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Review #1, by TrixiebellStuck in a Harry Potter Romance: Unfortunately for Our Main Character, the Story Continues

19th January 2008:

Ahaha, I started reading these on quizilla! ages ago, because this story totally sheds a whole new light on stereotypical fanfiction. But then here I was, tonight, scanning the "recently added" list and then BAM I see 'Stuck in a Harry Potter Romance'! Of course I went all blonde-ity blonde and squealed that I knew this story...

-cough- Anyways, enough of my ramblings, I should probably get on to the review part of this...erm, review. I absolutely adored it, because Demeter's take on everything is just how I (and, I imagine, many other canon-knowledgable fanfic writers) see it. "Oliver Wood graduated, like, ten years ago. Did this girl even read Harry Potter?" So true! And Hermione's chat speak was hilarious.

Think it's lovely, totally adding it to my favorites, and eagerly await the next one!


Author's Response: Yeah, I'm slowly moving fanfic stuff over here in case the new Quizilla is a dud. Glad to see you again!

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Review #2, by TrixiebellThe Element of Surprise: Sickness and seduction

3rd January 2008:
BECCA! -tacklehug- Victoire being all sick made me go 'aw' and I haven't like talked to you in forever!

Loved it hon, and you're just making me want to read more. =P


Author's Response: BROOKE!!! -tacklehugs back- Hehe. :D
Thankkkk youuuu!!!!!
And I know, it's been wayyy too long!

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Review #3, by TrixiebellDark Air.: The Beginning of the End.

24th October 2007:
Um, wow. That was- here it comes- totally awesome! Sort of short, but first chapters are often like that. And, as you mentioned, it's only a piece of the ending. I don't think it needs retouching at all. ^^

This shall go on my favorites, because it's an intruiging type of story that I've never quite heard of- Ron being blamed for the death of Harry?! Verrry different.

G'job, and can't wait for the next one.


Author's Response: Hey, thanks! Expect more soon!


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Review #4, by TrixiebellNo One Has Everything: Prologue

6th September 2007:
Becca, this is brilliant, but I have just one question-

when is this taking place? Because the era is 'other' and I dunno when that is... ;)

But it's excellent, chika, and whenever you update is fine, because of course it will be worth it. ^^

XOXO Brooke

P.S. Love the new Element banner.

Author's Response: =P you rule brooke.

Thanks for the comment on the banner hehe.

It would be sometime in the next generation...but it's not really next generation really...I don't plan on using any characters from the yeah :D

Brilliant?? Ahh! Thank you :D


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Review #5, by TrixiebellThe Element of Surprise: Chapter 4- Night

16th August 2007:
BECA! *huggles*

How be you?

I think Teddy and Victoire are so cute. ^^ And it's all right that you haven't updated in awhile. I mean, look at me- takes me forever too. And then some, lol.

Loved it, dear, and- what's this- I could have sworn I put it on my faves. Well, something to do now!


Author's Response: BROOKERS!
ok jk.....
I'm pretty good. it's almost midnight XD and i have a headache, but hey w/e!
Teddy and victoire are extra cute. =] haha. your stories are better than mine anywho so it's worth the wait for yours :P

lol. thanks for the reviewwww!!!

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Review #6, by TrixiebellAwaken: Chapter Two: My Junk

28th July 2007:
Oh-My-Peanut Butter. It was so freaky. I was looking at your banner and was like 'that looks and awful lot like Lea Michele...' and then was like OMG, no way. And I love 'My Junk'- I dance around singing it in my room *le blush*- and the words fit in so perfectly. Amazing job, definitely going on my favorites. ^^


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Review #7, by TrixiebellBittersweet Relief: Loyalty

30th June 2007:
What? It's not a good chapter?! Did you hit your head? It could be horrible(which it isn't of course) and I'd still be happy it's here. I've been missing this story greatly and I'm so...well... *squees then hugs* Who cares of we're missing a tad bit of action (and characters like Remus and such)? The plot is still going somewhere, it's all climbing that lovely, er, climb, of the rollercoaster, leading up till- bam!- something! (like finding out- or Tonks finding out- what's wrong with her, *hint hint*)

Tonks is so in denial it's not even funny! ..Okay it's a little funny. But you know what I mean. And I love hormonal!Tonks, she's more hilarious than usual. And while I'm still feeling depressed for James because of John *scowls* I feel some drama coming on with Cassandra- and drama is so much fun to read.

