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Review #1, by ckissWhat Witches Want: What witches want

7th August 2007:
oh! Poor Draco!

Author's Response: =]

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Review #2, by ckissThe Polyjuice Potion Baby: Happy anniversary

27th February 2007:
i love this story!!! update asap!

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Review #3, by ckissWhy Do Fools Fall In Love?: The Loo

22nd February 2007:
u messed up in this chapter... u accidently used Harry's name rather than James' name.. near the beginning where it should have said "James wanted to stroke her fingers." It says "Harry wanted to."

Author's Response: Ah, nuh-uh!!! *goes immediately to fix* Thank you.

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Review #4, by ckissFull Fledged Auror: Kill Me

20th February 2007:
AHHH! I LOVE YOU! you are a such a great authoress! But I'ma ned u to update ASAP! thank you! And its so sad that Harry had to kill Amelia... But I see that he had to... but what is happenin to baby Harry??? He's just layin there on the floor...

Author's Response: Thank you! Holy crap I like that word- authoress :P Sorry. I'll try to update, I swear. But that shall all be explained in the next chapter, you'll see...

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Review #5, by ckissRain, Rain...: Forever Goodbye

19th February 2007:

Author's Response: That was the hope!

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Review #6, by ckissFull Fledged Auror: Baby Shower

17th February 2007:
damn it its Penny!!!

Author's Response: Mmhm.

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Review #7, by ckissFull Fledged Auror: Hate, Heartbreak, and Horcrux

17th February 2007:
WTF! Wow! Bellatriz still a live and she is demented! With Sirius chained to. wow!!!

Author's Response: Mmhm. Bellatrix was always a bit demented, I thought...

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Review #8, by ckissFull Fledged Auror: Poison

17th February 2007:
still confused.

Author's Response: You'll find out.

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Review #9, by ckissFull Fledged Auror: The Traitor

17th February 2007:
damn it i'm so confused!

Author's Response: It's supposed to be like that.

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Review #10, by ckissFull Fledged Auror: Enemy Concealed

17th February 2007:
wow!!! The end of this I so... did not understand! Wtf??? Who was having the conversation... at first i thought it was Amelia and then hell I don't know

Author's Response: That is the point cos it is a mystery. I at first wanted you to think it was her, so yay for you getting it! Sort of...

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Review #11, by ckissSome Lies, a Few Mysteries, and a Lotta Love: Lily the Leprechaun

28th October 2006:
i really like this story and you should update soon!
I love james and lily fan fiction because there is really no way you can mess up with it as long as they end up together and have harry everything is good!

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