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Review #1, by harryginnyIf Only....: If Only

1st April 2008:
wow! this was brilliant...If only indeed!

I'm reviewing plenty now because I'll forget to come online later and review after you've updated like 4 chapters! sorry for that! But I do review!

great one shot! I think this review made no sense what so ever huh? again sorry!

Author's Response: Lol, I know you review lol. Sometimes I forget to review if a story I really like has a few new chapters added to it.

You made sense to me, you liked the one shot lol, that's all that matters lol.

Thanks again for reviewing harryginny!

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Review #2, by harryginnyPansy Verses Draco: Sneaking

1st April 2008:
Stupid stupid Harry. Dear Lord! Please update soon!!! this is the best story!! AWESOME!

Author's Response: I know! Harry's gone and opened his mouth now! I'm thrilled your still enjoying this story! Thanks for reviewing

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Review #3, by harryginnyHow Far?: The Invite

1st April 2008:
HEY! So sorry for the lack of reviews! but this is brilliant! cannot wait for the next chapter! please please please update soon!


Author's Response: Hi harryginny, Nice to see you back!
I'm glad you liked it, I will be updating this story very soon. Thanks for reviewing

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Review #4, by harryginnyHow Far?: Poker

15th December 2007:
uh oh! poor draco! here's hoping nothing happens to draco and luna hmm? and here's to hoping that something will soon blossom from draco and luna's relationship?

love your story! 10/10

Author's Response: You have to worry for him don't you lol.

Maybe there's a little insight soon to their relationship lol.

Thanks for reviiewng I'm glad your enjoying it so far.

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Review #5, by harryginnyPansy Verses Draco: Coming Clean

9th December 2007:
oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! please update soon! i love this story! and i cant wait for the next chap, wonder what harry will do!

Author's Response: I have a one shot that I want to put up and then I will be updating this story.

I'm so thrilled your enjoying this so much!
Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #6, by harryginnyEye of The Storm: Eye of The Storm

2nd December 2007:, that was amazing! brilliant! 20/10 seriously awesome

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thanks so much! I'm flattered you thought so much of it!

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Review #7, by harryginnyPansy Verses Draco: Steam And Stars

2nd December 2007:
man i love this story 10/10 hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Yep, will update very soon! Glad you like it so far.

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Review #8, by harryginnyHow Far?: Pleasant Plots

2nd December 2007:
omg! please update!! i love this story! fantastic! 10/10
i'm gushing i'll stop, but i love it!!!

Author's Response: Gush away I don't mind! Lol. I'm so happy your enjoying this so far! Thanks for taking the time to review

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Review #9, by harryginnyThe List: Epilogue

12th September 2007:
bloody loved it! what else can i say? loved it

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much!! :-)

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Review #10, by harryginnyCity of Shiva: The Letter

12th September 2007:
hey me again!

its nice to know that you say what you know and also add that most of it will be fiction. good disclaimer.

excellent story, if you need anything just ask me in the reviews and when i check for your reply i'll try to tell you as much as i can. and you're right even the bharatha natyam that i learn is mainly devoinal dances to the diferent gods we have.

AND! how cool is it that padma and parvati's grandmother speaks tamil! i do too! best language ever! wooot! LOL getting a tad excited

and do you want to know what first pulled me to this story? the use of the name Shiva in your story. in my religion they say that as you grow older you find your chosen god that you wish to worship for the rest of your life and would you guess who my chosen god is? thats right Lord Shiva...

well dont hesitate if you need anything at all yea? if you just want to pop a review to one of my stories and give me your email addy i can try to help you with whatever i can!

great story looking forward to next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the great review! I'm glad you're liking the story so far, especially since you're Indian - I'm especially nervous about what Indian people will think of this story, lol... I hope I can portray your language and culture well enough in the coming chapters. I will probably be asking you some questions on the more specific movements of bharata natyam once I get to that part of the story. Do you have an account on the forums? I don't want to spam up the review system. :)

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Review #11, by harryginnyThe Most Hated Man At Hogwarts Is My Father: Prologue

9th September 2007:
sounds good so far! would love to hear/see an update soon!

Author's Response: AHHH!! THANK YOU! lol...i'll try to update soon!

