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Review #1, by MeiA Little Black: Accidental Meeting

23rd October 2007:
I really like this story, its well written and still works even though it doesn't follow the books
keep it up!

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Review #2, by MeiHow To Save A Life: Chapter 23: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

23rd August 2007:
I love this story I've had it as a fave for a while now, just waiting till i had to time to read it and really appriciate it.
Well i got the time tonight and it is amazing, you really have a wonderful talent and unique style. Keep it up 10/10 waiting for the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks! Thank you so much!

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Review #3, by MeiDrift: Drift.

1st August 2007:
OMG I LOVE IT, I am crying real tears. I love Regulus and its so bad but when i was reading DH i was thinking how do i work this into my story, which is kinda mean to JK really. But yeah OMG I just love the way you have written this its so true, and raw. Its exactly as I'd see Sirius, the whole mean-ness because he doesn't mean it its like tough love, which is all he knows. SOrry rambling on, well its 2AM this is the last story I read tonight, the next chapter of The Girl is safely off to the validators and I will slep. Night!
oh P.S 10/10 lol :)

Author's Response: Yay! Sooo glad you loved it!! :D It means so much. I know exactly what you mean about the whole 'how do I fit this into my story' deal. Well, for me I don't really have an ongoing story, but I was thinking...'wow', there go any similarities my other oneshots may have had with what actually really happened'(if that makes any sense...) Anyways, so glad you enjoyed it. :] I shall look forward to a new chapter of your story as always!

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Review #4, by MeiIn Time: Seven

12th July 2007:
aw i love this story, its so cute. I love Remus/Hermione stories, i think they match perfectly, if they were the same age it would have been a match made in heaven, and i love reading all how people make it alright for them to fall in love with eachother, your way is one of the best i've read.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wrote it for an exchange but I agree that were they closer in age they would make a very well matched couple. :)

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Review #5, by MeiNevillus Dotom Tolonng Botanaruiom- Neville's Story: A Letter...from a duchess?

23rd June 2007:
I think this story has potential but its dragging a bit, lots of changes of scene and time but very quickly kinda throws me off a bit.
I'll look out for the next chapter!

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Review #6, by MeiThe Granger Times: Knowing New

13th June 2007:
Your review has gone from my story and so has mine from yours
What is going on!
Really like this story 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! Your are good, too. I'm not sure what's up...thanks again for your good review!

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Review #7, by MeiFirst Impressions: Bonding

7th June 2007:
This is super god! btw did u no that First Impressions was the original title of Pride and Prejudice? this story has a lot to live up to doesn't it?

Author's Response: lol wow... thats great that u think it is super good! lol
and i believe i did know about pride and prejudice...its one of my favs...though i hope u wont b thinking of this when u read as i doubt its anywhere NEAR as good!
take care and come back to read more

lyl lyl

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Review #8, by MeiJust a Bet?: Chapter 3

3rd June 2007:
I still REALLY like this story! noticed you've either stopped reading and/or reviewing my story tho... hope you didn't go off it :(
I see you took my advice about the whole he said she said thing makes it so much better and your writing style is good!

Author's Response: Oh no! I still like your story. It's just that I haven't been on the site very much...
Thanks for reviewing, and I'm glad you still like it. :)

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Review #9, by MeiThe Way He Makes Me Feel: Hogwarts Express

3rd June 2007:
This is so much better than your last chapter
Its really good BUT one lil thing...To me it looked like he just had some Botax. did you mean botox? just a guess there.
*runs off to read next chappie*

Author's Response: Yeah i meant Botox...n im glad u think its gettin better ^.^ gunna update soon...wen i dont have so much goin on >.

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Review #10, by MeiA Proper Honeymoon: A Proper Honeymoon

1st June 2007:
Aw i love this, its so cute! Tonks and Remus 4 ever! (and if not i'll have him *yum*)

Author's Response: Sorry dude, I got dibs on RL, lol! Thank you so much for reading and for enjoying this story!

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Review #11, by MeiMemories: The Best Days Of Their Lives

23rd May 2007:
Aw its so cute, i love Ginny Harry stories those two are meant to be together!

Author's Response: lol i am actually not a harry/ginny shipper even though i know its pointless. im a strict draco/ginny shipper. FIRE AND ICE BABY!!!!!

