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Review #1, by PrincessinfinityThe Truth is Found in the Eyes: Tension and Staircases

23rd May 2007:
Wonderfully well written but I can't see how Ginny could just forgive Hermione so easily because after all Ron was her brother, even though Hermione was being forced to do it by Voldemort. was she even under the imperius curse? I could see if Ginny told Hermione she would think about it, but doing it that quickly, i don't know. No offense, just suggesting! pls don't hate me. I have read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, that was an excellent book. I laughed out loud when Hermione made Malfoy's teeth grow, that was cute. all in all very good. please update as soon as is humanly possible.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I totally not angry at you...constuctive critism is so helpful.
Ok, so Ginny has been trying to reach out to Hermione since school began...and I guess that her anger has sort of faded, and she's more confused right now.
So when Hermione finally let her in, and the result was so emotional, Ginny was just happy to have her friend back.
Does that help at all!? Haha I hope that it makes a little bit more sense now.
Oh my goodness...Speak is such an amazing book! =]
Glad yoiu enjoyed that was very fun to write!
Thanks for everything, I'll try as hard as I can to get an update out before finals!

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Review #2, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: Masked Man, Sneering Shadow

23rd May 2007:
why would everyone be at school on the thirtieth of July? doesn't school end in June, isnt that why Harry who is born in July, spent his birthday with the Dursleys?
Harry and Hermione, as I've already said, no, but thats your choice, so thats ok.
Also, Draco originally wanted to, or Lucius wanted him to, go to Durmstrang, so I don't really know if its punishment to send Draco there...Narcissa will definitely be upset, though.
McGonagall is the correct spelling...Dumbledore was perfectly in canon, I loved him saying they should discuss Harry's attempted murder over a "tasty snack". Hee hee! The confrontation between Malfoy and Harry could have gone on maybe a little longer, i don't know, I love writing Harry and Draco confrontations, so, maybe thats just me. Also I was confused about the hypnosis thing, maybe add something in there making it a little more clear that Malfoy hypnotized her, I'm a little preoccupied right now, though, so maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention when I read it the first time through. Nope, I wasn't. Thats why Pansy was dead looking, cause she was hypnotized. ok sorry, don't even pay attention to that. duh. it was perfectly clear. my bad.
"Next time I have a knife to my throat, I'll just laugh about it, shall I?" very funny...
you showed the beliefs of the teaching staff that Malfoy is really just a bully and a coward and he isn't half as psychotic and dangerous as he makes himself out to be.
all in all that was a wonderful story Rachel, and the first non-Dramione that I have ever read all the way through and enjoyed! I'm probably going to read the whole thing over again now that its finished.

Author's Response: Yeah I know. Sorry about that. I actually realised that something was wrong to do with that but hoped that nobody would pick up on it. lol.

Harry and Hermione seemed perfect for this story. I don't know why, but it felt right.

Hmm, well I wanted Draco to mourn over missing his mother, so Harry said that he was pleased with the Durmstrang situation. I don't know.

Uh oh. I always get that wrong. I'll check that later. Thanks!!

I liked writing that section. I'm surprised it went Ok actually, seeing as I was writing that in the car on the way back from a trip. I never get car sick, (or rarely anyway!) so it's great because you can knuckle down to some serious writing!!

Harry and Draco confrontations are one of my favourite aspects to write. I never ever ever ever intended for the conflict to be too short, or too long, so it had to be somewhere in the middle. I think they have a conversation many times throughout. That was my origianal intention but I never know how long to make the final conflict. In 'Evil Within Its Pages 2', there's a lot of fighting between these two. Maybe you'd like to read some of that one day? I don't know!! lol. Anyway, I never wanted this confrontation to be either too long or too short, and I think through my worrying, I've made it too short. However, as I learnt from a friend, fighting is much more effective when it's shorter because then it's sudden and shocking.

Yeah, I liked that line too. It showed Harry's sarcasm, and I could imagine him behaving like this.

Mcgonagal and Snape are certain that Draco wouldn't have really killed Harry, but the question is . . . . was Draco? lol.

Thanks so much for the wanderful reviews, Princessinfinity!! I'm sorry I've taken quite a long time answering this one!! I have no excuse, but that I wanted to continue writing a little, before I returned to answering it. Like you say, I really like answering reviews, but when I have the time to make them as fantastic as they can be!!

Really? You don't need to do that!! :) Thanks again.

