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Review #1, by ragnatela_1Idiosyncrasy: Chapter One: The Beginning

7th May 2007:
Hey, that was a great first chapter ^_^. You really do have Remus' characterisation perfectly.

Author's Response: Thank you - that is lovely to hear. I adore writing Remus - he really is such an interesting character - and it's great to hear that his characterisation works well here.

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Review #2, by ragnatela_1Tin Angel: 5. Muggle and Mage

5th May 2007:
Brilliant as usual. I don't think there's much else I can say.

Author's Response: My reviewers do have the neatest names. I can't imagine how you came up with Ragnatela. It sounds like a heroine from anime or something. Anyway, thanks again.

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Review #3, by ragnatela_1Tin Angel: 4. The Grandmother

21st April 2007:
Wow, that was brilliant. Your best chapter yet, 10/10

Author's Response: This is one of my favorites. I'm glad you like it. I didn't want to just write the Riddles off as selfish, uninteresting clots. Yes they'd seem snobbish to the simple folks at the Little Hangleton pub, but their lives must hold so much more...

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Review #4, by ragnatela_1Protector of the Crown: August 1533

18th April 2007:
I really enjoyed reading that chapter. I like the character of Eric, he seems really cool. I think you write the time period very realisticly and the characters seem realistic but still really cool.


Author's Response: Glad you liked it! I try to keep the time period realistic, along with the characters. It's a bit of a stretch at times, but in general, it's a labor of love.


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Review #5, by ragnatela_1Protector of the Crown: Summer 1533

17th April 2007:
While that chapter was pretty short, it was definately impressive. I like how you manage to have just the right amount of description. You seem to capture the Tudor era very accurately.

Author's Response: The chapters are rather increasing in length after this one...The 5th chapter is about 2x the length of this one and the 6th chapter is even longer! It's kind of crazy...I never saw the story escalating to the level it's at. It seemed like a simplistic idea to begin with. But I love what it's turned into and it's become so much more than a simple story.


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Review #6, by ragnatela_1harry potter and the end of the riddle: Letters to Ginny

13th April 2007:
Omg...Percy. I doubt he killed Penelope personally, I don't like him much, but I don't see him as a killer.

I think you forgot to close the italics tags.

That was a good chapter, one of your best. I like how your taking the story from more POVs than just Harrys.

Author's Response: Right I'll work on the italics ASAP thanks for all the CC.

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Review #7, by ragnatela_1harry potter and the end of the riddle: The Teacher

13th April 2007:
Hey, I thought that was a really good chapter. Mad-Eye seems very IC and I am interested to know what he's really like at teaching.

Er...sorry I don't really have much to say.

Author's Response: Thank! I'm glad you liked it ;)

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Review #8, by ragnatela_1harry potter and the end of the riddle: Reflecting on plans

11th April 2007:
God, I'm grinning like an idiot and I'm not even a R/Hr shipper. O__O

I thought this chapter was good. I like the whole italics thing, thought at first I was little confused as to whether his thoughts were a flashback too, so maybe you should make that a little clearer. It was a good way to tell the train trip, rather than just saying it all straight out.

The end was very good cliffhanger. I am really very interested to find out whats going on with Petunia - to by Harry new clothes she must be really going insane. =)

Author's Response: Sorry if it was confusing, I'll work on it I promise :)

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Review #9, by ragnatela_1harry potter and the end of the riddle: Convincing Harry

11th April 2007:

This was a very good chapter. You had very few grammar or spelling mistakes as far as I am aware and the characters seemed very IC. You seem to capture them very well.

Sorry about the shortness of this review, I have to rush. ^_^

Author's Response: Thats OK, it was a very insightful review despite the shortness :)

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Review #10, by ragnatela_1harry potter and the end of the riddle: The Last delivery

11th April 2007:

Your grammar and writing improved a lot in this chapter, but I still think you have some issues. I said in the last chapter review that you had too many commas, but now I think in some places you need a comma where you don't have one.

