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Review #1, by merlinsaprentice1Sick: Sick

4th May 2008:
Hi, er cute comes to mind reading this, even if it is baddly written. Now did you by anychance read the bit about the fics being at least 1000 words, you should add a little to this make it better

Author's Response: I completely agree. It was horribly written, but you may want to note that it was written by an eleven year old girl, and that was three almost four years ago. I think i'm going to take this back into the workshop and redo it. Perhaps with my new knowledge as a high schooler it will be better.

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Review #2, by merlinsaprentice1Second Chances: Seven: Rescues Aftermath

4th May 2008:
Hi Jenn, I must say I enjoyed the chappy though I was just a tad dissapointed that Hermione did not insist on knowing where Harry was, or even demanding to be taken to him. Still all in all, its still a great story, keep the updates coming.

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Review #3, by merlinsaprentice1Fading Smiles: Fading Smiles

4th May 2008:
I reaaallly liked this one, but I fail to see how it can be a H/Hr pairing. Obviously a pairing means a pair, that in terms of people equalls two people together, not one sitting with a broken heart because the other one chose some one else.
Even if the last voice is Hermione's it doesn't bring them together. 10/10 for the story but only 2/10 for the pairing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I agree with you about the H/Hr pairing thing. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it much because of that. I only said it was Harry/Hermione because it is from Harry's POV and he loved Hermione (in my story). Even though it didn't happen in my one-shot, it was still hinted that he wanted it to, so I said it was H/Hr so people would know the base of it all. But anyway, I'm glad you like the story!

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Review #4, by merlinsaprentice1The Portraits: A Beautiful and Terrible Thing

29th April 2008:
Hi, I'm glad I checked this out, it was good, apart from the mistake perpetuated by that Lexicon thing. For six books Hermione's middle name was Jane, then along comes one typsetter error and the darn lexicon writer comes up with the idea of making the mistake official.
If you wrote a story in seven parts would you suddenly change the name of one of the principle characters because another character has the same name, even though that name was never used except the once that I remember.
Oh you should have given Hermione a little more info about the cruelty so she could have really torn into old Dumbly

Author's Response: She just had that little to go on because she hadn't yet spoken to Harry about what he had seen in Snape's memories, or about his death in the forest.

About the "Jean" and "Jane", I actually think Jean is pretty, prettier than Jane. Though my editor liked Jane, until he actually turned it into a mathematical equation and graphed it. It turned out that, mathematically, Jean is better. Don't ask me how he did it: he's a genius.

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Review #5, by merlinsaprentice1Second Chances: Six: Truth and Tribulation

25th April 2008:
Aghhh a cliffie, loved it, specially the vision, hope we dont have long to wait till we find out what happens, so update soon, pretty please.

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Review #6, by merlinsaprentice1That Kiss Will Live In My Heart: That Kiss Will Live In My Heart

24th April 2008:
Hi there, I enjoyed the way you interpreted the song (one of my favs, believe it or not). I don't usually read Harry/Ginny since I wasted money buying JKR's last book, where she never came close to answering half the questions she left hanging through out the series, now I stick to H/Hr, but as I said I did enjoy reading this one.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. I am glad you enjoyed it.

I love the fact that in fan fiction everyone is free to imagine whatever they want and then express themselves however they can. The differences in likes and dislikes, and the experiences we bring to our writing makes fanfiction such a rich feast.

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Review #7, by merlinsaprentice1Lords of Time And Space: Operation Butler

23rd April 2008:
Hey there love the story so far, and you having old dumbly being a good boy gives me a few ideas, Oh I thought of nicking your idea about the heaven, obviously I would use it in one of my back in time tales and it would only be the idea and not a copy, hope you dont mind.
Oh I have to say I hate the way this site seems to set up the wrong format with some work, 3 or 4 line gaps between lines or paragraphs is a right pain in the thing I sit on.
Now back to the story, I kinda love the idea of using a fishing pole to expose Quirrell, brill idea. looking forward to the next part.

