotion wise. ha i gotta make a list of my "best stories"
hmm urs would be best emotionally
Gabilian would take action, no doubt, either of his stories would
dont kno what esle hm

but i LOVE this story, any idea when the next chapters gonna be up? or at least waiting to be validated


God Bless,
Chris Arin

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Review #10, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: I Like to Swim

6th July 2007:
haha that was brilliant! lol eh can see through their clothes : P i nkew it was a fake story from the moment he told em and it had me laughing that entire time lol

cho is no doubt a little uneasy, with the Ministry possibly after her (and it is, scrimgeour is thoroughly disappointed in her im sure). poor girl, if i didnt like Katie Leung so much (hey shes cute, and her accent.ya) id probably despise her character. a bit pompous, cho is, canon wise.

so ole Voldys at Hogwarts now is he? or at least, he will be once he gets through those wards (centaurs gonna be a problem there?). now the fun begins : D

Hermione took the words righ out of my mouth, is he becoming another Dumbledore or another Voldemort? i loved that whole scene though. the Hag, the handling of the shopkeeper, though i didnt see much point for the assistant to be in there, cept for being a nuisance (which was handled quite quickly : P).

awesome chapter! cant wait for the next one : D

God Bless,
Chris Arin

15 days, 53 mins left : D which means only 5 days till the OoTP movie! i so wanna go to the midnight premiere

Author's Response: The assistant was there basically to give Ron, Hermione and Ginny a role in the scene. So you saw through the glowing eyes bit. Oh well, I couldn't fool everyone, but at least you thought it was funny.

Voldemort still has some nasty work, the kind he likes best, to break through the wards, then, as you say, the fun begins.

15 days! 15 days! So much more to write . . . . . . . G.

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Review #11, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: I Left Him

5th July 2007:
i take it you dont think much of Vodlemort when he was a young man eh? i very much doubt a canon tom riddle would fall for that story, but then again, your voldemort isnt canon : P

of course i was thoroughly surprised at that story. i would never have thought that Evan would think of something like that, lol or even you for that matter : P hehe another reason to add to my list of reasons why i lvoe your stories so much lol

would Cho miss soemthing like checking on the portraits? i dotn see y she would but then again, i dont see why she wouldn't either.

Peter is turning into a evry interesting character. very emotional character? no ummm, weli cant think of the right way to describe him.
i don't really see where that part of the story is going, lol do you even kno yourself?

and here's the long awaited Harmony moments, starting to show up. hehe bravery and stupidity are often linked, brilliance comes with the knowledge of when to back down, but then again, she did leave behind a long-time friend and man shes starting to love.

hehe cliffie! : D

waitin for the next chapter, sry for the long waited review, ive been at my grandmother's an have been woking alot around the house so ahvent had a chance to read (i despise dial-up!) lol

God bless,
Chris Arin

so what ius it now? 17 days, 3mins? lol i cnat see cuz of dial-up : P

happy fourth of july!!! lol even tho it ends in, now, 2 mins lol

Author's Response: I spent much of my Fourth of July (Independance Day in the U.S. for my non-American readers) working on this story, trying my best to finish it. I still have a fair amount to write. Grrrr.

The horcrux has to go somewhere, so I think the story gave it a good reason to go into Harry. More than anything, it is greedy and power-hungry, and Evan fed into that.

I HAVE to figure out what to do with Draco and Peter. I have some general ideas, but I'm awaiting that beloved moment of inspiration.

Next chapter will be posted tonight. G.

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Review #12, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: The Bowels of North Tower

2nd July 2007:
Voldemort sacrificed a horcrux to keep his rule as powerful as he could at the moment.i guess that does make some sense, as the death eaters would more than likely abandon him in his weakened state. would Peter also? hm. eh my own musings...

not much info on Draco at the moment just that hes now staying at, i can only assume, Grimmauld Place? he really is just a muggle at the moment, isnt he? are you going to keep him in that state for much longer?

o that cant be good, the horcrux loose and Harry unconscious. hows that gonna work out? very intense, and the amount of energy Harry has to exert to destroy the horcrux. the trophy is now gone, so the cup is the only one left correct? is Voldemort gonna try to retrieve it to get that part of his soul too? adn if he does is harry gonna meet him in the lake? hm, have to wait and see...

so i was right in saying that the horcrux takes the form of Voldemort at the time the horcrux was made, or did i read that part wrong?