Wanderful review.

xx Rachel xx

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Review #3, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: Twisted Times, Cramped Closets

21st May 2007:
"hailing their fists upon his head" hahaha very not dragging at all im quite intrigued about what the hell Malfoy is doing to her!
"it's obvious Malfoy has her" lol very funny...I'm glad Harry got to not feel bad anymore about Zacharias getting an ass-whooping. he deserved it if he was going to fall in with Malfoy's crew...
pls update soon, Rach!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Mary-Ann!! Yeah, what's he doing? Well, it doesn't actually say but there were some lines from chapter fourteen that hint at what he's doing to Pansy, but I never wanted to write it, as let's just say, it's the worst thing a man can do . . . . I know it's disgusting, but I thought it would hopefully get a shocked reaction from readers.

Yeah, Harry realised in the end that Zacharias Smith deserved the beating, but earlier he felt sorry for him because he's such a lovely boy.

I will. Chapter fifteen will be up probably sometime tommorrow. Maybe tonight, we'll see.

Thank you again, and speak soon!! xx

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Review #4, by PrincessinfinitySaturated Revulsion: Saturated Revulsion

16th May 2007:
ok, my dear Rachel, be aware that I am commenting on each sentence that i read so take it in stride...this s***t is f*ng awesome...
This is the best one-shot u have ever'm having a hard time just reading the goshdarn thing w/out scrolling down to "review chapter" just to write down what I think! I don't want to forget what I want to say until the end, u know? thats why I make my chapters short, b/c I want ppl to be able to remember what they want to say in their review...maybe its just me...maybe I have ADD...idk...U ARE AN AWESOME WRITER!
oh "sneering malice" awesome! that is Draco Malfoy to the T
hopefully u recognize my American humor!
question for you: do you think that Americans can write Harry Potter s**t just as well as English ppl? when u review my story let me kno!!!
u are gonna, aren't u???

“You are so pathetic,” Draco replied, with a disdainful shake of his head. “CRUCIO!!”
holy s**t that is great
u remind me so much of me!
how would Draco know about the fact that Priori Incantatem was used before...(G of F)? who would have told him, maybe Voldemort? at this point maybe?
how the hell does Ron know the counter curse to Sectumsempra? only Snape does; he invented it...
u gotta forgive me i'm a "canon b***h" lol

“Your Dad was having special treatment, you know, the suffering kind.”

“He what?”

umm. lucius doesn't have a conscience as far as I know...

love it X 500 million!
seriously...or should I say
did Harry die? did Draco die too? who is the "he" in this sentence:
Draco waited, but never would he speak again.
is that "he" Draco or Harry pls tell me b/c I am confused
f***in awesome one-shot omg!

ps that gets a f*ng 10
excuse my language

Author's Response:

My Merlin, how could you do so much for me?? I feel so bad. My reviews weren't half as long, but still . . . . when I saw this this morning, I was, well, I still am, rendered speechless. Forgive me if I ramble, but this review had to be one of the best ones I have EVER recieved. It was (scuse my language) f***** amazing!! :) Oh, I'm so happy that you enjoyed this one shot. I was getting slightly worried that not many people were. It's always really cool to have a slice of conflict!!

Lol!! Thank you, thank you!! I feel so privelaged, but I really don't deserve such wonderful praise. There are writers on this site that are a hundred times better than me!! Yeah, I get your American humour. It's so cool. I was born in Florida, so I know all about it, and I watch a lot of programmes on the Disney Channel!! If you have Sky, I recommend, 'The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody!!'

Um, my honest opinion is that they can, you'll be glad to hear. :) Well, YOU certainly can anyway. As long as people don't write things that are too out of canon, as in, like, Hermione saying, "Oh my GOD, that is like so amazing. Uh, DUH!" Lol, then we're alright. Honestly though, you are a fantastic writer, and I still squirm with adoring envy whenever I read your story. You have Hermione and Draco written almost to perfection. Of course I am, how could I NOT?

Lol, I remind you so much of you!! That's so cool. In what ways? :) Do you love conflict too? Do you love writing about Harry and Draco, whether they're enemies, friends, or in a slash couple? Yeah, *nods*, I am a little obsessed with those characters!!

Um, yeah. Lol. The Dark Lord would have told Snape, who then would have told Draco.

Yeah, he, um, I just thought that you could stop any spell with the 'Finite Incantatem!!' lol, but I never actually wrote that in the fic. Oops!! No, not at all. It's cool to be clear.