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Review #12, by MeiThe Hunted One: The Locket

21st May 2007:
I really like your banner, if you can do that with paint think how good you'd be with editing software! A little shameless plug for The Girl, theres a new chappy up, please read it its getting lonely with out the regular reviewers leaving me little notes, okay when i say it i mean me!

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you. I just left a review actually. :] But it saddens me so, I have so little time to read and write fanfic. :[ But I will always find time for you haha! :D

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Review #13, by MeiMagic Ring: Magic Ring

21st May 2007:
Erin's half brother? ooo who? Bet Draco wasn't happy when Ginny called her kid James!! Nicely written!

Author's Response: Nope, I doubt he liked those names. Thanks for all the reviews!

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Review #14, by MeiDear Daddy: Daddy...

21st May 2007:
o who is her dad? this is really sad

Author's Response: Her father was Ron. Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by MeiBlankie: Blankie

21st May 2007:
aw it just so sweet!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #16, by MeiMummy?: Mummy

21st May 2007:
This is really sad, but very well written too. Just one little thing
“Daddy, I’m I allowed to cry for mummy?” She asked quietly
I expect that is supposed to be 'am I allowed' just that tiniest little thing.
Nice story

Author's Response: oops, i didn't notice that. I'm glad you liked it though. :)

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Review #17, by MeiHeat: Confrontations

2nd May 2007:
o very good, i like it a lot!
p.s about ur banner try the little insert picture button (on the edit story info page) and paste the url, sorry if u've worked that out and it still doesn't work lol

Author's Response: I hadn't worked it out! Thanks loads!

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Review #18, by MeiNo One Left but Me: Alone and Waiting.

1st May 2007:
love system of a down! you have good music taste lol, just to let you know chapter 2 of Aurora is up if you wanna go have a look, I really like your writing style!

Author's Response: Yah! They may not have the best words, but they are pretty good. And I have no idea how they found their way into my ipod...Hmm, it was fate! Lol, j/k. And yah, I was gonna check out ch. 2 when I had time, and am going to soon! And thanks so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it. A lot. And thanks for liking my style! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! /D

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Review #19, by MeiJust a Bet?: Chapter 1

28th April 2007:
I like it, expect for sometimes its hard to tell who is speaking, just a little thing maybe some more 'he said' 'Regulus said' ya know? I like it tho!

Author's Response: Sorry if it was confusing. I'll keep that in mind next time. I'm glad you like it, though. :)

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Review #20, by MeiRemember: How to Save a Life

28th April 2007:
I L-O-V-E LOVE! this song and this story, its just so sad but beautiful!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I'm so happy that you like it, thank you so much for reviewing! Rock on!

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Review #21, by MeiA Heart of a Lion (Regulus Black tale): Interrogation

28th April 2007:
I still really like this story! btw there is a new chappie of my story that you put as a fave. sorry for a lil plug! This story is really shaping up, i like the flow you have going, thats what I struggle with in my own writing, I either rush or I drag, no medium with me!

Author's Response: thank you, your story is really good also.

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Review #22, by MeiOne Crazy Night: One shot

28th April 2007:
I saw you put me as a fave. author (blushes) and I thought I'd come see if you wrote stories too and you do! I like it, this is a good well written story!
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: thanks alot for looking me up

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Review #23, by MeiThere Goes My Life: Baby Good-Bye

3rd April 2007:
I love it! Made me cry! love this song! LOVE IT!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you very much for the review Mei.
And I just noticed you posted up a new story! I'll have to go read that. :]

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Review #24, by MeiBy the Light of the Full Moon: Prologue

28th March 2007:
o i like it! very mysterious! Please carry on!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll submit the next one soon! :)

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Review #25, by MeiThe Way He Makes Me Feel: Saying Good-Bye And Meeting the God Father

7th February 2007:
Hey, came to look at your story. Its good in principle but there are a few places where the sentences are too long with no punctuation. Also it takes an average of 7 hours to fly from America to England depending where you fly from. Also the long descriptions of what people look like seem a little forced and slows down the pace. Try and intergrate it into your story. But good ideas! Sorry I'm not being mean :( just giving some helpful hints... i hope. Keep writing practice will help.

Author's Response: lolz thnx for comin to viewin it!!! yea im not great with the whole grammar stuff...still in the process of learning it...lolz i kno but i needed to have everyone kno wat they looked like cuz in most pplz stories i read they NEVER describe the characters...n they'll change hair color in every chapter lolz n ur not being mean i really appreciate u reviewing only way for me to get better in @ it

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