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Review #1, by SareeSirius Black: Matchmaker Extraordinaire: Sirius Black: Matchmaker Extraordinaire

13th August 2009:
"I tried a dive roll that I had seen in a Muggle movie once and collided with a wall."

That made me laugh outloud uncontrollably.
Brilliant story you have here, there aren't lots from Sirius's point of view and I loved this one!!

Author's Response: :D

Thanks so much for reviewing!

You made my evening!

I'm so glad that you liked it...

Thanks again!


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Review #2, by SareeOfficially Insane: Officially Insane

10th August 2009:
That was AMAZING!!! I absolutely loved it! (I sound like I'm going overboad but I really liked it!) In a lot of Lily/James fics, the bit in HBP in the pensieve doesn't seem like it could have happened, but this one it totally could and the transition from her loathing him to loving him was done really, really well!!

P.S. I LOVE the Percy Jackson stories, I read them when they first started coming out. Thanks for the heads up about the movie, I had no idea!

Author's Response: thanksss :)
i didnt know how people would react to the transition, i thought that it might be a little abrupt, but i guess i did an okay job after all :D
and OMG!! i love pj too! YAAYY!

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Review #3, by SareeMemory Lane: Chapter One

2nd August 2007:
I HATE YOU! that was so sad:(

Author's Response: lol, i know saree.

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Review #4, by SareeMarauders and Angels: Only in my Dreams

1st August 2007:
wow! since wen can james play guitar! that makes him like ten times hotter, do you play guitar? i play a little bit, its really fun. you must think i'm a complete freak, i say pretty random stuff, i had way to much sugar today and i had this random urge to find a story with a remus/lily pairing, i have no idea why, and i found your story! yay! now i'm happy, this special little box, i'm supposed to be doing something arent i, like i dunno reviewing. ok, i loved it!! yay! alright, i'm looking forward to the next chapter, i'm gonna go have some more sugar!
bye!!! happy writing:)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. I don't play the guitar but my brotha does. I also like to do and say random things and right now im craving chocolate lol.
Lollie :D

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Review #5, by SareeMarauders and Angels: The Quidditch bet.

1st August 2007:
ha! i can't wait to find out wut they have to do! well, actually if you read my other review you would know that i read the other chapters but i feel like review this one because no one else reviewed it and that will make me feel special. so if i had reviewed this chapter first i probably would have said i can't wait to find out wut they do, anyway! every other chapter has a i can't feel special anymore...oh! nvm, i'm gonna go write a review to the only dreaming chapter...wut was it? i'm gonna go reread that chapter now

Author's Response: thanks for your review. lol. Ya your da first one to review this chappie. lol. well I guess I'll go answer the next of your reviews.
Lollie :D

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Review #6, by SareeMarauders and Angels: Detentions

1st August 2007:
oh, intense cliff hanger, poor james and sapphire, well i think that remus had it the, is harry gonna travel back in time or something? cuz you said that he was one of the main characters...anyway, no one wrote a review for the quidditch bet thing chapter so i'm gonna go do that now

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. I agree that Remus had it the worst but I had to have someone have something really bad to do and Remus doesn't always get the lime light. And as for harry in the story, you will just have to wait and see what happens. And just to let you know this story will kinda be like one big story heaps of adventures in it coz alot happens in ashort amount of time. I won't go into detail but You'll find out eventually...
Lollie :D

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Review #7, by SareeMarauders and Angels: The interruption

1st August 2007:
this is even more funny!! i love the begining, that is defenitly something i would do if they were annoying me, go underwater then after a minute realize that i can't breath, i love that! by the way, i love sarea's name, quite funny especially cuz saree (obviously) is my nickname, but my full name is serena, i found that part a little creepy but wut ever, i'm gonna go read the next chapter now, byebye

Author's Response: Thanks for youre review. I guess I'm succeding in making this story funny then. lol. well one more review to go.
Lollie :D

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Review #8, by SareeMarauders and Angels: The match...of some sort

1st August 2007:
omg that was the funniest thing on earth!! i just started reading this story and i was planning on reviewing all the chapters at the end, but this was so funny! omg!! i actually like fell off my chair! (well not actually but that adds dramatic effect to the fact that i laughed really hard) well now you're gonna think i'm a freak, but i have a problem when i laugh cuz i can't stop, sirius is so funny! i love this story!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. I don't think your a freak coz were all freakz together. (ok so maybe you are but so iz everyone else.) I'm glad that your enhoying this story. your reviews have been some of the most fun ones to read. I'll just go read the other ones.
lollie :D

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Review #9, by SareePolyjuice and the Dead: Loss.

1st August 2007:
i loved it!! that's so sad, but a really good cliffhanger! so is hermione going to try and turn into sirius? are we going to hear more about james and lily when they talk to sirius? oh, i can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Yay! This is loved!! Glad to know I'm good with cliffies!
--Q1-- Muahahahaha! Wait and see! (I think I mentioned the answer in the summarty of the story, I can't remember... )
--Q2-- How can I write about a dead Siri without having James and Lily in it too, being... Um, James and Lily...

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Review #10, by Saree*Gryffindor's Princess*: Chapter 2: Oh Sirius, How Hath I Missed Yee!

