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Review #1, by theendoftheworldBrains & Brawn: Because We Seem to Understand the Urgency

28th July 2011:
Again, amazing :) Well, I like reviewing constantly because I hope it gives you a reason to keep posting chapters ;) especially since it's very difficult to find wonderful Oliver Wood stories that are actually completed/on the brink of it.
Anywho, I looove Oliver in this chapter (well, every chapter. But this one especially :D) and Lucy was nice. I knew it couldn't be his child ;) And it is rather nice to see Claudia have emotions and open up to Charlotte more and more. *cheers* I'll be anxiously waiting the next chapter!

Author's Response: nono, YOU'RE amaazinggg. :) and it really does give me reason to post chapters :3 it's nice to know that SOMEONE out there is enjoying them. :) keke.

i think this chapter is definitely one that gives much more insight into oliver and what makes him tick. :D keke. lucy and thank goodness, right? imagine if it was! oh, the dramz. & definitely. we're seeing more and more that claudia has an actual soul! :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ you're terrific.

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Review #2, by theendoftheworldBrains & Brawn: Secrets That Iíll Probably Repeat...

17th July 2011:
Another amazing chapter, no suprise :) I love how Charlotte is turning into quite the detective. I adore the line where she describes the character of that werewolf book as "a young, fragile, if not 'flawed' (she was clumsy) main protagonist who seemed emotionless." haha sounds like it was inspired by that lovely piece of fiction...Twilight! XD Anywho, hmm lots of drama, poor Claudia. Hopefully that will be sorted out. And I'm going to assume that's Oliver's baby brother ;) just my guess! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: aw, thank you so much! ^__^ your support really means the world to me. :3 and caught me. :P i couldn't help myself! it was just there, to be said...cough.

anyways, yes! poor claudia. it's strange seeing her actually have all these human-like traits, right? so far, we've only seen her a cold, aloof girl who keeps everything inside. :D

and hehe. you shall see ;D

thanks for the review! you're awesome ♥

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Review #3, by theendoftheworldBrains & Brawn: A Disappearing Act Done Poorly

10th July 2011:
I just wanted to comment on how much I adore this story (mostly because it's Oliver Wood related, plus I love Charlotte's character) :D This is also the first story I have ever loved the main OC character pairing with another OC... but I assume that won't last much longer ;) I also love how you're using Amy from Doctor Who for your banner and chapter pictures. Love that show! XD Anywho, please come out with a new chapter soon! :) Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: thank you so much for the review! i don't think people realize how encouraging reviews are! :D keke. oliver is so nummy, right? & charlotte. at first, i didn't really like my main character (CRAZY RIGHT?!) but i feel like the more i write it, the more she grows on me. which is good! amy is so amazing. i swear she's one of my favorite companions! her character development is incredible. ♥

new chapter is in the queue, actually! :D this is my julnowrimo story ;) gonna try and finish it by august. quite daunting, but i'll make it happen.

no, thank YOU for the review! ♥ you're amazing.

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Review #4, by theendoftheworldGame: Happenstance Happens Entirely Too Often

18th August 2010:
haha 'practicing' ;)
I love this story. I read all of it yesterday and came back today and was like OMG another chapter!!! :D Plus, any story relating to Oliver Wood is just fantastic. Keep up the awesomeness, hope to see another chapter soon! :)

Author's Response: Practicing indeed ;) I'm so glad you like it! And Oliver Wood. But who wouldn't ehehe.

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Review #5, by theendoftheworldJust Dance: In The Box

1st August 2009:
im loving this story so far. you dont come around many fred/oc XD

oh and question: who is the dude in the picture for oliver wood's chapter image? =)

Author's Response: I know! That's exactly why I wrote this fic, and because I also wanted to incorporate dance ;P Thanks for reviewing! And thank goodness you noticed him too, he's sexy! Hahah, surprisingly no one's asked me yet - I'm glad you and I know what a goodlooking guy looks like ;] I actually found him on a model site... I forget his name, but if you Google his known associates (Hannes Botha, Eddie Klint, Brandon Wilson, etc.) a website should come up, it's all dedicated to sexy guys.. and butts lol. So be forewarned! Haha, sorry I can't remember the name!

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