I await the next chapter eagerly- as always. ^^ Fabulous job.


Author's Response: Aww, you're so sweet. It makes me feel all happy when people tell me they miss my story. *hugs* The lack of action in that chapter bugged although the hints were meant to be there. =] And characters like Remus will be back, it's just meant to show that Tonks is a bit isolated at the moment from her boyfriend.

I'm glad you think the plot is still going somewhere because it really, truly is even if it's going to take a while. =] The next chapter unveils more hints... and so does the next few chapters! You're waiting for chapter 12 =] But I promise you, there is a BAM! but whether its do with Tonks's denial is another matter *winks mysteriously*

She is in denial, I've admitted that before. The thing is though, it just doesn't occur to her that she might be seriously ill (which you'll find out why later) and she just brushes it off. Hormonal Tonks is great fun to write =]

Aw, don't feel depressed for James. Lily needs to move on and don't forget she doesn't remember everything about James. There will be some action though concering John though - I can tell you that now. =P

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You do, as always, rock my socks!! Next chapter will be much sooner than this one - I've got my motivation back. =]

Thank youuu!. =]

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Review #8, by TrixiebellLife is Great: A Bit of Boy Talk

26th June 2007:
I miss reviewing for your stories, and I wanted to find something I hadn't reviewed yet. Thank goodness I did. ^^

So, I loved it. I felt kinda bad for Ron. 'His right-hand man' ... But I laughed about the owl named Harry. Seriously (no pun intended), that family's obsession with Harry Potter I find hilarious. Hil-harry-ous.

...okay, I kind of over-did myself there.

I thought it was fine that it was slightly pointless. Who gives a care? While there was no obvious plot, it still led up to something in the end. Ron's gonna be a daddy *chants*. Probably teach the baby to fly before he or she walks. You should write something about that- it'd be so funny! At least, I think it would. And I have a pretty good judge of humor, don't I? ...don't I?

'She just breezes through these things as if it's nothing.' That's so Luna (I almost typed Lina XD). Hasn't changed in that way, eh? Of course not. Luna is Luna is Luna, no matter age or occupation. I want to know what she's doing. Does she write for the quibbler? lol.

Okay, wow. Long review. Suppose I'll wrap it up now with- life is not only great, this story is too! Loved it to death, and I miss your writing!


Author's Response: Aww *feels all warm and fuzzy inside* That's so sweet - I am going to update BSR soon *fingers crossed* tomorrow night =]

Writing Belle and her families obsession with Harry was probably the best thing about this story! lmao!

See, having very little plot worries me =] And yes, you're a very good judge of humour :P I keep wanting to add more to this story but time has escaped me - I might get around to it this summer.

hehe, Luna is so difficult to write - that's why i'm a bit loathe to carry on with this because i don't think I could write her very well. =] I don't know what she does, haha, she probably would write for the Quibbler.

I loveeeee long reviews! Hehe, glad you like the story as your review has put a big smile on my face =] Hope to see (read :P) you at the next chapter of BSR!!

Thank you soooo much =]

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Review #9, by TrixiebellSecretly Ginny: To Believe

20th June 2007:
Awwwe, brother-sisterly love.

Author's Response: :D

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Review #10, by TrixiebellSecretly Ginny: Prisoner

17th June 2007:
*le gasp* ZOMG. Yay! Well... maybe 'yay' is not the right exclamation but still... Well, it's ZOMG because she's finally going to tell them and Yay! ...because she's finally going to tell them.

I'm weird, it's official.

Anyways, back to reviewing. Lovely job, I must say. As she dug through her mind for her past, her real past, that was ah-mazing. Excellent description as she came back over who she truly

and there I go confusing myself again.

Great Job ^^


Author's Response: *grins* Y'know, I had similar thoughts as I was writing that part. It's fun to be confusing! But, y'know, it's more fun to be weird xD Back to replying. I'm so incredibly glad you enjoyed this chapter, and thanks so much for leaving a great review :D

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Review #11, by TrixiebellThose That Remain: Expressions and Advice

15th May 2007:
Oh, wow.

