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Review #1, by ToKiss_ASpyStrawberry Wine: Great Summer

11th March 2009:
I'm looking forward to reading this story! Is this story going to be based on the song, Strawberry Wine? Because I love that song!

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Review #2, by ToKiss_ASpyIt's All About Hermione: Chapter Nine

10th March 2008:
best story ever!!!
i like the ginny bashings.
there really funny! keep up the good work

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Review #3, by ToKiss_ASpyDown Hickory Lane: Stalker?

17th September 2007:
you should update!

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Review #4, by ToKiss_ASpyStuck in Paradise with Hell: Hermione's Saviour

31st August 2007:
first: you might want to work on spelling.
second: it should be this " " not this ' '

just trying to help.

Author's Response: Sorry but I really don't get what you mean by ' this " "not this' '. Thanks for trying to help though

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Review #5, by ToKiss_ASpyPulling Him Closer: What A Day

27th August 2007:
oh my.
rons pretty bad.
i hope he gets better.

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Review #6, by ToKiss_ASpyThe October Hollow: Discovered and Ready

26th August 2007:
its really good.
but i want to know what Draco feels try going into thought.

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Review #7, by ToKiss_ASpyThe October Hollow: I Never Noticed Until Now

26th August 2007:
oh dear!
i wonder what harry is thinking?
is he gonna save her?
is ron regretting what he did?

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Review #8, by ToKiss_ASpyHate Is A Powerful Word: Epilogue

25th August 2007:
oh my god!
i thought they where going to get divorced!
haha that was extreamly amazing.

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Review #9, by ToKiss_ASpyThe Long Road Ahead: Feast and Famine

25th August 2007:
"You love me more than chicken?" she asked in a small voice as she looked up into his eyes.

"Yes, love," he chuckled. "I love you more than chicken."

"Okay," she said tiredly. "But if you change your mind let me know."
that is so funny!
i love it!
i just hope im not like that when i have kids.

Author's Response: Haha. I loved that part. Might be one of my favorites. ;) Glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by ToKiss_ASpyThe Girl That Changed Everything: The War Begins

21st August 2007:
teenybopper is such a funny word!
you are a great writer!

Author's Response: it is, isn't it? Thank you so much! :)

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Review #11, by ToKiss_ASpyHarry Potter and The Kings of Magic.: Ceremonies.

20th August 2007:
sad ending!
but that was such a good story.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by ToKiss_ASpyDown Hickory Lane: Fighting Solves Everything...Most of the Time.

15th August 2007:
that was bloddy SWEET!

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Review #13, by ToKiss_ASpyLearning to Fly: One of One

15th August 2007:
o god!
rons such an idiot!
haha i love this

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Review #14, by ToKiss_ASpyDancing in the Streets of Hogsmeade: Here comes The Ex, Here Comes The Ex

8th August 2007:
haha i love how there called wife-beaters!
anyway good story

Author's Response: thats what they call them from where i'm from!! A lot of you all kinda chuckle at that name! Thax for the review!

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Review #15, by ToKiss_ASpyDaddy's Hands: The Whole Truth

5th August 2007:
that was driving me insane like my heart would rip!

Author's Response: I'm sorry but this is a ripped heart free territory, I was going to have to ask you to leave... Wow... I'm an idiot.

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Review #16, by ToKiss_ASpyDaddy's Hands: I Won't Tell

5th August 2007:
What the hell!
this is driving me crazy! Why in the world won't she go see Ron!
i love the story btw!

Author's Response: Ahh! lol. She's a bit... confused is all. lol. Thanksss. (:

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Review #17, by ToKiss_ASpyNot on My Watch: Not on My Watch

5th August 2007:
thats funny!
i love it!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #18, by ToKiss_ASpy:

5th August 2007:
haha thats funny that you didnt like the people woh were getting married!
i thought it was good but you may wanna go back and fix a few spelling errors otherwise

Author's Response: yey it was my uncle and ex aunt. i meant i didnt like the person my uncle was marring. they were married two years and already had 3 divorces.Lol

any way, i still have spelling errors.dang i used word must have lied to me LoL

thanks for reviewing


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Review #19, by ToKiss_ASpyGoodnight My Daughter, My Darling: Goodnight My Daughter, My Darling

5th August 2007:
omg i think im gonna cry!
thats such a cut little story
i love it!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by ToKiss_ASpyWhere is the love?: Her summer begins

30th November 2006:
LOTS of typos and spelling and grammer errors. Other than that. GREAT STORY

Author's Response: thnx

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Review #21, by ToKiss_ASpyMia Cadi Zabini: Rooms, Reading, Emotions and... Oprah?

3rd November 2006:

Great story!h

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Review #22, by ToKiss_ASpyTitanic: A Love Story: Chapter 5: Fallen

2nd November 2006:
Miguel nodded. Did you mean Michael


Author's Response: *slaps self* I get mixed with those two names!!! I have a Miguel in a different story and Michael in this one! Grrr!!!! lol sorry for that!!

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Review #23, by ToKiss_ASpyTitanic: A Love Story: Chapter 3: An Invitation to Dinner and Getting Ready

2nd November 2006:
That one line, "Now that you'll be paying the bill for my hearing aid I now require." Is from the Suite Life of Zach and Cody. I love that show and I love the movie Titanic. It made me cry so much. Jack Dawson is almost as hot as Draco!! I love your stories. I will try and review every single chapter in this story and others


Author's Response: lol yup yup!! I love the Suit Life of Zack and Cody!!!! lol thanks for the wonderful review!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #24, by ToKiss_ASpySomewhere I can't bring you back: Somewhere I can't bring you back

7th October 2006:
I think Ron died

Author's Response: really?

thats the beauty of the story, you get to choose who does die.

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Review #25, by ToKiss_ASpyDivorce: Weasley Style: Ron Weasley's Signature

1st October 2006:

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