I loved Dumbledore's letter. It was very random and very... Dumbledore. You wrote the trio very well, and overall I liked this chapter very much ^___^

Author's Response: Hey!
I don't like commas, lol,I used to ignore them completely, but my beta was going to kill me, so I try to use them as much as I can, which is why you'll find chapters lacking in commas and others full of them. I'll try to put it right.

writing Dumbledore's letter was so fun to do, he's just hilarious to write!

Thanks again for the reviews!

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Review #11, by ragnatela_1Harry Potter: A Gift Thrice Given: Chapter 15: The Knight

9th April 2007:
That was a really good chapter. I liked the scene between Harry and Dumbledore, I think you captured Harry's character very well. I am facinated to hear about the connection between Amsel and Walden.

I'm sorry about the shortness of the review, but I'm very rushed at the moment.


Author's Response: Don't worry about the length of the review. I'm really glad you stopped by and let me know what you thought. I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter! *Eli*

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Review #12, by ragnatela_1No Black Magic for Me: 1928

9th April 2007:
That was a great chapter. I adore the way you write An, and I loved how she only hangs around Marius so he can be her dictionary.


Author's Response: Yeah...I adore writing An, she is so much fun! Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by ragnatela_1Harry Potter: A Gift Thrice Given: What Was The Point?

8th April 2007:
“No. I’m saying that whatever happened in that detention is just affecting you anymore.”

Shouldn't it be isn't

The way you wrote this chapter was very interesting. I found it a bit weird at first, but then I think I got used to the style. It worked well in breaking up the long detention scene, which was good, because I think I have a short attention span.

I've added this story to my favorites. =)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so happy! Thanks for the fave! I hope you noticed that I just posted the latest chapter. I can't wait to read what you think of it.

Thanks for pointing the mistake out. I'll go fix it right now. Thanks again! *Eli*

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Review #14, by ragnatela_1Inbred: Power! Prestige! Dont Forget The Cruciatus Clause In Your Health Insurance!

5th April 2007:
heh, Draco is going to be killed ;). It was a good chapter, with some really funny scenes, but I don't know if it was quite as good as some of the earlier ones.

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Review #15, by ragnatela_1Harry Potter and the Oroborus Light: Through the Locked Door

2nd April 2007:
Hey Chris
Great chapter, 9/10 because some parts may of been a bit choppy or something.
My review's pretty short at the moment, but I have to say I like the interaction between Snape and Draco and the others. I really like Snape (he's one of my favorites) so I hope he turns out to be on the orders side in the end.

Author's Response: Hello there ragnatela! It's great to see you again!

9 /10 is awesome! Sorry about the choppiness. Probably comes from writing this chapter over such a long while, it might go in and out maybe.

I'm glad you like the interactions with Snape, Draco, and the others. I had a bit of fun with that scene, and as to Snape's side . . . well, he's on the Order's side it seems right now.

Thanks again ragnatela!

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Review #16, by ragnatela_1The Itsy-Bitsy Spider: Slippery

27th March 2007:
Wow, that was brilliant. I loved the little battle between Snape and Arachnae, that was funny, and the whole thing with Remus was good also, (though I am a little confused as to why she can see merlin in his hair. @_@)

And I love the way you end the chapters with the little philosophical thing and stuff. This is a great story, and I love how none of your chapters are weaker than others. I look forward to an update ^_^

Author's Response: Good, good, good. I was hoping that'd amuse someone. Always good to be funny. Despite this being classed under both horror/dark and angst. >_< I'm considering changing one of the genres to Humor next chapter update...
Ah. Merlin. I really have no explanation for that, other than I have a very odd sense of humor. Sorry.
You really think all my chapters are up to par with each other? Sweet. I tend to think some could be a lot better... But I'll take your word for it. =)
Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by ragnatela_1Harry Potter: A Gift Thrice Given: Chapter 11-Part II: A Startling Desire

23rd March 2007:
I really liked the test. Normally that sort of thing isn't really what I like in a story, and I don't usually think it's relevant to a story or whatever, but here I think that it explained Professor Amsel in more detail. It's interesting how she refers to Voldemort as the dark lord.