Author's Response: Of course I don't mind! I live to inspire people, you could say. I can't guarantee they'll actually use a fishing pole to expose Quirrell, I just thought it might be a funny idea.

Anyway, thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by merlinsaprentice1In Time: Headline News

20th April 2008:
I'm actually reading this and so far it is great... but I have the feeling I shall be put off very soon by a Draco that doesn't come close to fitting the cannon description of him, and I hate it when people try to make Draco the sad baddly done to poor boy. I just hope I am wrong.

Author's Response: Well I wanted him to be friends with Harry but I'll try and keep him as canon as possible, that might be hard though.

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Review #9, by merlinsaprentice1Lords of Time And Space: A Girlfriend? Already?

18th April 2008:
Okay I admit to it, I am now officialy hooked on this one, look forward to seeing when Harry deems them old enough to date. dont be to long with that update, a fella could go mad waiting.

Author's Response: Sorry about the wait this time, my editor only just released it. It won't be too long before they officially start dating, as Harry likes her so very much...

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Review #10, by merlinsaprentice1Lords of Time And Space: Prologue: Third Time's the Charm

9th April 2008:
Nice one love the twist to my favourite plot line, you also used the mix of christian and roman gods well, I shall be following this one very eagerly. Oh I would love to know what the plot was that old Dumblydraws was hatching with the Weaslels, anyway update soon as you can. ps the missus likes it as well, she's just read it over my shoulder.

Author's Response: Thank you! The plot was to ruin James and Lily, so that Harry would have different parents (hence the blonde and Snape). Without that particular mix of genes, Harry (if he was even named Harry) would be no match for the machinations of the Weasleys. Throw in the only female Weasley in generations, a love-potion brewing maniac like Molly, and you get a Harry/Ginny disaster.

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Review #11, by merlinsaprentice1Second Chances: Four: Unexpected Revelations

27th March 2008:
Hi Jenn, sorry I didn't review this chapter earlier, I have been so busy trying to keep up with everything, anyway I have just one complaint, it wasn't long enough, lol.
Seriously though I am really enjoying the way the story is unfolding and I look forward to reading the next installment.

Author's Response: Short chapters are the bane of my life and I hate posting them almost as much as I hate writing them! Sometimes though, it can't be helped...

I am so jazzed that you are enjoying this story though. That, coming from someone who writes tons of awesome timetravel stories of HP/HG is very encouraging and thrilling! I really look forward to seeing what you think of the rest of the story as it unfolds. - Jenn

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Review #12, by merlinsaprentice1Inside of Me: Worth It

12th March 2008:
Good story must say enjoyed most of it, the part about going for a walk right after giving birth, well what can i say, super woman Hermione comes to mind.
Oh and how tall are these showers that so many Americans seem to buy for their babies, and how do you teach a baby to take a shower, I'd love to know might save us Brits washing the baby in a bath, lol. But Overall really entertaining one shot.

Author's Response: aww, thanxx : )) and idk about the showers. im not a mother and dont plan to be one for yeah.

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Review #13, by merlinsaprentice1All Thanks To Hermione Granger: Face to Face

12th February 2008:
Hi there good story so far though I do think the Dan and Emma just a little lacking in imagination, still an evil Harry how bad can things get, I bet you won't be willing to tell us so I'll stick around to find out, mind you I hope he doesnt get too bad.

Author's Response: well the first chapter wasn't my work, so the names aren't mine. If I were to make up their names they'd be michael and Annabelle Granger. but that's just me.

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Review #14, by merlinsaprentice1I Will Not Forget You: I will Not Forget You

19th January 2008:
Well to be honest I'm not to sure how to review this, mainly because there was so little actual story in amongst all the descriptions, what story there was would have been covered in a single paragraph, so for me that detracted a great deal from the reading. As for your portrayal of Harry having a year long affair and then just up and leaving well you could get no further from Harry Potter if you had written about some unknown person. It was well written but not about the Harry or Hermione known to me, although you say it was. descriptions were great although rather drawn out, a job at a real estate office would be good for you they could use them to sell houses. Over all not one I would ever read again, sorry to sound so negative but its the way I see this.

