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Review #1, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: Simple Pleasures

2nd May 2010:
Diagonally - another beautiful chapter. You're really making these characters your own and I am continually awed by your creativity and presentation. This story is my favorite (by far) and I look forward to reading whatever you come up with next! No pressure - I know how hard it is to balance life and writing. Maybe you'll have more time on your hands this summer? =)

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Review #2, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: Mother Dearest

28th October 2009:
What a wonderfully written Narcissa! I'm enchanted with this story. I can't WAIT to see it unfold. Well done both diagonally and Dixie_Charmer - you guys make a good pair. Will the next chapter come soon???

Author's Response: Thank you SO much RI! We really appreciate the encouragement! Yes, next chapter submitted for validation.


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Review #3, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: The Study

31st August 2009:
Diagonally, this needed to be longer! Ugh I want more! Post again soon please?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review Required Inspiration! I was gone for a while cos they weren't taking submissions, then I zoned out!

Hope you like the next chapter which i submitted today. I hope to update real soon again!


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Review #4, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: The Right and the Righteous (contd)

26th July 2009:
Oh, diagonally, this was beautifully written! Thank you for such a uniquely developed, thoroughly researched, and complete portrayal of the final battle. I very much enjoyed reading this sequence of flashbacks, but am much more excited for what is to come concerning the original plot! Can't wait for the next chapter :)


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Review #5, by required_inspirationNo Words: No Words

8th July 2009:
Elysium, your one-shot was incredibly simple and yet incredibly powerful. I enjoyed every word - it felt almost like poetry at times. I'm deeply in awe of your ability to convey thought and emotion without dialogue (something I think I rely too heavily on at times...). Really strong writing. This story is definitely going into my favorites. :)

Author's Response: Wow... thank you so much for a lovely and thoughtful review.

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Review #6, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: The Right and the Righteous

7th July 2009:
Once again, a very impressive chapter. The research and care you put into writing this installment is most apparent and heightens the quality of your work. I was a bit uneasy when I realized at the beginning that it was going to be a flashback, but, now that I've finished reading, I'm very pleased you chose to include it. What you're doing is providing a depth and a history to your versions of Rowling's characters so that the present story you're slowly unfolding has significance and meaning. I'm so happy to have found this story - it's truly a pleasure to read. I absolutely cannot wait for the next installment. :)

Author's Response: Awwe, thanks! I\\\'m glad for your honesty, that you weren\\\'t thrilled with the idea of another flashback... cos that way, when you tell me parts you arnt thrilled about, it means even more when you tell me about parts that you did like! Make sense?

The next chapter is also a flashback continuation of Right and righteous. It\\\'s my version of offing Voldie. I never intended to write either. it just happened! I\\\'m glad though, cos, like you generously notice, it adds depth to my story. My story was gonna be a PWP, fluffy piece... then this happened and now i see it ending in 40 chapters instead of 15!

I am so grateful you found me story, you brighten my day with each review!



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Review #7, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: Sun and Moon and Stars in Snow

29th June 2009:
Diagonally! Another great chapter. I really appreciated the depth of the conversation between Harry and Hermione. Considering he's only a supporting role in your story, you did an excellent job establishing his character. I'm curious as to how many chapters you think this will end up being. You said you thought it would be 15 initially but that seems way too short now! I want more more more! :)

Author's Response: Required Inspiration, you are truly inspiring. Thank you for your kind words!!! I am currently working on the 32nd chapter, and I see it finishing in about 10 more. Yes, 32nd... I\\\'m not holding out or anything, I update as soon as a chapter gets validated.

So, yeah, we\\\'re safe for a while. You may be begging me to finish the story by then :)

Thanks a lot!

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Review #8, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: The Redemption of Slytherin

14th June 2009:
Really interesting. I love that you've written these flashbacks. They're so in depth and informed - it really gives a solid foundation to your story. Can't wait for the next installment. Is it in the works?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing every chapter! You ROCK!

I have been waiting to post for a while because the validators were on vacation. Hopefully tomorrow they will start accepting submissions, and it should get validated in a week- 10 days?

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Review #9, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: To Dream, To Sleep, To Wake, To Soar

12th June 2009:
This was so idealistic! Goodness, don't we all wish we were Hermione?

Author's Response: i do, i do! though not to be with ickle ronniekins in cannon :)

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Review #10, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: Issues? What Issues?

12th June 2009:
I. just. swooned.

Oh Draco, Draco, Draco.

Author's Response: hehe, i know how you feel! i'm as much in love with this hunk as Hermione is. The difference is, i'm writing stories about him... so does that make me more in love? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Review #11, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: Crash Boom Bang

12th June 2009:
I love how you go into the past to explain the present. It really gives depth to your version of the characters. Will Draco see he wants Hermione too? Please?

