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Review #1, by jmegrayA Halliwell in Hogwarts: Chapter 6

18th April 2007:
Ok, I haven't read this story yet but I wanted to send you a note. OMG! I have a story posted called Help and my character is named Parker and is based on the Halliwells! I orginally wrote it with that name only she was the Grandaughter of Leo and Piper. It was rejected at the other site as a crossover so I changed the last name and the other characters names but it still got rejected. I have added your story as a fave so I can read it! I'll read yours if you'll read mine! (Sorry I didn't know how else to contact you)

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Review #2, by jmegrayCollege Year the First: The Bus.

6th March 2007:
Just reviewing the stories of everyone who has me as a favorite, Your other review was... short. So here goes. Good story, I like where you are going with this. I have read so many that stick to just the HP stuff that I like reading OC stories and AU stories (like mine). Anyway, it was a teeny bit hard to follow (head still spinning a little) switching between Rebecca and Ginny. Smooth it out a little, work on the transition and it will be easier. I'll watch for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah... I suppose I do have a tendency to jump around a bit (a lot...). I need to watch that in the future. Thank you for pointing it out!

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!

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Review #3, by jmegrayHarry Potter and the Power Within: Chapter 1: The Letter

6th March 2007:
Hey there! (waves from her own authors page). Reveiws are a wonderful way to let you know how you are doing. You have my story as one of your favorites so I am returning the favor. First of all, it's a good idea but I would have added a bit more to this chapter, actually get into Dumbledore arriving end with a cliff hanger, like telling him about the relative (ta dam). Ok next, this is a strange post, the spacing is weird, how did you do that? Also, either get a BETA or just someone to read through it real quick, there are a lot of errors in grammer. You use the word usually when it should be usual and hear instead of here. Just get someone to a basic read through for you and point out the minor stuff. I know mine is not perfect but I read it about 50 times before I submit and sometimes I still find errors after it has been validated so I go in and edit them. If I were you I would add alot more to this chapter and it will generate more readers. Also, I didn't get very many readers until I made a banner, it seems to attract people more. Good Luck!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and letting me know that. Since you brought it up, do you know how to get a BETA and banner cause I don't know.I will see what I can do about making the first chapter longer, I was thinking about it anyways so thanks. By the way, I love your story!

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Review #4, by jmegrayThere is a God, and He's Mad At Me: Chapter 1

12th February 2007:
The dialouge was a little hard to follow. You couldn't really tell who was talking. Good start though.

Author's Response: well, i hav had ample review saying they luved it, but watevs. im kool w/ any advice. c ya.

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Review #5, by jmegrayTil' Death Do Us Part: Chapter One- Ashcroft Manor

5th February 2007:
really good, I'm hooked enough to keep reading.

Author's Response: YAHH!!! thanks!!

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Review #6, by jmegray~*~ The Princess & The Pureblood~*~: /*/ Finding OUT! /*/

4th February 2007:
It's a good start, makes people have to read the next chapter to find out more info. The chapter title was a little deceptive you might change it to The Ticket or Birthday Surprises. I'll keep watching for your next post.

Author's Response: Thanks! The tiltle of the story will make more sense in a later chapter. :P

I greatly appreciate the review.

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