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Review #1, by chocoluvrHome is Where the Heart Is: Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

9th April 2008:
Good chapter in showing Ginny and Harry getting the kids ready for Fred's and George's birthday party. At least Hermione was able to reassure Ginny about Evan wanting only her to comfort him.

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Review #2, by chocoluvrHome is Where the Heart Is: Chapter Six - A Job Offer

3rd February 2008:
Good chapter with Harry showing his concern for Ginny's wellbeing and Tonks is recovering from her attack. Ginny probaly needs to be checked out by a Healer to see if her nightmares are just normal worried mum nightmares or a sympton of post traumatic stress syndrom. It would be interesting to see if Tonks would become absent minded later on as a result of her attack.

Author's Response: Yes - Ginny should be checked out by a healer.... but she is a stubborn one. But stay tuned because we will eventually find out what is causing her nightmares.... I'd love to spill the beans but my muses may get a tad angry!! Thanks so much for reading - stay tuned!! ~Jenn

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Review #3, by chocoluvrOnce Bitten: Once Bitten

22nd October 2007:
Good story in showing how Remus was bitten.

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #4, by chocoluvrWitch Sisterhood with American Dreams: Quick Quidditch Quest

19th October 2007:
Good chapter,even with the quidditch game played out even showing the difference in the turnout between both the quidditch and the quodpot game. Though you may want to use American English instead of British English, since they are in America unless you have a British expatriot character. I think that you can call the pitch a field, since pitch is the British term for field.

Author's Response: Good point. Part of my idea though with Salem is that they inherited a number of things from Hogwarts. I know that terms like calling the school years First Years, Seventh Years likewise, is a British term, though for some reason I can't imagine it another way. Thank you for your thoughts!

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Review #5, by chocoluvrHome is Where the Heart Is: Evan Sirius Potter

4th October 2007:
Good name for the new baby, using Harry's mother's maiden name as the baby's first name and Sirius for the middle name. Don't worry about the delay in posting sometimes things get in the way of writing.

Author's Response: Hi there - glad you enjoy little Evan's name - he was almost named Brian Sirius... I even toyed with Albus Severus but I just can't enjoy that name no matter how much I try!! Thanks for reading! ~Jenn

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Review #6, by chocoluvrLoyalty: Molly and Arthur Weasley

27th August 2007:
What a realistic portrayal of the Weasleys showing concern for all of their children and Harry. Maybe one day Arthur's tinkering with muggle artifacts can make some people in the wizarding world very happy.

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Review #7, by chocoluvrLoyalty: Nymphadora Tonks

27th August 2007:
Good chapter on showing Tonks's thoughts before she goes into battle and dies.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #8, by chocoluvrLoyalty: Luna Lovegood

26th August 2007:
Good chapter showing Luna's bravery and loyalty by not revealing Harry's whereabouts, though she may not be fully aware of all of the possible consequences of her actions. Her disbelief at her father's betrayal of Harry is realistic and shows how Voldemort exploits people's fears to get his way. Luna's dad is probaly scared of losing the only thing that he has to live for since his wife died when Luna was little.

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Review #9, by chocoluvrLoyalty: Neville Longbottom

26th August 2007:
Great description of the way that you thought that life would be like at Hogwarts during the seventh book. What an interesting way that you had Harry tell Neville what he wanted him to do and that the prophecy could of been about him. Neville needs to have more confidence in his abilities as a wizard.

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Review #10, by chocoluvrLoyalty: Ginny Weasley

25th August 2007:
Good chapter on Ginny's patience in waiting for Harry. The fight that they had in the chapter about him saying goodbye to her showed her concern for Harry in a truthful way.

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Review #11, by chocoluvrHome is Where the Heart Is: Special Deliveries

23rd August 2007:
Good chapter with the new baby's birth I wonder what his name would be. Interesting though that Ginny decided to have the baby at home without anything to help with the pain.

Author's Response: Ah well - she's a tough girl isn't she? The potion was there for her to take - I guess I forgot to let her use it! Thanks for reading - you'll find out the new baby's name soon! ~Jenn

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Review #12, by chocoluvrWitch Sisterhood with American Dreams: But a week

18th August 2007:
Good chapter with showing the student's reactions to the article in The Daily Prophet about the school's champions, though wouldn't the paper mention the fact that Hogwarts had two champions. It's sweet that Aidan seems to like Persephone to invite her to his Quidditch game. Though it would be interesting in later chapters if Jason and Persephone have distant relations in England that Jason visits and writes to his sister about, especially how they break his heart and share their tragic story.

Author's Response: Thank you. If you turn to Goblet of Fire (which I did for reference) Rita Skeeter didn't say that Hogwarts had two champions, the evil woman! It's actually because of the the fact that Persephone is the Quidditch Queen that Aidan makes sure they come to the game, but hey, guys admire her. She is a popular girl. It's funny how you should mention their distant relations because I will bring that up later on. Thank you! It's so wonderful to have a faithful reader.

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Review #13, by chocoluvrHome is Where the Heart Is: Moving Day

30th July 2007:
Good story, hopefully Ginny won't have too many of those nightmares again. At least Harry is showing some concern for her. Isn't it true though about what Arthur told Harry about Ginny for a little girl to wrap her father around her little finger.

Author's Response: Yes - in my world Harry tends to overworry for dear Ginny - he seems to forget that she raised James on her own until he arrived home.
Thanks for reading! ~Jenn

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Review #14, by chocoluvrWitch Sisterhood with American Dreams: Friends by the Fortnight

18th July 2007:
Good chapter on how Persephone, Jackie and Susie became good friends.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #15, by chocoluvrWitch Sisterhood with American Dreams: But a moment

9th July 2007:
Yeah Susie is all right, but it looks like Jackie has a secret admirer.