Author's Response: you know when i started writing this fic, i'd thought it would be DONE in 15 chapters. then the actions scenes/ flashbacks took over!

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Review #12, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: I Wanna Have Your Baby, Maybe.

12th June 2009:
This story has a ton of elements I love: wit, reality, lack of cheesiness, and originality. I am so hooked.

Author's Response: Oh, you are a doll! THANK YOU!

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Review #13, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: In the Still of the Night

12th June 2009:
This story is so charming! I'm hooked. You have a way with words for sure.

Author's Response: you have a way with reviews! I adore you!

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Review #14, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: Memories

12th June 2009:
Aw so sad. Really intriguing, though. I am finding myself even more wrapped into this story. I'm gonna keep reading... 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you for feeling the sadness with Hermione. it helps me know i'm doing things decently.

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Review #15, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: Reluctant Designs

12th June 2009:
Once again, smartly written. I am really enjoying this! You're quite witty and your characterization is right on. Keep writing!

Author's Response: I do spend sleepless nights and mealless days trying to get the charecterisation right, so that review means a lot! the humor i have spurts of... at times you'll find only angst. then my charecters will have lighter moments and make me smile.

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Review #16, by required_inspirationHeir Brained: We Meet Again

12th June 2009:
This is excellent! Really well written. I'm actually surprised it hasn't received more reviews... I often find myself searching for so long for something worthwhile - this is a rare find. I do hope you're still writing - you're good at it. Can't wait to see where this goes =)

Author's Response: I started posting this fic here a long time ago, but then hpff went funky on me and deleted the reviews/ stories/ my account. So you mentioning that you are surprised this fic does not have more reviews is very sweet and heartening! thank you for all your support!

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Review #17, by required_inspirationDeath By Pregnancy: Death By Pregnancy

13th January 2008:
Hilarious! I loved this - it made me cringe at how annoying the whole situation was. Poor James. By the way, the picture at the end was priceless.

Author's Response: hahaha, thank you so much. i'm very glad to hear you loved it! :)

i think i may have experienced this night myself yesterday when the theatre company mum works for ran out of concessions and i had to go buy cookies and water... haha, except no old ladies tried to steal my stuff. ;)

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Review #18, by required_inspirationNargles && Mistletoe: Nargles && Mistletoe

8th January 2008:
This was a very good one-shot and really funny! I think my favorite line was, "She mentally hit herself for putting up both females and males. She wouldn’t have this problem if it were an all-girls-cherub Hall." Hahaha, totally true. This is the first thing I've read of yours, but I'm going to check your other stuff out, this was great!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much hun! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I hope you like my other stories just as much! =]

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Review #19, by required_inspirationAthena Alexandra Malfoy: Mr. Berny's Cinnamon and Berry Ice Cream

11th December 2007:
Short and sweet... cute story, I like it a lot. I didn't think it was going anywhere at first, but the end was a funny twist. You should try writing more like this!

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Review #20, by required_inspirationThe Polyjuice Potion Baby: The Fate of Bellatrix

25th January 2007:
this story is turning out really good. I'm interested to see where you're going with the Harry/Bellatrix side-plot... are you going to connect it to hermione and draco's romance? I can't wait to read what draco's plan is for his little "talk" with hermione... no doubt he'll make an ass of himself - that's always what he seems to do! lol. Well, great job, keep up to good work and I'll be checking daily for updates!

Author's Response: oh thanks! i'm not 100 percent sure what all will happen with harry actually, but i do have the main idea about where i want to go with him. I would tell you to check daily for updates, but validation takes longer than that- unfortunately. This one was in validation for 10 days so i wouldn't hold my breath. Sorry :( Chapter 7 is in waiting though if that makes you feel better.

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Review #21, by required_inspirationThe Project: A New Experience

21st January 2007:
great plot, great writing... great story!
can't wait for updates!

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Review #22, by required_inspirationThe Project: Acting Familiar

21st January 2007:
what a jerk!

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Review #23, by required_inspirationThe Project: Harmony

21st January 2007:
Draca!! hahahahaha

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Review #24, by required_inspirationThe Project: Prologue

21st January 2007:
this is, by far, the most believable and well-written dumbledore-decides-to-make-the-seventh-years-pair-up-and-have-babies stories that I have ever read. You did a really good job at preventing it from becoming cheesy... I'm looking forward to reading more.

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Review #25, by required_inspirationThe Polyjuice Potion Baby: The Night it All Went to Heck

20th January 2007:
wow this story idea is really creative! quite complicated - how did you think it up? I liked it a lot though and am going to read the rest of the chapters now.

Author's Response: ok thank you. I don't know how i thought it up actually, I just started typing and well there you go. Weird right? I had no plot sketches, drafts, or anything i just typed and it came out.

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