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Review #1, by sweetie_face 14Annabel Lee: CHAPTER 1

28th February 2007:
You left such a charming review of mine I thought I'd check something of yours out.
You're a great author too you know. Gorgeous description and I love the use of that poem. It was beautiful.
Write more if this!!

Author's Response: thank you SO much! it means a lot that people care enough to review! i love that you like the story and i am definitely going to write as much as i can! thanx again!

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Review #2, by sweetie_face 14Nothing Lasts Forever: Prologue - Golden

28th February 2007:
Hiya. I'm an accaintance, shall we say, of Dracana's.
Great story so far and I love the description.
Your names' are fantastic! 'Niall'! What a great name! and 'Fenella'! Love 'em! I suck at names. When I was younger, all my stories had princess' called Rosie or Sarah and my handsome prince was always Jo. Don't ask why, even I have no clue.
Keep going hun!! xxx

Author's Response: Hi
Thanks for dropping in, fresh cookies are on the side; help yourself!
I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far. I must admit my mind is filled with fantasy-named characters, it's thinking up normal names I have troubles with!

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Review #3, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: A Dangerous Twist

28th February 2007:
oh wow! I wanna read more! You send me the next chapter right now or...or you're in big trouble missie!
lol no seriously that was great!! So this is how they kidnap Ryan! I love it. and i picked up on the shifty eye thing of draco's earlier. I bet he's the one that's behind it all. hmm... I'd make a fabulous detective. Hey that's something to think about. Quite a stratigic career move for after my education. like it.
Send me the next chapter! xx

Author's Response: Hello my dear!! More is here for you. *hugs* I hope you're still not feeling ill. Did you drink some coffee?

Uh oh!! I'll send you the next chapter in a moment. *shrinks and hides* It's just, last time I did, I don't think it went through to your email. Sorry!! :-(

This is how they get Ryan, yes - its mean, isn't it? Oh, well done. Damn Draco, damn him to the depths of hell!! He's so mean in this!! Yes, a very good Auror indeed. :-) He he.

Thanks loads for reviewing - sorry, next chapter is up but you can have the one after that . . . *giggles nervously*

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Review #4, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: Hopeless Complications

28th February 2007:
hi you.
Sorry I haven't been around for a week or so. I've been ill so I haven't been able to persuade myself to get out of bed and onto the computer. I'll send you an email tomorrow-that's when I'm going back to school (not an occasion for joy) as you have my school email.
Ok. so great chapter. I love the way Hermione's love has become desperate. I think she'd kill for Ryan I really do!
Of course I'll check out your step sister's story. On my way!xx

Author's Response: Hello my dear!!

Ah, ill? Drink coffee, it will make it all better. *_* I did send you an email, I was wondering if you had got it . . . :-)

Oh, really? I know I would kill for Ryan!! :-)

She'd love you to check it out, thank you!!

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Review #5, by sweetie_face 14Let It Rain, Drown My Pain: Rain...Storm...Wind

20th February 2007:
Aw. That was so adorable. I'm all gooey now. *sniff*
What a lovely sad story.
I loved the line 'outside i shiver, outside i am numb'. Very effective. i like the fact it's Ron/Hermione. That's quit unusual and I enjoyed it. Very sweet letter. Do a sequel! Please?

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I REALLY appreaciate your review! It's been so long since I got one for this fic :D
Yea, tha was one of my fav lines as well. I shipped it Ron/hermione bcuase then I could focus mainly on the emotions and heartbreak rather than how tey got together :)
I'm not sure about a sequal...What would I put in it? lol
Thank you for making my day!

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Review #6, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: Morbid Regrets

20th February 2007:
Me again. he he.
I adore this story!!
Yeah feel free to email me. You could send me the story before you validate it!! *puppy eyes*
no ok. Seriously though poor ryan! And draco is so cute in this. he's all helpull and sweet. it's like he really cares for Hermione (and i think he has a wee bit of a crush on her) and he's jelous of Blaise. and what is up woth blaise?! he's all offish with hermione! It's like nothing ever happened! I don't like him any more. ...well that's not tru but whatever
well im hanging on for an email and the next chapter.
x x x x x

Author's Response: Lol. Maybe, but usually as soon as I've written a story I validate it straight away - I'm a TA now *grins and brags*

Anyway, I'll email you for sure, because I'm really undecided about something important in this and I need a second opinion and someone to make me think otherwise.

