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Review #1, by felton_fan:

24th September 2007:
not fair! write more!

Author's Response: I Shall :D

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Review #2, by felton_fanUnder Pressure: Chapter 3

10th September 2007:
I would love to make you a banner!
It might take a bit though, I would be sketching it myself then turning it into a banner.

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Review #3, by felton_fanRules are for Breaking: Malfoy = Off Limits

10th September 2007:
Not to influence you or anything, but you should consider her doing somthing very spontanious (cannot spell to save my life today)

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Review #4, by felton_fanThe Way the World Goes Round: The Way the World Goes Round

10th September 2007:
I simply cannot believe that you have no comments!
What happened to her?!?
I Really love this, is it a oneshot?
I don't want it to be!

Author's Response: ^_^ Well it's just been validated today so I'm not quite surprised...
It's supposed to be a oneshot, but I like to see it as a sort of a summary for this longer Rose/Scorpius story I already have some notes on. However, I'm too busy for writing it now, since all my stories end up fairly long and with a lot of chapters and various twists and turns, so it'll have to wait for a while.
I'm happy you like it story because it was so much fun writing it since it's the first Harry Potter story I've ever written...

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Review #5, by felton_fan:

6th September 2007:

Author's Response: Thankyouu I Shall :)

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Review #6, by felton_fanA Father: Prologue: Told through a beating heart

6th September 2007:
okay not fair my review didn't show up!
But in quieter terms, I LOVE IT!

Author's Response: thanx!! its so great to still have people reviewing even though i havent reviewed in a while.... thanx so much!

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Review #7, by felton_fanPretty Girl: Pretty Girl

6th September 2007:
I'm sorry but.

Author's Response: I'm not sure if I'll even know how to keep going on this story, but thank you so much for the feedback

I can't even tell you how surprised (pleasantly, of course) that I got such good reviews!
Thank you so, so much!!

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Review #8, by felton_fanNever again: The Train Ride "Home"

16th January 2007:
honestly your a good writer but flaming people esspecially my best friend who happens to be a very wonderful writer is horrible - haven't you ever heard of constructive critisism?

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Review #9, by felton_fanLiving The Life Of Kiyra: Prologue/Chapter 1-Part 1

29th November 2006:
Awesome I love it! And thank you for commenting on my story, I thought you might want to know that I posted chapter two.

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Review #10, by felton_fanCHILD OF THE RAIN: EPILOGUE- Her Whole Life

7th November 2006:
hey, I AM GOING TO HURT THE PEOPLE WHO READ CHAPTERS! they rejected it because it had two rape scenes in the first chapter, and even mentioned rape in the summary, so i changed the summary but haven't touched the chapter, i need your help with that, and i am going to give them a piece of my mind!

Author's Response: yes, you already told me that

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