You selected some Harry and Draco conflict there. :) Cool to see!! lol. No, I don't mind what J.K. decides to do with them. I used to care really deeply about Draco NOT being good, but now, I honestly don't mind. It would be a really wicked twist.

I know what you're talking about. The 'His father had always warned him about the infuriating acts of conscience.' Um, well, I really wanted him to have Lucius warn Draco that conscience 'could' hit you, but not nessecessarily that it would. Dear dear, look at that spelling, and I'm an A Level English student. lol.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry did die. Sorry, I should have made that clearer.

Thank you so f****** much for this wanderful review.

xxxxxxx Rachel :)

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Review #5, by PrincessinfinityThe Poison Of Love: The Poison Of Love

12th May 2007:
oh, theres nothing wrong with it, im not discriminatory in any way, it just kind of rubs me the wrong way, i don't you didn't answer my question, woman! are we supposed to be wondering if Draco is that way at the end, is that the point, are we supposed to wonder about it, cause if that was your point I find that very amusing! Good job on this story, my dear!

Author's Response: Lol. That's cool. :) As to your answer, Draco could be any which way you wanted to be, but I think because he said about not hating Harry when he saq him in his trunks, well, that says something. Thank you!! I must read and review chapter three of your fic as soon as possible. xx

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Review #6, by PrincessinfinityMagic Touch: Chapter Two

9th May 2007:
is a beta just a proofreader? if so I can do it for you. if you're interested.
this chapter was too short!!! there could have been more of what they were each thinking or whatnot, if you wanted that, anyway...but keep on its still interesting.

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Review #7, by PrincessinfinityCakes: Cakes

9th May 2007:
that was a cute little lark!!! hee hee hee "She gave me a present" oh that was definitely the true meaning of lol. But when Crabbe gave his name you made him say his name was Goyle, did you mean to do that or was that a boo-boo?

Author's Response: Thank you so much, and thank you also for recommending my fic to another writer. That was so lovely of you! :) (I saw on your replies to your reviews) I'm really happy you liked this fic, and yes, it was deliberate. It was there to show just how unbelievably stupid Crabbe was. Thanks again!! xx

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Review #8, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: Conclusive Contradictions, Temptations Told

7th May 2007:
I love the love scene, brilliant, really. even though it was between two girls, I was moved. you are an excellent writer, I feel like you put me to shame. :( I am loving it absolutely. Not Peeves, anyway, who found out, it was Zacharias, that minion!!! Malfoy alert! "What a sick b***h" that was very funny. Draco seems to have a nicotine fit anytime he thinks about Potter or Parkinson. lol

Author's Response: Aw, don't put yourself down, Princessinfinity. Really, I bet you are an amazing writer, just relax. lol. I'll be coming over soon to read your fics, and once again, I apologise in advance for not replying faster.

Lol, a nicotine fit!! :) I love it. Thank you so much, and I must check out your story. Look out for my review, because it will be there. xx

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Review #9, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: Malevolent Misunderstandings, Fond Farewells

7th May 2007:
"was it possible even fatter than last time" lol!!!
um how would Harry know that was Embrollia if Filch never said even said Harry hadn't a clue what it was...a little confusing. I like Hamster Cheeks and Big Shoulders, though, very funny.
Um, Hermione should not have saved the day it should have been Pansy. Having Hermione do it is so predictable. Sorry, please don't hate me! I am not a fan of HG/HP. I'm more of a DM/HG gal myself. (Not your Draco Malfoy though!!!) Um, nice conversation between Harry and Pansy, nice how she came out and said what she had to say."presently overlooked" that whole sentence was brilliant! Did I miss the twist? what was it? Peeves? And EWW Malfoy alert! Harry shouldn't call Pansy "Panse" thats what Malfoy called her. I am enjoying this story immensely.

Author's Response: Lol. Yeah, that was one of my favourite lines to write. :)

Harry didn't know that the potion was Embrollia which meant that Draco had more power over him, but even Filch the Squib was able to identify the potion from his days as a caretaker. Harry might not have known what it was, but he could tell from Filch's reaction that it was bad news. Plus, the way that it seeped onto the floor of the corridor . . . . Harry could see there was trouble coming. There. I hope that explains that well enough, but if do have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email me, and my address is . . . . Also, if ever you wish for sneak peaks for chapters, use that as well.