Author's Response: Oh yeah, just wait until you see what comes later on in the story ;). Thank you for being such a faithful reader and reviewer to this story!

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Review #16, by chocoluvrHome is Where the Heart Is: Surprises

28th June 2007:
Good chapter, with the suprise of the nusery being finished. At least it's in neutral colors, since they don't know if its a boy or a girl. I wonder what the letter from the Ministry says. Please update as soon as you can, though I know that other things can come up.

Author's Response: Hi there - glad you liked the chapter. Had to be neutral - the Potters wanted to be surprised after all! I'll try to update as soon as I can - thanks for reading and reviewing! ~Jenn

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Review #17, by chocoluvrHome is Where the Heart Is: Red and Gold

21st June 2007:
Good beginning to this story. I like the part where the baby turns Harry's skin red and gold, but he thinks that it is Ginny who did it. I'm glad that they made up though. I wonder if Hermione was starting to tell Ginny that their twins were born around nine months after they made up after a fight.

Author's Response: Hey - glad you liked the start - it gave me a bit of trouble at the start - just needed to find the words to begin with. Well I can safely say that Ron and Hermione's twins were conceived after a fight. How could they not be? Thanks for reading! ~Jenn

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Review #18, by chocoluvrWitch Sisterhood with American Dreams: The Quidditch Club and the Quodpot Game

8th June 2007:
Good chapter, I hope that Susie is all right. Wouldn't there be any British citizens attending Salem, because they live in the States or whose parents are British. Is Quodpot played mostly in the States and Canada, like American football? Are you going to have them discuss what went on after the World Cup final game, because some of the students might have heard about what happened the last time that the wizarding world thought that they were safe, but they found out the hard way that they weren't. Are the girls in other clubs, like debate or politically involved? I wonder if in the future an artist will come up with a song about a poor baby who sees his parents, but they don't know him. That would be another tie in to canon.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! In this year where the story takes place, there are no British attending Salem. We will later on see more of the canon connections as Persephone's brother, Jason, lives in England and works for the Ministry of Magic, and as you may have guessed from the chapter with his letter, he sees Percy often. It's not going to be until a later chapter that I will say what Jackie and Persephone experienced in the Quidditch World Cup because it's essential to the climax that comes later on in the story (they ran into some cannon characters there, too). From what I read in JKR's book, Quidditch Through the Ages, Quodpot is hugely popular in the US and Quidditch must compete with it. Quodpot and Quidditch also compete in South America. It doesn't seem to me that Quodpot has been accepted in Canada.

I was amazed by your question about political debate because there will be a part later in the story where the characters debate the politics of the wizard world. But you will just have to wait and see, I'm sorry.

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Review #19, by chocoluvrWitch Sisterhood with American Dreams: The First of the First

26th May 2007:
The new format sounds like it would make things easier to follow with in your story. I like the creative way that you have the students get to the school and how you have the manors choose the students who live there.

Author's Response: Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.

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Review #20, by chocoluvrDaddy: September Nineteenth

17th May 2007:
Miranda may have seen the Quiddich players ex-wives who go after their ex-husbands for a lot of alimony to keep them in the lifestyle that they had while they were married, but they didn't want to work for it. She may not want to become like those women. Besides if one works at their career when their young, they may change their mind about having children later. Though I can see her wanting the family and the big career at the same time. She may need to see more of the world where she sees women working as Aurors and raising a family at the same time, where her career isn't sacrifaced.

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Review #21, by chocoluvrDaddy: The B.A.T

17th May 2007:
Just because Miranda has a child doesn't mean that she needs to take a few years off from work, she could still work and be a mommy. Being in her early 20s she probaly is at the stage in her life where she needs to concentrate on her career. I'm suprised that she told him that she didn't want to be like his mom, in her late 40s, early 50s with no real job skills.

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Review #22, by chocoluvrDaddy: Epilogue

16th May 2007:
I like the ending to the story, but I thought that it would be ironic if Miranda was the DADA teacher, married and expecting her first child. It's amazing that Ron and Hermoine waited a few years before having Stephan and Juliet, that they didn't have more children right away.

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Review #23, by chocoluvrComing Home: Coming Home

30th April 2007:
Good ending, I can't wait for the sequel to come out.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! ~Jenn

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Review #24, by chocoluvrWitch Sisterhood with American Dreams: A Tale of Three Witches

28th April 2007:
I like it that Mr. Ollivander has relatives in England. When he diappears from England, will he stay with those relatives. You have the money staying the same in both England and America, instead of different countries having different wizarding currencies. Quiddich is the same in America as in England, not another sport entirely, for example you have American football and European football which the Americans call soccer. You can call the sports, money and other items different things than in the Harry Potter books because there are differences in American English than British English. You're doing a good job with the story so far.

Author's Response: Thank you. It made sense to me that the wizarding currencies stay the same in all countries because the wizarding world is different from the muggle world. I got most of the information on Quidditch and Quodpot from JK's book Quidditch Through the Ages. I tried doing the best that I could do. Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #25, by chocoluvrWitch Sisterhood with American Dreams: A New Year Begins

18th April 2007:
Wouldn't some of the students be related to Hogwarts students? Also the Defense Professor might remember a famous example of the last time that the wizarding world thought that they were safe from Voldemart and his followers or other retillition attacks. That would show how backwards the British Ministry is. Wouldn't some of the older students be expatriots from England.

Author's Response: I promise that later in the story we will see more on how the characters connect with the English, including how some connect with the Deatheaters. Just as JKR's books are about British characters, my story here is about American characters, but a few canon characters will make their way into here later. Thank you for your review. :)

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