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Review #1, by NausicaaResolution: Love Life

5th July 2014:
Please, please write more!

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Review #2, by NausicaaHarry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin: 44: Fool Me Once

2nd May 2008:

Wow, didn't expect that at all. I really thought she had some kind of plan for getting him safely in the keep, and gettting herself trusted enough to up close damage. Wow!

Liked Harry's use of his head, whee! Purifying fire.

Silly Tura. I can't beleive Harry'd use those curses on her, he's certainly become different. Turn about, I suppose.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

(All that talk about the earth keeping their magic a secret, but if I was the earth I wouldn't want to keep such curse to myself)

Author's Response: Well, I think Tura and the Earth have kind of a special bond and all.

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Review #3, by NausicaaA Deafening Silence: Early Winter

7th February 2008:
Poor rem, nice to see Clover trying to help. Like her thinking about her mother, nice added angle.

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Review #4, by NausicaaDaddy Returned: Home

7th February 2008:
So happy to see this story get a new chapter! Wow, happy day, they are home! I sense emotion coming up, as they each find out everything. Important for their relationship I think. Good luck with those exams!

Author's Response: thank you! (:

and i think it will be emotional, and important for their relationship and for themselves in general. ^_^


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Review #5, by NausicaaHarry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin: Gathering Momentum

1st February 2008:
YAY!!! Update!!! Incredible chapter, lots of action, love Siri coming back! woohho! Ondossi is the best OC I have ever ever seen!

And I would love a copy, will send you an email, does this mean you are done or almost done writing it? :)

Author's Response: Almost done--writing 43 now, and 45 needs touching up--but the rest is written. I still have to do lots of chapter art, though.

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Review #6, by NausicaaA Deafening Silence: Imperfection

26th January 2008:
Oh, I so LOVE this chappie, specially this line "I've never been in like before". That so fits me perfect! Great chapter. Clover is so fantastic! Keep it up!

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Review #7, by NausicaaA Rose Amongst the Thorns: A Rose Amongst the Thorns

22nd January 2008:
Awesome!!! So sweet.

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Review #8, by NausicaaThe Family Secret: A Boring Birthday... Or Not

21st January 2008:
Cute!! Like Remus. What happened to Peter, I missed it? :)

Author's Response: I never said what happened to Peter.

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Review #9, by NausicaaWhat Will The Dursleys Say?: What Will the Dursleys Say?

4th January 2008:
I *heart* this fic sooo much! Wonderful idea, I like Harry and Dudley getting along.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the fic, I had loads of fun writing it. It came really easily. Thanks again.

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Review #10, by NausicaaLead On: Lead On

4th January 2008:
Totally fantastic. I think I might make any potential boyfriends of mine read it... ;)

Author's Response: That just gave me a good idea too x) I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, but I can get him to read it as well :) Thanks!

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Review #11, by NausicaaThe Road Not Taken: It Has Made All the Difference

3rd January 2008:
Wow, what a trip! Fantastic fic!

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Review #12, by NausicaaForgive Me: Forgive Me

27th December 2007:
Aw! So sweet, and sad. I liked poor Snape so much more after reading DH.

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Review #13, by NausicaaThe Boy, The Man, The Beast: EVERTHING CHANGES

27th December 2007:
Sniffles! Poor Rem and Poor Sirius! You did this whole time period very well. *cries*

Author's Response: Hi Nausicaa,

Thank you so much I really appreciate your review!! I'm glad you liked how I handled it I wrote it close to two years ago so it's great to see come to fruition.

Thanks for your review!!

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Review #14, by NausicaaDaddy Returned: Christmas

26th December 2007:
YAY! Happiness! ")

Author's Response: yay! ^_^


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Review #15, by NausicaaThe Family Secret: Capture pt3

24th December 2007:
Yay, thery survived! Great job, those boys are so cute! Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: Thanks. Merry Christmas.

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Review #16, by NausicaaDaddy Returned: Christmas Preperations

24th December 2007:
Yayay! Merry Christmas girly!! Good work, and keep it up! :)

Author's Response: thank you! merry christmas! ^_^


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Review #17, by NausicaaThe Family Secret: Capture pt 2

10th December 2007:
YOu didin't explain how she knew the moon was important.