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Review #12, by harryginnySomething Good: Without Any Trace of Thought or Prudence

29th July 2007:
this was a great story, well done i loved it really did

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #13, by harryginnyHarry Potter and the Oroborus Light: The Visions

11th July 2007:
Very cool chapter!

Again kinda thought Harry was being a tad selfish, but then when is he not?

I'm not sure if there was a lot to comment on in this chapter, I thought it was mainly background info before the battle was to begin, but I'm usually wrong =D

Gabrielle, she would be of age though because wasn't she eight in the tri wizard tournement, and if they are in th year then she would be 11? 8+3= 11 unless my maths skills leave me, or I'm completely wrong about her initial age. Which would be right haha.

Well there you have it another chapter done, woot for us! review isn't as long as the one before but as I said before not much for me to review on and also MY FORMAL is tomorrow, think and pray for me so that I do not trip over my dress, as this is my first time wearing a ful length gown, well dress in general, how many Sri Lankans do you know that wear dresses? I know not that many *sigh* talk later Chris

Vithiya - 10 as usual

Author's Response: Hello again Vithiya!

Yes, Harry can be selfish once in a while. Another flaw with him.

Gabrielle, I can have some leeway with, since we don't know exactly what age girls go to Beaubatons.

I'm sure you didn't trip over your dress, so don't fret. Have fun, and thanks Vithiya!

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Review #14, by harryginnyCity of Shiva: Prologue

10th July 2007:
wow, nice story. I'm south indian and i love the use of Bharatha Natyam if only it had magical properties, then i would be magical, after all i've been learning for 12 + years. great story! hope you update soon! i'm looking forward to this story although i dont really think the the Patils would be learning bhartha natyam since it is south indian and they are from the north but hey! totally up to you! bring on the rest of the story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the great review! I may have to pick your brains about some of the details of bharata natyam at some point in the future, since you've been studying so long! As for why Anupriya was studying bharata natyam, well, the Patils family history is long and complicated (at least in my fic), but a lot more will be explained in the next chapter, which should be up in a week or so. =)

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Review #15, by harryginnyHarry Potter and the Oroborus Light: The Book of Thoth

10th July 2007:
Wow! What a chapter! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long but here I am, as promised, before Deathly Hallows.

Well well, lets get into things shall we, Chris?

The Death Eater attack was very nicely done, it was in a way cool to think that the Order was blindly fighting enemies they could not perceive and yet still came out the victors.

Hermione's illness, I do hope she gets better but you wouldnt do something so cruel as to kill her so I will remain in high hopes that she will survive no matter how weak she will be.

Draco's banishment from the cave? was it? was hilarious. i honestly thought that Ron had got to him and beaten the life out of him, but looks like Topher gt there first. And king of whiners? that was funny!

Snape, for a second there I had forgotten his exsistence until I read that he too was battling the Death Eaters. I had assumed that the others' reaction to him would be as shown but what really got me was the fact that he barely glanced at anybody else just went straight to Hermione, that seemed like such a Snape thing to do, you kept him excellently in character, well done.

I like that Dumstrang came to the assistance of Hogwarts, that was a very noble act for them. I also love Neville's maturity when given responsiblity. He seems to have grown in more ways than one. And Luna, Luna is just Luna, is she not?

The promise made by Topher, seems to be extremely, what's the word...ugh I can't think, well I'll settle for something less, noble. Harry seems to be giving up and he is so close. I nearly wanted to slap him and say "GET ON WITH IT!". He seems so selfish, he doesn't want to read the book if it will kill her, and in doing so wont mind if everyne else goes to ruin by the hand of Voldemort. ARGH!

Ok, well that's enough from me! 10/10 mate 10/10, look I think you almost got me back to normal; thanks Chris, all I needed was a bout of "normalness"

You have an email by the way from me in reply to the one you sent me yesterday. Give me a couple of days to get to the next chaps.

Author's Response: Hey there Vithya!

Yeah, the Death Eater attack was pretty cool to plan out. As to Hermione's illness, oh, it'll get much worse.

Draco's banishment was just a fun thing to throw in, and also to associate Topher with Ron and them.

Glad you liked Snape there, though I get what you're saying about how you forgot he was there. There were like 10 of them there, so it was hard to keep mentioning where everyone was.

Durmstrang had to come back, with what Dumbledore said at the end of GoF. And Neville, he deserves some responsibility I think.