Oh, sorry but Hermione had to save the day. Harry had to realise how much he loved her. (Lol. Cool. To be honest, Harry/Hermione is a completely experimental ship that I have written about in a couple of my other fics, but that I enjoyed. However, I am guessing that Ron and Hermione will be a couple in book seven. I mean, all the evidence is there. )

Thank you!! I can't actually remember that sentence, but I do recollect the phrase. Lol.

The twist. Wait for it. :) lol. You'll realise.

Uh oh, did he really do that? Well, that could be because Draco is having such an influence over Harry that he is beginning to use phrases and words that Draco does? By the way, just to make clear, that does not mean that Harry fancies Draco!! It just means that, (to make clear again) Harry is feeling such hate towards Malfoy, and Nearly Headless Nick is reporting events back to him that he may be speaking like Draco a bit. It's all about power. lol.

Fantastic. I enjoyed writing it. Thanks so much. Wow!! One more review, you are really really spoiling me!! xx

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Review #10, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: Spying Snitches, Re-fired Rivalries

7th May 2007:
I don't know if I said this before but your story makes me cringe whenever I think of Draco!!! I love it!
"That chemical he had heard Granger mention" you missed heard.
Question- wouldn't the embrollia potion eat through the glass? or no? I don't know. Draco is disgusting the way he enjoys the thought of other people suffering, so selfishly self-absorbed. eww. Nearly Headless Nick was really cute. perfect. good job. umm whats up with Harry and Hermione? Ron shouldn't drink on a school night. lol

Author's Response: Yep, lol, you did, but please continue to say it. :) I'm only joking, thank you so much. I know that's a repeated phrase, but you've been so fantastic with my story; reviewing nearly every chapter. I can never seem to make my answers long enough, but I shall certainly try to return the favour.

Ah, grammar mistake!! Merlin damn it. Thanks, will edit and post again.

I know, but I love him like that. :) Draco is amazing. In fact, it's fab writing him no matter what he's like. I mostly write him as evil, but now I'm beginning to experiment more with his character, and add more depth to him. Of course, the only person who knows what Draco is really like is J.K. herself, but it's always fun to write him in different ways.

Oh, brilliant. I'm relieved that I got him right. Nearly Headless Nick was quite easily once I got started, but at the beginning, I was worried. 'What if people think I'm over doing it a bit?'

Wow. This site is so cool. Lol. Random I know, but where else could you find a site that allows you to write, and review stories, as well as having the added sweetness of being able to reply to them! It's really improved my confidence too.

Um, not saying. Lol. You'll find out later!! He he.

I know, naughty Ron!! Well, I guess he's got an excuse. lol.

Thanks so much, once again!! These reviews are a joy to read and reply to.xx

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Review #11, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: Accusatory Arguments, Heartbreaking Hugs

7th May 2007:
you keep mispelling Amortentia...that is the correct spelling. I meant to say this way earlier but my fic is about a love potion too so please read!!! My mouth dropped open in shock when Draco went to hit Pansy! I would have clocked him one! No its believable, what a disgusting man Draco has been I wouldn't put it past him. Aww Pansy loves have Luna characterized every well, btw. also when you have people thinking it helps to use italics so it is easier for a reader to tell they are thoughts. Pansy was thinking something and at first i thought she actually said it, so you got to do that. nice descriptions of the sun and the raindrops and all.

Author's Response: Thank you for telling me. I even looked it up as well. Lol.

Is it? Oh cool. I shall read and review soon as I can.

I'm so happy that it's believable. That's brilliant, it means you really connected with the plot. Thank you!!

Oh, and thank you also for saying how I kept Luna in character. She was so much fun to write, as she can say lots of random things.

Oops. :O Thank you so much. That is a much better way of putting the thoughts. I should have thought of that.

Thanks for liking my description too. I always used to struggle with it, so I'm glad it came across well. xx

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Review #12, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: Realisations Are Released, Pansy's Plan

7th May 2007:
incessantly means "repeatedly", not appropriate for that line. Ugh...Draco Malfoy is disgusting in this story...I love it. have you read my fic Detention is for Lovers? Draco is an entirely different person...oh that was funny when Pansy almost vomited. he is a witless f**k, to answer your question. Pansy did a good job but I liked the fact she almost had a heart attack when she found out she was marrying that slimeball this weekend...onto the next chappie

Author's Response: First of all, I would like to apologise for my late replies. My excuse is, I've been revelling in these responses. They're amazing, so thank you so much! :) Draco is meant to be disgusting, so that's fab. Lol!! He is.