18 days, 23 hours, 40 mins rite now till DH

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: The cup is the only one left, but of course Harry doesn't know about Nagini, and Voldemort doesn't know about the trophy.

And you are right about the form the horcrux takes. And time is running out for me. Grrrrrr. G.

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Review #13, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: I Cannot Rest Long

29th June 2007:
so draco's turning to the good side?
voldemorts practically the living dead
and Scrimgeour is ticked

Dueling death eaters, an easy mission? you must be insane : P
is Harrington basically just keep the Ministry out of the Order's way? thats what i see at this point, but then again you are known for ur huge twists.

fire. o yay! : P lol no im not a pyro but i do find fire quite interesting, lol dont ask me y, i wouldnt be able to tell ya
is the soul fragment gonna do the same thing as last time? or do they each take on a different form? like say, the form of Tom when the horcrux was created?

next chapter is gonna be a goodie, unless u intend to annoy the heck outta me like u did with that bloody letter lol

22 days, 48 mins, 45 secs and counting from the time i just typed that.

God Bless and plz get the next chapter out soon,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: I wouldn't say Draco is turning to the good side; he just got caught and is happy to be alive and away from Voldemort. That's not the same as becoming good.

Harrington has a lot to do in upcoming chapters, as you will soon see. Your questions will be answered.

That DH day keeps coming closer! I'll get it done. G.

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Review #14, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: You Don't Know Who I Am Anymore

26th June 2007:
scrimgeour is FINALLY going to set his plan into action, eh? or is he gonna change his mind again?

harry's little "earth is a beautiful place" speech got me thinkin...
as much as i hate this world we live in, ive realized its not the world itself but humanity. yes there is some good out there, but theres also the bad too and the bad is whats making me want to leave...we've corrupted the warming we look at as a problem, like we made it happen, yet its jsut nature as it was made, we've jsut worsened the problem. God made the world and He made us, perfect as can be, and WE screwed up. lol y did i have to zone out during the ONE speech during youth group that talked about this subject? lol everything thats thought of as "wrong" with the world, either we made it happen or its just a part of nature that we dont like. anyway ya im rambling so back to the chapter review.

what is with that eye glowing thing? its leadin up to sumthin i kno it lol

draco amde the same mistake the DA did in OoTP. he thot that a desrted place would make him less likely to be noticed. but he was. now hes gonna have the Order on him.

i dotn really kno what to say about hermione's explanation. it was like half the story, so does that make it truth? or a lie? lol i dunno, that has no rellevence to the story im sure but sitll i wanna kno lol

u killed Snivellus??? i am amazed, tho i guess SOMEONE had to die. i wouldnt be surprised if he dies in canon too. and you kno how Jo said someone got a reprive from dying? i bet ya it was draco. i dotn kno i came to that conclusion but i bet it was. and Snape has too much going wrong with him for him not to die : P heck i wouldnt be surprised if Harry kills him trying to get to Voldemort

adn wats this "drastic action" of ol' Voldy's? guess we'll find out eventually.

great chapter, a little short in my opinion but maybe i jsut liked the length of SS's chapters too much.

God bless and still waiting an incredibly annoying 25 days and 55 mins till DH,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: Looks like I hit a philosophical nerve. LOL. Despite its imperfections, the world IS a beautiful place, and we should never lose sight of that. Certainly, we humans have done much to harm it, but it's still beautiful. Hopefully humankind will do what it has to do to preserve it, but in that respect, I cannot profess to be confident.

I think your hunches about book 7 are pretty good ones, and I'll be interested to find out. Only 25 days? I need to get typing. G.