26th July 2007:
yay!! i did like it:) i love how late i am to review, everyone else reviewed like months ago, my bad. i really should do something about that. i take your email still doesnt work? anyway since i can't email you i'm gonna say what i have to say now, although its gonna be much shorter seeing as this is a small little review box where i'm supposed to be reviewing, and i did! anyway, since i've been confined in my room, well i just don't feel like going outside, so i'm finished chapter 2 of my story!! and i will email it you first i promise, but currently i can't do that! so ya. it only took what 4 months to complete that? lol:)

Author's Response: lol, hey, i got my email working, go ahead and email it to me. thanx for the review Saree, and i dont care that its late, it just reminds me i need to update. :) smiles! i'll email u when i get home, at at my grandparents. thanx again!

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Review #11, by SareeRealize: Bad Day

24th July 2007:
SO GOOD!! SUGH AN EVIL CLIFF HANGER!! I just love the song you chose:) you really have a knack for those things don't you. mwah!

Author's Response: yes, yes i do saree.

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Review #12, by SareeRealize: "Where the hell is my chocolate???"

18th April 2007:
o i love it! i especially love how their outfits always match so perfectly:) teehee. can't wait for WTCOT! and for my banner to go up, yay!


Author's Response: lol, i know, they like to match. banner will be up soon, just got to talk to Camie24 first, lol, so soon, yea

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Review #13, by SareeTales From a Locked Broomcloset: "Turning it the Wrong Way!?"

16th April 2007:
yay! great wonderful banner by me even though it doesnt show up after all my hard work!

*crawls under rock and cries*

Author's Response: lol, im still working on that, never fear Saree! it'll show up soon

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Review #14, by SareeGallery: Gallery

16th April 2007:
This is so sad!! but i love it! yay
hi, ya, apperently you offer to make banners, and i would love you for life if you could make me a banner or at least help me, cuz my banners look kinda strange. anyway! love the story! but i can't believe james would do that!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much for that review.

And yes, I am now making banners, and I can make you one if you visit my website. If you want help...well, just visit my website and they'll be some things there to help you I hope. ^__^

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Review #15, by SareeRealize: Who Knows?

15th April 2007:
ugh I still can't see the banner!

very annoying

Author's Response: grrr, can u see the other ones? if so, which ones?

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Review #16, by SareeRealize: She's a Rebel

4th March 2007:
yay i loved it so much! i completely did not see that coming. i was thinking that the marauder's would find out she was a wearwolf, i forgot that in the first chap it was actually remus that bit her. anyway, amazing! only one thing, you might not want to leave as big spaces, i think i missed a few lines. but the actually story is great! keep up the good work! and update gryffindor's princess!

Author's Response: glad u liked it, and guess what saree? im typing ur email right now, so be lookin for that and it'll have a few chapters that i want your opinion on in it. and about the big spaces, i use the advanced updater so i dont know how to fix it, updateing soon!

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Review #17, by SareeTales From a Locked Broomcloset: Im Bored Jamesie!

12th February 2007:
ye. I love it! You know all that I have to say so I'll just ramble about nonsense. lalalalalalalala. I see you've changed your goal from 1000 reads at end of Feb to the end of March, you can do better than that! Come'on people help her out! I mean, she offers brownies to reviewers, so I mean, why wouldn't you read it, you can make it to 1000 before March for sure! Good Luck with that. Email me back! Sarr

Author's Response: u kno i luv u Saree right? lol, u rok! anywho, common ppl we got a long time, but i need reads! we're only a few hundred away!

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Review #18, by SareeRealize: Animal I Have Become

7th February 2007:
That was so unbelivebly sad!! You need to update right away and make it happy! And Sirius has to be nice! This is such a great story though! But I cried all the way through it and now I have to know what happens next You and your stupid cliffhangers...just kidding I luv you! just not your evil cliffhangers...:)

Author's Response: yay! im glad u liked it, next chappie will be up after my newest story is posted, its called gryfindors princess. cliffies get ppl hooked! but next chppy doesnt exactly have one.

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Review #19, by SareeMy feelings: The beginning

24th January 2007:
this is such a good story! i absolutly love jane austin, pride and prejudice, and emma, are some of my favourite books. instead of writing two reviews i just want to say that i also really like 'a tale lost in time'. that was really original, i had been wondering how you would end it but that was smart making hermione forget it all. what do you mean by chapter images? i like making banners and finding pics and stuff. you can email me at if you need pics. once again adorable story! keep it up:)

Author's Response: hi! THank you! I love P&P too! Emma's great as well. But my favourite is P&P forever and always.

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Review #20, by SareeTorn In Two: Walking with Consents

30th October 2006:
hey jus wanna say that i think that this chapter was really good. This is one of the few chapters i've read that actually link back to things that jkr previously mentioned. (wen petunia said that she heard james telling lily about dementors). Keep up the awsome work and get chapter 4 out already!:)

Author's Response: thanks! i'll try! = )

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Review #21, by SareeMidnight Crisis: Midnight Crisis

30th October 2006:
Hey i jus wanna say that this was a really good story. (also quite random but good lol). I luv how all of your fanfics fit together, sort of. Thats about it, keep writing your awsome!

Author's Response: thanks!! = D

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