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Review #1, by Fallen_MadnessIt Was Only a Kiss: When You Kiss Me

27th June 2007:
I loved it! I generally dont like Mary Sue stories but love Padfoot so I gave it a try.

Author's Response: Mary Sue??
Libby is not a Mary Sue, hun. . .

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Review #2, by Fallen_Madness:

27th June 2007:
Alright. So it was ok. Not spectacular but an alright try for your first slash fic. I liked it but it moved really fast and could have been a few chapters long. It was also dripping, oozing with sap. But it was pretty good.

Author's Response: Thanks. I appreciate that. I'm thinking about trying another one, but yeah it could have been better, but that was just a one shot. I may even try another one soon, making it longer. That would be quite fun to try. Like I say, haven't been down this road before, so it's new to me.

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Review #3, by Fallen_MadnessMeet Me in the Room of Requirement: Becoming Acquainted with a Common Room

20th January 2007:
hmm... Only a few problems. Electronic devices dont work at hogwarts because there is too much magical interfereance.. It says so in book four. And... How is Draco going to feed his fish o.O??

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