I know, Harry can be like that sometimes with wanting to just slap him in the face and say "get over yourself!"

Wonderful to hear you liked this chapter, and thank you for the review of course.

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Review #16, by harryginnyLeaving to Love: Losing Love

3rd June 2007:
hey this is a really great story line, i cant wait for the next chapter!

you have a few little errors here and there but then gain who doesn't hmm? excellent story!

going in favs! update soon 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I hate having those errors, and no matter how many times I go back and proof read and edit, I seem to miss a few!

Thanks for Reading : )

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Review #17, by harryginnyWhisperings of Innocence: Whisperings of Innocence

19th May 2007:
that was great, short, to the point and utterly believable. Poor Sirius, but how like James to not go anywhere.

great one-shot, really good stuff. 10/10 for making it so believable and unbelievable in a good way


Author's Response: Believeable but unbelieveable? That's a perspective I've never heard before. Quite contradictory.....Anyways, THANK YOU! For reading and reviewing my story. 10/10 again?! You are far too kind Vithiya.

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Review #18, by harryginnyAtonement: The Story Continues

19th May 2007:
WOW! that was ... was... just wow.

I loved it! what else can I possibly say? it was great, whoa!

I am so sorry it's taken me so long to get here and review, my mum had a heart attack and was in the hospital for a bit so there was that and then my internet stopped working AGAIN! I was so irritated!

But I know you reckon you don't deserve what I'm about to give you, but please let me tell you I think, no, I KNOW, you do, 10/10 for a brilliant first chapter!


P.S thanks for saying my name is prettiful! you really know how to make a girl feel good about herself! My name in Sri Lanka means knowledge, but not sure I have much of it =D

And btw you really should become an author and im not just saying it. ALSO I have decided to put you in my fav authors list coz you belong there! Give me time though to get through all your stories and chaps, have to take care of my mum and school and stuff but I promise I'll do it

Author's Response: Awwwwww, I'm so sorry about you're mum, I hope she starts to get better soon. I'm going on you're favourite authors list?! YAY! (Though I'm not sure I deserve it!) You're name is prettiful I'm being honest! And as for knowledge I don't reckon I have much of it either :D Take as much time as you need to get through my story on the condition of course, that you do leave a review :)

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Review #19, by harryginnyThe Hardest Thing: Goodbye, Albus Dumbledore

14th May 2007:
omg babe you should write seriously like an author. that was by far the best chapter of the entire story.

my mind is still reeling! OMG - wow.

sorry i havent reviewed in a while my internet stopped working

BUT i loved your chapter!!! excellent work. and i'll give you the same rating i've given for the last few chapters 20/10

and you have a loyal reader for the sequal!!!

luv ya
Harryginny - Vithiya

ps thanks for mentioning me in your A/N it made me feel special!

Author's Response: Well, firstly I have to say YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!!!!!! Mind reeling? That is definately what I wanted to hear. Thank you so much, that's such a compliment as I am aiming to be a real author when I'm older. I'm glad you loved the chapter, because I really loved writing it! So yeah, the first chapter of the sequel is up; please read and review it!

PS: Your name is Vithiya? PRETTIFUL!!!!!!

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Review #20, by harryginnyThe List: The Granger Home Part II

30th April 2007:
great chapter, really liked what you did with it. the break up was diferent but somehow it fit the story.

well done! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I wanted to explain the break up and stop the confusion. LOL. :-)

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Review #21, by harryginnyThe Hardest Thing: What's Left Over

26th April 2007:
this chapter was beautiful. you wont understand what im talking about but this chapter made so much sense in my mind and i've made this huge comparison and i know who the Dumbledore is in my life an like dumbledore he's dead. my uncle has just passed away and this chapter with hermione describing dumbledore (which is you really) just makes so much sense.

but im not making sense to you but i thank you for this great chapter, i loved it, by far my favourite chapter from your whole story.

20/10 for reasons that i cant explain but am trying to. thanks for a great chap.

Author's Response: Don't worry, I get where your coming from. I'm sorry about your uncle passing away but I guess it made it so much easier for you to identify with hermione's feelings. But in a way that only you can ever truely comprehend. I'm glad this chapter meant so much to you and I really hope you will love the last chapter too. I really appreciate the 20/10 you gave me!