Or why scrying is so awful.

But good chapter.

Author's Response: She's a Seer. I did mention that before. And the reason Scying is awful isn't important.

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Review #18, by NausicaaOnly in his Dreams: The Party

6th October 2007:
I LOVE this, it so nice to read this kind of fluff, Harry so deserves this!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it! I really thinks he deserves some time with his parents too.

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Review #19, by NausicaaThe Boy, The Man, The Beast: NIKKI

30th September 2007:
o! CLiffie, what will happen next?? Haha! Well written chapter, and I love that Remus is soo good at wards! He rocks!

Author's Response: Hi there Nausicaa,

LOL!! Haven't had one of those for a while.

There is definitely an attraction between them. The question is what does it mean. Is it sexual or more, or will it matter when Nikki believes Remus to be something he definitely is not. Here's a hint the next chapter title is "Converting Remus."

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Review #20, by NausicaaThe Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore: A New Year, A New Quest

30th September 2007:
Poor Aristotle, to made fun of centuries after your death...

Grat chapter, liking Albus more and more each chapter! He's great, and getting drunk!! And that bit about his family, it was so real, I could really see it happen! Great job!!!

(Heehee I start classes on Tues at College, not that I'm writing anything right now, but my first class is English Comp, so maybe I'll be inspired!)

Author's Response: Bah, Aristotle had it coming...sorry, I loathe the guy. Glad you're liking Albus more and more! And I thought Dumbledore would make a funny drunk. And it makes sense eytomologically that the Dumbledores were bee keepers. Ooh, have fun at college! I love my Academic Essay Writing class, so hopefully your English class is good too!

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Review #21, by NausicaaThe Boy, The Man, The Beast: STATE OF CONFUSION

26th September 2007:
Aww, poor Rem, and they confunded him! If he ever figures it out he'll be soomad. Poor Lucas, I'm glad rem didn't kill him tho.

Author's Response: Hi there Nausicaa,

Poor Remus Lucas wanted to keep his promises to both Heather and John. He also wanted Remus to still remember what he told him that night, even if he can't talk about it.

He'll be relieved at first then upset because he'll think it can never be removed.

Lucas will still be important in Remus' life even if he doesn't know it.

Next chapter should be very sweet and romantic.

I hope you will enjoy it.

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Review #22, by Nausicaa:

26th September 2007:
Wow, it's nice to see them seeing how bad it was for him, specially that being possessed part.

BTY, why are you writing this from teh movies and not the books?

Author's Response: I mentioned multiple times, I'm writing whichever I think would be more enjoyable. I apologize to those that are so bothered by it, but it's really just easier, and more fun, for me. *shrugs* Again, sorry if it bugs you.

Thanks for the review though! :)

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Review #23, by NausicaaA Marauder for a Lady: Far Away

23rd September 2007:
Heyhey! Wow, that was scary! And I adore "Far Away" as well.

I am a bit confused as to why James other friends didn't help out? Well, next chapter soon! I'm so happy that they are back together!!

Author's Response: lol, yes it was. That's one of my favorite songs and I had to put it in there. Well, as for that part, they didn't charge out at first but they were going to, Voldemort just got to Lily before any of them could get out there with even a rough plan constructed to help James. thnx!~

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Review #24, by NausicaaThe highs and Lows of Being T.R.Lupin: Third Birthday Party

20th September 2007:
"night daddy" that's soo sweet!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I know kids can be quiet sweet sometimes ;)

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Review #25, by NausicaaHarry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin: 37: Ways and Means

18th September 2007:
Awww!! Harry being sweet to poor Tura!! I just adore this pairing, and this story!

I was soo excitited to see you'd updates. Last chapter was awesome too poor Draco, but hooray for the DM being gone! And YAYAYAYAY for Sirius being magical again! Nothing like an emergancy to bring out the best in you! Great job!!!

And did you like DH??

Author's Response: Haven't read DH. I'm probably the last person in the WORLD that hasn't read it, but I wanted to finish Heirs first. So as not to mix up the story lines.

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