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Review #1, by DrucilaContrast: To Merlinís Belly-Button Fluff, And Back.

2nd February 2009:
aww yay! im so glad there is more to come!! :)
lovely chappy once again, i cant wait till the next one! 10/10

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Review #2, by DrucilaContrast: The Celibacy Of James Potter

2nd February 2009:
ahh i love sirius more and more lol
and matthew is really annoying, what a loserr :(
great chappy tho =)

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Review #3, by DrucilaContrast: The Brightest Star In The Sky

2nd February 2009:
wow, first off i love this story! second, i love siruis, and third i love this chapter!! it made me smile and nearly brought a tear to my eye.. which is saying alot. :)
very fluffy/angsty but i loved it and the way you write. awesome work and now i shall read on :) x
p.s i love all the bands your quoting from at the start of each chapter! those songs are amazing aye

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Review #4, by DrucilaAccidentally on Purpose: Of Practicing the Basics of Human Kindness

13th April 2008:
ahahaha your story makes me laugh :) i love itt.. your writing style is awesome and Janelle is hilarious plus i love the maruader interactions hehe well done!! 10/10 cant wait for the next chappie!!

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Review #5, by DrucilaWhisperings of Innocence: Whisperings of Innocence

1st March 2008:
wow. this was amazing :) i adored it. really moving well done! 10/10

Author's Response: Oh my gosh. Thank you so so much! *squee at high score*

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Review #6, by DrucilaLead On: Lead On

25th February 2008:
awww how sweet :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #7, by DrucilaThe Saboteurs: Men are from Mars

20th February 2008:
hehe man i lurveee this story! awesome chapter as well :D
Go the Saboteurs!!! 10/10 update soon please! i cant wait to see what freddie's revenge plan will be hehe love it.

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Review #8, by DrucilaTeetering Between Pretend and Reality: Where's your Shame

11th February 2008:
yay! another chapter :D loved it especially when james was speechless hehe niice, oh Severus what is he doing? pushing Lucinda away tut tut. brilliant chappie, cant wait for the next one. :)

Author's Response: Severus, tsk, tsk, is such a complicated boy and can't he see that Lucinda is the one for him? haha. Anyway thanks for the review Drucila, I'm glad you're sticking with the story, it means a lot. :))))

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Review #9, by DrucilaTeetering Between Pretend and Reality: Behind Those Eyes

11th February 2008:
wow. this story is just so.. wonderful? fantastic? awesome? hehe, i love it! especially the way you have portrayed severus (who ive always had a soft spot for) and the character Lucinda is genius :) though it does make me want to hit siruis in the head lol. fabulous work, cant wait for the next chapter! 10/10 and added to my favs, you shine!

Author's Response: Honestly, I can't remember when I got such high praise from this fic and you have no idea how it makes my heart swell. It's always nice to hear that I made a usually disliked character to something bordering on the like. Severus is really fun to write all things considered and Lucinda is just the mere product of my rather deranged mind. And well... Sirius. Gotta loveee him. Thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by DrucilaThe Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans): Deep Breath

30th November 2007:
ooo there date :) hehe but no kiss *disappointed* lol and siruis took poly juice potion!! ahahaha secretive aye... loved it of course! i will wait anxiously for the next chappie :D lol

p.s the characters are no way over cute.. i just meant they were funny/adorable/just basicly the Lily, James and Siruis we all love.. :D

Author's Response: Lol, I don't know why I didn't put a kiss in this one..I just wasn't in the mood to write one probably. I'm glad you still liked it though! And hehe also glad you like the characters. Hugs, dear! Thanks!

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Review #11, by DrucilaInfatuation: Secrets

23rd November 2007:
ooo this was soo awesome! :D ive had exams all week.. and this was just perfect to come home and read! yay! im sooo glad they are together! hehe just too cute! i absolutely love this story... you shine!