Author's Response: thats perfectly fine - you are entitled to your opinion and i respect that. however, i do not respect the way you chose to word this review. you could have actually been constructively critical - instead, you have been rather rude and frankly, insulting.
i take pride in my work and i am proud of this fic. for you to say what you have said shows me that you have not understood what i was doing with this story.
this is, may i remind you, fanfiction, and therefore my interpretation of character and situation. this is also a story told from one POV only.
im not actually sure why you bothered reviewing.

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Review #15, by merlinsaprentice1Harry Potter and the Fight of Logic VS. Love: Inside the Mind of the Enemy

7th January 2008:
I was unable to figure why I had read this one already and yet the date of posting was today, did you just repost. any way please post the next chapter as soon as you can, I want to know all that Vires is thinking. Oh and just by the by I can only give you a ten for this because thats as high as the rating goes.

Author's Response: I didn't repost anything actually. I don't know why it would say that it was just updated.

I tried to post the chapter but it came back as rejected because when I try and preview/post it, the spacing between paragraphs was too much and everytime i hit the button it makes another space between the paragraphs. So it gets annoying sometimes. But it should be up in the next few days after i tried to fix it! lol

thanks for the review! Hopefully you like the next chapter.

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Review #16, by merlinsaprentice1Second Chances: Three: A Research Assignment

5th January 2008:
Oh this is getting more interesting, I am now officially hooked, and I am waiting impatiently for the next chapter, I want to see when Hermione realises she should forget about Ron and focus her love interest solely on Mr Potter.

Author's Response: Thank you, such words from you, who inspired this story, makes me giddy with joy! I do hope you will forgive me for the long time in between updates and I can promise that the next one will come quickly! - Jenn

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Review #17, by merlinsaprentice1Second Chances: Two: To Be Young Again

1st January 2008:
Happy new year Jenn, and I have to give you a 10/10, I find I am really enjoying the direction you are going, Oh must remember to say that I do have just one little thing to complain about, it's one of my pet peeves, you keep writing 'then' where you should write than, for example=: 'other then the fact that' should actually read = ' other than the fact that' sorry about being picky but the word then is a reference to a time, which is some what off putting in the wrong places. Well there you go, now you can rant back at me when you answer your reviews, I wont mind at all, I await your next chapter with baited breath.

Author's Response: Happy belated New Year's in return! I really appreciate the heads up on the use of then versus than - grammar has never been my strong suit and I can't seem to find a reliable beta willing to put up with my stories! lol

So, don't worry, I am far from offended by the concrit! I welcome it - otherwise I won't know what mistakes I've made.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you think of the next chapter! Thank you gain for all of the wonderful reviews that you've left me so far! - Jenn

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Review #18, by merlinsaprentice1Second Chances: One: The Offer

1st January 2008:
I knew it was going to get better, it seems you gave a lot of thought to this and I must say it is working very well, I like the way you decided to send Hermione back in time, I had thought of something along similar lines when I started my new story and now I find myself pleased that I changed my mind and had Hermione send herself back, again 10/10

Author's Response: You're making me blush! lol. I'm all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the story is living up to your expectations! Thank you so much for the reviews! - Jenn

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Review #19, by merlinsaprentice1Second Chances: Prologue: Tearful Goodbyes and Heartfelt Regrets

1st January 2008:
I just read your first chapter and will shortly be eagerly reading the next, I must say that I have really enjoyed the beginning of this story and I get the feeling it will just keep getting better as I read onward. Oh yes I must thank you for mentioning the wife and I, so my rating for the story so far can only be 10/10 sorry about that but they dont allow 20/10.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm thrilled that you are enjoying the first part of the story. And how could I not mention your stories? Without your stories there'd have been no inspiration for mine! lol. - Jenn

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Review #20, by merlinsaprentice1And Malice Toward None: Uncle Lupin and 'Dad'

21st December 2007:
Just want to let you know that I really like your Dr Granger character, in fact if it's ok with you I might just pinch a little of him to add to my own stories. anyway I eagerly await your next update. please dont take too long.

