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Review #1, by Satanic_JellybeanWhat Will We Do?: The asking out

2nd May 2008:
That was the most pathetic dribble I have ever had the displeasure of happening upon. You should have just physicaly ripped my eyes out, doused them in diarrhoea and put them back in place, because that was what my poor, unassuming eyes were met with when I chose to take a chance on your piece of literary garbage.

Someone who cannot correctly spell Gryffindor, or who places a MUGGLE in hogwarts deserves to be forcibly removed from the fanfiction world immediately, without possibility of return.

Someone who gives Draco Malfoy the invisibility cloak that belongs to Harry, someone who makes it seem as if Draco doesn't know about polyjuice potion until he hears people talking about it on the train, someone who doesn't know that Hermione SLAPPED Draco, she didn't punch him as seen in the MOVIE, and someone who writes a chapter that is 500 words long, of which 30 are spelled incorrectly should be denied admission to these sites, forced to read all seven of the books and burned at the stake as punishment for their treason.

You are obviously just a pathetic FANGIRL, probably around twelve years old, for that is the maturity level you display, who has seen the movies, not read the books, just hung on to what others said about the books, who hasn't a care to stay true to the world of Harry Potter, who doesn't give a rats arse about the true fans, and who is under the severely delusional impression that their so called 'work' is going to have some sort of significant bearing on the poor souls who took a chance on the 'just read its awsome' sign, and were confronted with the ever upsetting feeling of sheer disappointment.

The pathetic, literary diarrhoea that has spilled forth from your traitorous hands has served its purpose. It has managed to taint the world of Harry Potter, change it in the most disgraceful way possible, alter the minds of the now grieving readers and has proven its potential to become on of the most pathetic pieces of muddy trash to have been thought of. This tops the atrocities of Hitler in regards to the shameful factor, so I hope you're happy.

I hope you are enjoying the fact that you've created something that has provided a worse experience for someone than mass genocide undertaken by the Nazis ever could. You should be sorely ashamed of yourself, and if you have any type of moral inkling as to what true justice, and the value of equity means, you will remove your hands from your person, so that you can no longer write, claw your eyes out, so that you can no longer see what your stumps are typing, bash your head against the wall to severly diminish your already disappointing IQ, in the hopes that you suffer severe mental retardation and you will make a supremely conscious effort to never even think about writing fanfiction in any Harry Potter category ever again. Because that is what true justice, in all its glory, really means.

Vindictively yours,

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Review #2, by Satanic_JellybeanHidden Depths: What On Earth...?

7th November 2006:
hey. great start. I like it. keep going, its good. will read when you update, but I have to go as my parents are insisting I go to bed as I have an exam tomorrow. Till next time, take care. It's coming along well. tata, xoxo, Jess.

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Review #3, by Satanic_JellybeanMia Cadi Zabini: More Shopping Sprees and Shocks

7th November 2006:
hey, I have been following your story for like ages, and would like to let you know that I am loving it. I hve reviwed previously under the name 'Jessenia' coz thats my real name, but now I'm using my pennamewhich is evidently, Satanic_Jellybean. and I'm on ur email list. anyways, I am enjoying ur story and its going great so good luck with writing the rest of it and if you need a beta reader, then I'd be happy to help out. Also, today/tonight I posted my own story; Hate: An Emotion Reserved For Those Deserving, long name, I know, it's only a one shot, but maybe you'd like to check it out when its validated. It should be up by saturday or sunday. I'm gonna check out ur new story now and will most likely review. cya, luv jess. xoxo.

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