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Review #1, by RyaineMake Me Smile: Merlin's Knickers

7th May 2008:
I have to say "WOW" I am amazed by your story, I love it, I can't wait to see how it all works out in the end, great plot too... :)

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Review #2, by RyaineUntouchable: Twenty-Nine

1st May 2008:
YAY! I liked it. and sorry I'll try to be less intimidating when it comes to future chapters. that are coming. right? lol

Author's Response: Haha! :D Well, it was intimidating in a GOOD way lol :D Thanks again for reviewing, and don't worry, I will update son enough ^_^

- Lily xxx

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Review #3, by RyaineSirius Black Jnr.: Being down in the dumps.

29th April 2008:
you ever going to update this story? lol! Busy I know, just let me.. all of us know

Author's Response: lol i know i'm awful... i'm sort of on a semi-permenant hiatus. hopefully i'll be back soon!

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Review #4, by RyaineUntouchable: Twenty-Three

28th April 2008:
Im sorry I just read your story beginning to end and I love it and was going to comment this on a previous chap. But why do I get the feeling that Benjamin Fenwick is an ass to Anna due to a connection/ relation in her family like he is her biological father or godfather or uncle...?

Author's Response: Thank you, and I'm a bit intimidated by the way your brain works :) Interesting, really interesting... ^_^

- Lily xxx

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Review #5, by RyaineLady Malfoy: The Manor

8th October 2007:
OOOH so who is being kept in the dungeons DUN DUN DUN!!
Great so far, hope you update soon

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Review #6, by RyaineKiss and Tell: The Gallows Walk

6th October 2007:
I love this story and have said so before, yet I am concerned about it being deleted seeing as they are planning on deleting profiles that havent been used in a while, i just dont want this story deleted

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Review #7, by RyaineLady Malfoy: Telling Them

1st September 2007:
i loved it please update soon

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Review #8, by RyaineMore Reasons than Not: The Hearing

23rd August 2007:
shes pregno!! love the story so far

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #9, by RyaineSinners: Chapter Six - Secrets

29th July 2007:
I love your story, it's great you don't read a lot of good pansy/draco stories and this is one! btw who made your banner?

Author's Response: Thanks! I know, I wish there were more, but I do what I can. I made it actually, I made all of my banners except the Always With Me one. I have a gallery over at TDA :]

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Review #10, by RyaineScorn of Reality: Another year

21st May 2007:
well that was good... but we want GOD!! lol can't wait, write the next one soon!! *shoots self continuing to mutter something about speak for yourself you lazy a- That's enough* sorry, stupid conscience, well maybe I'll write again too... *HmMm, thats a thought*

Author's Response: You have a ver interesting conscience. Reminds me of Draco's conscience I use in my roleplays. XD I might bring it into this story, actually. Hmm, there's an idea. lol. Well, thanks for the review, dearie!!

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Review #11, by RyaineYour Present: Surprising Twist

30th April 2007:
Took you long enough... lol... j/k I love it I can't wait to see what happens, with the triangle along with Lily, James and Gemma and all.. LOVE IT

Author's Response: Heehee yeah it sure did, a million gazillion apologies hun hehe. Thank you so much for reviewing and haha you have no idea how glad I am that you liked it! -showers you with cookies-

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Review #12, by RyaineBurnt Black: Damsel in distress

27th April 2007:
poor Ray! I hope it gets better

Author's Response: lol, you'll soon find out :)

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Review #13, by RyaineLoving you, Hating you: Don't cry

4th April 2007:
loving the story update soon

Author's Response: thankyou so much! the next chapter has just been posted, so it should be up within 10 days! ( hopefully sooner)

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Review #14, by RyaineSecond Best...Well, not in his eyes: Kicking and Screaming

25th February 2007:
i think i skipped a few chapters!, I thought it was good though, esp. the pig part lol

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Review #15, by RyaineGuardian Evangeline: Meet the Malfoys

25th February 2007:
i cant wait for the next chap

Author's Response: ^_^

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Review #16, by RyaineYour Present: Quidditch & Accidents

7th January 2007:

Author's Response: Teehee thanks so much, glad you think so!

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Review #17, by RyaineThe Vault: Chapter 7~The Lair

1st January 2007:
I see where this is going... the Malfoys am I correct? Man i love this story, it would be interesting to know more about Miles and maybe have Hermione and him hook up! I kno how this is a hermione and draco story so i won't keep my fingers crossed 9/10

Author's Response: There'll be more information on Miles in upcoming chapters, so don't worry about that. There'll be plenty of twists in Hermione's relationships that you probably won't see coming ;) I'm very excited to write the next couple of chapters. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #18, by RyaineAlways Joe: Drama in Paradise

18th December 2006:
seems interesting enough... can't wait to find out what happens

Author's Response: yay ^^ you'll see soon ;)

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Review #19, by RyaineInsanity Kills: Propositions and interuptions

14th December 2006:
hmm... sounds good so far! can't wait to see or err.. read whats going to happen!

Author's Response: Thank you so much and everyone else who have left reveiws it makes me feal so much better about my writing, and makes me want to write more so thank you

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Review #20, by RyaineSecond Best...Well, not in his eyes: Midnight run-ins and food, lots and lots of food

12th December 2006:
YAY you finally updated!! Great chapter too... I loved it except for the part with her, Alex and Jimmy thery're going to work it all out right

Author's Response: soon enough, I assure you

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Review #21, by RyaineA Future Riddle: When You Were You

11th December 2006:
Hmmm, and here I am sitting wondering if her plan is really going to work out correctly, to bring him over to the light side before it's too late... UpDaTe sOOn!!

Author's Response: It's certainly going to be a tedious task. Thanks for the review. Updates might be a little slow because I'm working on two other stories.

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Review #22, by RyaineJust Friends: A visit to the Potter Mansion

7th December 2006:
i do adore your story can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: The next chapter is pretty short but Chapter five is 11 pages on word so it will make up! I promise!

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Review #23, by RyaineChaotic: Bittersweet Holidays

6th December 2006:
im stuck I like them both!! well... I think it would be interesting seeing Sydney and Remus together!! I know everyone else is going to say Sirius but right now, I want to say Remus...

Author's Response: Yah it would be quite a twist if Remus and Sydney ended up together...the score is currently 18-3...

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Review #24, by RyaineLeft Alone-A letter to Voldemort: Left Alone

5th December 2006:
WOW that was a great one-shot!! are you going to write another one, about this 'change'??

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Review #25, by RyaineA Future Riddle: Starbright

3rd December 2006:
I do love your story, I would have commented on every single chapter but they would all be the same 'you have a great knack for writing, I love this chapter and update soon!' and I mean that times 12, every chapter is great!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That really means a lot.

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