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Review #12, by DrucilaThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie OíNeill.: Moments, Jealously, Hogsmeade And Me

11th November 2007:
ahahaha.. this story makes me laugh soo much :D love it!! how cute was nellie and siruis.. wat a good couple they'd make aye aye.. ahaha cant wait for the next chapter!!! 10/10!! :D

Author's Response: I'm so happy that it makes you laugh.

haha, maybe ;)

Thanks, should be out soon.


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Review #13, by DrucilaIt's Not About The Money: Roses

27th October 2007:
aww i loved this chapter :) one of my favoutire ones.. im soo glad james and lily are back together hehe.. this chappy was so sweet :)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #14, by DrucilaI am...: Inside the Mind of James Potter

24th October 2007:
aww i love these letters :D and the insights into the james and lily (so far) minds hehe awesome!!

Author's Response: lol im glad you like it and hopefully i won't disappoint you in the future.
Keep reading and reviewing

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Review #15, by DrucilaThe Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans): 'We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends'

24th October 2007:
omg i love this story!! :D it makes me laugh.. hehe and there just all so damn cute!! cant wait for the next chapter! 10/10!! and soo added to my favourites :)

Author's Response: Yay, I love making people laugh! Thanks for reading, the review, the 10, and the favorites! Lol, wow, you're really quite nice, aren't you?? Do you think the character are maybe a bit too cute? hmm. I'll look into it. Hugs, dear!

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Review #16, by DrucilaThe Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans): Oh no, heís smiling.

24th October 2007:
ahahahaha this was soo funny! lol i love it!! :D i like this Lily.. sarcasm is just so awesome hehe fantastic!! 10/10

Author's Response: Oh yes, sarcasm really is the best medicine. No worries, there. Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by DrucilaHopscotch: Hopscotch

24th October 2007:
aww that was sad but sweet in a way :) i love sirius and remus.. and james and lily hehe 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love them all as well.

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Review #18, by DrucilaAnything But Bitter: Anything But Bitter

21st October 2007:
hehe i loved it!!

Author's Response: Happy you loved it Drucila :D Thanks for the review.

Dixi x

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Review #19, by DrucilaLucky: Lucky

20th October 2007:
aww i loved it :) im a sucker for fluff and romance hehe 10/10!

Author's Response: lol, aww, thanks!

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Review #20, by DrucilaInfatuation: Jealous

13th October 2007:
hehe how evil!! teddy has a girlfriend :( not for long i hope?? ooo this chappy was superb.. cant wait for the next one :D

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #21, by DrucilaLet Me Count the Ways: Let Me Count the Ways

8th October 2007:
aww that was so sweet.. and fantastic.. and wonderful.. and adorable hehe :D i loved it 10/10!

Author's Response: thanks Drucila!! i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #22, by DrucilaA Very Long Stupidity: Love Letters and Lily Evans

27th September 2007:
hehe loved it.. cant wait for the next chapter!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #23, by DrucilaCara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: No;

21st September 2007:
omg. i have no words. speechless. that was amazing. seriously. a dramatic twist with cara going to france.. im still in shock! and the tearful goodbyee.. makes me sad :( i had a few tears in my eyes. i loved this installment of the cara sterling's guide.. just beautiful. :D loved it. 10/10 you rock!!

Author's Response: thank you so much!
im so happy you like ittt.
aww. yayy. =D

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Review #24, by DrucilaCara Sterling's Guide to the Marauders.: Let This Go;

19th September 2007:
aw!! what an evil evil way too end!! lucky i can just go straight and read the next onee!! hehe i would just likee to say that your story is awesome!! i have loved it all.. even i have cringed abit and wanted to smack cara in the head lol.. brilliant stuff!! 10/10

Author's Response: thanks so much.
its good to hear from you.
i hope you like the next one ;]

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Review #25, by DrucilaObsessive James Disorder: I Need Help

11th September 2007:
ahahaha classic!! loved how he does everything (without a shirt on!) ahaha well done!

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