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Review #15, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: Now the Fun Begins

23rd June 2007:
i only have one thing to say this time, well two actually...

in the first section of the chapter, you wrote
"He [Harry] smiled again, and despite his reluctance to return to the Burrow, now that he had arrived, he could not help but enjoy the ambiance of the ramshackle residence."
then, no more than 2 paragraphs later,
"Though Harry had not initially desired to return to the Burrow, now that he arrived, his spirits soared."
was this intentional? either way it was odd.

and i dont kno if its jsut me, but the chapters seem a little short. maybe im jsut a fast reader but there doesnt seem to be enough. any chance you could squeeze in a little more in each chapter? maybe 500-1000 more words?

28 days, 2 hours, and 19 mins at this moment till DH, i cant wait lol

God bless,
Chris arin

Author's Response: The chapter was 4400 words, which is about where my other ones are. I think that's a good length. Enough to cover some territory but easy to read in one sitting.

Looks like I repeated myself a little. Just emphasizing the point, I guess, but no special meaning to it.

Time is winding down! I need to bear down. G.

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Review #16, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: We Have to Support Harry

18th June 2007:
not much to say here.

little bit of voldemort comin out in harry during Michelle's visit?

i gotta ask...wont draco look a little like harry with his disguise? minus the scar that is.

dont kno why i have so little to say, may be tired i dunno neway im outta here

happy fathers day!

God bless,
Chris arin

Author's Response: Draco may look a little like Harry, but not too much. There won't be any confusion.

I had a nice father's day. My kids made me cookies. G.

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Review #17, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: Put Harry Back in Charge

12th June 2007:
snape's staying in the alps? odd location but i guess thats all the better for him, totally ranom place that voldemort woulnt think to look.

now we know the exact forms and locations of the rest of the horcruxes, interesting idea for the locket to be the last one to be made so it has a memory of where every othr one was stored. gonna be an eventful tiem in the coming days.

Ginny now knows that its over between her and harry, whats her reaction gonna be like the next time she sees him?

hermione's scared of Harry adn we canneasily see why at the end of the chapter. vodlemorts startin to show up in Harry. id like to see hw he handles that.

lol it took me a bit to remember who "Miss Goldsmith" was lol. what is her assignment? did u say in a previous chapter? i dunno lol ill just wait and see.

We definatley see Voldemort coming out in Harry. lashing out at Evan like that? totally uncharacteristic of him, as hermione noticed. luckily she has some manner of control over him, he almost hexed Harrington into next week : P

i thought the chapter ended a bit abruptly. it jsut didnt feel like it was complete, you know? maybe it was just me *shrugs* oh well. cant wait for the next chapter!!!

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: Harry got lucky for a change with the locket being the last one. I don't think that Voldemort knows that a horcrux brings with it memories of previous horcruxes.

Ginny has some growing up to do, and Molly and she will have a nice conversation in the next chapter.

Miss Goldsmith is the new recruit for the Order of the Phoenix, a muggle-born, who is supposed to try to contact Harry.

This definitely was not the best of my chapters, and I made a few tweaks to it before I posted. If this were a "real" story, I would probably rewrite this chapter extensively, but it does the job.

Until Saturday. G.

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Review #18, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: I Am Whatever I Am

6th June 2007:
so Snape is on the run eh? and he has a day or so head start, correct?

all i have to say about this horcrux business is, what the bloody hell? lol
it took the form of Tom Riddle, was forced inside Harry and he absorbs it, with no obvious reaction what-so-ever, cept for a slight mood change. again, what the bloody hell?

the Daily Prophet is in hiding, not much to say on that, just a little info on their situaion. but i liked the quidditch reference : )

quick appearance of Cho. she recognized rufus's worry, i actually am kinda starting to feel sorry for the guy.NOT! lol he brought this upon himself, the moron. at least harrison has the right idea. win or lose on harry's part, it'll help the Ministry either way.

"One is with Voldemort. One is at Hogwarts. And one is at the bottom of a lake." huh? when did he figure this out? just now or am i forgetting something from a previous chapter? hm ill have to look back on it.

overall great chapter and mucho gracias on the amount of horcrux info/progression/i dont kno what to call it. :P

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: You'll find out more next chapter, but by absorbing this horcrux, Harry also "absorbed" the information about the other horcruxes. Again, next chapter will explain.

