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Review #1, by AntA World So Cold: A World So Cold

10th December 2005:
Have I mentioned that I'm a fan of your fanfics?

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Review #2, by AntStorm: Unnerved

10th November 2005:
Ohh.. Very nice. =) Please continue. =)

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! Will do =D

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Review #3, by AntLove Will Lead You Back: The Suprise

12th August 2005:
Hmm.. I think you could be a little more descripitive, especially on the dialogue. The story is just not playing in my head. And Harry is acting like a woman.

Author's Response: well thank you for your comments. its not like the story is set in stone. i dont feel that harry is acting like a woman. he had a serious break up with draco. how descriptive do you want me to get

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Review #4, by AntHaving the same last name means NOTHING: Attack on the train

11th August 2005:
Wow! Nice story. I love reading things that are a little different from the usual. Keep going

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #5, by AntSeduction Secrets: The Well Manored Malfoy's

11th August 2005:
-gasp- Very nice and really well written. Haha.. I'm a fan of your stories. Mind checking one of mine out? The Devil's Marriage?

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Review #6, by AntMine: An Introduction Into Draco's Inherent Knowledge

10th August 2005:
The story is.. interesting and well written for it to be Harry/Draco. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I've gotten the 'well-written' response quite a bit and to see it again makes me quite pleased! Thanks so much for taking the time to review! ♥!

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Review #7, by AntThe Dare: Do What?

27th July 2005:
Wow... Great story, and it is funny although it is quite vulgar. One question, why are Slytherins in the Gryffindor common room?

Author's Response: Actually, it's in the Head's Common Room and since the head boy and girl are from both of the opposing teams. I added them together. Plus the war is over and they have sort have became friends' at least some of them. Thanks again

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Review #8, by AntThe Devil's Marriage: Chapter 1: Corporal Punishment

21st July 2005:
-gasp- It isn't based on you Ariel! Nothing like it

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Review #9, by AntJust A Bad Dream: Ch. 1 - The Naked Truth

15th July 2005:
Oh wow! VWho would have ever thought of this? Someone being in Draco's body streaking. Haha! I love the first chapter

Author's Response: Thanks, the idea came from my evil little mind... i saw a pic of an all grown up and yummy Draco and i thought to myself... 'Self, how can i get Draco naked?' and then proceeded to write about it...

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Review #10, by AntDon't Tell me About Time: Dragon Questions

7th July 2005:
What a good start to the story! I am very interested.. update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #11, by AntBottled Up In A Jar: Chapter 1

27th June 2005:
Wow... When was the last time I updated? I will try to udate soon... I kind of like abandoned the story for a bit because other things had come up.

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Review #12, by AntWhispers of a Lost Soul: The Legend

8th December 2004:
Excellent first chapter!

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Review #13, by AntA Fallen Rose Petal: Chapter 5

6th November 2004:
Hita Ariel! Excellent chapter. I will read the next one later since I dont have the time right now.


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Review #14, by AntA Fallen Rose Petal: Chapter 4

1st November 2004:
NOOO! John is dead?? But it was so bad of him to join Lord Voldemort (even though we like him in the books). It was like he was turning on his family. It was so sad. *sobs*

I LOVED it anyway.

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Review #15, by AntA Fallen Rose Petal: Chapter 1

31st October 2004:
Ariel! *tackles* I am soo happy for you. The story is AWESOME!

And that banner is BEAUTIFUL! I told you that TomFoolery does good work.

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Review #16, by AntOh the Devilish Games we Play: Double Trouble

18th July 2004:
This is an excellent story! Definetley a 10. I was a little confused thouugh

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Review #17, by AntI'll Never Leave Your Side.: one shot, really

3rd July 2004:
Harry and Ron turning gay? WHY?

Gosh, this story is not good for my liking. BAD actually!

Author's Response: well, i did put Slash into the warnings, i'm sorry, maybe i should mention it more, anyway, sorry for the gay, oh well, Byezie!

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Review #18, by AntA Dangerous Game: Add!cteD

3rd July 2004:
This is such an AWESOME story! Your a great writer ! I don't see too many stories as good as yours!

Please try to clean up some of the grammar errors though! =)

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Review #19, by AntBottled Up In A Jar: Chapter 1

25th June 2004:
Just so you know, the more people that review the faster I will update.

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Review #20, by AntAs life progresses: New arrivals

17th June 2004:
Not a bad story. Keep me updated. I did find a few mistakes. Use spell check before posting your stories

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Review #21, by AntPoison Paradise: Parkinson and Weasley

17th June 2004:
Sorry but this story isn't for my liking. I actually think it is terrible, no offense. The thing is:

Your grammar is HORRIBLE. You are missing words in sentences, forgeting apostrophes, wrong comma uses or no commas at all, etc. Please try to cleam up some of the mistakes.

Also, the story is just BORING. It is DULL. Nothing exciting, funny, romantic, etc. is really happening. You are just talking about Hermione's days at school and every day at school it is basically the same way!

If you want my advice, try not to have everything in school beacuse the same thing happens every day. Also, skip a couple of days. The story would be more interesting if it was on the weekends beacuse there is no school and more things can happen! I am not trying to offend you, I am trying to help.

Also, if you decide to check out one of my stories to critizize me grammar since I am doing the same to you, you made the wrong choice. I am cleaning up the spelling and grammar mistakes. Heehee


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Review #22, by AntHermioneís Secret: Returning to school

17th June 2004:
The story didn't really catch my interest but HEY, the good stuff don't pick up in the first chapter. Be sure to update soon beacuse the story looks promising.

One bad thing, Harry doesn't have a grandmother. It is known that the Dursleys are Harry's only blood relative left so I don't know what you are talking about a grandmother. Also, Harry ALWAYS travels to King Cross with the Weasley's so basically, there was no need to put that Harry's grandmother (that is dead) was ill. Hopefully it will catch my interest

If you don't mind, please read one of fanfics!

Author's Response: I was refuring to Neville's grandmother. i thought it was clear about that . i guess it wasn't really that clear. but thanks a bunch for the imput. i will be putting more up soon.

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Review #23, by AntMistreated Past: Pain and Relief

30th May 2004:
Excellent chapter! Sorry I didn't get to read sooner but been really busy, lol. Keep going!

Author's Response: Hey man! Thanx for reviewing again! :D Much appreciated! I will keep going, do not fret! Muhaha...yeah anyways...Thanx! ~ A-Z

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Review #24, by AntJust another Heaven: Just another Day

27th May 2004:
It is a good story but I don't really like that idea about Hermione being a pure-blood. J.K. Rowling made Hermione a mudblood so you might as well keep her like that right? Just as long as you are saying that you created the characters. Also, why if Hermione was a pure-blood does that mean that her parents would be able to say Hogwarts? Beacuse in the books it says that a muggle will only see a junkyard or whatever instead of a magnificent castle. Sorry but I just don't like that idea. Your a pretty good writer anyway.

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Review #25, by AntGinny corrupts DRACO???!!: Ginny corrupts DRACO???!!

27th May 2004:
And you say my fanfic was bad?LOOK at YOURS! You are probaly just jealous that there are better writers than you!

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