Good Work =)

Author's Response: Yuppers, Amsel calls him the dark lord. Chapter 16 will explain why.

I probably should describe her in more detail. I'm planning on working that in for chapter 16. Should be enlightening. Thanks for the review! *Eli*

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Review #18, by ragnatela_1Tin Angel: 3. Petitioner and Counsel

21st March 2007:
Again, another brilliant chapter. I really like the ending, while it wasn't really a cliffhanger, it does make me wonder what happens next. ^_^

Author's Response: This is another plot mover, mixed with some characterization. I tried to make Tom cold-hearted, but he must seem human to the people around him.

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Review #19, by ragnatela_1No Black Magic for Me: 1928

17th March 2007:

I thought that chapter was quite funny, what with Marius being an insensitive idiot, I really felt sorry for him. I really like the character of An, and I also like Marius' first person narritive, which I think got more sarcastic or something in this chapter. Anyway it was really good =)

Author's Response: Yeah, Marius got sarcastic...partially because I was in a sarcastic mood but mostly because hes being sullen about being stuck in muggleland...And An is one of my favorite characters..thanks!

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Review #20, by ragnatela_1Harry Potter: A Gift Thrice Given: A Pop Exam

13th March 2007:
I really liked that chapter and all of the OC's and stuff.I like how you created a strong backstory for Katarina and her family that isn't full of tragedy and is actually realistic. And then it seems like there is more to her than the whole "dark magic" thing, because she doesn't really seem like what you would think coming from a family like that. But yeah, I like that you created a multi-dimensional OC.

I allways liked the whole V thing from before, so its cool that we found out more who she was. I can't wait to meet her.

Great chapter and congratulations on getting on the Top Five Stories list. =)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm so glad you like Katarina! It's unfortunate that I haven't been able to get her in the next chapters, but I know for a fact that ch. 16 will have her once more. Should be great.

Thanks again! *Eli*

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Review #21, by ragnatela_1Harry Potter: A Gift Thrice Given: Home At Last

3rd March 2007:
Thank you so much for not making Draco head boy! I'm sorry, I'm a little over-excited, but so many fics make him head boy and I just wonder, why would Dumbledore choose him for head boy, even pre-HBP.

I can't stand Draco, btw.

I think you have a typo here: “I guess we can just add this to our list of ‘mysteries to solve this year’,” Rod said.

Great chapter, though

Author's Response: *head-desk* I'll fix that. Wow. What a moron. Thanks for pointing it out.

Yes, I too hate it when people make Draco HB. It makes NO SENSE. So that's why I chose someone more plausible.

Thanks for reviewing! *Eli*

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Review #22, by ragnatela_1Tin Angel: 2. Sneak and Secretary

3rd March 2007:
I don't know if that was quite as good as the first chapter, but it was still excellent. This is such an original idea for a plot, and again, you have great description. You are an excellent writer and you deserve SO many more reviews than you're getting

This time I give you 9 out of 10

Author's Response: This chapter is meant to mostly move the plot forward. Not so much action and character development. My personal favorites are chaps. 1 and 4 because they really get into the characters. See what you think.

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Review #23, by ragnatela_1Fallen: Fallen

3rd March 2007:
After reading Afterglow, I had to rush over and read this. Both of them were amazing, and I think that this story is just as good, if not better than afterglow.

Again, a 10 out of 10. =)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked this story (and liked it better than Afterglow). Thanks for reviewing! ^_^

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Review #24, by ragnatela_1Tin Angel: 1. Mother and Son

3rd March 2007:
How come you only have one review? That was brilliant! I adore your style of description, and really, just the whole thing.


Author's Response: Hi Ragnatela 1,
I've only been on hpff a little while. It does take time to get known, but thanks for the plug. You can mention me in any forums you frequent if you like. I do work hard at descriptions, and I'm sometimes afraid I get too involved in finding just the right word, you know? It can slow the plot down.

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Review #25, by ragnatela_1From Angels To Demons: Kiss Kiss.

3rd March 2007:
Wow, that was powerful. My guess is on either Snape or Peter for the main character and Alice Longbottom for the girl.


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