Harry can absorb the horcruxes because of what happened to him as a baby and due to the changes that occurred on his seventeenth birthday. But it has a cost.

Snape has a head start, and believe me, Voldemort is NOT going to be happy about it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. G.

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Review #19, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: Smash It, Harry

31st May 2007:
not much to say on this chapter.

draco living with Muggles, thats an interesting thought :P is he gonna stay in the shrieking shack tho?

following Harry to protect him? interesting story, ill be glad to see where this goes...

so the lockets in half, and we have a mist, which i can only assume is the piece of Voldemorts soul, hanging in the air... hmm

more on the HP universe:
OoTP movie now released on july 11th instead of the 13th. only explanation i can come up with is that the 13th is a friday :P

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: In my world, Draco's not the brightest bulb in the lamp. That's all I'll say about that.

We'll find out about that mist next time. Next chapter will be posted next Tuesday, as I'm going to a six-day schedule as we near D-Day. G.

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Review #20, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: Harry Is Different Now

31st May 2007:
well im back, have no internet connection at my grandmas at the moment so i only can get on here at my dads and at skool.

so Snape's gonna be a good guy this time eh? or is he gonna be a double-triple-double-quadruple-triple-double-double-triple-double agent like in the series? :P

some Pumpkin Pie moments showing up : ) but it still doesnt keep them from their horcrux quest. awesomeness.

so scrimgeours gonna act like the articles total rubbish, is he? is he gonna pull Evan off the job of following Harry? and if he does, hows Evan gonna keep tabs on Harry? im sure Scrimgeour cant be very happy about it all.

adding Arthur and Molly in this chapter got me thinkin, hows the Order gonna fit into this story? are they even gonna be in it at all?

Ah, the locket... originally found in a cupboard if i remember correctly? (ive been readin the series over to prepare for Deathly Hallows, which you now have 51 days before it arrives). speakin of horcruxes, i believe i found sum evidence for Nagini being a horcrux in canon. i may just be lookin too much into it but we shall see.

Ginny's gonna be either pissed or sad when Harry shows up. that should be an awkward moment : P

and sum info on going ons around the HP universe:
Harry Potter themepark being built! to open in 2010 but its at Universal Orlando : ( oh well.see if i cant make a trip there : )

Poor Laura Mallory, cant win an appeal to save her life.
from the Chicago SunTimes website, "Laura Mallory, who argued the popular fiction series is an attempt to indoctrinate children in witchcraft, said she still wants the best-selling books removed and may take her case to federal court."
how long is she gonna keep this up? youd think after, what, 2 years, that shed give up...

well enough from me. i shall let you get on to your other devoted readers' reviews.

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: Nice to have you back, and thanks for the HP updates. I had not heard about them.

I'll not give away my plans for Snape, but it probably will not be what most readers think.

I probably should reread the series again too, but I've been too busy writing to read. If I can't read the whole six books, I'll reread HBP, even though it is my least favorite.

All in all, you are pretty much on the mark with your comments. Look forward to hearing from you again. G.

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Review #21, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: Tell Me He's Wrong

3rd May 2007:
so the mood swings, he being able to see harrington under the cloak, its all because of him turning 17? this is gonna be interesting, the war between him and Voldemort.

so we have a new character coming into play, Michelle Goldsmith. haha for some reason i wanna say goldstein : P no idea y lol so whats her role gonna be like? just a side character like Cho i assume?

excellent chapter i must say though i may have to read the letter again lol a bit long for me to comprehend it fully. at least you finally gave it to us lol

11 chapters down, how many to go? we are 78 days away from DH and still counting re-reading the whole series (for the third time) in preperation for it. anyone else doing the same? after an estimated 10 hours of reading, im at the point where ron and harry decide to steal the flying car to get to Hogwarts during CoS. so many things i missed that foreshadow so much. i have to hand it to Mrs. Rowling. she may not be the best writer in the world (though easily ONE of the best), but she can sure hide things real well.

things are looking down for poor Harry, but way WAY up for us readers : )
lovin the story so far and theres so much left to read.

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: Michelle will have a small role to play, but she won't be a major character, unless I find something important for her to do.