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Review #22, by harryginnyHarry Potter and the Limits of War: Relatives and Road Trips

26th April 2007:
oh harry has family! i cant wait to meet'll make them nice right? nice and helpful i dont think i could stand t if they were like the dursleys.

great chap, worth the wait! cant wait for next chap...and by the way i've forgotten where Ron is in this...? i know you dont like r/hr but where is he exactly, i honestly cant remember! woops!


Author's Response: Ho, hi! It's os nice to hear from you! Yeah, i know i've been a little absent, but i promise i'll update the next chapie very, very soon. I'm glad to hear it was worth the wait!

You know, to tell you the truth, i kind of forgot about Ron, but in the next chapter you'll know where he is. Anyway, thank you for reviewing, and you're right, i do hate Ron, but don't worry, he'll make an appearence.
Yes, Harry's family will be nice, very nice... :)

Thank you, again, and i'm still waiting for YOUR new chapter!


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Review #23, by harryginnyRed and Raven: one and only chapter

22nd April 2007:
JAMES AND LILY!! JAMES AND LILY!! perfect scenario, i loved it!!!

brilliant!!! and im your first reviewer!! woot woot!!!

great great story!! 10/10

great job melly!

Author's Response: Hee Hee I must admit I’m more partial to the Lily/James as well but I couldn’t decide so I thought I’d let the readers lol you are the first reviewer! Lets do the first reviewer dance *does silly (and very uncoordinated for the pregnant belly) first reviewer dance* woot woot! Lol
I’m so glad you liked it my lovely!
Lots of love

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Review #24, by harryginnySailors, stars and kisses: Sailors, stars and kisses

20th April 2007:
oh boy! Stupid Snape! But my my my, look at Sirius and Summer, in Slytherin's common room too. wow what a lot of S's.

great story! i cant believe you wrote these and i had no idea, my comp crashed so i have to go to other peoples houses or to the library.

but this was great!

10/10 Melly and man do i have news for you, yesterday (friday for you and me) was our Aths day, and me being the spots leader that i am thought that i should participate which is normal. Whats not normal is me participating in the : 100, 200, 400, 800 m (sprints and distance), 100m hurdles, long jump, high jump and triple jump. and now i cant feel my legs or my back. well in truth i can feel them and they hurt mass loads!

im off to go to the Age careers expo with my sister! i'l read the next one when i come back!

Author's Response: Omg Darling! good on you for participating! i must admit i was more debate and drama club then sports lol but i did love watching other people run LOL i hope you enjoyed the expo, and thanks for reading my other stories! thanks for the review!
can't wait to hear from you again!
lot of love

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Review #25, by harryginnyThe Emerald Phoenix: The Phoenix Mark

15th April 2007:
i have tried to read this chapter threee times now and have been interrupted each time!

but great chapter, long, dont be angry at me but i felt this one dragged a little. maybe it was just me, i havent been in my usual frame of mind, i see things but i dont believe them and small things i dont know, it's probably just me.

i loved it though as usual, when do i not? 10/10

The Supervisor gave a sigh, and walked towards him. => when you say this i got the impression that Kingsley was somewhat annoyed, but i do realise that he was just sighing coz of the sight and who it was and the thought of another killing spree.

sorry that my reviews are getting shorter, but when i pull mysef out of this slump that i'm in it'll change. promise.

bye Chris

Author's Response: Hello there Vithiya!

Oh, don't you hate that? When you're trying to do something, especially if it's something that requires your attention (like reading) and you keep getting interrupted?

Well, it's alright if you think it dragged a little. I know the beginning sort of sets people up and doesn't throw any action at you, but I am sorry it seemed slow.

At that point, no, Kingsley isn't annoyed, it's just he doesn't want this to turn into something bigger, and part of him was worried of copy cat killers, trying to pawn off of Voldemort's power, making people scared. Means more work for them, and more importance in finding the Emerald Phoenix. Plus they'll start getting people panicking about another Dark Lord or something. All in all, not good news (aside from the fact that Neville's dead of course).

Don't worry about the review length Vith, any length is just dandy! You're in a slump though? I'm sorry to hear that. Is it a real life slump or writing/reading slump? If it's the latter, I'd gladly help with ideas if you wish. If it's the former, well, I do hope you're doing better soon.

Take care Vithiya, and thank you for reviewing again! If you wanted help with your stories or such, again, just email me and I'll help out.

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