Yes, wow. Wow. Wow wow WOW MOM is WOW upside down, but anyways... *cough*

No hate here. I've come to like the drama, and while I admit there was some wincing going around on my part when Molly talked to Tonks about this whole...shindig(yes that's my new word- shindig), there is still no hate. It just makes the plot twist... a lot. A lot a lot. And I've decided that I don't care who ends up with Remus. Seriously. As long as the left over woman(doesn't that sound bad?) has someone too. Yeah.

And we want Bells happy, don't we? ;)

Great Job, dear.


Author's Response: It's probably good that youlike drama. I can't seem to write a story without WAYYY too much drama. Ahhh.

I'm glad that there's no hate. I hate it when people hate people that I don't intend for them to hate. (Try to figure THAT out.) This is also good. Everyone is taking sides. While, I admit, I am definitely slanted, I still don't like to see one side be without support. I like to see the people who can't decide. It makes it more dramatic. (Or I'm a nut. Which is also possibly true.)

Well, of course. We need Bells to be happy. The end. :D

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Review #12, by TrixiebellBittersweet Relief: Chemistry

11th May 2007:
Denial of what? *squeezes eyes shut and hopes she's right*

Office '321' real original. ;) Nah, tis cool. I'm just the weirdo who notices stuff like that and will be oblivious to key points in the story- go figure.

Anyways, back to your writing. That's what I'm here for, after all. To attempt really long reviews that make writers happy and... I'm getting off topic again. But yes, nice chapter. Poor James. Sure he's dead, but a guy making Lily's heart flutter? Yeah. *sniffles for dead James* So grevious.

And I gotta hand it to Remus. I mean, still wanting to propose when your girlfriend is upset takes some courage. Granted, he'll probably wait till she cools down, but still... you've got to love that Gryffie foolish-I mean, bravery.

And that's all, methinks. I eagerly await the next chapter.

~Trixiebell, Bells, Nova, she-who-has-many-names(so much cooler than he-who-must-not-be-named)

And oh yeah! Go me! I get the first review of the chapter. =D

Author's Response: lol :] :] If you're thinking, what I'm thinking, then you're probably right ;]

That teaches me for just typing in random numbers then :P I knew somebody would pick up on it! lol. I liked that number ;[

Your reviews do make me happy, by the way ;] And I feel sorry for James too - and it doesn't get any easier for him. But yes, somebody else is making Lily's heart flutter.

Remus = ♥ And he probably will ;] But... he loves Tonks and thats how trivial their fight was. Besides, Tonks is a little angry with everything at the moment.

:D Next chapter should be up soon! ^.^ Thanks for the wonderful review and as always, you rock!

*hands cookie* Yay for first reviews! Thanks again!

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Review #13, by TrixiebellThose That Remain: Broken Teacups

10th May 2007:
Know what I've discovered? I'll tell you what I've discovered- HPFF enjoys cutting off my nice long reviews! *sniffles* Hopefully they won't this time though.

I loved it. The internal trama Remus has with himself is grabbing, and the way Tonks is so kind towards Elle and Anges without knowing makes me feel bad for Tonks. =( Ah, well. Things will work out in the end.

...Won't they?

;) Fabulous job, and I await the next one!

Author's Response: Laaame. I enjoy your nice long reviews. :)

Hmmm...we'll see.

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Review #14, by TrixiebellThose That Remain: Kisses

7th May 2007:
Oh my. The drama keeps getting so much more and more... drama-y. You know? Of course you know, you're the author. *smacks forehead with hand*

Anypeanutshizzle (

Author's Response: Hahaha. Trust me, I know. And you ain't seen nothin' yet ;)

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Review #15, by TrixiebellPretty Girl: Maybe

7th May 2007:
*sighs dreamily* They are so... adorable? Cute? All of the above?

Yeah, I like that last one. Not-reviewing util later would probably make your review load lighter but. too bad. Loved it, and I think Melody's awkwardness is so real. Really real. Really.

~Trixiebell, AKA Alice. ;)

Author's Response: lol. thanks.

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Review #16, by TrixiebellProtector of the Crown: January 1536

4th May 2007:
O.O Oooohhh, snap.

Wow. That was some excellent writing there. Yes, it was long. Very, very long. And a bit on the gory side. Okay, more than 'a bit'. But still, it was very excellent. I was going to start crying when Eric died...