Only 78 days to go?! Wow. I really have to get working on this, because one way or the other, I'm going to finish it before then. I would guess that there will be 30+ chapters, but it should be shorter than Serpent, which in my opinion went a little too long. I'm trying to be a bit more concise in this story, though it will be long enough. G.

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Review #22, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: A New Direction

30th April 2007:
well seeing as how i cant find any other way to contact u, ill say it here even though it has nothing to do with the story : p

state testing is this week so wish me luck : ) i have a possibility of gettin a college scholarship from them lol

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: You have my best wishes. I hope your brain is at its best and that all of that drumming hasn't damaged any brain cells. LOL G.

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Review #23, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: Killing Begets Killing

19th April 2007:
im not going to say anything about that last line.

so ole voldy's gonna start on his own hunt to retrieve his horcruxes, but Harry knows. so whos gonna get to em first?

so could that bottle Ginny had be a horcrux? or is it just sealed really well? : P

so whats scrimgeour got up his sleeve this time, to put a smirk on his face? slimy git...

so Draco and Narcissa know about Lucius's extermination. whats Draco going to do for revenge?

once again great chapter and cant wait for the next one. oh and what time did u post this chapter? cuz i was looking for it from 9:30 pm - 11:15 pm and never saw it show up. lol im just now reviewing here in my multimedia class at skool : P

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: Everyone's worried about that letter. *chuckles evilly to himself*

The bottle of olives definitely is NOT a horcrux. That would have been a real twist to the story, but I can't see Voldemort using a muggle bottle of olives as a horcrux.

Draco is confused and really doesn't know what he's going to do. More on him in the next chapter (or the one after, I'm not sure).

I posted this about 11:30 last night. Both of my sons had baseball games, and I didn't finish the final proof-reading until then.

Until next week. G.

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Review #24, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: The Worst Birthday of My Life

11th April 2007:
GAH! CURSE YOU!!! : P *sigh* once again u leave me wanting more and more. the scuffle with Harrington, with no concluding discussion. i get to the end of the chapter thinking i get to read more and im cut off. i daresay you are the master of cliffhangers and IIRRITATING YOUR READERS!!! lol i dont want to wait : (

so what measures are the Ministry going to take to "protect" Hogwarts, if they are allowed?

i didnt really much care for the scene when Harrington was at Hermiones house watching her. it just seemed... slow to me. just didnt seem right.

you did! you did it! GAH! you said youd make me wait at least 2 weeks to find out what that item/letter contains. i am now apologizing to the rest of the readers for having him make you wait as well. curse you. : P

seemed to eb a bit of a short chapter this time, or i mite have just been to entwined in the story to pay attaention haha. you seriously are an amazing writer, tho a bit irritating at times with ur bloody cliffhangers lol *sigh* once again i must wait.

God Bless,
Chris Arin

p.s. Happy late Easter! hope u ahd funi kno i did. went to church, then to ym aunts with the whole family. oh so much fun. even got to wrestle with my little step bro cuz i took his quarter he got from the easter egg hunt : P
neway now im out and waiting for the enxt chapter.

Author's Response: The scene of Evan at Hermione's house was merely meant to build up a little tension and also to show the life of an auror. Hours of boredom followed by moments of excitement.

Yes, you still haven't found out the contents of the letter, and I'm still feeling a little evil in that regard.

The chapter was a little shorter, but I try not to worry about length too much. A chapter should end wherever it makes sense.

I had a nice Easter, and right now I am in Las Vegas for my son's baseball tournament. I have access to my friend's computer for a little while, so I'm trying to answer my reviews. I'll be back next week as always. G.

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Review #25, by Chris ArinThe Bottom of the Lake: I Will Not Waver

5th April 2007:
ur gonna make me wait another chapter to see what the item from Dumbledore is? and jsut as my hopes were getting up. i insist u start writing 2 chapters a week, and im sure others would agree with me. lol im too impatient, every chapter leaves me wanting more, to finsih the story as soon as possible. oh well, ill have to wait another week then.

God Bless,
Chris Arin

Author's Response: I might make you wait two weeks. LOL. I will post my next chapter a day early, as I mentioned to the previous reviewer. G.

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