Um, no not yet. I will come over to your account, and have a peek. It looks really good. Expect a review soon as possible. xx

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Review #13, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: CH 8- Disappointed Decoys, Decimated Dreams

29th April 2007:
Question: why do hermione and harry care so much that Pansy is being controlled by Draco? And also, if Potter was going to frame Zacharias, wouldn't he have thought about the fact Draco was going to beat the living crap out of him before he framed him? he should have known Draco was going to f**k him up...not being too harsh I hope. like the story though.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for another review!! You weren't being harsh one bit, it's great that you're enthusiastic enough about this fic to offer me questions, and luckily, they're ones that I can can answer!!

Question: Why do Hermione and Harry care so much that Pansy is being controlled by Draco? Answer: They care because they have both realised that she is no way near as bad as she used to be, and also it's not a question of caring, it's a question of in this, Harry doesn't hate people in general. (Putting aside Draco Malfoy), he dislikes people, but he understands about Pansy, because she's a vulnerable woman, and that he can't stand. You may not have reached the chapter where Harry explains why he's helping Pansy, so I won't spoil it. :)

Yes, in this, Harry does become a little selfish, and puts the blame on somebody else. I think that he thought that Draco may have punished Smith, but not in that horrible, merciless beating. Harry chose Smith because he didn't like him, and thought he’d deserve some rubbish. Lol, but no, he didn’t think Malfoy would react so strongly.

Thanks again for the amazing review, and I hope you continue to like it!! xx

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Review #14, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: Snape's Secret, Obsessive Oddities

29th April 2007:
Malfoy is crazed...he's creepy and scary. I love your characterization of Pansy.

Author's Response: Don't I know it? :) He's a sly one in this fic! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Pansy, Pansy. Yes, she's a lovely person here . . . . Emotional, perplexed, torn, and wary of Draco. (And Merlin, does she has reason to be!!) Thank you for another review. It's fantastic, and I'm relieved that you like it. xx

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Review #15, by PrincessinfinityDecimated Dreams: Little Love Notes, Sexual Desires

29th April 2007:
aww...poor pansy. i usually hate pansy but not in this one.

Author's Response: Oh, brilliant. That was exactly what I wanted people to feel! :) Thank you for liking this fic!! When writers do, it makes everything all the more special. xx

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Review #16, by PrincessinfinityMagic Touch: Chapter One

29th April 2007:
please update. i think this story has potential...

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm writing! =D

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Review #17, by PrincessinfinityDay & Night: Sick in the Head

29th April 2007:
update please! i like it. very much.

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Review #18, by PrincessinfinityDay & Night: The Dream

29th April 2007:
reminds me of the way I write...I like this so far. In every story I've read tonight, Draco Malfoy is crying. lol

Author's Response: I think deep down that Malfoy is actually a cry baby!

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Review #19, by PrincessinfinityThe Truth is Found in the Eyes: Discoveries and Tears

29th April 2007:
loving it update soon. i never thought id complain that the queue is too short! lol

Author's Response: I know, right?
I'm trying my hardest to get chapter seven out soon, but I really want to do it justice.
Keep reading!!

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Review #20, by PrincessinfinityThe Truth is Found in the Eyes: Recovering and Returning

29th April 2007:
watch Draco be head boy. good chapter. does everyone know Hermione was a death eater? how is she not in a little confused.

Author's Response: Nobody knows that Hermione was a Death Eater, except for Dumbledore, Harry, Draco, and herself.
Thanks, and I hope this cleared things up!
If not, just pop me another review with further questions, okay?

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Review #21, by PrincessinfinityLet Go: Chapter One

29th April 2007:
love the point of view of Harry. very good.

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Review #22, by PrincessinfinityDying Young: The Nightmare

29th April 2007:
like it a lot! really I do please update.

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Review #23, by PrincessinfinityDying Young: The Aftermath

29th April 2007:
find a way to feed snape toadsmilk--very funny. I am usually a reader of Dramione and not really a fan of male slash but this story is pretty good. you have characterized Harry well.

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Review #24, by PrincessinfinityDying Young: Being Harry Potter, The Boy Who Wished to Die

29th April 2007:
whats the deal with censored?

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Review #25, by PrincessinfinityHarry Potter and the Descent into Darkness: Chapter Two: There's A First Time For Everything

29th April 2007:
Harry Potter mugging people and smoking...oh Merlin. how funny.

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