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Review #1, by hermione112291Love, Lies and Butterflies: Confessions and Satisfactions

16th November 2008:
i do not think thats slutty or easy at all =P

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Review #2, by hermione112291The Witching Hour: The Witching Hour

28th October 2007:
it was sooo short...develop it some more.but other then that relle theres some things tht dont make sense FIX IT por favor

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Review #3, by hermione112291Uncle Ron: Uncle Ron

25th October 2007:
omg...tht made me was so sad...but relle good

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Yes, I did write it with that intention, so I'm glad you had that response.


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Review #4, by hermione112291The '50 things Sirius Black is not longer allowed to do' List: The list

23rd October 2007:
omg this was absolutely amazing.? is tht one of ur long term was so great keep up the good worl

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Review #5, by hermione112291Just Friends: just friends

1st October 2007:
omg audrey i love this one it is amazing...u wanna kno something funny...i read this yesterday w/o even realizing u wrote it i was luaghing my head off lol!!

Author's Response: wow juj ur WICKED smarttt
anywhoo thnx

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Review #6, by hermione112291Pretty doesn't Pay the Rent: The Stolen Income

25th September 2007:
i relle love this story...any chance ur updating soon??

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Review #7, by hermione112291Not a day goes by:: Finding love

21st September 2007:
I hate to say it but how did u come up with this story?? Its a good idea but its relle confusing with all the OCs i think u should devlop the story and maybe use better grammar next time...i dont c how this was accepted

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Review #8, by hermione112291Unravelling the Darkside: The tranformation: you didnt really think that wed leave you alone, did you?

8th September 2007:
ok well u finally updated which i have to say to all ur fans u can thank me for lol but yea i like now u just have to rite more but on the britside u spelled ginnys name rite!!! congratulations!!

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Review #9, by hermione112291One Fateful Leap: One Fateful Leap

28th August 2007:
OMG!! i didnt review this one either...some best friend i am lol srry i have no idea how u got this idea but i love this one too god audrey ur just too good =P lol love ya!!

Author's Response: ahah

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Review #10, by hermione112291Spin the Bottle: Gryffindor Style: Spin the Bottle: Gryffindor Style

28th August 2007:
OMG!!! i cant believe i didnt review this story or wait did i?? u kno i love all ur stories but i have to say this one is my fave! =) hoping u rite u more

xoxo JULIA xoxo

Author's Response: lol thnx juliaa

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Review #11, by hermione112291It started in the Locker room: Chapter fourteen

21st August 2007:
i love this story but i was jw when u were or if ur ever gonna update because i cant wait to find out wat happens nxt!~!~

Author's Response: hey there my lovely,
i'm so glad you enjoyed it! i'm sick at the moment and have gotten rid of the kids so they dont get sick so i might be able to sit down and really write, which something i haven't done in ages!
thanks so much for the review
i hope the ending doesn't disappoint
Lots of Love

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Review #12, by hermione112291Haunted: Epilogue: Diagon Alley

18th July 2007:
this story and rage of potter are two of the best stories eva i love that u brought james and lily back though i didnt like harry dsting ginny but it all worked out so all i can say is gret job

Author's Response: Thank you- i am going to re-write it all. I am not happy.

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Review #13, by hermione112291Our New Family: And the Project is....

9th July 2007:
hey i was jw is ur first name allie by any chance??

Author's Response: no actually it's not but thnxz for the review

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Review #14, by hermione112291Unravelling the Darkside: I HAVE TO DO WHAT?!

27th June 2007:
yea katherine audreys rite u did...wat a loser...anyway...we thought up this story last year...jeez can u ay LAZY...get lazy butt off th couch and right some more...or i will have to sweetly force u to...and im sure audrey would gladly help.come on i want more!!

Author's Response: omg..... i updated happy my dear sweet twin!!!

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