That's something else I'll point out to you about Draco. Please tell me if you don't want spoilers emailed to you though, and I'll refrain myself.

Blaise is just wierd, mean and screwed up in general. Lol. He only wanted her for one thing in the end.

I'll email you, and the next chapter!! :-)

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Review #7, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: Potions and Complications

19th February 2007:
How how how howho wohoh hohohoh; qwvt;p?!!!?111?1?1??11/
and breath...
ok. That jumble of letters at the top there is actually me typing 'how' over and over again. he he.
I don't actually blame him. Even though Blaise sounds H.O.T.
I can't believe hermione. I love her to peices but still!
Personally, I like Draco and Hermione the most. They're alot of fun to play around with because they have so much to work past but once they do it's seriously satisfying to write.
Oh god I feel so sorry for ryan.
*whispers* when is he gonna get kidnapped?
Ron should kidnap him!! Yeah I love that idea! Then when Hermione rescues him, that proves her undenying love for ryan!
ok im rambling but whatever works.
I love love love hermione in this fic. She's so strong yet also so vulnerable. Bless her. I am determined to review everything of yours so prepare to get a lot of feedback from me!!

Author's Response: Ah, poor Ryan. He'll be back, no worries.

Ah, bad, mean Hermione . . .

I love Draco/Hermione, but I just can't get Ryan out of my head in this fic. It's like he should be in it all the time.

Lol, forgot you knew that. *whispers back* Pretty soon. Hermione has to bring him back from America first.

Ah, the thing is though . . . does Ryan actually get rescued? Or does he die? I already know who the kidnapper is - and it will be a shock to all!! He he, my clever little shockingly disturbing twists!!

Oh, WOW!! I would SO totally love that!! My problem, my dear, is that I promised to dedicate a fic to you, and right now I'm totally stuck for ideas. If you would like any of my fics to be dedicated to yourself that aren't dedicated to someone already, then choose and tell me. If not, challenge me with something, or just wait til I come up with something good. :-)

Thanks loads for reviewing. I might email you or something at some point, if that's ok, seeing as you know the plot - as I'm not entirely certain on whether to allow Ryan to live or not. He's a gorgeous character, but I'm an angst writer, and I just don't know . . . Anyway, thanks again, sweetie!!


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Review #8, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: Dirty Regrets

15th February 2007:
Yay! A whole chapter for me! I'm so honoured! *hugs and giggles*
It was great but boy what a cliffhanger! Poor Ryan! I want to give him a big cuddle. great chapter lol. will be waiting impatiently for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey you!! You deserved it, hun - you review so much of mys stuff, lol - you're dangerously close to having a fic dedicated to you!!

I want to do a LOT of stuff to Ryan, but I better not write it down, lol. Update coming soon.

Thanks for reviewing!! xx

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Review #9, by sweetie_face 14My Mystery Man: My Mystery Man

13th February 2007:
interesting. except when they orgasmed you went 'HERMINE!' instead of hermiOne. bit weird but kinda cool I guess so thumbs up and it did make me smile. I bet you had fun writing this. My stuff's more deep and sexy rather than fun and sexy. he he. Draco was soo sweet in this btw. adorable. xxx 10/10

Author's Response: hehe yea this was sortra fun to write. soz about that lil slip up, i'll go back and fix it when i have time. thanks for ur review. i love draco when hes sweet! aww! lol. thanks again

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Review #10, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: The Power of Lust

12th February 2007:
No no no!!! I was so hoping for a bit of sex! Hermione bless her she nearly does it with a guy each chapter and I felt sure this was the one where ahe actually went through with it! now i'm miserable. 'what an odd reason to be miserable' i bet you're thinking. ha. anyway great chapter. can't wait to see Ryan again. maybe they'll find themselves alone in a classroom and...*ahem* *grins cheekily*
I love Blaise's character. I think I'm falling for him! Help! He's such a bad boy. yummy.
please please update soon!xxx

Author's Response: He he he, you like that stuff then? :-) More will come. Hmmmm, Ryan . . . Well, I fooled you there in that chapter, sorry to disappoint your excitment. :-P In a classroom? Would you like that? I'll write that if you like, just to make up for the lack of sex in this chapter. lol.