Author's Response: It seems to me that it would take a fairly odd sort of duck to write fanfic, and then have any complaints about another writer borrowing your characters. By all means, please steal Dr. Granger away, he's much too interesting to let sit at home!

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Review #21, by merlinsaprentice1And Malice Toward None: The Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix

21st December 2007:
Well you just seem to improve with each chapter, I am really enjoying the characters and their inter actions in this story, both Harry and Hermione are fully believable, so keep it up well done.

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Review #22, by merlinsaprentice1And Malice Toward None: Happy Birthday Harry

21st December 2007:
I just finished reading your other story and my opinion was it was not good, it was in fact blooming fantastic, I will of course have to pop back to place some reviews, I just couldn't resist the pull to follow that with this one, once again I find your writing style excellent, the plot so far is great. keep it up I look forward to more Harry Hermione, who by the way are brill in these tales

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Review #23, by merlinsaprentice1The Owlery: The Owlery

20th December 2007:
It's well written and I could enjoy it if it was a full on story, but it is way to short (It might even get deleted, as they only allow tales with a thousand words or more,) anyway I digress, its way to short I want to read what happens next, and where they go from here so come on chase the old plot bunny around and place an update real soon.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I haven't ACTUALLY finished it and I usually don't put it up straight away but I wrote it at school! I'm going to finish it now so hope you like it! L xxx

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Review #24, by merlinsaprentice1Well...Maybe: Chapter 26: Light On Snow

19th November 2007:
By heck you are dragging this out some, in fact I am beginning to wonder if your quill got stuck at 'lets keep Hermione in bed forever'.
Sorry about that but so many chapters with nothing actually really happening gets a bit boring after a while.

Author's Response: I’m well aware it’s been dragging on forever, it’s been doing my own head in and I apologised for the non-exciting chapters but parts of it are extremely relevant if you read them carefully, parts that couldn’t all come together. I had to spread to out like that, but I’m sorry if it was frustrating for you. The chapters should now pick up so I hope you’ll like them better if you keep reading. Thanks for the review


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Review #25, by merlinsaprentice1Harry Potter and the Fight of Logic VS. Love: Explanations and Readings

21st October 2007:
Hi there my wife was asking my opinion on this so I have just read it, I have some questions, (a) is it written by a robot, or (b) by a celebate, I ask because I once went hiking with my best friend when I was seventeen and though we only slept in the same tent for a week we still ended up naked and having sex, now I dont remember all I did when a hormonal teenager but I and my still best friend still vividly remember the night we could no longer resist our hormones.
So I wonder are you totally celebate, or are you a very rare kind of person that could actually resist temptation when sleeping in the same bed as someone who turns you on, it would be totally impossible and so ruins what could have been a good story, your excuses for this 'near misses' is somewhat silly. try rereading your story as would an outsider to see what I mean.

Author's Response: Well coming from one who is neither celebate nor a robot, I wouldn't exactly say it's difficult.

My best friend and I have lived next door to each other since we were 8, we've gone to school together for the past 11 years(and now that we need to drive 40 minutes to get to the University we even drive together 4 days a week). We've even worked together for the past 3 years. We're always in close proximity to each other and always have been. We've gone on trips together to places where we stay overnight for up to a week and we sleep in the same room and usually in the same bed to save money on hotel costs. Nothing has ever come of it, even though we are in such close proximity constantly. And trust me, I am so very tempted. There have been a few close calls, but we just work past everything because I would rather have her in my life as a friend than not have her at all. And just so you know that we are both 19 so its not that much of a stretch between the 17 and 19.

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