But then, I cry at everything.

And then he wasn't dead, and that made me happy. And I felt like reviewing. ^^

Great Job!

Author's Response: I tried to stay away from the gore as much as possible while still capturing the essence of the fight. I had a validator Beta read for me to make sure that it was TOS compliant and that made me supa happy!

I couldn't possibly let Eric die. He's too precious to me. But I was trying to make it seem likke he did. I'm glad that I accomplished that!

Thanks for the review!


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Review #17, by TrixiebellHow To Save A Life: Chapter 11: Sad Looks and Sickness.

3rd May 2007:
Oh no! Poor Rory. She'll get better though, right? RIGHT? *gives a pleading look*

Great job, chika.

Author's Response: thanks! hmm maybe?

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Review #18, by Trixiebell 1. Two Lives In One: Unsung Heroes

1st May 2007:
O.O Oh wow. It all makes sense now... *le brain click* I GET IT!

Excellent job, guys.

Author's Response: *does a little happy dance* Glad you got it! We worked so hard, trying to get this right. And we obviously did, since the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place.
Thanks for leaving a review. :)

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Review #19, by TrixiebellBittersweet Relief: Helpless

1st May 2007:
Hm. I have my own views on why Tonks is sick, but... that's only because I want them to be true. ;)

So now I'm curious- what exactly happened at the final battle? Do you enjoy hodling this above our heads??? I mean, something about a house and...? Mesa very confused.

Great job, again.

Author's Response: Hehe, I imagine that they might just be correct ;] But you'll have to wait and see.

The final battle will be revealed soon, in another Tonks chapter :] And yes, I do :P

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the lovely review and I hope you get better soon :D

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Review #20, by TrixiebellBittersweet Relief: Memories

1st May 2007:
Okay, so I'm sitting here, with the chicken pox, and I think "I need to read the lasts updates of Bittersweet Relief." And I do and sqqque, it's fantabulous!

Remus' insecurity when asking Lily for help with proposing is so cute! It makes me laugh.

Great job! ;)

Author's Response: Aw, you have chicken pox :[[[ *hands you cookies and chocolate* I hope you get better soon. I'm glad you liked the story though!

Aww, Remus's insecurity is lots of fun to write :] He's just so lovely *sighs*

Thanks for the lovely review :] :]

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Review #21, by TrixiebellA New Beginning: So this is Christmas

29th April 2007:
Aweee! I've been waiting for this to come out for awhile, and now that it has... YAY!

I loved it, and the gift thing was so cute. Great job!

Author's Response: lol I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the review :)

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Review #22, by TrixiebellThose That Remain: The Drama with Dancing

29th April 2007:
Oh, wow. Let's see. *takes a deep breath as she thinks* Remus and Elle need to be together(Which I have a funny feeling will happen eventually, ;]), Harry needs to stop having PMs(but who can blame him?), and Tonks needs another guy so she's not all heartbroken. *le sigh*

I'm a hopeless person for wanting everyone happy, huh?

Great job!

Author's Response: Hmmm. We'll see.

Oh, my God, I know. That always drove me crazy in the books, so I wrote him like that here. He's just so moody. Hah.

Yeah, a little bit. ;) But we'll see how it turns out.

Thanks! :D

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Review #23, by TrixiebellPretty Girl: Assault

28th April 2007:
I can see why you love writing Regulus- and Regulus in general. He is so...interesting.

Loved the chapter. And have fun in Europe when you go. =D

Author's Response: he IS interesting. *hugs reg*

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Review #24, by TrixiebellI Could Be...: Grace Kelly

28th April 2007:
That's definetly a take on James' arrogant ways I don't read everyday.

Lovely job!

Author's Response: thanks!
i wanted it to be different.

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Review #25, by TrixiebellAllie's Marauder: Girl Talk

29th March 2007:
Lily Cynthia Potter?? Haha, that's funny. Thank goodness it wasn't Marie. I've seen so many 'Lily Marie Evans' stories it's not funny. ...Okay, maybe it is a little.

Great job!

Author's Response: lol really?? well i just randomly picked cynthia even though it doesnt really... suit her. i suppose jk rowling would know the perfect middle name for her :P! thanks for reviewing!

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