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Review #1, by Melancholy_CrowPaved with Good Intentions: A Different sort of train ride

30th November 2006:
You Make me want to Shout, and put my hands up and shout come on now COME ON NOW!! *woot* i reviewed first *pokes tongue out* La.once i had a meat ball, its nicest was profound, this nice meatball was juicy and round, until one day Harry came and ate it all, and so i said dear harry im going ot get voldymort!! hehehe your story rocks my socks until they pass out from happiness! though...all your stories do this to my socks...its not healthy you know...anyway keep writing WOO!

Author's Response: thank you melancholy crow for your wonderful review now post somethng of yours so that i can write something stupid too!!!!

yay it rhymes!!!!

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Review #2, by Melancholy_Crow:

17th November 2006:
wow...i never thought Snape to be so evil.EVIL!! heh..anyway that was so cool, and i feel her pain at having a horrible last name, anyway keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Yes, very evil, mwahahaha! He killed Dumbledore, didn't he? Yes, awful name, but it was funny at the time. I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Review #3, by Melancholy_CrowIt Was Only a Kiss: Still Searching

16th November 2006:
wow this story rocks, though i don't understand how she could forget such a sort of shocked me actually. You should make it that Sirius visits her when he escapes and such...or do what ever you want :) Anyway great story sad-ish ending and awesome song choices! thanks for the read!

Author's Response: Yeah, blame it on the evil potions the evil healers made her take. Okay, they weren't really evil, but you know what I mean. haha. You'll see how she and Sirius meet. lol. Thanks so much!!

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