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Review #1, by zcb6052Regretfully Yours: Catching a Break

1st February 2009:
hey this is really good :)

Author's Response: thanks glad you like it

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Review #2, by zcb6052Different: Plans

24th March 2008:
please write more, your really god, and i want to know what happens when Ron finds out about the friendship! and how Hermione feels about being stood up.

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Review #3, by zcb6052Ten Things I Hate About You: 10 Things I Hate About You

30th January 2008:
awww, this was a really good story. you're an awesome writer. did you hear about heath? so sad...

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Yes I did. When I found out I felt sick. His pour family. I can relate.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #4, by zcb6052Truth.....or Dare: Hermione's Honest

12th January 2008:
nice. keep 'um coming!

Author's Response: Yay! You're my 100th reviewer! I'm glad you like it. I hope you keep reading!

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Review #5, by zcb6052Jack's Mannequin: Kill The Messenger

30th December 2007:
this one made me cry. the others are good, but this one is just, wow.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks, yeah, this one was for me too. At first, it was Bruised that I found best, but this one....I really put a lot into this one. Thanks so much!!

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Review #6, by zcb6052The Rain Keeps Pouring: Chapter Sixteen

24th December 2007:
o holy crow. story is sooo good, i couldn't even pause to review previous chapters!! i can't wait until you next update! please let it be soon!!

Author's Response: I'm going to update really soon. the lovely, hardworking validators are taking their christmas break, but as soon as they're working again, I'll put new chapter up! Glad you're loving it lol! x

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Review #7, by zcb6052I Believe: I Believe

9th December 2007:
that was really good. and the fact that luna and her dad think the first leaf to change color brings luck-brilliant! p.s. peter pan is my favorite story of all time. so jealous you have the soundtrack!

Author's Response: Thank you for all your kind words. :)
Psst: Don't actually have the sound track, downloaded it on the internet. ;)

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Review #8, by zcb6052Kiss The Rain: Game, Set, Mismatch!

25th November 2007:
god that was amazingly written. wow. i hate the stories where they fall for each other in the first chapter, so in my book, yours is brillant. and I love that they haven't really "fallen" yet. wow is all I have to say.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoy it. Its nice to see that being outside the typical mold works well

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Review #9, by zcb6052Why Us?: Dirty Rotten Snitch

16th November 2007:
NO!! ron you ass! sorry this is my first reveiw on the stroy, but i normally don't reveiw unless i think the chapter was realy good.

Author's Response: aww, i feel so special!! yay me :D

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Review #10, by zcb6052Pits of Emotion: Dreams you canít hide from darkness

22nd October 2007:
story line is good.
written well.
your really god at discribing the scene. thats the bit i have the most problems with.

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Review #11, by zcb6052A Recurring Dream and A Loss of Memories: 1. A Strange Dream

14th September 2007:
wow. you did really good w/ dumbledore. most people who try to write him make a total mess of him. you had him say one line, and tis already bloody realistic! reat of its really good too!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the review =] I think I did REALLY badly with Dumbledore but thanks for the compliments.

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Review #12, by zcb6052Hermione's Crush: The Battle For Hogwarts

12th September 2007:
but, but, but why?
harry can't die!
[oo, i rhymed!]
so, really good story
sorry ive never reveiwed afore.
bad habit of only reveiwing @ the end.
anyways, really good!

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Review #13, by zcb6052The List: In Which There is a New Year's Eve Kiss

9th August 2007:
what the confused. are you talking about aug. 7 2007, or 2006? cause your little story page thingy says the last time you uoadated was in '06. maybe im just reading ot wrong...anyways...whatever year, i hope you update soon!

Author's Response: I think you read the when I first posted date. ^_^ I meant August 2007. :-)

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Review #14, by zcb6052The List: Christmas

9th August 2007:
go luna!! rah rah rah!! right. now that my cheerleader moment id done...very well written. *cough*

Author's Response: LOL. Go Luna indeed! And aw, thank you! I really appreciate it. :-)

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Review #15, by zcb6052The List: The Offending Letter

8th August 2007:
that letter was hilarious!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing. :-)

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Review #16, by zcb6052The List: Internal Pining: Ginny's Essay

8th August 2007:
hah!i knew i recongized your style from somewhere. i don't if i told in the diary of hermione granger, but i loved that and im loving this one too!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you like I'm Not Neurotic! Thank you very much for reviewing. :-)

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Review #17, by zcb6052The List: Prologue

8th August 2007:
if the rest of it is this good, im already in love!

Author's Response: Aw, that's so sweet of you! I hope it lives up to your expectations. Thanks for reviewing. :-)

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Review #18, by zcb6052:

7th August 2007:

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Review #19, by zcb6052Lemondrop Conspiracy: Conspiracy!

7th August 2007:
i think all of your storys are really good. and sorry about my post on ch. 19 of i will never let you leave me. i didn't know you were in the army.

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Review #20, by zcb6052I Will Never Let You Leave Me: Violent Emerald

23rd July 2007:
please update soon. your story has been in my favorites forever, but if don't you don't i may have to delete! you've got a ton of readers who are waiting for you to update!! please do it quickly!

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Review #21, by zcb6052Without You: The Beginning

12th July 2007:
that was a really good ending!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #22, by zcb6052When the Lights Go Out: Game Over

7th July 2007:
omg. i felt sorry for the people who had to wait for you to update before, but now i just feel sorry for me!!

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Review #23, by zcb6052When the Lights Go Out: A Kiss to Heal

7th July 2007:
i feel dumb for repeating my self, but i can't think of any other way to scream on the internet.ah!

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Review #24, by zcb6052When the Lights Go Out: Unknown Feelings.

7th July 2007:
oh deary deary me.

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Review #25, by zcb6052When the Lights Go Out: For every truth, comes a thousand lies.

7th July 2007:

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