I love Blaise too. He's so hot and all. And very bad. But we like that. *eats*

Update coming either at the weekend or next week, when I'm on half-term. :-)

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Review #11, by sweetie_face 14Harry Potter and the Birth of a Legend: Realisation of destiny

10th February 2007:
I totally understand what you mean about the spelling. One can never be bothered with spellchecking! besides, everyone knows what you mean. great chappie and I like the suspense. can tell this is gonna be a good story and you've captured Harry's personality nicely. xx

Author's Response: Suspense is going to be a good friend to me in this story, hope you don't mind cliffhangers.

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Review #12, by sweetie_face 14Harry Potter and the Birth of a Legend: The Dark Object.

10th February 2007:
Can definitely feel the suspense! Great first chapter and I am seconds away from reading the second.x

Author's Response: Thanks, keep on reviewing.

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Review #13, by sweetie_face 14:

10th February 2007:
fabby! There os lots of potential with this story - lots of ways you can go. Will Draco fall for Hermione but hate himself because of it? Great style of writing, really captivating. I've seen your reviews here and there in this site so I thought I'd check some of your stuff out. Looks very promising so please update because I can't wait to see how this one turns out!x 10/10

Author's Response: wow thankyou! i am glad you see the potential with the story! im very pleased! xx
Zoe xx

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Review #14, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: Friendships and Makeovers

10th February 2007:
lovely lovely lovely. great tension between these two. it's so obvious they're attracted to each other but I think they feel obliged to ignore their feelings. It's just like Romeo and Juliet!!! Two people from different spheres harbouring secret love for one another but not allowed to be together because of society! no?...ok not quite like that but you know where I'm coming from. Can't wait to see what happens next. update soon!!xx

Author's Response: Hey again, you!! :-p Maybe you're right about that, maybe you're not. You shall see as the fic progresses. Love or pretence? Hmmmm. Difficult one, but I know it!! I know where you're coming from, yes. :-) Update coming tonight, and thanks for being so lovely as to review again. xx

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Review #15, by sweetie_face 14a call into the wind: loudspeaker and friends

9th February 2007:
dun dun duuuh!! Wowee! Lovin it! evil kanevil Ron or what?! seriously good

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Review #16, by sweetie_face 14a call into the wind: calm before the storm

9th February 2007:
oh. eviiil. lol. I'm two seconds away from reading the next chappie hun.xx

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Review #17, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: Intimacy

5th February 2007:
Ok. Loved loads and loads and I have lots of lovely ideas for you.
1. the thing I said before about Ron nearly raping her then Draco saves her
2. Ryan turns out to be an asshole and cheats on her. She could walk in on him!! Yeah but he only did it because he thought they had broken up forever.
3. Hermione could fall critically ill and she has to choose between her secret fellings for Draco or her 'love' for Ryan
4. Ron could die!! and on his death bed she could kiss him. The thing he's always wanted. Really sweet.
5. Voldemort could kipnap someone. RYAN! and use him to get to her! But during the search for him, she falls in mutual love properly with Draco or Blaise.
6. I've run out of ideas but I'm sure you'll think of something if you don't like mine.

Author's Response: *screams* Oh no, you've discovered my plot!! Number five . . . damn it!! Lol. I guess you just share the same sort of ideas as me. Ryan is going to get kidnapped. Whoops!! lol.

Thanks so much for all of your ideas - I hope you continue to read even if you know what's going to happen!! :-)

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Review #18, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: Just Friends

3rd February 2007:
Oooh the plot thickens. Jesus Hermione is so deep! and such a sweet confused girl! Her emotions are probably running around in termoil so she got all confused and nearly had sex with Harry! Blimey! I keep waiting for her to get together with Draco. But one suggestion: maybe Ron should start gettin a bit more nasty. I mean, he could get drunk or something and feel her up. Ooh then Draco could save her! So he doesn't actually rape her but he nearly does then yeah. Draco saves her! just an idea. I feel sorry for Hermione. Bless her. And Harry is so cute. aw. *grins stupidly* Keep those chapters coming ...Helen is it?
Still awaiting your thoughts on my one shot. whenever you get the time.
love me. again. xx

Author's Response: Hemione's so much fun to mess around with, even if it isn't the best thing for her. Next chapter has a lot of Draco in it, so if you get time, please read. That's quite a cool idea actually - and it helps me to develop the plot, as I have no idea upon what I am doing!! Hmmmm, I shall ponder that. I should definately bring Ron in it some more but I'm not sure if I should go quite as far as that. I dunno, maybe - yeah, she won't get raped, but I do VERY much like that idea. *stolen*. Good way to get her with Draco too.

I've reviewed your one-shot now, and it was very good. I'm glad you recommended it to me.

Thanks so much for reviewing. xx

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Review #19, by sweetie_face 14the guardians: a walk in the dark

31st January 2007:
Thanks for the mention at the end hunny bun.
Fabby story. ice maiden! LOL! Sound like the ice queen in lion witch +wardrobe. So when are they gonna find out they're writing to each other?! and when is ginny gonna go blind? ...or has that happened already...?

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Review #20, by sweetie_face 14Infatuation: Life as a Superstar: The Boredom Of Fame

26th January 2007:
In a reply to a review I left of Improbable Angel, you said you wanted to throw this story away and stamp on it. I have decided you are insane. This is even better!! Jesus girl, how do you do it?! Sooo good. Can't choose between them! I absoluteylt love hermione. S'like she has two sides, the model and the school girl. So incredible.
p.s. they have finally validated my one shot 'Eternal Slave' and I would love to know what you think. It's a tad long though but quit exciting I have been told. thanks.x

Author's Response: Lol, insane? Quirky, but I haven't quite reached insanity yet. :-) One day . . . No, I don't really enjoy writing it, you know? It just doesn't seem worth all the reviews I get for it - it's simply not good enough. I can't see where the interest is. Wow, your compliments are gorgeous and make me smile - but I just can't get how this fic can be so exciting!! Improbable Angel is enjoyable for me to write, because it has so much meaning, and this really doesn't. It's just really light-hearted. But I'm writing for my reviewers, so I'm not going to give up, I promise. Besides, I think I'd be killed!! lol

I shall have a look at that one-shot as soon as I get the time, I promise. Thanks for taking the time to review and for being so encouraging.

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Review #21, by sweetie_face 14Save Yourself: Push

19th January 2007:
wow wow fricken wow!! need I say amy more?!
well I gonna.
I love the tension that's building between them. First I thought it was sexual tension and when they climbed into their new rooms I thought it was gonna be released but I was surprised when Hermione put up a fight. I love the way you portray Hermione. She's still intelligent but now she'd sharp and beautiful. A real tough cookie but she knows right from wrong. And Draco too. Still cunning but because of the way he was apologizing to Hermione, I'm starting to see he may be quite sensitive inside. Absolutely love your story. Consider yourself my favourite author. Please keep writing I've been waiting for chapter 5 for ages and it was definately worth the wait. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Review #22, by sweetie_face 14Death at Sea: Death at Sea?

15th January 2007:
wow. very very nice. quite sweet.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #23, by sweetie_face 14the guardians: flight of the hero

7th January 2007:
v. good! keep em coming hun! thanks for the review. liked the whole hail thingy although, if u dnt mind me saying, you should seriously consider spell checking ur story before u put it up. lol. but still excellent. xxx

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Review #24, by sweetie_face 14A Boot and A Bonnet: A Boot and A Bonnet

6th January 2007:
I absolutely love it. bonnet.and the boot.HA!! can't.speak.for laughing...!! great great great. oh and i noticed i'm one of ur favey authors. cheers! but d'you think you could review my new story? no one has. :-(. 10/10 (still laughing)

Author's Response: Thank you so much 4 the review!!! Im glad you liiked it!!! & im sorry if i didnt revew your new story i havnt been on in ages ill try 2 soon. Tnanx agsin 4 the reviwe!!!

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Review #25, by sweetie_face 14Just the Girl: Our favorite Slytherin

30th December 2006:
Oooh intriguing! I liked that alot. I like Draco's attitude and it's written very well (unlike my story. my grammer's atrocious!). So yeah, basically loved the first chapter and keep em coming. 10/10

Author's Response: lol ty
I'm gonna change up Hermione but not like some ppl and how they just make her a "bad girl"
Nah, I'm just gonna make her a bully towards Draco to sort of pay him back. And she and the "trio" will have some issues as well.
I have chapter 2 and 3 written but I can't post them cause of this winter holiday thing where validation is stopped.
Thanks for the review.

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